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Well, guys, shopping is one of the women’s hobbies. But now it’s not only women who have the desire to shop. Men also need time to shop. Your work relationship and friendship can affect your clothing mode. For example, you work as a bank employee, of course, you will choose clothes that are elegant and neat. Then your clothing mode must match the activities you are doing.

For example, if you want to go to the beach, then you need casual fashion clothes. Mistakes when dressing can make you embarrassed in front of the community. One of the shops that provide various fashion clothing is Primark. They have two main businesses, Primark Dubai or Primark Online in Paris. As users of online services, they pay attention to customer satisfaction when shopping. So that they do not hesitate to provide a survey portal as a place of complaint from consumers. They call this survey portal the name Tellprimark.

Primark Survey will assist you in assessing the performance and service of their store. You don’t need to come to the store, then make a complaint to the leadership. Now you only need to sit in front of the computer and do a survey. Amazingly you don’t just do a Primark Survey.

But you can be one of the lucky people to win the sweepstakes. They offer daily and weekly sweepstakes. If you are lucky, you will get a prize worth $ 1000. The Tell Primark Survey is quite easy to complete. You may only need to spend 10-15 minutes to answer all the Tell Primark Online Survey questions. Before we prepare Primark survey, let’s find out about Primark Store profiles.

primark survey
primark survey can be accessed at

What do you know about Primark Store?

Well guys, before you take Primark Survey, you should listen to our review below. Here we will find out about Primark Store’s profile. If you have basic knowledge about the store, this will make it easier for you during the survey. Because they will provide questions about your service and experience at the store. So you need to immediately check their fashion updates. Because you can get clothes with the latest fashions. They claim that the price of the product will not make you difficult.

Primark stores sell several types of products. They are clothing, household appliances, accessories, beauty products etc. Not only adult clothes, there you can shop the clothes for babies and children. Isn’t this pleasant enough? Because you can fulfill all your family needs in one place.

Primark was first established in 1969 in Dublin. They still don’t use the name Primark. So they introduced this shop under the name Penneys. Amazingly, this shop still exists today. They even have 350 stores in 11 European and American markets. Year after year they always expand the business to other countries. For example in Spain in France, where they have 42 and 2 stores respectively. The last time they opened a shop in Italy and Amsterdam.

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Next, we will discuss their website. So you can get to know Primark through the website. As usual, there you can see several menus. First, you can see their products. You only need to visit the “Products” menu. Second, you can search for Primark Store Near Me. Third, you can join as part of Primark and work for them. Fourth, you can complain or provide feedback through the website.

Fifth, this is the most unique menu on the website. You only need to click on the Primania menu. Primaria is the name for Primark consumers. So consumers can upload their style on this website. Then Primark will give appreciation to the customers. Consumers have the opportunity to win prizes from Primark. This menu display is similar to Instagram. So if you have new items from Primark, try uploading on their website. But first, you need to create a Primark account first.

tellprimark survey
tellprimark survey steps

Let’s Find Out the Primark Survey Rules.

Okay, now you need to pay attention to the rules before doing the Primark Survey. Once again Tell primark is an online survey. So you can access the online survey rules. Here they provide daily and weekly sweepstakes. Both have the same rules as the survey regulations. In essence, if you want to take part in the draw, you need to meet all the criteria for survey participants.

If you want to access survey regulations, the method is quite easy. Visit the survey portal first. Then click on the Terms and Conditions menu. There you can see detailed survey rules. Basically, Primark Survey has regulations similar to other surveys. Starting from the validity of taking the survey, to the provisions in conducting surveys. Next, we will mention a number of regulations regarding Primark Survey.

  1. Eligibility to follow the sweepstakes.
  • First, you need to understand your eligibility to participate in the draw. Here they mention that only legitimate residents of some countries are entitled to take part in the draw. They are residents of the United States, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Honduras, Korea, and the United Kingdom.
  • Then the company sets a minimum age for Primark Survey. Each country above has its own rules. But most of them set the age of 18 as the minimum limit for conducting surveys.
  • Furthermore, if you are a team at Primark, a sponsor, and a Primark business partner, you are prohibited from taking surveys. You also may not take part in the sweepstakes. So this survey and sweepstakes are purely for Primark consumers.
  1. The prize that you will get after doing the Primark Survey.
  • Prizes for daily sweepstakes are as follows. They offer gifts worth $ 1000 for you. Here they only provide 1 prize.
  • Prizes for the weekly draw are as follows. They offer 3 prizes worth 500 Dollars. They will determine the winner every week.
  • Then you will receive a gift in the form of a check.
  • Prize tax is the responsibility of the winner.
  • If you are lucky, they will contact you 10 days after the prize draw. So they will contact you by telephone and email. If you do not immediately confirm within 10 days, another winner will be determined.
  • You can receive the prize within a period of 60 days from the prize draw.
  1. How to take part in the sweepstakes.
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So you can take part in the draw in three ways. They are through online surveys, by telephone or sending sweepstakes by post.

  • First, you can do an online survey if you have internet devices and services. Then visit the official survey address. Next, enter the Tell Primark Survey Entry Code “. Furthermore, complete your answer to the survey question.
  • Second, you can do a survey using a telephone. So you only need to call the number that you have on your receipt. Next, specify the survey code and do your survey based on the guidance of the officer.
  • Third, send your sweepstakes application letter in the mail. Follow all the rules on the rules page on the survey website.
  1. Survey and Sweepstakes Prizes.

Well guys, if you want to take surveys and sweepstakes you have to do it in the sweepstakes period. So they start opening the draw period on July 1, 2019. While this period ends at the end of November 2018.

How to do the Primark Survey.

Following this, we will submit instructions to conduct a survey through Tell primark. After you make preparations, you can start your survey now. Here you need to remember your latest transactions and shopping experience. Both will be provisions to facilitate answering survey questions.

You don’t need to worry that your survey will affect the sweepstakes. Because both are something different. They only want to make improvements based on consumer opinion. Thus you will be more satisfied when shopping there. The following are the steps in conducting Primark Survey

  1. Visit the official Primark Survey portal.

Well, guys, you can access the survey portal with the search application on your device. As long as your device has internet services, then you can visit the survey portal. So you can enter the keyword or portal address of the survey. Following is the address of the Primark survey portal.

  1. Next, adjust language settings according to your abilities. Fortunately, they provide 8 languages for you. Because they know that consumers can come from any country. So you only need to choose the language by clicking on the down arrow. Then choose your language. Furthermore, you can do surveys more comfortably. Last, click on the enter button.
  2. Then you need to see your receipt. There you have to find the 13 digit Survey Entry Code. Because without this code, you cannot start your survey. Or you can see an example of a receipt located to the left of the column. Last, click on the enter button.
  3. Next step, answer the survey question at the Primark survey. Here you only need to choose an answer from the available options. Then you can provide answers in the form of a review. Here are some questions in Primark Survey.
  • Enter the time and date you visited the Primark Store.
  • Enter the reason you visited Primark Store.
  • How much do you spend while shopping at Primark Store ?.
  • Choose the type of product you buy at Primark Store. For example, you buy clothes for children or clothes for adults.
  • What is your overall satisfaction when shopping at Primark Store? Here you can measure your satisfaction in 5 scales. Starting from strongly disagree to strongly agree.
  • If you feel satisfied, you can explain aspects of service that are able to satisfy you. Here you can write your experience in narrative form.
  • Chances are you recommend Primark to your colleagues. Or the possibility of you returning to the store.
  • Next, you need to assess satisfaction with some conditions. First, shop cleanliness. Second, the cleanliness of the floor. Third, ease of direction in the store. Fourth, the price tag is clear. Fifth, the availability of a shopping basket.
  • Give your opinion about the quality of goods and fashion at Primark.
  • Give an assessment to their employees, from appearance to treatment to you.
  • Assess the quality of fitting rooms.
  • Enter your identity. Here you need to fill, your gender, and your age.
  1. Fill in the form to enter the sweepstakes. Here you need to fill in information about your name, address, email, and telephone number. Make sure you fill out the form correctly. Because they will contact you via your contact person.
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Primark Store Near Me.

Here’s how to find out Primark Near Me. These instructions will help you find the nearest store around your home. Thus you will be easier and more comfortable when shopping.

  1. Visit the Primark Official Website.
  2. Then click on the Store menu. On the page, you can see the location search bar and region map. Then prepare a zip code and the name of your city.
  3. Enter the zip code or city name in the search field. Then click the search button. There they will provide search results for the nearest store.
  4. Click on the “More Details” button on the store you selected. There you can access information about the address, telephone number, Primark Hours and available facilities.

How to reach Primark Store Customer Service.
  1. Primark Store Phone Number.

00118 960 6300.

  1. Primark Store Mailing Address.

Store address:

1-27 Castle Street

Belfast Co. Antrim


Northern Ireland

  1. Primark Store Social Media.
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Pinterest:
  • Instagram:
  • Google+:
  1. Primark Store Website.

Here you can give your opinions and complaints to the company. You only need to choose the Customer Service menu. There you can use the help of FAQs or fill out the feedback form. Then you need to fill in your reasons, name, email, and description of your problem or feedback.

Last, click on the submit button. You can also get inspiration from Primark Nice for your dress style. They give suggestions for mix and match clothes through Primark nice.

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