Value Village Listens – Get $ 2 Coupon Discount with Value Village Guest Survey

Have you ever heard of Value Village? One of the interesting stores that you must visit. At this time malls and shops are popular throughout the world. They sell new items. There you can find items at cheap or expensive prices. But, here you can get the same item at a cheaper price.

Yes right, Value Village sells used items that are still feasible for you to use. Starting with accessories, clothing or household items. You don’t need to worry about getting damaged items. Because you can provide complaints through Value Village Listens.

Value Village Survey is a customer satisfaction survey from Value Village stores. Even though they are a savers brand, you will get good service. Then this store can be a solution when you want to save family spending money. In addition to shopping at low prices, you need to take advantage of the benefits available.

If you do a customer satisfaction survey, they will provide attractive rewards. So you will be entitled to a shopping discount of $ 2 of $ 5. Isn’t this an attractive offer? The method is quite easy. You only need to save the receipt of the last transaction in the store Then you can use it when conducting surveys. If you are interested, keep reading our instructions. Then get a discount when shopping at Value Village.

value village listens
value village listens

Value Village Company Profile.

Before we discuss survey regulations, you should find out about company profiles. Because basic knowledge about the company can help you understand survey questions. Value Village is a shop that sells used goods. There you can find various accessories, clothes, and other household items. They use the concept of buying and reselling goods. Then they try to revive the community. One way to revive a community is to create jobs. Isn’t this a great concept?

Well, guys, Value Village was founded in 1954 in San Francisco. Many people try to find goods with low prices and good quality. Now they have been operating for more than 60 years. Then they manage 300 business locations with 20,000 employees.

They have several brands in each country. Like in the United States and Australia they have a Savers brand. Then there is their Value Village, Unique, Village des Valeurs. Apart from trading, they use this company on social missions. They help children, disabled people and people suffering from diseases. Here are some important values from the Value Village company.

  1. They do work by applying ethics and integrity.
  2. The company prioritizes consumers and donors.
  3. They invest in achieving success.
  4. Always trying to strengthen the community.
  5. Work with a mission to protect the earth.
  6. The company always innovates to grow and develop.
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Regulations Before Performing Value Village Listens.

Next, you need to pay attention to the rules when conducting a survey. Before you take part in a survey, you must fulfill several conditions. Then they limit your participation in conducting surveys. If you have ever taken a satisfaction survey, you will not be familiar with this rule.

Because this satisfaction survey regulation is almost the same as other surveys. Therefore, you should pay attention to our instructions. Or you can access survey regulations by visiting the official survey portal. Then click on the Term and Condition button. Here’s how to do a Value Village survey.

  1. Your validity as a survey participant.

Validity when conducting a survey is a rule that you commonly read. Basically, they don’t mention age limits. But in general, you must be at least 18 years old or more when taking a survey. Then you can do this survey if you are a legitimate resident of the United States.

Finally, this survey may not be carried out by employees and their family members. Well, guys, you need to comply with all survey regulations. Because the company has the right to cancel your coupon in the event of a regulation.

  1. Provisions for exchanging discount coupons.

Well, guys, you are entitled to get a coupon after conducting a survey. But there are a number of rules when you want to redeem coupons to a store. Here are some rules that you must pay attention to.

  • Remember, your coupon has an expiration date. After 90 days from the date of visiting the store, your coupon will expire. So you need to take into account the time when exchanging your coupon.
  • You cannot exchange coupons for cash.
  • Your coupon does not apply when there are grand openings or sale days programs.
  • Then the coupon only applies to goods at normal prices. You cannot use a coupon when buying new merchandise or items with gift certificates.
  • Bring your coupons when shopping at the store. Then show the coupon when making a payment at the checkout.
  • Then you are entitled to receive a reward in the form of a discount coupon worth 2 dollars. But you need to make a minimum of 5 dollars transaction first.
  1. Regulations when conducting surveys.

Finally, we will discuss the regulations during the survey.

  • You need to make a transaction and save your receipt.
  • Perform a consumer satisfaction survey within a 7 day period. Because the survey code is only valid within 7 days.
  • One household may only do one survey in 1 month.
  • Then one transaction, you can only use one coupon. If you have multiple coupons, use one coupon one by one.

The Need for Conducting Value Village Listens.

Well, guys, you have read the survey rules. Now it’s time for you to prepare all the survey needs. This survey requires computer devices or mobile phones and internet networks. Next, we will explain the needs of the survey clearly.

  1. Prepare an online survey device.

Use the device that you have. You can use a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Make sure your device is able to connect to the internet.

  1. Prepare a stable internet network.
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The internet network functions to access survey portals. If the internet network is strong, you can access the portal easily. But if the network is not stable, your steps will stop before completing the survey. Then you will spend a lot of time waiting for your survey to be ready.

  1. Prepare your receipt or donor invitation card.

There are two ways to enter the survey page. First, you use a receipt for purchasing goods at the store. Second, you can use a donor invitation card. Because you need to enter the survey code printed on your receipt and card. Then use both within 7 days after making the transaction. Finally, get your Value Village Printable Coupon.

value village survey steps
value village survey steps
Steps to Conduct Value Village Listens

After you meet the requirements and prepare for survey needs, now take your part. You can start the survey with instructions from us. The consumer satisfaction survey is a portal to find out consumer evaluations of service. Every company engaged in the service sector provides a survey portal.

Because they cannot communicate one by one with their customers. Thus, one modern way to conduct surveys is to use the internet. Following are the steps to start the survey.

  1. Go to the Value Village official portal.

The first step, you need to open the data search application on your device. Then you can write the keyword or survey portal address in the search bar. A survey portal search using the address of a more survey portal is recommended. Because search engines will give more valid results than when you use keywords. Following are the keywords and the address of the survey portal.

Value Village Listens.

  1. Then choose the way to enter the survey page.

On the first page, you can see two examples of receipts. First, receipts when you make transactions at the store. Second, donor invitation card. Both have survey codes. You can choose one way to enter the survey page. Click on the button below the image you selected.

  1. Enter the survey code on your receipt.

On the next page, you need to enter the survey code. If you choose to use a receipt, you need to enter a 19 digit number. While invitation card has a 4 digit customer code. Then there you still need to enter the date and time of your visit.

  1. Perform language settings if necessary. You can change English into Spanish. So you only need to click on the Espanol button to make changes to the language of the survey.
  2. Do your survey now.

Next, you can start your survey. Usually, they will provide easy questions with multiple choice answers. Then you only need to answer honestly according to your experience. Here are some questions that can be your reference when conducting a survey.

  • Questions about the value of money you have to pay.
  • Questions about your satisfaction in general.
  • Questions about the ease of finding items.
  • Give an assessment of the cleanliness and comfort of shopping.
  • Your assessment of the friendliness of the staff while serving you.
  • Write down the problem you are experiencing and resolve the problem by the employee. Usually, you can write a problem in the form of a review.
  • They ask about the possibility of you returning to the store.
  • Give your opinion about recommending a store to your colleagues.
  1. Note the validation code that appears on the screen of your device.
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Well guys, here you need stationery. After you answer all questions, a validation code will appear on the screen of your device. Next, you need to record this code on your receipt.

  1. Immediately exchange your coupon at the Nearest Value Village.

Finally, bring your coupon to the nearest store. Then exchange the coupon with a discount on the item you purchased. Remember, you must shop for a minimum of 5 Dollars.

How to Find Value Village Near Me.

Well guys, after doing the survey, of course, you want to immediately exchange your coupon. Therefore, you need to find the closest location. Thus you can more easily reach Value Village. Following this, we will explain how to find the closest location using the company’s website.

  1. Visit the Value Village Official Website.

the first step is to visit their official website. Then open the data search application on your device. Then you can write the website in the search bar.

  1. Enter the zip code or Zip code.

On the first page, you can see the store search bar. There you need to enter the zip code or postal code. Then click on the enter button to start the search.

  1. Click on the detail view button.

Then you can see some search results. Click on one of the store search results closest to your location. There you can see complete store information. You can see the shop address, telephone number and Value Village Hours. Here is the operating hours of the Value Village store.

Monday to Saturday: 9 am to 9 pm

Sunday: 10:00 am to 8:00 a.m.

  1. If you need to confirm, click on the Call Store button.
  2. If you want to visit the store, click on the directions button.
Value Village Customer Service.

The above explanation is a guide for conducting a consumer satisfaction survey. Now we will show you several ways to contact the company or store. You should immediately contact the nearest store. Thus your problem will be resolved faster. Then you can reach the store more easily. Here’s how to connect with Value Village.

  1. Value Village Customer Service Phone Number.

Here you can contact them by telephone. This method is the easiest and most practical when you want to confirm. The following is the Value Village telephone number.

425 462 1515

  1. Mailing Address Value Village.

Here you can send your problem in the mail. Here is the Value Village mailing address. 11400 SE 6th St Suite 220 Bellevue Washington 98004-642.

  1. Value Village Social Media.
  • Facebook: @ValueVillage.
  • Instagram:
  • Pinterest: Savers Thrift Store.
  • Twitter: @SaversVillage.

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