– Smart Tips for Talk to Food Lion Survey

Food Lion is the supermarket which really cares about the customers. This company always concerns to the customers’ shopping experience. Food Lion Supermarket expects that every customer can shop happily in their supermarket. So, Food Lion makes sure that their store associates serve the shoppers well.

Besides, the customers can find what they need and get satisfied with their shopping experience. To find out whether the Food Lion has met the customers’ expectation, the company creates a survey. This survey is well known as Talk to Food Lion. It is because food lion official website is available at survey portal is reachable by everyone. But, only the customers with Food Lion receipt can start this survey. It is so since Talk to Food Lion requires the PIN which is available in the receipt. So, you will not be able to begin the Food Lion survey without this PIN. Whenever you finish your shopping activity at Food Lion, you should take this retail survey.

This survey gives you the opportunity to express your satisfaction or Food Lion Complaints after shopping at the store. On the other hands, the survey helps Food Lion to identify which store areas need the improvement. During the survey, Food Lion asks you about how was your shopping. Then, it also asks your opinion about each department of their store. Your shopping feedback will be used by Food Lion to make an evaluation.

Talk to Food Lion

Talk to Food Lion Survey takes no longer than five minutes of your time. To appreciate your valuable time, Food Lion offers you to enter their sweepstake contest. Through this sweepstake, you can win the gift card from Food Lion. The value of this gift card is $ 500.

With this give card, you can purchase the products you desire at Food Lion. In order to guide you completing the survey at, here we present the tips. Also, you can learn the Food Lion terms and condition. Furthermore, we list down the series of questions you will face at TalktoFoodLion.

What is Talk to Food Lion Terms and Condition?

Food Lion Survey Terms and Condition is not much different from other retail surveys. When you decide to participate in Talk to Food Lion, you should review the rules for its survey and sweepstakes. So, you will understand what items which are necessary to prepare.

Besides, you will know any information related to Food Lion Sweepstakes. Presented below, you will find out Food Lion survey requirements, sweepstake’s eligibility, entry method, and the reward. The details are as the following.

  • The requirements of Talk to Food Lion Customer Survey.

The most crucial item to open TalktoFoodLion survey is a receipt. After shopping in Food Lion, the cashier will give you a receipt. Besides, when you use the self-service payment system, you still get a receipt. Look at the bottom section of Food Lion receipt.

Do you find any survey invitation? This invitation will contain PIN to enter Food Lion Customer Survey. This Pin also serves as the survey code. Remember, the validity of this PIN is only five days. Furthermore, you can access this survey if you use a PC and the internet.

  • Sweepstakes eligibility.

Every customer that owns Food Lion receipt will be able to take the survey. But, they must meet the eligibility of the sweepstake if they want to get $ 500. Food Lion sweepstakes are open for the legal residents of the United States. But, the sweepstakes are only the people that live in 12 states.

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They are GA, FL, DC, NC, DE, SC, VA, MD, KY, TN, WV, and PA. Even, food lion age requirement must be at least 18 years old. Then, the staffs of Food Lion Supermarket and IPSOS are prohibited from entering this sweepstake. The committee will disqualify the winner if they are the employees of Food Lion.

  • Food Lion sweepstakes entry method.

There are two sweepstake entry methods. First, the customers can enter the online sweepstake. They will automatically enter this sweepstake after completing Talk to Food Lion survey. Hence, you need a receipt to enter the online sweepstake. So, what if you do not have the receipt? Do not worry. You still have the chance to enter the sweepstake by mail.

Food Lion mail entry does not need any receipt. You just need to send a card which contains your personal details.  Do not forget to attach your contact number. So, Food Lion will be easy to contact you when you win this contest. Then, send your sweepstake card to IPSOS, card Inc, 222 S Riverside Plaza, Incentive Dept, 160 641 2101, Suite Chicago, Illinois 60606. Every person only can enter this sweepstake once in a week.

  • Sweepstakes Prize.

Food Lion offers the interesting prize for the winner of the sweepstakes. There will be ten winners that deserve to get Food Lion gift cards. Every winner will receive the gift card valued $ 500. With this prize, they can purchase everything they need in Food Lion.

Remember, the winner cannot transfer this prize to others. Besides, this gift card is also not redeemable for cash. After drawing the sweepstakes, Food Lion will inform the winner through the phone call, email, or mail. When your name is coming out as the winner, Food Lion will reach you within two days after the draw. If there is no response from the winner within ten days, IPSOS will give the prize to another winner.

What Do You Need to Access Talk to Food Lion Survey?

The customers can tell everything about their visit then Food Lion will give them a chance to win $ 500 gift card. When they win, they can use this gift card to shop any groceries at the store. In fact, do you only need a receipt to participate in this Customer Survey? Listed below are the things you need as the survey takers.

  • Your receipts are the most vital survey requirement. You may still be able to enter the sweepstakes without the receipt. Besides, your receipt must contain PIN. The PIN is 16 digit serial numbers which serve as the survey code.
  • Talk to Food Lion Survey is only accessible with the internet connection. Instead of using the computer, you also can access this Online survey by using the tablet or other mobile devices. Just make sure that your devices can connect to reliable internet access. So, you will not face internet trouble during the survey completion.
  • After completing the survey, you deserve to enter their sweepstakes program. Then, the sweepstakes will ask you to fill out personal data form. This form needs your phone number for the contact information. So, when you become the Sweepstakes winner, the company will be easy to inform you by phone.

What are the Tips for Talk to Food Lion Completion?

Completing Talk to Food Lion survey is a piece of cake. The questionnaire is very easy to fill out. It is because most of the sections only ask you to select the answer. Besides, the others ask you to give the rating as well as agreement. Only one question ask your opinion about your shopping experience. Although it is very simple to complete, you should not ignore our tips below. These tips will help you a lot in taking Food Lion Customer Survey.

  • Do not search TalktoFoodLion survey portal.
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When you want to access Food Lion survey portal, you should directly enter the URL into your address bar. Avoid looking for it by using the search engine. It is so since you will be difficult to find So, make sure that you type on your web address bar.

  • Make sure the validity of Food Lion receipt.

You should take Food Lion survey as soon as possible after shopping. It is better to take this survey within five days of your shopping date. There are two reasons for this.

First, you can make sure that your receipt is still valid. When your Food Lion PIN expires, you will not be able to process this survey. The second reason is that you still have the fresh memory of your shopping experience. So, you still remember every detail of your shopping activity in Food Lion.

  • Be thorough in entering the PIN.

Many Food Lion customers are failed to enter this survey. It is because they do not enter the PIN correctly. Talk to Food Lion Survey PIN has many digits. So, you should enter it carefully to avoid making a mistake.

  • Contact Food Lion Customer Service for help.

Food Lion Customer Support is ready to assist you. Whenever you need information about Food Lion, you can call them. For instance, you face the trouble in taking Talk to Food Lion survey. In this case, you should call Food Lion staff soon. Besides, you can express Food Lion complaints to the customer service. The number you can call is 1-800-210-9569.

What are the Questions at Talk to Food Lion Survey?

Reviewing Food Lion Survey questions is as crucial as learning the tips. Knowing the questions will make you get ready to answer it. Perhaps, you will be able to respond the entire Talk to Food Lion survey questions within seven minutes.

It is because most of Food Lion questions just ask you to select the answer as well as rate the statements. Only one question requires you to explain the reason. Then, what are the questions about? Check out the list of the questions at below.

  • Shopping time.

After entering Food Lion PIN, you will get the first survey question. It is asking about the time you shopped at Food Lion recently. First, select when you went to Food Lion. The provided answers are yesterday, two days ago, three days, ago, four days ago, or longer than five days ago.

After that, specify the time of day you went shopping. Just select whether you went shopping in the morning, afternoon, early evening or the evening after 7 pm. Then, indicate that you are at least 18 years old.

  • Rate the shopping experience.

In the scale one up to 5, you can rate how satisfied you are with your overall shopping experience. Then, give your rate with the overall service you received from Food Lion. In the next section, you have to explain why you get satisfied or dissatisfied with your shopping experience.

  • Likeliness to shop and recommend.

State how likely you are to shop at Food Lion store for your next shopping trip. Also, state whether would you like to recommend Food Lion to your family or coworkers.

  • Agreement for some statements.

In the scale 1-5, state your agreement with some topics. First, do you agree if Food Lion store associate valued you as the customers? Then, do you agree whether your shopping is easy and hassle free?

  • The areas which need improvement.

Talk to Food Lion survey will list down several areas of their store. Then, your duty is to select which areas which need to improve. For instance, you can choose deli, meat, bakery, dairy, pharmacy, center store, etc.

  • Tell your satisfaction with some areas.

In this stage, you can share how your feeling was about some topics. First, tell how satisfied you were with the overall cleanliness of Food Lion and the appearance of the store associate. Then, also respond these statements. The topics are how easy to find the product, the ease to identify the sale, and the total grocery bill. After that, give your response about the affordability of the product and the value received for spending your money.

  • The department you visit.
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Then, select which store department that you visit while you shopped in Food Lion. The areas you can choose are meat, produce, bakery, deli, health & beauty, and center store aisle.

If you do not find the department you visited, you can write in the provided space. The next, Food  Lion gives you the further questions about the department you choose. The questions will be about the freshness of the product, the available stock, and the ease of finding the product.

  • The performance of store associates.

Then, state whether you talk to Food Lion store associate or not. Then, rate the associates’ willingness to help, their friendliness, and their knowledge about the product. Also, rate the ease to get the associates’ attention.

  • Self-served checks out.

Indicate whether you used the self-served check out system. Then, rate the ease of using the self-service terminal along with the payment system. The next, state whether you encounter any problem during your shopping time.

  • The purpose of going to Food Lion.

Select the goal of going to Food Lion Dept. Store. The options you can choose are for a stock-up trip, fill in the trip, or picking up something for dinner. Besides, you also can select the purpose to pick up items for sale or special occasion. Then, indicate whether you have Food Lion MPV card or not.

  • Your personal details.

In this section, you need to select the range of your age. The options are 18-24, 24-34, 35-44, 45-54, or older than 55. Then, click on your gender. After that, select the range of your annual income. The next, you should describe your race or ethnicity. You can prefer not to respond these four questions if you think it is your privacy.

What is Food Lion Open Hours?

Before coming to Food Lion Groceries Locations, it is better to know about Food Lion Store Open Hours of Operation. Somehow, you can come at Food Lion Happy Hours and get the special Food Lion Gift Card Promotions. With no talk too much, here the lists of Food Lion Supermarket Hours that you should know and here they are:

DaysOpen HoursClose Hours
Monday7:00 AM11:00 PM
Tuesday7:00 AM11:00 PM
Wednesday7:00 AM11:00 PM
Thursday7:00 AM11:00 PM
Friday7:00 AM11:00 PM
Saturday7:00 AM11:00 PM
Sunday7:00 AM11:00 PM

How to Contact Food Lion Customer Service?

There are three ways to get in touch with Food Lion Customer Care. You can opt for contacting them by using one of the three ways below.

  • The most efficient way to voice your question or comment is by calling the Food Lion Toll free number. You can dial 1-800-210-9569 to speak directly to Food Lion staff.
  • Then, you can send your mail to Food Lion, Attn: Customer Relations, PO BOX 1330, Salisbury, North Carolina 28145-1330. Make sure that you include the address so that Food Lion can reply to your letter.
  • Last, you can contact Food Lion Consumer Relations through email. But, you do not need to send your feedback, question, or comment. First, you have to visit Then, you have to select Contact Us under the Customer Service me

Now, you can grab your Food Lion Gift Card Balance and order Food Lion Online Order using Food Lion Grocery App. Sure, it is more effective instead of coming to Food Lion Supermarket Locations. As always, you should not hesitate to join in Talk to Food Lion Survey and win Survey Reward as well. So, Best Luck, Guys!


How do I contact Food Lion?

1 (800) 210-9569Food Lion

Can you pay bills at Food Lion?

We currently accept all major US credit and debit cards, Android Pay and Apple Pay. We're sorry for the inconvenience as we're currently not optimized for prepaid credit cards, store gift cards, EBT cards, international payments, and other forms of payment not listed as accepted above.

What is the corporate number for Food Lion?

For additional help, please contact us at 1-800-210-9569.

Where is the headquarters of Food Lion?

Salisbury, NCFood Lion

How do I apply for Food Lion online?

You can apply online by going to or > Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and click on "Careers">click on view job openings>If you currently work for the company and know your PeopleSoft ID and password select "yes" and login.

Can I access PeopleSoft from home?

Accessing PeopleSoft at Home To access PeopleSoft from home, you will first need to register for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Once you have registered for MFA, you can login to PeopleSoft directly. If you use the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client to connect to the network, you can continue to use it.

What time does Food Lion direct deposit?

The work week is Sunday to Saturday. The associates that have direct deposit its Tuesday at midnight. We are paid bi-weekly. Associates that do not have direct deposit receive their checks mailed to their home.

How do I view paychecks in PeopleSoft?

Under the Main Menu bar on the left of your screen, select “Self Service.” Page 2 How To: View Your Paychecks in PeopleSoft Step 3: Under the Self Service sub- header, find “Payroll and Compensation” and select “View Paycheck.”

How do I get a Food Lion MVP card?

Simply scan your card at checkout to receive your discounts. Visit the Savings Hub for special coupons you can load directly to your MVP Card. There's no need to clip these coupons! Scan your MVP Card at the In-Store Kiosk at the front of the store for advertised specials and even personalized coupons.

Is Food Lion pick up free?

Food Lion said the service is free for customers' first order. Pickup requires a minimum purchase of $10. ... Food Lion offers same-day grocery delivery through Instacart to more than 300 ZIP codes. For orders over $35, the service carries a $3.99 fee for two-hour delivery and a $5.99 fee for one-hour delivery.

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