Tellcapriottis – Capriottis Survey Steps to Get Capriottis Promo Code

Do you like buying sandwiches? Well, sandwiches are practical and tasty food. This food is popular in various circles of society. If you want to go on vacation, then you need to bring food. Travel far makes your stomach feel hungry easily. So you need to make space a place for your supplies. If you want practical food, then sandwiches are the right choice. This food is made from two tongs of bun bread. Inside you can fill bread with beef or chicken and vegetables.

So, in one meal you can get various benefits. The popular sandwich shop in Wilmington is Capriotti’s Sandwich. If you want to make a profit, visit Tellcapriottis. Here you don’t just enjoy delicious sandwiches. Then, you can get the Capriotti’s Promo Code.

Tell Capriottis is a survey portal for consumers in this sandwich restaurant. They want to get feedback from restaurant visitors about their services. You don’t just give feedback. Then, they prepare Capriottis Rewards for you. Isn’t getting a free sandwich is everyone’s wish? If you follow the Capriotti’s Guest Satisfaction Survey, this is not impossible. Maybe you are still hesitant to take part in the Capriotti’s Survey.

If you are in doubt, you can read our instructions to help with the survey process. Previously we will invite you to increase your knowledge about Capriotti’s.

tellcapriottis survey page
tellcapriottis survey page

What do you know about Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop?

Before we proceed to the survey step, let’s find out about their business profile. This information can help you to give satisfaction ratings to them. The owners of this sandwich shop business are Lois Margolet and Alan. Alan is Lois’s brother. They made sandwiches for customers starting in 1976. Their first sandwich shop was located in Wilmington.

They dare to make a sandwich shop there. Even though there are many sandwich shops in Little Italy. However, they make this shop unique. They make sandwiches with turkey stuffing. Maybe you are still not familiar with this food concept. But you need to try it.

Lois and Alan gave the name of their Capriotti shop. This name was released from the name of their grandfather Philip Capriotti. Philip has a hobby of cooking. So that his grandchildren remember a special name to start a business. Year after year this shop is increasingly popular. So in 1987, they opened another location in Delaware. This shop has the mission and value they want to achieve.

Their mission is to share our passion through one sandwich. Then you need to know 5 values in their business. They apply the values of family, passion, genuine, integrity and profitability. So, if you want to know, which is the best restaurant? Of course, you will choose a restaurant that has been serving consumers for a long time. So that they are proven capable of meeting the expectations of their customers.

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Regulations for Tellcapriottis Participants.

Before answering the survey questions, you need to know your own eligibility. Then you need to know your rights and obligations when conducting a survey. You can read this rule on the Tell Capriottis portal. Visit to get the survey rule link.

Click on the Term of service link in the bottom right corner of the website. Now we will discuss the survey rules here. You can record important parts with your stationery. Here are the survey rules that you need to know.

  1. You must be at least 18 years old. So not all age groups can take surveys. So, you must be 18 years old to know more to be allowed to take part in this survey.
  2. You are a permanent resident in the United States. If you have a resident card, then you are legitimately a resident of America. This survey is only open to residents of the United States.
  3. Survey Rewards. In the survey process, you can answer a few easy questions. At the end of the survey, you have the right to have a promo code from them. Then you can redeem coupons with Free 9 “Sub. Isn’t getting a free sandwich can save your budget?
  4. You need to buy the Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop product. Next, you need a proof of payment. This receipt is valid for only 3 days. So, if you just visited their shop, save your receipt. After a period of 3 days, your password is invalid. So, you cannot take surveys with these receipts.
  5. Regulations exchanging rewards. You have 30 days to exchange coupons. After 30 days, you cannot claim your prize. Then you cannot exchange your Free 9 “Sub sandwich with another product. If you know this rule, then you will not make a mistake.

Preparation before Taking the Tellcapriotti’s Survey.

Before we discuss how to conduct a survey, you need to know the survey tool. There are several survey tools that you need to prepare. This device is an absolute requirement for conducting surveys. Without this device, you cannot conduct online surveys. Tellcapriottis is an online survey.

Here you don’t need a questionnaire sheet anymore. But you can enter your comments and rating online. If you are an internet user, then you can easily understand our reviews. Here are some of the online survey needs.

  1. Online Survey Tool. If you want to visit the website, you need a computer device. You can not only use a computer. Other devices such as smartphones or tablets can be used for surveys. So, you only need to consider your ability to operate this device.
  2. Stable Internet Network. Why do we recommend that you use a stable internet? Because the speed of access to the survey portal is easier if you use a stable internet. A strong signal can make your internet network stable. Then, you need to set the device to be able to capture the signal properly. Distance is an aspect that affects the sensitivity of your device.
  3. Receipt from the Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop. Then you need a survey code from receipt. You can get it from their outlets. So if you don’t have these credentials yet, come to the Capriotti outlet. Remember, you can do a survey after 3 days of your visit. So after 3 days, your survey code is invalid. Well, you will lose the opportunity to enjoy the free 9 subs.
  4. Office stationery. Well, you can prepare a pencil or pen to write a promo code. At the end of the survey section, you can get a validation code. Write your code in the receipt. Then you can make your own coupon. If you want to exchange coupons, you may not exceed the time limit. Your coupon has a time limit of 30 days. After 30 days, your free sandwich will expire.
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How to Complete Online Survey at Tellcapriottis.

Now we will not delay giving a survey step. We have a 6 step survey for you. Previously, you need to remember the condition of the outlets and services there. Because your experience is the provision to answer survey questions. Next, you can write down the desire as a consumer to get satisfaction.

Well, they present multiple choice questions, rating and yes or no question. Are you worried about the survey questions? Don’t be afraid, this is only a survey. You don’t need special knowledge to answer this question. So you only need to visit them to answer this question.

  1. Visit the Tellcapriottis Survey Portal.

visit to open the survey page. You can write the address on your device’s search engine. Next, you need to click the enter button. Then you will immediately land in the search results.

  1. Enter the Survey Code.

On the first page, they ask that you enter the survey code. Look at your receipt to fill in the first page of the survey portal. If your survey code is wrong, you cannot enter the survey question page. So double-check the code in the column.

  1. Do your survey now.

Now it’s time for you to give feedback. We hope you give a rating based on your experience. Your suggestions can help them continue to grow and be popular. The following are some examples of questions in this survey.

  • How do you enjoy their products? You can choose the service of dining in or take home.
  • Overall customer satisfaction. Here you can give a satisfaction rating.
  • Assessment of product satisfaction and price.
  • Assessment of service from employees.
  • Assessment of site cleanliness.
  • Write comments in the fields provided.
  1. Complete the identity form.

On the next page, you need to enter your name and telephone number. If you have filled both of them, click on the continue button.

  1. Take your Coupon Now.

At the end of the survey, you need to write validation code. You can exchange this code with reward. Write the validation code on the receipt sheet.

  1. Exchange coupons with Free 9 “Sub Sandwich.
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Use your coupon before 30 days. Come to the nearest outlet to exchange your coupon. Now you are getting close to free sandwiches.

tellcapriottis survey steps
How to Find Capriotti’s Locations.

Next, we will discuss how to find the location of the nearest Capriotttis outlet. Here you can use 2 easy ways. You can find locations using websites and applications. Following this, we will mention the steps of searching for Capriotti’s Near Me.

  1. Official Website.
  • Visit their official website at the following address.
  • Click on the locations menu.
  • Next, you will land on the store locator page. Here you can enter your address. Then, click on the search icon.
  • You can visit the nearest location through information from the store locator. There you can see the address, telephone and operating hours. Or you can see an outlet review first.
  1. Capriotti’s App.

Do you want to get this feature on your cellphone? Well, then you need to download the Capriotti’s App. Here they have a CAPAddicts reward program. This application is a door to benefit from them. Here are some features in this application.

  • You can collect 1 point for 1 Dollar. Then you can get 10 Dollars from 100 points. You can collect this in the application. Show QR code to the producer. Or you can scan the barcode on the receipt. Then you can enter the code manually.
  • If you invite friends to use this application, then you get 10 points.
  • You can make an order online through this application.
  • You can make orders for picking up and shipping goods.
  • Last, you can find the location of the nearest Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop.
  • You can redeem prizes from points. After you have 10 Dollars, you can take rewards. Click on the “gift” pop up menu. Next set the number of prizes you want. Finally, click on the redeem button. Then the system will display a QR code.

Here’s how to find out the closest location through the application.

  1. Click on the “Order” button in your application.
  2. If you activate the location, the system will search for the nearest outlet according to your location.
  3. If you do not activate the location, then you can enter the zip code. Next, they will find the nearest outlet in your area.
  4. Select one of the search results.
How to Contact Capriotti’s Customer Support.

Here we will help you find out the contact list from Capriotti’s. Maybe you want to give questions and feedback without survey. So that you can give your comment without making product purchases.

  1. Capriotti’s Customer Service Number. Contact them via (702) 736-3878. Here you need to make a call during the restaurant’s operating hours.
  2. Capriotti’s Social Media.

Here you can update information about their promo programs. You can choose one or all of their social media. So you will not lose the opportunity to get new information.

Instagram: @capriottis.

Twitter: @capriottis.

Facebook: @capriottis.

Linkedin: Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop Inc.

  1. Capriotti’s Mailing Address.

Capriotti’s Corporate Office

6056 S. Durango, Suite 100

Las Vegas, NV, 89113

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