TellHCO – Get $ 10 discount on $ 50 purchases by Taking HCO Survey

Have you just make purchases at Hollister Co.? Then, do not throw away your receipt because it can be your way to win $ 10 discount on your Hollister Co. purchases. So, what is tell HCO survey? Tellhco survey is a survey to find out how well customers satisfaction level towards Hollister Co.’s product and services. Hco survey is conducted to Hollister Co. customers in order to evaluate what should be improved by Hollister Co.

This survey is important for Hollister Co. because they cannot disappoint customers by providing bad products and awful services. Through this Hollister survey, it is expected that Hollister management team can make some betterment in all its business aspects. Therefore, the customers will be happier next time they go shopping at Hollister stores. However, who does not want $ 10 discount for shopping at Hollister Co., right?

For your information, Hollister Co. is an international brand originally from America. This brand, Hollister Co., is also famous as Hollister or Hco. It now has headquarters office in the city of New Albany, the U.S. and was founded almost 18 years ago in Columbus, the U.S., precisely on July 27th, 2000.

Hollister Co. currently has 578 stores all around the world, and mostly located in the United States. Outside of the United States, Hollister has expanded its business to some Europe countries as well as in Asia and Australia.

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Actually, Hollister Co.’s products were supposed for teenagers with very affordable prices. The target of this business was those customers with age range of 14 up to 18 years old. However, it then has grown and developed its business into larger scales and provided adults’ wear.

Hollister clothing style is so popular with its modern and fashionable, typical of the teenage style, such as T-shirts, jeans, swimsuit, etc. However, this brand does not only have provided clothing, but also many more products for customers, such as perfumes, air fresheners, shoes, hats, scarves, candles, belts, pin, and sunglasses.

What are Hollister’s Customer Survey Requirements?

If you are interested to take part in HCO survey, you got to know that this is an online survey. So, there must be some requirements you should prepare here, such as:

  1. A valid receipt from Hollister

For HCO survey, you will need to have a valid receipt from Hollister stores. That is because some details to enter the HCO survey page are printed on the receipt. So, it is necessary to have that receipt. Without the receipt, it is clearly impossible for you to take part in HCO survey. You do not have to go shopping at Hollister stores and make some purchases there. As long as you have got the receipt with the invitation survey code, you will be able to participate in it.

  1. The internet connection

As you will have to do the survey online, it is important for you to make sure that you have a good internet connection. In addition, do not forget to prepare a proper device before connecting it to the internet. You may use a laptop or a personal computer to access tellhco survey page. You can use a smartphone or a tablet, though the display quality of the mobile web will not be as good as using a laptop or a personal computer.

What are the Steps of TellHCO Survey?

After all of the things you need to prepare are ready, please pay attention to the following explanation as it will be your guidelines for completing the online HCO survey. Make sure that you have allocated enough time to take this survey. But, you should not worry since HCO survey only needs for about five minutes to complete.

Then, you should note that the Hollister survey code is only valid for one entrance. It means, when you stop the completing the survey before it ends, you cannot enter HCO survey portal once more. In order to enter the Tell HCO survey, you need the new receipt containing another survey code. Besides, checking your internet connection is also necessary to do. The slow internet connection can block you to finish the survey quickly.

When all the requirements to enter HCO survey are ready, you can access Hollister survey portal soon. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit Hollister Co. Survey portal.
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Open your browser and visit That is the address of HCO official survey page. Once you reach the homepage of the survey page, you will see a simple web design with a pastel color background. You will feel the vibe of the young generations on survey page.

  1. Select language.

The next thing to do at is to select your preferred language. Although the default language setting of the page is already in English, you will get a chance to select a language between English or Español (Spanish). When you have selected the language that you will use for answering all of the tellhco survey questions, you can click Next button to continue.

  1. Provide your tellhco survey code

On the next page, there is a blank space that you have to fill with your survey code. Do not be panic where you can get the survey code because your survey code is already printed on the bottom part of your Hollister receipt. You can see Hollister receipt sample on the right side of your screen.

You will find that HCO survey code is available at the bottom portion of Hollister receipt. Usually, Hollister survey invitation code consists of 13 digits in length. Double check the code you have entered. If you do not enter HCO survey code correctly, you cannot start the survey. Then, click Submit button if you are sure that the survey code is correct.

  1. Provide the receipt details

After clicking the Submit button, the page will load a new page which consists of some blank spaces. Those are where you will fill in the receipt information printed on your Hollister valid receipt. The details that should be available are the number of the store where you got that receipt, the receipt register number, the receipt transaction number, and also the date of the receipt. Once every detail is done, press Submit button to see the survey question page.

  1. Answer all of the questions.

Answering the survey questions will only take a short time. No need to worry if you do not have much time to complete this because the questions are easy. It only requires you to recall the last experience you have got at one of Hollister stores. The questions will be about:

  1. Your satisfaction level as a customer when you were at the Hollister store.
  2. Your satisfaction levels towards the services from the Hollister store’s employees. In this section, you have to review how friendly and attentive Hollister’s store attendants are. If they are helpful and friendly, you can give the high rating.
  3. The recommendation to the people around you to visit this store for shopping. When you are happy after shopping at Hollister, you may want to recommend this store to others.
  4. Your selections of Hollister products available in the survey questions.
  5. Your reasons for going shopping at Hollister store and elaborate your feedback for them, either it is a positive or negative one. In this part, you can explain clearly your shopping feedback. Then, you can add any suggestions or complaint in order to improve Hollister’s customer service.
  6. Note your validation code

Finally, the last page will show up to you. Then, you will be able to see your validation code. You can screenshot that code. Besides, you need to pen it down on the valid receipt that you used for the survey just now. The next, you can bring that code to one of Hollister stores as your coupon to redeem it.

Now that you get the validation code. It will be better if you redeem this Hollister validation code as soon as possible. You should notice that Hollister survey validation code can expire. That is why you have to redeem the HCO survey reward before it expires. The next, you should remember that you can use the Hollister coupon based on the following rules:

  1. You can only use the Hollister coupon for $ 10 discounts when you make $ 50 purchases at one of the Hollister stores. If the amount of your purchase is less than $ 50, you cannot use this coupon discount.
  2. The Hollister coupon you have right now is not redeemable for cash or any other substitution prize and not for resale. If you do not make any purchase at Hollister, you cannot ask for the money as the survey reward.
  3. The coupon has an expired date, so make sure you use the coupon before it is invalid. The coupon usually will be valid for a month only. Besides, this Hollister coupon will be valid for only one usage.
  4. You can only use this Hollister coupon in all of Hollister stores located in the U.S. or in Canada. This means, you cannot bring the coupon to Hollister stores outside of those places.
  5. Also, you cannot use this Hollister coupon for all items in Hollister stores. For some reasons, some items cannot be included in this program. Before you reach the check out point, you need to ask the Hollister store attendants about the items on discount.
  6. You will not be able to use this Hollister coupon for discount products, gift cards, e-gift cards, and gift wrapping.
  7. Do not use the Hollister coupon with promo codes of Hollister offers at the same time.
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You now can use Hollister in-store coupon for discounts on your next purchases. However, Hollister has many other offers for its customers, such as Hollister online coupons which you can submit online to get discounts when you make a purchase at Hollister stores. For this online coupons, you should get Hollister promo code first before submitting your coupon.

What are The Official Rules of Hollister Sweepstakes?

Apart of the tellhco survey, Hollister also holds a sweepstake with a Hollister gift card prize. Further, this is a means to appreciate Hollister loyal customers. Luckily, this sweepstakes will not require you to take part in tellhco customer survey.

This sweepstake is different from other retail sweepstakes. Other retailers may provide the sweepstakes for the customers who have completed their survey. But, Hollister Co. does not offer the sweepstake as the reward of the survey. Moreover, you do not have to make purchases at Hollister stores to participate in this sweepstakes. Wonder how to take part in this sweepstakes? Here are the rules for you:

  1. Entrants
  • Participants should be legal citizens of the United States, Canada (except the province of Quebec), or the United Kingdom.
  • Because the participants are from 3 different countries, the age restrictions for joining this sweepstake are different as well. For instance:
  • The United States residents should be 14 years old at least.
  • Canadian residents should be 13 years old at least.
  • United Kingdom residents should be 16 years old at least.
  • Every participant who has not reached 18 years old must get permission from parents or guardians before participating in the sweepstakes.
  • This sweepstake is not for Hollister company staffs and their direct families. This rule also applies for the parents company employees or those having the business partnership with Hollister Co. company.
  1. Period

The sweepstakes begin on February 4th, 2018 at 8.00 a.m. E.T. up to April 15th, 2018 at 7.59 a.m. E.T. Entry Period for Hollister Sweepstakes is divided into 5 game periods. The official device for Hollister sweepstakes’ time-keeping belongs to the Administrator, Abercrombie & Fitch Stores.

  1. Method
  • Participants should go online to participate in this sweepstakes.
  • Create a review about minimum one of Hollister merchandises.
  • The review should be submitted be submitted to Hollister official website at
  • In order to be valid, the review should use a phrase that has been determined, i.e. @HcoReviewSweepstakes
  • The review must be relevant to the reviewed items.
  • The review cannot contain anything related to other brands.
  • Participants can create more than one post regarding Hollister product review during the Entry Period.
  • The participants’ personal information should be valid. Otherwise, participants will be disqualified from the sweepstakes.
  1. Winners
  • Every after the game period is over, the winners will be selected using random drawing method.
  • The winners will be selected by the administrator as the judge.
  • Only one winner selected for one game period.
  • The winners will get a notification via email, and also get a procedure to claim the rewards.
  • If the sweepstakes committees cannot contact the winners via emails that have been submitted to the websites, the winners are not allowed to receive the prize.
  • If the verification of winners has finished, winners should provide proofs.
  1. Prizes

5 winners will have rights to receive Hollister Co. E-gift cards in this Hollister sweepstakes period. There are different rules for different citizens, such as:

  • Each winner from the United States will get an E-gift card worth $ 100 USD.
  • The winner from Canada will get an E-gift card worth $ 100 CAD.
  • Each winner from the United Kingdom will get a gift card worth $ 100 GBP.

The winners that have been verified will receive the E-gift cards directly via email. They cannot redeem the E-gift cards for money or for other substitution prizes. If the winners lose the E-gift cards, there will be no replacement for it.

Exchange rates will affect when winners make purchases in different currencies. After all of the confirmation process of the winners is over, participants can get the list of winners at

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How to Contact Hollister Customer Service?

Customer Service representatives have important roles for customers, especially for a big international business like Hollister. Customers can ask for help from Hollister Customer Service representatives if they find any difficulties related to Hollister products and services. Absolutely, the representatives will respond immediately and help the customers solve their problems.

However, if you suddenly get difficulties, you should check what difficulties you have and if you should contact them directly. For some matters, Hollister provides several easy ways for you before you contact Hollister Customer Service representatives, such as if you ask yourself, “Where are the stores of Hollister near me?”, you can use Hollister Store Locator. That is very simple because you only select your city name, states, also the ZIP code. Next, choose the radius of the Hollister location you are searching for and they will show up to you in no time.

When you need the certain information about Hollister, you can visit Hollister official site. Simple access to browse more details about Hollister. In this site, you can review all the merchandises at Hollister. For instance, you can view the clothing products for boys and girls. Besides, you can even check out the products on sale.

Usually, Hollister offers the discount up to 30% off. But, this discount is only for the online shopping. Moreover, Hollister website also informs you about the shipping and return information. So, if you purchase any Hollister clothing online, you can track the shipping. Then, this website also provides the complete details about Hollister card and ecard. Furthermore, if you want to be the part of Hollister, you can explore Hollister careers.

However, if you have more complicated problems, you can reach them in the following ways:

  1. By chat

This chat service is available on Hollister official websites at You can find the Chat feature by clicking Help menu. You can simply click the chat symbol and the chat box will appear for you. Just tell your problem briefly. Then, the Hollister website admin will immediately reply for you through that chat.

  1. By email

There are 2 ways to let them know your difficulties or your request via email, for instance:

  1. Personal email

For reaching them through your personal email, you can sign in to your own personal email account and use for the email address. You can write your message in details. As the example, you want to convey Hollister shopping feedback. At the end of your email, you should include the details about what you want from Hollister.

  1. Website email

This type of email is also available on the Hollister official websites at Using this website email, you can use the following steps:

  • Visit
  • Scroll down the home page and click Help link.
  • It will show some matters that you will need to solve. Three main issues are available on this page. For instance, you can select Returns & Exchange, Order Help, and Shopping assistance.
  • Click Email Us link if you need your problems solved in details.
  • By clicking that link, a new page will appear for you and you will see some blank spaces to fill in.
  • Provide you email address in the available spaces.
  • Provide your complete name as well.
  • Select the topic and the subject that you want to voice out.
  • Elaborate your reasons and difficulties in that blank space provided there.

You will get the answer within 18 hours after you have sent your email to Hollister website.

  1. By phone

You can call the Hollister customer service directly on 0 800 297 506.

However, there is an alternative number to reach Hollister management team on 614-283-6500. The number mentioned is the toll-free number. You also can see other phone numbers of Hollister Co by selecting View More Number link. This link will show a pop-up containing the lists of Hollister phone numbers in several countries.

  1. By mail

If you are interested in correspondence, it is permissible for you to send your feedback, request, suggestion, or complaints. Send your letter to:

Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

6301 Fitch Path,

New Albany, Ohio, 43054.

  1. By Social Media

By following Hollister social media accounts, you are not only able to share your opinion about its products or services, but you will also be able to get updating promos and the newest products from Hollister quickly. Go follow them but you have to be careful of fake accounts because the real Hollister social media accounts are marked with blue ticks.






How do I get a Hollister survey?

How to take Hollister Customer Satisfaction Survey at to the register (REG) ID into the provided box.Enter the transaction (TRANS) ID.When finished with this survey, you will receive a code to get discount for $10 off $ - $10 off at Hollister Customer Experience

How do I join Club Cali?

Members can login to their Membership at and enter the transaction information in the "History" section within 30 days post purchase to manually add their Club Cali points.

What do you get with Hollister points?

All product purchases (excluding purchases of gift cards and e-gift cards) earn one hundred (100) points for every net dollar spent in store or online. Points earned will be rounded to the nearest whole cent.

Does Hollister give free shipping?

For orders containing only Gift Cards, standard shipping cost is FREE.

How do I get a Hollister survey?

How to take Hollister Customer Satisfaction Survey at to the register (REG) ID into the provided box.Enter the transaction (TRANS) ID.When finished with this survey, you will receive a code to get discount for $10 off $ - $10 off at Hollister Customer Experience

Does Hollister Club Cali cost money?

No, Club Cali is completely free. How do I join Club Cali? If you held an active account at prior to April 2016, we already enrolled you! If not, you can sign up in any participating U.S. Hollister Co.

What is Hollister Gold status?

What are the Gold Status perks? Gold Status is the new gold standard for rewards. You'll get $5 Cali Cash as soon as you hit gold, enjoy free shipping on every single order, earn faster rewards (1.5x the points on every purchase) & unlock exclusive offers & Gold Status only events.

What is Hollister Cali club?

Cali Cash are rewards certificates that can be issued in denominations of £5/10/15/20 (depending on how many points a Member has earned), and the certificates can be redeemed at any UK HCo store or online at (see Club Cali Terms for full details).

How do I get a Hollister survey?

How to take Hollister Customer Satisfaction Survey at to the register (REG) ID into the provided box.Enter the transaction (TRANS) ID.When finished with this survey, you will receive a code to get discount for $10 off $ - $10 off at Hollister Customer Experience

Does Hollister do birthday coupons?

Yes. Per our latest review, does offer official coupons page — view details here. We've researched other brands like Hollister that offer official coupons page.

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