– KFC Customer Survey Tips and Guideline

Everyone knows KFC as the most popular fast food outlet which serves fried chicken. In fact, KFC is not only well-known in the US but also in the worldwide. Do you often dine in KFC store? Or maybe, do you like ordering via KFC drive-thru? If you do, you should never miss KFC Survey.

No matter how you ordered your meal, you deserve to enter this survey. As long as you got the purchase receipt from KFC cashier, you can be the survey participant. Then, you voice all of your feedback regarding the food and the service from KFC.

Through KFC survey, the customers can express their satisfaction. During the survey, you have to respond a series of MyKFCexperience questionnaire. The questions will be related to your experience when you visited KFC store. For instance, you can state your satisfaction or unsatisfaction.

There will be some questions about KFC food and staffs. You can give your opinion whether their staffs are polite, pleasant, and helpful. Besides, you may find other questions about KFC store cleanliness and convenience.

KFC Survey

KFC expects the feedback from their customers for the sustainability of their fast food restaurant business. The customers’ opinion can help them to provide the better quality of food and service. That is why KFC creates myKFCexperience survey portal.

All KFC customers that hold the receipt can visit this survey website to share their feedback. KFC believe that every customer will have the different dining experience. So, the company facilitates them to tell what they have experienced at KFC store.

KFC survey provides an interesting reward for the survey participants. The survey offers may vary depending on the notification printed on KFC receipt. So, you can see your KFC receipt to find out what reward you will get after completing the myKFCexperience survey. For instance, KFC offers free chips or drink as the survey reward. However, in the certain survey period, you can enjoy KFC Go Cup or other menus as the reward.

The survey reward plays important roles to attract the customers. It is because some customers take part in MyKFCexperience survey in order to get the free food from KFC. So, when the reward is interesting, more customers will participate in this feedback survey.

KFC will give the reward in the form of KFC Coupon. When you finish KFC customer satisfaction survey, myKFCexperience will display a unique code as the coupon. Then, KFC Coupons are redeemable with the reward mentioned in KFC receipt.

 What are the Details Needed to Enter KFC Survey?

In fact, KFC survey only has the simple requirement to fulfill. If you are interested in involving in my KFC experience survey, you have to prepare a recent receipt from KFC. Besides, do not forget to prepare the reliable internet connection for your PC or smartphone.

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Luckily, KFC does not apply the certain rules for the survey participants. So, everyone can participate in KFC feedback survey if they own the receipt. However, the KFC employees and their family may not take part in this survey since they will not be able to get the survey reward.

Why does KFC receipt become the main requirement of KFC survey? It is because KFC receipt proves that you are the real KFC customers. Besides, the receipt shows that you have just visited KFC store. So, you can share the recent experience you had when you came to KFC. Moreover, to start KFC survey, you need to enter several details provided on your receipt. These are four receipt details that the survey takers need to focus more.

  • Survey Code.

During myKFCexperience survey period, KFC will print out the survey invitation on their receipt. This invitation consists of KFC survey code. Besides, it informs the customers where they should take the survey. Furthermore, KFC also informs the reward that the survey participants will get after taking the survey. KFC survey code has 17 digits of the letter and numeric code.

However, some KFC outlet may not include the survey code on their receipt. When you receive the receipt without survey invitation, you do not need to worry. It is because you still can enter My KFC Experience survey. The survey site offers the option to take the survey without entering the code. Alternatively, you can use KFC store number and ticket number.

  • Date and Time.

Other details you need to proceed the KFC survey are the day and time. Usually, you can find the details of date and time under KFC ticket number. Make sure that you selected the correct date and hours when you came to KFC based on the time information on your receipt.

  • KFC Store number.

You will need KFC restaurant number when you cannot find the survey code on the receipt. Usually, Kentucky Fried Chicken store number has seven digits. Besides, you can find KFC store numbers at the top or bottom section of KFC receipt.

  • Ticket number.

MyKFC Experience also asks you to provide the ticket number. This detail is also known as the receipt number. So, every receipt will show the different ticket number. The KFC ticket code is usually available at the middle portion of your receipt.

What are the Tips and TroubleShooting for KFC Survey?

In this article, we do not present MyKFCexperience guideline. It is because the steps of KFC survey is very easy to perform. You just need to access to start the survey. Then, after entering some receipt details, you can start answering the KFC customer survey questions.

Within 5 up to 7 minutes, you will be able to complete this survey. The next, you can get KFC validation code as the reward. To help you completing MyKFCExperience survey, here we provide some tips and troubleshooting related to the survey.

  • Check your browser and internet.
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In order to avoid the loading trouble during the survey, you have to check your internet and web browser. Then, enable the JavaScript and Cookies on your browser. Remember, the slow internet connection that you use can affect the performance of the survey portal. So, it will be better if you use the fast and reliable internet connection.

  • Read KFC Survey privacy policy.

Before you start MyKFCexperience survey, you need to review the privacy policy. The link is on the bottom right corner of the home page. By reading the privacy policy, you will be able to know the rules of the survey. Besides, you can know how KFC use your personal information which they collect from this survey.

  • Review the KFC receipt.

Before you start the survey, you have to check your receipt. Is there any KFC survey code at the bottom part of your receipt? If the survey code is available, you can access the customer survey by entering this code as well as the date and time.

But, if the KFC receipt does not contain this code, you should try another method of entering KFC survey. First, you can press Click Here link above survey code field. Then, MyKFCexperience will display another form to enter the survey. In this new form, you have to provide KFC store number as well as the ticket number.

  • Enter all details needed correctly.

The most frequent mistake that happens is the failure in entering the receipt details. For instance, you may not type KFC survey code properly. It may occur because this code has many characters including letter and number. When you miss one letter or number, you will not be able to start the survey. Besides, you need to double check all information you enter before pressing Start button.

  • Respond all of KFC Feedback survey questions.

Make sure that you do not miss a single question during the survey. Most of the survey questions only ask you to select the answer or rate the statements. So, answering the KFC questionnaires is the simple task to do. Besides, you have to give the honest response for all of the questions. It is because your feedback will be useful for KFC business improvement.

  • Take and Redeem KFC Validation code soon.

When KFC Coupon appears on your screen, you have to write it down on the back of the receipt. Besides, you also can screenshot this validation code. But, if you decide to screenshot the code, you have to present your receipt to redeem the survey reward.

Then, claiming the coupon as soon as possible is the good decision. It is because KFC may limit the time for the reward redemption. The last, you may need to purchase something in order to be able to redeem this survey reward.

  • Join Colonel’s Club.
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KFC has a fans club for its customers. If you are the loyal customers of KFC, you have to join Colonel’s Club. Then, you will get the exclusive update as well as the newest offer from KFC. You only need to submit your email by following these steps.

  1. Visit This address is the official portal of KFC. Here you can access the related information about KFC. For instance, you can find KFC nutrition guide, menu, career, KFC restaurant locator, etc.
  2. Select KFC deals. At the top left corner of the page, you will find three lines image. Click on this image to display the complete menu of KFC website. Then, you have to press KFC Deals.
  3. Enter your email.

On the blank field provided, you can enter your email. The next, press the Red Subscribe button. By entering your email, it means you are willing to receive the promotional email from KFC. So, you can check your inbox to find out the latest info about KFC offers.

Those are several tips which make you easier to complete KFC experience survey. In fact, you can leave your feedback about KFC although you do not have KFC receipt. First, you can call KFC representative or KFC Customer Service at 1 800 225 5532. Besides, you also can visit to share your feedback. Select Contact Us menu at Then, you need to fill out the form consisting the name, email, and the details of your experience.

What are KFC Customer Survey Questions?

Talking about KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey, you may be curious about the questions of the survey. That is why here we present the sample of KFC questionnaires. Hopefully, these question samples can help you to complete KFC survey easily. So, you can finish MyKFCexperience survey quickly.

  • Overall satisfaction.

You can respond this question by rating your overall satisfaction after eating or ordering KFC product.

  • Frequency.

Then, you have to state how often you visit KFC store. You may go to this restaurant once a year, every month, every week, or every day.

  • What you like from KFC.

The next you need to mention what you like from this fast food outlet. For example, you like its fast and convenient service. Then, you may love the quality and the taste of the food. Moreover, you like dining in KFC because of its affordable price.

  • Rate some aspects of KFC.

In the next section, you should rate several aspects about KFC. First, you need to rate the quality of KFC food. Then, you have to rate the KFC price. Is it expensive, affordable, or cheap? The next, give the rating for the service qualities performed by KFC store crews.

  • Revisit willingness.

Then, you can state whether you are willing to come to KFC next time. If you are satisfied with the food and service quality that KFC gives, you must want to return to this restaurant.


How do you complain about KFC?

Call us at1-800-CALL-KFC. Is this feedback about KFC in general or a specific restaurant?

What is KFC phone number?

1 (800) 225-5532KFC

Where is Kentucky Fried Chicken headquarters?

Louisville, KYKFC

Can you order KFC over the phone?

You can now pre-order and pre-pay KFC on your mobile, with the KFC App. It's available both in-store and in drive-thru. Download KFC Mobile Ordering today at the App Store.

Where do I find my KFC referral code?

You will find your referral code located in your 'My Account' area of the App.

What is a KFC go cup?

Inside each Go Cup are potato wedges and either: Chicken Littles® sandwiches, Original Recipe® Bites, Hot Wings™, Original Recipe® Boneless, or Extra Crispy™ Tenders. KFC is calling the Go Cup "the perfect on the go snack." (The Extra Crispy™ Tenders Go Cup clocks in at 540 calories and 1440 mg of sodium.)

How can I get free KFC UK?

You can get a free KFC side at most UK branches (find your nearest participating store) when you download its free 'Colonel's Club' app from Google Play or the App Store. Sides include two hot wings, small popcorn chicken, regular fries, ice cream sundae or a regular soft drink (norm 80p-£1.70ish).

Is there an app for KFC?

There's an app for everything and that includes fried chicken delivery. KFC has recently launched a delivery app for users on Android and iOS. ... On the delivery app website, there is an extensive FAQ section for customers to find out more about the service.

How do you complain about KFC?

Call us at1-800-CALL-KFC. Is this feedback about KFC in general or a specific restaurant?

How do I contact KFC?

1 (800) 225-5532KFC

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