TheFreshMarketSurvey – Fresh Market Sweeptakes to win $ 500 Cash

Have you ever shop at the market? The market is the main goal of housewives every day. Because our mother has to prepare meals for the family. Then they go to the market with knowledge of prices and quality of goods. The market provides various ingredients for making food.

They sell vegetables, fruits, chicken, seafood etc. When choosing ingredients for cooking, you need to pay attention to the quality and freshness. But you don’t need to worry if you shop at FreshMarket. Because they are committed to providing materials with good quality and freshness. You can choose cooking ingredients comfortably. Furthermore, you can convey your expectations through TheFreshMarketSurvey.

The Fresh Market Survey is an online survey portal for visitors to Fresh Market. There you can complain about the items they sell. For example, you find the price at the cashier does not match the price in the storefront etc. Basically, they always try to provide excellent service.

Providing premium quality goods, friendly employees and a convenient shopping place. Amazingly, you can take part in the lottery through a survey. You have the chance to win a gift card worth 500 Dollars. Wow, isn’t this offer very attractive for housewives? Imagine the money that you can save by winning this gift card. Here we will explain how to do a survey and register the lottery. If you are interested, stay with our instructions. Then get your luck!.

the fresh market survey page
the fresh market survey page

Let’s Find Out about Profile of Fresh Market.

Well, guys, this company was founded in 1982 in North Carolina. There are two main figures in the history of the establishment of Fresh Market. They are named Ray and Beverly Berry. At first, they developed a business in the North Carolina area.

Then they expanded their business to the Northeast and West of the United States. Unfortunately in 2014 stores in the west did not give satisfactory results. Finally, they closed 3 shops in the west. They have a mission to provide extraordinary daily food. Here they try to support local farmers as suppliers of fresh ingredients. Then you will feel a comfortable and warm atmosphere while shopping at Fresh Market.

Like the name of the shop, they sell fresh food. Starting with vegetables, fruit chicken, beef and seafood. Each material has a different handling method. Good handling is able to maintain the quality of taste and nutritional content of food ingredients.

Apart from raw materials, they provide several other departments. They are the bakery, grocery, and dairy, Deli and Cheese, Candy and Beer etc. If you already know the company profile, now you need to take advantage of them. One way to save your budget is to win a gift card.


Regulations Before Performing TheFreshMarketSurvey.

Before you start trying your luck, you need to understand the survey rules. Here we will state clearly some regulations that limit your participation. So not all shop visitors can take surveys and sweepstakes. You can see official sweepstakes rules by opening a survey portal.

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You only need to press the sweepstakes rules to download the rules sheet. Basically, almost all survey and lottery drawings have the same rules. The difference is in the survey period and the number of prizes you can get. The following are the conditions that you must meet before conducting the survey.

  1. Requirements to take surveys and sweepstakes.

The first rule is about participant eligibility.

  • This survey and lottery are open to legitimate residents in the United States and Columbia.
  • Before you have to make sure you are old enough. At a minimum, you must be 18 years old to register for the lottery.
  • Perform this survey if you are not an employee and Fresh Market business partner.
  • Make sure you are not in one household with Fresh Market employees or business members.
  1. Pay attention to the lottery period and survey period.

second, you need to check the survey period. They provide 12 survey periods and prize draw periods. So you can start registering for the draw on June 5, 2019. Then this offer will expire on June 4, 2019. If you still have time, take advantage of your golden opportunity. Then check the survey period in full through the survey portal.

  1. How to join the Fresh Market lottery.

Next, you need to know the method for registering the lottery. There are two ways you can use the lottery. First, do a Freshmarket survey. Here you can answer customer satisfaction survey questions.

Then you must fill in the lottery registration form. Unfortunately, you can only enter 1 lottery in 1 survey period. You don’t need to worry about your survey answer. Because the answer has no effect on the lottery results.

Second, send your entry in the mail. Write the name, address, age and telephone number on a postcard. Then send a postcard to the address available through first class mail. Write the subject and destination address clearly. Then, you need to see the lottery period when sending a postcard. One postcard is worth 1 entry.

  1. Sweepstakes prizes that you can bring home.

The following is important information for you. So they provided 12 grand prizes. Each grand prize is worth $ 500. Each grand prize will be drawn during each survey period. So the total prize in all lottery periods is $ 6000.

  1. Provisions for Fresh Market lottery winners.

Here you need to pay attention to the rights and obligations when you become a winner. Here are some provisions for sweepstakes.

  • One grand prize is limited to one household in all lottery periods.
  • You may not exchange gifts in cash.
  • Then the winner announcement will be delivered via phone or email. You need to confirm the mailing address within 48 hours.
  • You can receive a prize within a period of 4-6 weeks after determining the winner.

How to do the TheFreshMarket Survey.

After you know the survey rules, you can now start your survey. Prepare survey needs properly for the smooth running of your survey. Remember, this survey has no effect on the lottery results. So give an honest assessment of each question. Because your answer can be a suggestion for company improvement. Now we will provide steps to conduct a survey. Stable internet launches your every step.

  1. Enter the official Fresh Market survey portal.
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The first step, you need to visit the survey portal. Enter the keyword or address of the survey portal correctly. Errors on one character can affect your application’s search results. Then click on the site that matches the address of the survey portal. Following are the keywords and address of the Fresh Market survey portal. The Fresh Market Survey and

  1. Read the survey rules and lottery carefully.

On the first page, you can see the link to read the survey rules. Then click on the Sweepstakes Guidelines button link. Note the method for taking part in the lottery. Then you can see the practical instructions for filling in the customer satisfaction survey. Record the information that is important to you. If you already understand the rules, click on the next button.

  1. Enter the Fresh Market location code that you visited.

The third step, you need to see the receipt of your last transaction at Fresh Market. Look at the location code available on your receipt. On the next page, you can see 3 empty columns. Fill in the column according to the store location code. Note the decapitation of the store’s location code. If you have entered the location code, click on the next button.

  1. Complete TheFreshMarket Survey Now.

The fourth step, you need to answer some survey questions. Here you need to recall the atmosphere in the shop when you last visited. You don’t need to worry about having to answer a difficult question. Because they provide simple multiple choice questions. Here is a list of questions that might help your survey.

  • They ask about your destination shopping at Fresh Market. First, shop to buy certain items. Second, prepare yourself for a special warning. Third, get benefits such as discounted items etc.
  • Rate the cleanliness of the store. Here you can assess the availability of trash bins. Then you can assess the cleanliness of the floor and other places.
  • Give an assessment of the music playing in the store. Music can make visitors relax and enjoy their activities.
  • Give an assessment of the signs that make it easy for you to find your needs.
  • Then you can assess the welcome and friendliness of employees to visitors. For example, they help you find the items you need.
  • Next, give your assessment of the store’s special offers. Is the promo program interesting for you?
  1. Fill in the form to register the lottery.

The fifth step, you need to fill in the drawing form. Here you must fill in your name, address, city, zip code, and country. But the most important is your telephone number and email address. Because through this two information they will contact you. If you have filled in all fields, mark the statement to enter the lottery.

  1. Finally, click on the next button. Now you are registered in the monthly lottery. Wait for the prize draw according to the entry period. Then get your Fresh Market Gift Card.
How to Find Fresh Market Near Me.

Next, you need to know about Fresh Market Near Me. These facilities can help you find the closest location to shop. If you shop at the nearest location, you can save time and fuel. Here you can use google map or the Fresh Market website. If you want to use the google map, you only need to open the application. Then enter the store name. Finally, click on the search button. Next, we will explain how to find locations using the website.

  1. Visit the Official Website Fresh Market Store.
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Here you need to enter the Fresh Market website address in the search box. Then click on the enter or search button.

  1. Click on the Find My Store menu.

On the first page of the website, you will see two main menus. Here you need to select the Find My Store menu.

  1. Enter ZIP Code, City or your country.

Then you need to enter one of the information. You can choose to use the ZIP Code, city name or country name. Write the information in the search bar. Then click on the search button.

  1. Click on one of the searches closest to your location.

Then you can see a map of the location of the store you selected. You can record important information that you might need. For example, you need to record telephone numbers, store hours and special store hours.

  1. Order goods or check the store’s promo products. You only need to click on the special view menu. Then they will provide information about Fresh Market Specials.
Fresh Market Customer Service.

The above explanation is a guide for conducting surveys and registering for lotteries. Maybe you don’t have a receipt to take the survey. Or you want to confirm a particular problem. Here we will mention several ways to contact Fresh Market. Record the information that is important to you. Here are some ways to contact Fresh Market without going through a survey.

  1. Fresh Market Mailing Address.

One way to contact them is by mail. Here you can submit expectations or suggestions by mail. But don’t expect your letter to be replied immediately. Then you need to pay for sending mail through the post office. The following is the address of the Fresh Market office.

Attn: Guest Care Team

628 Green Valley Road Suite 500

Greensboro, NC, 27408-7041

  1. Fresh Market Customer Service Phone Number.

Second, contact them by telephone. Here they provide 2 lines that you can use. Remember, pay attention to the clerk’s operating hours when making phone calls. So they will serve you from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. 866-817-4367 or 336-389-5795

  1. You can express your opinion through the Fresh Market website.

Here’s the link that you can use.

  1. Fresh Social Media Market.

Next, you need to follow their social media to update information. Then you won’t miss a promo product.

  • Facebook: @TheFreshMarket.
  • Twitter: @TheFreshMarket.
  • Pinterest: The Fresh Market.
  • Youtube: TheFreshMarket.
  • Instagram: thefreshmarket.

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