TellPayless – Get the 10% Coupon Discount from Payless Guest Survey

Everyone will look for the convenience store to purchase the shoes. They will consider some aspects before deciding the store they visit. For instance, they will select the shoe store based on the variety of shoe styles, the price, and the service. Payless is one of the footwear retailers which provides all of these aspects. This store is well-known as the biggest discount shoe retailers. This store creates TellPayless survey to ensure that every shopper receives the great service. This Payless survey plays the vital role for the business improvement. Therefore, Payless always encourage all of the customers to participate in this online survey.

Headquartered in Kansas, Payless can develop its business throughout the world. We will be easier to find Payless chain not only in the US but also in other countries. This store can expand fast because it offers the reasonable price as well as the excellent service. Besides, this shoe retailer always keeps the service quality by providing the customer survey. Through Tell Payless Survey, this company can gather the valued feedback from the customers. This way, Payless will know the customers’ shopping experience. Then, this footwear retailer can evaluate which areas still make the customers dissatisfied. In the future, Payless will make some changes in order to satisfy all of the shoppers.


What are the Requirements and the Rules of Tell Payless Survey?

Are you interested in participating in this online survey? Before you access this online survey site, you need to notice the certain information. For instance, you have to find out the Payless survey requirements as well as its rules. This way, you can accomplish the survey easier and faster. Then, you also can get the Payless Coupon Discount without any troubles. It is undeniable that the aim of the most of the the survey takers is to gain this Payless survey reward. For your convenience, we have summarized the survey rules like the following.

  • The survey takers.

Payless does not restrict the survey participant’s age. But, it will be better if you are at eighteen years of age or elder. Besides, Payless does not allow its store associates and other staffs to take part in this survey. So, if work at Payless, you are not eligible as the survey takers.

  • About the requirements.

If you want to be the survey participants, you must have a valid receipt from this shoe retailer. The validity of receipts is only for 14 days. It means you have to use the access code in this receipt within two weeks. After fourteen days, this access code is invalid. Besides, always prepare a computer or your smartphone to access this online survey. The stable internet access is also required since it will support you during the survey process. The website uses the cookie auto detector. So, make sure you enable the Cookies on your browser’s setting.

  • Payless Survey reward.

Payless reward becomes the motivations of the customers to complete Tell Payless. As the survey reward, you can get a coupon discount. The amount of the discount may vary based on Payless survey period. To get this discount, you should present Payless validation code along with your receipt. If this Payless coupon discount is valid, you can pay the shoes you want with the lower price.

How to Complete Tell Payless Customer Survey?

Have you ever taken part in Tell Payless Customer Satisfaction Survey before? If you like shopping at Payless, you should not miss participating in this survey. It will not waste your time. Within less than three minutes, you will be able to accomplish the survey. Besides, This survey is beneficial for you. This survey gives you a chance to get the valuable discount from this shoe store. So, in the next visit, you can purchase the desired shoes with the lower price. This coupon discount serves as the rewards. This shoe store wants to appreciate your participation by giving the coupon discount.

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This survey will be easier to take when you have participated in the similar survey before. But, the new survey taker does not need to worry. Through this article, we will guide you to complete every single step of Tell Payless Survey. Make sure you follow every step explained below.

  • Visit the official survey portal.

Enter the survey portal to visit the Survey portal. Besides, you also can enter the page to your browser’s address bar. This survey web page is not only available in English but also in Spanish. Select the link labeled Haga Clic Aqui to switch the default language to Spanish. Besides, the design of the survey website is very simple. It has Payless ShoeSource logo at the top. Use a little of your time to view the privacy policy before starting the Tell Payless survey.

  • Enter the Access code.

During the survey period, the receipt will contain the invitation to take Tell Payless. On the invitation section, you will find the Access Code to enter this survey. This code consists of thirteen digits in length. Just input this code correctly to the box provided at the survey homepage. Remember, this access code is only valid within 14 days. So, after two weeks of your purchase date, you can no longer use this code to access Payless Survey. After you enter the correct code, press Enter button to begin answering the survey questions.

  • Select the time of your visit.

The next action you should do is selecting the time of day when you visit Payless Shoe Store. Choose the range of visit hours from the selections. For instance, you might go to Payless between 8 am to 11 am, 11 am to 2 pm, 2 pm to 5 pm, or after 5 pm.

  • Respond Payless Questionnaire.

After indicating the time, you can start answering all the questionnaires. Recall your shopping experience at Payless store where you get this receipt. Then, give your shopping feedback based on this experience. Answer the series of questions appeared in the survey. Never skip the question. Make sure that your responses are objective.

  • Record Payless validation code.

After completing the survey, Payless will give you the validation code. Write this code on your Payless receipt. Save this code well since it serves as Payless coupon. You can get the discount from Payless by showing this code in your next purchase. This way, you will pay less for the shoes you purchase. It is so exciting, isn’t it? You just do the survey and get the discount. As a result, you can save your shoe shopping budget.

  • Sign up for the special offer.

At the last survey page, Payless offers you to join their promotional program. You can sign up for this program by entering your email account. Then, you will receive the information about Payless promotions and offers periodically. By joining this program, you will stay updated about the newest offers from this shoe store. For instance, when Payless provides the clearance sale, you can be the first customer who knows about this.

What are the Questions at Payless Survey?

Payless commits to provide the stylish and affordable footwear for its customers. No doubt, through this Survey, this shoe store wants to make sure that every customer can get the shoes what they want. Besides, Payless also wants to ensure that each customer gets the satisfying service from the store associate. That is why the questions at this survey only ask about your shopping experience. Payless Customer survey requires you to answer some questions about shopping party and the service it gives. Make sure that every response you submit reflects the real shopping experience you had.

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Tell Payless Survey questions has several sections. The first section is asking the purpose of shopping. Then, the next section asks you to review and rate the Payless store. This survey gives every survey participant the chance to comment. Then, there will be some questions asking the details of your shopping. Besides, you should keep in mind that this survey also requires a bit of your information such as age, gender, and race. Now, are you ready to review the types of survey questions at Tell Payless? Check this out.

  • Shopping purpose.

This question asks whom you are shopping for? Perhaps, you were shopping for yourself. Besides, you might go shopping to find the shoes for your child. You can state whether you shop for your kid whose age eight years old or less. Then, specify if this child went shopping with you on this visit. After that, tell Payless if the store associate offered some help and measured your child’s feet.

  • Overall satisfaction.

Give your objective rating with your shopping experience at Payless. Did you get any satisfying experience since you find the shoes you want? Or, did you get the bad service from the store associate? Rate your overall feeling after shopping at Payless.

  • The specific areas of the store.

This section lets you rate the more specific issues related to your shopping. For instance, you have to rate the overall look and feel of the store. Then, give your rating to the friendliness, helpfulness and the knowledge of the store associate. Also, rate the style selection and the overall value you get with the new shoes. The last, do not forget to rate the check out speed and the service you got during this visit.

  • Repurchase and recommend.

According to your recent shopping experience, tell Payless whether you want to return to shop the new shoes again. Also, would you like to give your recommendation to your friend to shop at Payless?

  • Comment.

This comment section allows you to write your words in 1200 characters. Explain the reason for your satisfaction or dissatisfaction briefly. For instance, you can tell the details of dissatisfying service given by Payless associate. In contrast, you also can explain why you like shopping at Payless. Adding your comment with some suggestions will be better.

  • Questions about associates.

Your next duty is to answer the questions by selecting Yes or No. The first topic will be about Payless store associate. The sample of the questions is below. First, did you want to get any assistance from Payless associate? Then, did Payless store crew offer some help in the aisles? Did they suggest any shoes and accessories for you? Also, did the store associates give their opinion about the shoes which you tried? After that, state whether the staff told you about the survey and the current promotion. The last, clarify that the Payless employees encouraged you to provide the high rating at this Shoes Survey.

  • The shoes you bought.

You will also get the questions about the shoes. For instance, did the shoes you look for was available on the shelf? Then, state whether you saw the shoes which you like but your size was not available? Also, mention if you found the different shoes to buy in your last visit. The next, inform Payless whether you bought more than, exactly, or less than what you intended to purchase.

  • The amount of money you spend.

Enter how much you spent at Payless during your recent visit. If you forgot the amount, you should see your Payless receipt.

  • The reasons of shopping at Payless.

Choose the best reason which describes why you go shopping at Payless. You can select one or more reasons. For example, you may shop at Payless to redeem the coupon. Besides, you may purchase Payless shoes because of the price, style availability, and the product quality. Furthermore, your reasons may be because you are the member of Payless Reward program. The last, you may like shopping at Payless since you had the positive experience at this store.

  • Personal details.
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The last section of Tell Payless Customer Satisfaction Survey is about your personal details. First, you should mention how many people that come to you in your last shopping party. Simply select Alone if you go there by yourself. Then, indicate your age. State whether you are under 18, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, or over 65 years old. The next, select your gender. After that, you can select the option which the best describe your race. For instance, you can state that you are Caucasian, Asian, Black, Latino, etc. But, you can prefer not to respond these questions.

How to Contact Payless Customer Service?

What will you do if you need some help or information about Payless? Will you contact Payless Customer Support? Or, will you access Payless official website? Both solutions are a good idea. When you need some information about Payless shoe store, you should visit Payless online portal. You can reach this website by accessing Payless home page is the great source to find any details about this shoe store. Listed below are the menus you can explore at

  • Online shopping.

Payless website facilitates the customers to purchase the shoes online. This site offers various shoe products based on some categories. So, you can search the product you want by selecting these categories. For instance, you can look for the footwear for women, men, boys, girls, and accessories. You can search the shoes by its brands as well. Besides, you also can find clearance sale products. This website allows you to add the shoe products to your wish list. When you have made a purchase, you can check the order status. Shopping the shoes online also enables you to get coupons. If you are lucky, you can get 20% discount by entering the unique code available in this web.

  • Payless Shoes Store locator.

This feature enables you to find the Payless store near you. By entering your city or zip code, the system will locate the nearest Payless store around you.

  • Payless Gift Cards.

You can purchase Payless Gift Card as the present for the people you love. Then, explore gift cards menu at the bottom of the site. Make sure you explore shoe website thoroughly.

  • Customer Service.

This menu connects you with Payless company. You can reach Payless Customer Care to ask for help.

Payless Customer Service is accessible in some ways. Try one of the following methods which you think is the most effective and efficient way.

  • By phone.

Calling Payless Customer Relations enables you to get the fast response for your questions. The Payless representative staff will help you to solve any issues about Payless. The Payless Customer Service Number is 1 877 474 6379. Dial this number anytime you need the information about Payless careers, gift card, online shopping, etc. The operation hours of the customer service are from Monday to Sunday. Make sure that you phone them at 7.30 am up to 12 am.

  • Email.

The second way to reach Payless Customer Relations is by sending the email. The email address is Write your email briefly. For instance, you can deliver the question or write some complaints.

  • Social media.

The last way to stay connected with Payless is by following its social media. Payless has some social media accounts. For instance, you can follow it on Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram. Besides, also like Payless Fanpage at Facebook. This way, you will be able to find the latest offers from this shoe store.


How many days is Payless return policy?

Payless ShoeSource expert review by ConsumerAffairs Store locations: Consumers can have their purchases shipped to their local Payless store and pick them item up in as little as 3 days. They can also return items ordered online to a brick-and-mortar location.

What is the return policy at Payless Shoes?

Payless: Online Return Policy When you make a return, they will refund the purchase price plus any sales tax paid for the item. Worn shoes are not returnable. Only purchases with a customer receipt are processed by mail. If you don't have a customer receipt, return your item to one of their retail stores.

Does Payless ship internationally?

Yes, Payless Shoes does offer international shipping. You can find additional information about Payless Shoes's international shipping policies on their customer service page here. You can also visit their homepage to see if Payless Shoes has posted additional information on their international shipping policies.

Can you return worn shoes to Famous Footwear?

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, return your unworn shoes to your local Famous Footwear store or via mail with the original packing receipt within 30 days from purchase date. We will exchange it or offer you a refund on your original credit card used for the purchase.

Is Payless still taking gift cards?

Payless has filed for bankruptcy and is closing all of its 2,500 North American stores. ... Despite this, Payless still plans to honor its customer gift cards and store credit until March 11. It will also take returns and exchanges on any non-final-sale items purchased before February 17, until March 1.

How do I check the balance on my Payless gift card?

Check your Payless Shoes Gift Card Balance+1 (702) 707-6545. (text only) › stores › payless-shoes-gift-card-balance-check-431Payless Shoes | Accepted Gift Cards | GiftCash | › stores › payless-shoes-gift-card-balance-check-431

How much is on my subway card?

You may check the available balance on your Subway gift card in one of three ways: Visit any Subway store and ask a cashier to check the balance for you. Create an account and check your balance online at Call Subway at 1-877-697-8222.

Can you still use Payless gift cards?

March 11 is the last day to use gift cards. Payless filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last month. All 2,500 locations of the shoe store will be closing at the end of the month. The Gap, Victoria's Secret, Gymboree, Charlotte Russe and Tesla are also closing stores this year.

How can I get discounts on gift cards?

Here are 5 places to find discount gift offers discounts of up to 30% on gift cards from more than 1,000 merchants. ... Cardpool. Use Cardpool to help you find the right discount gift card for you. ... Gift Card Granny–Editor's Pick. ... ... Daily Deal Sites. ... RetailMeNot. ... CardCash. ... ABC Gift Cards.Nov 21, › 6-places-to-find-discount-gift-cardsHow and Where to Buy Discounted Gift Cards in 2019 - Dough › 6-places-to-find-discount-gift-cards

How do I check the balance on my Payless gift card?

Check your Payless Shoes Gift Card Balance+1 (702) 707-6545. (text only) › stores › payless-shoes-gift-card-balance-check-431Payless Shoes | Accepted Gift Cards | GiftCash | › stores › payless-shoes-gift-card-balance-check-431

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