TellCulvers Survey – Get Cake Cone For Free from Culvers Survey

If you live in the Midwest part of the United States, you will be familiar with Culver’s restaurant. This casual restaurant is owned privately. The best menu items from this restaurant are Cheese Curds, Butter Burger, and Frozen Custard. When you go there, you also need to try Culver’s, Cake Cone. Then, you must be glad if you can enjoy this cake cone for free.

What should you do to get this free Cake Cone? You just need to participate in Tellculvers Survey. By taking Culvers survey, you not only can get the freebies from Culver. But, you also can share Culver’s feedback. This way, you can express your casual dining experience at Culvers.

Receiving the freebies from your favorite restaurant always sounds interesting. Luckily, Culver’s offers the free Cake Cone or a scoop of Frozen Custard for its customers. The requirements to get this prize are very simple. The customers need the Culver’s receipt from the last purchase. Then, with the details printed on this receipt, the customers can start the online survey held by Culvers.

Just by answering several questions about their visit, the survey takers will get a validation code from Culvers. After that, they can bring this code when they visit Culvers. This way, they can redeem the free cake Cone as the prize of the survey.

TellCulvers Survey login
TellCulvers Survey

If you never take this Culvers survey before, you may be confused how to get started. But, now you are on the right site. Here, we will explain anything related to Culvers survey. As the example, you can find out what items you need to prepare to take part in TellCulvers. Besides, we present the brief guideline to fill out Culver’s Customer Survey as well. If you get stuck, you can contact Culver’s customer service which we list down on this page.

What is TellCulvers?

If you pay attention to the Culver’s receipt, you will find a survey invitation at the bottom section of this receipt. This invitation shows the website address you have to access to take the survey. For your information, Culvers survey is done online. So, you need to access in order to begin the survey. This receipt also tells you about the survey reward. So, it can motivate you to complete Culver’s survey as soon as possible.

In fact, Culvers Survey is the strategy from Culver’s restaurant to assess the customers’ happiness. By reviewing the result of Culver’s survey, the restaurant will know what their customers want. This way, they can make some changes in several aspects of their restaurant. As the example, Culver’s may create the new menu items. Besides, this restaurant may increase the comfort by decorating the venue. Also, in order to satisfy more customers, Culver’s may improve the hospitality. In short, Culver’s survey aims to improve the quality of Culver’s restaurant. As a result, Culver’s can attract more customers.

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There are some facts about Culvers survey you need to know. The information below will help you to get started in taking part Tell Culver’s survey.

  • Survey website.

You can access Culver’s survey at This survey portal is managed by Service Management Group. At the homepage of, two fields are asking for the survey code and TRN number. Besides, this page also contains the sample of Culvers receipt. This way, you will know the part of receipt where you can find the code as well as TRN number.

  • Survey requirements.

Culver’s does not provide any paper-based survey for its customers. So, you can do this online survey on its website. To start this survey, you need several things to prepare. First, you need a PC or mobile phone in order to access culvers survey. These devices can load Culver’s survey website. But, a computer will perform better. When you participate in the survey by using the computer, you can see the better display of survey website. The next, the internet connection is the thing you cannot skip. Without the internet, you will not be able to reach the survey portal. You can use wi-fi or your own internet mobile data.

  • Culver’s restaurant Receipt.

We remind you to save every receipt you get from Culver’s survey. This receipt is the tool to access the survey. The Culver’s receipt serves as the key to begin the survey. It is because Culver’s survey website needs some details on the receipt. For instance, you have to submit the Culver’s survey code. Besides, you have to provide the TRN number. This way, the customers who do not have Culver’s receipt cannot enter the survey.

  • Survey rewards.

As the reward of completing the survey, you will get the freebies from Culver’s restaurant. The reward may vary based on the location and the survey period. For instance, in this period, you can receive a cake cone. Besides, on another occasion, you may get the frozen custard as the survey reward.

What are the Steps to Fill Out TellCulvers Customer Survey?

You may not have any idea about culvers survey if you never try to do it. That is why here we guide you by presenting step by step of Culver’s Feedback Experience Survey. If you follow the instructions below, you will not find any difficulties later. Here is the brief guideline for Culver’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. We also include several tips in every survey step.

  • Step 1. Open Culver’s survey website.

The previous survey website of Culver’s is But, now this address is not accessible. If you insist on loading this URL, you will be directed to

Tips: Make sure you type the survey website address correctly. If you are not sure, you can use the search engine to find the Culver’s survey portal.

  • Step 2. Enter Culver’s survey code.

Now, look at your receipt. Can you find culvers survey code? This code appears at the bottom part of Culver’s receipt. Just see the receipt sample on the survey webpage to find out the location of the code. Usually, the survey invitation code from Culver’s consists of eighteen digits in length.

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Tips: Enter the code correctly to avoid the login failure. Most of Culver’s survey takers fail to begin the survey since they enter the wrong code.

  • Step 3. Provide TRN number.

Then, look at Culver’s receipt once more. Now, you have to find out TRN number. The TRN Number or Transaction Number is usually on the top of the receipt. It contains six digits in length.

  • Step 4. Start the survey.

After entering Culver’s receipt details, you have to tap the Start button. Then, you can begin answering question by question appeared on your screen. All the responses you give must be honest. It is because the feedback you give affect Culver’s service in the future.

Tips: Provide the answers based on your real dining experience. So, in case Culver’s treated you unpleasantly in your last visit, you have to tell it. This way, Culver’s can evaluate their mistakes. Then, in the future, they will be able to give the better service.

  • Step 5. Write Culver’s validation code.

After finishing Tellculvers survey, you will receive Culver’s Coupon code. Write down this code on the Culvers receipt. Then, you can redeem the free cone cake later.

Tips: Redeem Culver’s survey reward as soon as possible. It is because the validation code can expire.

How to Take Part Culver’s Sweepstakes?

Involving in TellCulvers survey is not the only way to get the reward from Culver’s restaurant. Do you want to know how to get the bigger reward from Culver’s? Here we will tell you the way to win Culver’s gift cards. If you want $ 500 gift card from Culver’s, you have to take part in Culver’s sweepstakes. This program is much easier to do than Culver’s survey. It is because the sweepstakes do not require any purchase or receipt. Here is the short explanation about Culver’s Sweepstakes.

  • Sweepstakes eligibility.

Culver’s sweepstakes are open only for the legal residents of the United States. If you do not live in the US, you should not enter this sweepstake. Besides, if you work at Culver’s, you are also not eligible for this sweepstakes.

  • Sweepstakes rules.

Every Culver’s sweepstakes entrant must have an email address. The prize will void if you do not use your own email address. Besides, they also have the internet access. It is because this sweepstake only provides online entry method. Besides, Culver’s limits one entry per person each day.

  • Sweepstakes reward.

The grand prize of Culver’s sweepstakes is $ 500 Culver’s gift card. Besides, there are also 95 daily prizes. Every day, there will be five winners who deserve to get Culver’s coupons. This coupon is redeemable with Culver’s Value Basket.

  • Sweepstakes entry method.

As mentioned below, Culver’s only allows the online entry methods. So, you have to access in order to enter Culver’s sweepstakes. You can follow these instructions to participate in Culver’s Sweepstakes.

  1. Visit Culver’s website.

This sweepstakes program is available in Culver’s website. So, you have to load Once you enter this website, there will be a pop-up containing the sweepstakes invitation. If you are interested in this contest, you have to press Play Now button. But, if you do not, you can click on Continue to Besides, you also can reach the sweepstakes immediately by accessing

  1. Provide and confirm your email.
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If you decide to play Culver’s Fish or Fiction sweepstakes, you need to submit the email account. Then, confirm the email address you have input on the next box.

  1. Sign into MyCulvers account.

Participating in the Culver’s sweepstakes will be easier if you have MyCulver’s account. So, write down your email address and MyCulvers password to access your account. But, if you do not have MyCulvers profile, you need to fill out the sweepstakes entry form.

  1. Complete Culver’s sweepstakes entry form.

Culver’s sweepstakes require your data. So, you must provide your name (first name and last name), email account, and state. Also, write down your birthday. Then, do not forget to give your daytime phone number. Culver’s will contact you by phone if you win Culver’s sweepstakes.

  1. Read the Rules.

Every entrant needs to understand and obey the Culver’s sweepstakes rules. To view the complete rules, you can click on Official Rules. This way, you will know about the eligibility of the contest, the entry method, sweepstakes period, and the reward. After reading all the rules, you should tick the statement above the Continue button.

  1. Answer the quiz.

In the next page, there will be a quiz. You have to answer the question about fish. Just take it easy. You only need to select Fish or Fiction. For instance, you should answer Fish if the statement is a fact. But, you should answer Fiction if the statement is not true.

  1. Wait for the winner notification.

If your answer is correct, you will be nominated as the sweepstakes entrant. Then, you just need to wait for the email or phone call from Culver’s. If you win this Fish or Fiction contest, Culver’s will contact you soon. Culver’s will select the winner randomly. If you win the daily prize, you will get Culver’s coupon. Then, you can redeem it with Value Basket from Culver’s. Besides, if you are super lucky, you can win Culver’s grand prize. The reward is Culver’s gift card valued $ 500. With this gift card, you can dine in at Culver’s restaurant with all of your family and friends.

We have explained briefly about TellCulvers survey and Culver’s sweepstakes. Now, which program are you interested in? If you have Culver’s receipt, you should not miss taking part TellCulvers survey. But, if you do not have any Culver’s receipt, you should try Culver’s sweepstakes 2018.

Who knows, you can win the coupon or the gift card from Culver’s restaurant. If you face any trouble when you take TellCulvers survey and sweepstakes, you have to contact Culver’s Customer Service soon. The phone number of Culver’s Support Center is 608 643 7980. Make sure you call Culver’s during the business hours. So, you will get the fast response from Culver’s.


Does Culver's have birthday cakes?

Birthday Cake Flavor of the Day Culver's creamy vanilla Fresh Frozen Custard, yellow cake batter, yellow cake pieces and blue and white sprinkles mixed together.

What is a cake cone from Culver's?

Vanilla Cake Cone. Vanilla Fresh Frozen Custard atop a crunchy crisp cake cone is among life's simplest pleasures. Born from a signature recipe developed over 25 years ago, calling for real Wisconsin dairy and the finest vanilla on earth, then prepared fresh right in our restaurants.

How much is a cone at Culvers?

Culver's Menu PricesFoodSizePriceWaffle Cone1 Scoop$2.79Waffle Cone2 Scoop$3.49Waffle Cone3 Scoop$4.09Mixers, Shakes & Malts133 more › culvers-pricesCulver's Menu Prices - Fast Food Menu › culvers-prices

Does Culver's have waffle cones?

Cones & Dishes. Cake, Waffle, Sugar Cone or Bowl. Culver's.

How do I check the balance on my Culver's gift card?

Culvers Gift Card BalanceCheck Balance.Call 1-877-859-6076.Shop at › gift-card-balance-check › culversCulvers Gift Card Balance | › gift-card-balance-check › culvers

Can I buy a Culver's gift card online?

Culver's gift cards are available in any amount between $5 and $250. Order now online for delivery by mail, or stock up at your neighborhood Culver's.

Do Culver's gift cards expire?

The vouchers can be used on a future visit and expire Jan. 31. Fazoli's: For every $20 in gift cards purchased at participating locations get a $5 voucher.

How much is on my Applebees gift card?

You may check the available balance on your Applebee's gift card in one of three ways: Visit any Applebee's location and ask a cashier to check the balance for you. Check your balance online here. Call Applebee's at 1-888-592-7753.

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