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Every citizen has rights and obligations. One of the obligations of citizens is to pay taxes. Policies about paying taxes differ in each country. But as a good citizen, you have to pay taxes. Because through taxes you can support the country’s development.

But when the tax payment arrives, you may forget. Then you don’t have money to pay taxes. Thus you can use this company. Jackson Hewitt is a company that serves tax payments. As a service company, service to consumers is the main aspect. So they try to find out complaints and opinions of consumers through surveys. You can know it by the name TellJH.

Tell Jackson Hewitt is a survey for consumers. Through this portal, they do not have to report complaints to the company. So consumers can enter opinions only online. Isn’t this a fairly easy system? Because you don’t need to fill out the questionnaire manually.

Furthermore, companies can easily find out their weaknesses. Then the company can make improvements. So that consumers will always come to use their services. Interestingly, you can take part in the draw after completing an online survey. Imagine, they give you the chance to win 500 Dollars in cash. If you are interested in taking a survey, pay attention to all our instructions. We will clearly state the preparation to how to conduct the survey.

jackson hewitt survey
jackson hewitt survey can be accessed at

Jackson Hewitt Company History.

Jackson Hewitt is a company that serves tax preparation. This company is the second largest company in America. Initially, Jackson Hewitt was founded in 1986. The founder of this company was named John Hewitt. Every year they experience development and add to the company’s outlets. In 1992 they had 515 offices in almost 30 countries. Then in 1993, they moved the company’s headquarters.

In the same year, they had 900 offices in 37 states. They have many clients. Starting from federal countries and local income taxes. Then they have headquarters in Jersey City, New Jersey. Amazingly, they have had 6,000 franchises and 3,000 businesses in the national Walmart store. As a service company, they have a good service system. So that they are able to maintain their existence until now. Here are some types of services at Jackson Hewitt.

telljh survey steps
  1. First, tax return preparation.

they serve tax returns from consumers. So they do electronic filing. Thus they have a tax system with the support of computer technology. In 2014 they began using e filling through the Jackson Hewitt website. They offer this service to federal and state states in the United States.

  1. Second, sales with a franchise system.

Well guys, besides managing taxes, they support the development of franchises. The company has supported a total of 5,765 franchise locations in the United States. Amazingly, they provide the cost of starting a business in the amount of 50,000 to 100,000 dollars. But they only finance software and technology franchises.

  1. Third, facilities for conducting tax schools.

Furthermore, they have programs in the field of education. If you want to learn about taxes, follow this program. You can do learning online and in the classroom. Jackson Hewitt has collaborated with the University of Phoenix in organizing education. So what are you waiting for, try your luck to learn about taxes?

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Pay Attention to Regulations before Doing Jackson Hewitt Survey

Tell JH is an online survey portal owned by the Jackson Hewitt Company. In addition to providing surveys, you can participate in the monthly draw. But unfortunately, not all consumers have the opportunity to conduct surveys. They limit your participation with survey rules.

There are several Jackson Hewitt Survey rules that you must understand. So you must meet the requirements first. Thus you are legitimate to conduct surveys and take part in sweepstakes. Because of the large total prize, of course, the company must be careful in making regulations. The following are some rules for taking Jackson Hewitt Survey.

  1. First, Jackson Hewitt Survey sweepstakes period.

well, guys, you need to know about this rule. The company has a sweepstakes period. The sweepstakes period starts on July 17, 2019. Then the draw period ends on June 20, 2019. So now you can prepare for the need to do the draw. If you often enter sweepstakes entries, the chance to win will be greater. Then you cannot enter outside the specified period.

  1. Second, the requirements to participate in Jackson hewitt survey.

Then you must fulfill the requirements to become a participant in the draw. So only legitimate residents of the United States and Columbia may conduct surveys. If you are a legitimate resident in that country, of course, you have an identity card. You will usually need an identity card when claiming a prize.

Furthermore, you must be mature enough to enter the Jackson Hewitt Survey sweepstakes. They set rules about survey participants. So you must be 18 years or older when conducting a survey. Then you have to step back if you are a company employee. You and your family may not conduct surveys. Then this regulation applies to sponsor company employees.

  1. Third, how to take part in the Jackson Hewitt Survey sweepstakes.

They provide 3 ways to enter the Jackson Hewitt Survey sweepstakes. First, you can enter via email. So you must get an invitation email from the sponsor first. Then you can follow the instructions in the email. Then you must complete your identity completely. Starting from the name, address, city, country, ZIP code and email address.

Second, you can promote material invite. Here you can do a survey first. Then you can enter the sweepstakes entry afterward. So you have to answer some survey questions. Next, you must fill in your identity. Write according to the column in the sweepstakes questionnaire. Unfortunately, you have to have a receipt number. One receipt number you can only use one survey.

Third, you can send your sweepstakes entry by mail. If you want to use this method, consider the following steps. Prepare your postcard. Then write your identity. Here you need to write your name, address, email, and telephone number. Write the subject of the letter entitled “Jackson Hewitt Feedback Survey Sweepstakes”. Then send the postcard to the following address. PO Box 16349, Rochester, NY 14616.

  1. Fourth, the prize that you will get.

Well guys, you definitely can’t wait to hear the gifts you can bring home. Here they provided 16 grand prizes. Each – each grand prize will be drawn in each period. The total value of the grand prize is cash in the amount of 500 dollars. So you may not send and exchange gifts. Come on, what are you waiting for? Pick up your cash prize immediately.

  1. Fifth, notification to the winner.
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Well guys, every period they will determine the winner. So you have to pay attention to the survey period well. Here are some conditions for winners.

  • First, they have 16 survey periods. Look at the full version of the survey period through the survey portal. There you can choose the “Term and Condition” button. Next, you can see the survey period table and other regulations. But your participation is limited by the company. Every period you can only enter one sweepstake.
  • Second, if you are lucky, the company will contact you via email, phone, and mail. So make sure all your identities are correct. Because if you don’t immediately give confirmation, they have the right to determine another winner. If you are not old enough, you can ask for help from your parents.
  • Third, they will give your prize in a period of 45 days after the announcement.

Preparation  to Take Jackson Hewitt Survey

Preparation before conducting a survey is an important problem. Because you will more easily complete the survey when your preparation is good. Jackson Hewitt Survey is an online survey. So you need to prepare the need to access the portal. The following is a survey need to do Jackson Hewitt Survey.

  1. First, prepare the device to do Jackson Hewitt Survey.

You need to prepare a computer, laptop or smartphone device. You only need to adjust the function of the device. So you can consider several things before choosing a survey device. First, your ownership of the survey device. For example, you have a smartphone, so do a survey with your smartphone. Second, your comfort when using the device. Third, the device’s ability to capture internet signals.

  1. Second, prepare payment receipts at the company.

Well, guys, this is the main requirement for conducting a survey. Without receipts, you cannot access the survey page. Here you need to enter the survey code and office number. Both information can be found in receipts. So, don’t waste your receipt. Because with these receipts, you have the chance to win 500 dollars.

  1. Third, prepare the ability to speak English or Spanish.

then choose a language that can help smooth your survey. If you have difficulties, you don’t need to worry. Because they provide questions with basic English. So you can ask your friends for help or use an online dictionary.

  1. Fourth, prepare identity correctly and completely.

Finally, you should prepare your identity card. In the previous presentation, we discussed the entry method. So you have to prepare your data correctly and completely.

  1. Fifth, prepare your postcard and stationery to send the sweepstakes.

If you want to send sweepstakes entries by mail, prepare your postcard. Here you need to write your identity manually. Make sure you have read our previous review. There we wrote in full how to enter the sweepstakes in the mail.

Steps to Take Part in Jackson Hewitt Survey.

The following are the steps to doing Jackson Hewitt Survey.

  1. First, visit the official Jackson Hewitt survey site.
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So you need to prepare a search engine. There you have to enter the website address or keyword. Furthermore, the search engine will produce several websites. Match the website address with the survey portal address. The following is the official address of the survey.

  1. Second, do language settings.

choose the language that matches your abilities. Then the portal will present surveys according to the language you are using. They only present surveys in English and Spanish.

  1. Third, enter the survey code and office number.

Well guys, prepare your receipt now. Because you have to see the survey code and office number in the receipt.

  1. Fourth, complete Jackson Hewitt Survey now.

Here you have to answer some survey questions. You can answer questions with multiple choice answers. Next, you can provide a review of service performance in the company.

  1. Fifth, fill in the questionnaire for sweepstakes entry.

Fill in the questionnaire with name, address, telephone number, email, and ZIP code.

Jackson Hewitt Near Me.

When you are out of town, maybe you don’t know the area. So they will help you find the closest Jackson Hewitt. You can use the company’s official website. There you can see the Office Locator menu. But you can use the help site. Here are the steps to find the closest Jackson Hewitt.

  1. First, visit the company’s official website. Here you have to make sure your device is connected to the internet. The following is the company’s website address.
  2. Second, click on the office locator menu. There you will see an empty column. So you need to enter your address. Starting from city, country or ZIP code.
  3. Third, click on the search button. Furthermore, the website will provide results for some of the closest offices. There you can see office addresses, telephone numbers, and Jackson Hewitt hours.
  4. Fourth, you can record all the information. Or you can use the directions facility. thus they will guide you to the office.
  5. Fifth, if you use the help site, you can click on the available link. The following is a link to use the office locator. If you still feel difficulty, call the following telephone number. 1-800-234-1040.
Jackson Hewitt Customer Service.

If you want to give an opinion you can use several ways. You can use the survey portal. But if you don’t have a receipt, then you can’t do a survey. Furthermore, you can use other methods. They provide customer service for you. Thus you will stay connected with the company. Here are some ways to contact Jackson Hewitt.

  1. First, customer service telephone numbers.

if you want to ask questions directly, contact the following number.


  1. Second, social media.

Social media is a popular application today. The company tries to stay connected with consumers around the world. They usually announce certain programs and promotions through social media. Next is social media Jackson Hewitt.

twitter                         :

facebook                     :

instagram                   :

youtube                       :

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Where is Jackson Hewitt headquarters?

Jersey City, NJJackson Hewitt

What is Jackson Hewitt phone number?

1 (800) 234-1040Jackson Hewitt

Is Jackson Hewitt open on weekends?

Taxes done, the way you want, when you want. With nearly 6,000 locations, including 3,000 in Walmart stores, we're conveniently located, open late and weekends.

How much does it cost to file taxes at Jackson Hewitt?

Jackson Hewitt offers three online filing options: one that gives you free federal filing and two paid options. The two paid options cost $29.99 and $49.99, depending on which option you choose, plus $36.95 to file a state return.

How many Jackson Hewitt locations are there?

It operated more than 6,000 franchised and company-owned locations throughout the United States, including nearly 3,000 located in Walmart stores nationwide.

Is Jackson Hewitt open on weekends?

Taxes done, the way you want, when you want. With nearly 6,000 locations, including 3,000 in Walmart stores, we're conveniently located, open late and weekends.

What is Jackson Hewitt phone number?

1 (800) 234-1040Jackson Hewitt

Is Jackson Hewitt open year round?

Many Jackson Hewitt® locations are open year-round with Tax Pros ready to help with late returns, amended returns, tax questions, and any other tax issues you may have. If you received an extension, you have until October 15, 2019 to file your 2018 taxes.

How do I check my refund status with Jackson Hewitt?

For security reasons, Jackson Hewitt does not have the ability to check the status of your refund with the IRS. Go to Click the Check My Refund Status button.

How do I download my tax return from Jackson Hewitt?

To view, save or print a PDF copy of your tax return filed through Jackson Hewitt Online, first please make sure you are logging into Click on the Sign In buttton.

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