TellBaskinRobbins – How to Get Baskin Robbins Validation Code?

Every body will not refuse ice cream. The adults, teenagers, or children will love eating ice cream. So, they will find the place where they can enjoy the best ice cream. As one of ice cream fans, you must be familiar with Baskin-Robbins. Founded in 1945 in California, now Baskin Robbins becomes the largest ice cream brand in the world. We will be easy to find Baskin-Robbins outlets worldwide.

Each year, this ice cream company serves more than three hundreds million customers. Why this ice cream outlet becomes so popular? First, Baskin Robbins serves more than 1000 ice cream flavors. So, the customers have the wide range of premium flavors in their ice cream. Besides, Baskin Robbins always puts their loyal customers as the business priority. That is why this company creates TellBaskinRobbins.

Tell Baskin Robbins is the online survey which is available at This ice cream house invites their customers to access this survey website. So, every customer can participate in improving all aspects of their business. Through Baskin Robbins survey, the ice cream fans can speak up their thought about Baskin Robbins. They can rate the price as well as the ice cream flavor. Also, they can give the comment about Baskin Robbins employees.

For the company, BR survey is the way to evaluate their business. They do not know whether they have satisfied their customers. So, this survey helps Baskin Robbins to assess the customers’ satisfaction level. As the example, BR survey result may show that many customers are unsatisfied with their staffs. So, Baskin Robbins has to increase the staffs’ performance by training their employees.


As the BR survey reward, this company offers $ 1 off for their lovable customers. So, whenever you take part in Tell Baskin Robbins Survey, you can get a BR coupon. Then, this discount is applicable when you purchase the ice cream at least $ 4. So, you can share Baskin Robbins feedback while saving your budget.

What are TellBaskinRobbins Terms and Conditions?

Taking part in Baskin Robbins Survey is your chance to share your feedback. Baskin-Robbins welcomes the positive and negative comments from their customers. Every time you come to Baskin Robbins, you will have the different experience.

Then, you can share how satisfied you were when you visited BR outlets. Before you involve in Baskin Robbins survey, you have to understand Tell Baskin Robbins terms and condition. Review our explanation below to find out the requirements, rules, and reward of BR survey.

  • Tell Baskin Robbins survey requirements.

To participate in Baskin-Robbins survey, you must have BR receipt or survey card. Baskin Robbins survey card contains the code to unlock the survey page. Besides, you also can scan the QR code on this card.  But, if the outlet does not give you the survey card, you can use BR receipt to enter the survey.

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With some details printed on your Baskin Robbins Survey, you also can enter this survey successfully. It is because BaskinRobbins requires the PC number or BR store number. Then, it also needs the date and time when you went to Baskin Robbins. Never lose Baskin-Robbins receipt and the survey card. You will need them in order to redeem BR validation code.

  • Equipment.

You not only need to prepare the BR survey requirements. But, you have to make sure these equipment are ready. First, use a PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Then, connect your device to the stable internet. The reliable and fast internet connection can support you in completing BR survey. The last, the use of pen or pencil is also necessary. This writing tool will be useful to write Baskin Robbins coupon code.

  • Tell Baskin Robbins survey participants.

All customers of Baskin Robbins can be the participants of this survey. This company does not limit the participants’ age. In the survey process, you have to indicate how old you are. But, Baskin Robbins only uses this data for the statistic purpose. However, Tell Baskin Robbins Survey is not allowed for the employees of this ice cream outlet.

  • Baskin Robbins Survey reward.

Look at the BR survey card you got from the cashier. In this card, you can find out what the survey reward is. Baskin Robbins offers the different coupon in each survey period. Usually, this ice cream store offers $ 1 discount as the survey reward. But, you have to make purchase minimally $ 4 to enjoy $ 1 off.

  • Survey rules.

Be aware of the expiration date of your BR validation code. This coupon will expire in six months after the transaction date. It means you cannot redeem the reward after six months of your purchasing date. Besides, you must not combine BR validation code with another discount, coupon, and promotion. Furthermore, each customer only can redeem one coupon.

How is the Guideline to Take Part in Tell Baskin Robbins?

Baskin Robbins invites all ice cream lovers to take part in their survey. This company will give the survey card for the customers. So, after making a purchase, every customer will get a receipt along with this survey card. Then, this card informs you about the way to take the survey. Besides, this card also shows you the reward you will get after the survey.

If you are the real fans of Baskin-Robbins, you will not miss the chance to take part in their survey. You will realize that Baskin-Robbins Guest Satisfaction Survey does not only gives the benefit of the company. But, the customers also can feel its advantage. It is because the customers will get the better experience as what they expect. Also, they can get the special discount for the ice cream they purchase.

Not doing this survey means that you lose the discount from Baskin Robbins. Baskin Robbins Customer Survey will not take much time. It is so since this survey has the simple steps to do. These are Tell Baskin Robbins survey guidelines.

  • Go to Tell Baskin Robbins Survey website.
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Load to start the survey. In the home page, there will be three welcoming statements in the different languages. BR survey is available in English, Spanish, and French. Then, you have to select one of these statements to choose the website language. Before you start Baskin Robbins survey, you should read the Privacy Policy as well as the Coupon Restriction.

  • Input Baskin Robbins Survey Code.

Look at the survey card from Baskin Robbins. Is there any BR survey code on your card? When you can find this 18 digit code, you have to enter it to the space provided. If your survey code is valid, you will be able to start Baskin Robbin Guest Survey.

  • Enter Baskin Robbins receipt details.

In case you do not have Baskin-Robbins survey code, you have to select the link under the Start button. This link will display the different form to access the survey. The new form will ask you to input some details from Baskin Robbins receipt. First, enter Baskin-Robbins store number. This number consists of six digits in length. See the top part of BR receipt to find the store number. Then, indicate the visit date and time. In order to proceed BR survey, press the Next button.

  • Answer Tell Baskin Robbins Survey Questions.

Now, you can answer all questionnaires at BR survey. This survey will give you some statements. Then, your duty is to rate them based on the experience you had. This questionnaire asks your satisfaction with the ice cream, service, and place. Besides, this company also wants to find out your willingness to recommend and revisit BR outlet.

  • Take Tell Baskin Robbins validation code.

After submitting BR survey, you will see the validation code on your screen. This coupon code is the compensation from BR since you have used your time to take the survey. When the code appears, write it down on BR receipt or survey card. Then, you can redeem this BR coupon on your next visit. The reward given by Baskin Robbins may vary in every survey period.

But, in this period, you can get $ 1 off when you spend at least $ 4 before the tax. With this coupon, you can purchase the lower price ice cream.

Those are BR Survey steps. When you follow the guideline above, you will be able to complete Tell Baskin Robbins survey easily. But, if you face any survey problem, you should contact BR customer service immediately. The number of Baskin Robbins Customer Service is 1 800 859 5339.

What are the Questions at Baskin Robbins Survey?

Knowing the survey questions is as important as knowing the survey steps. When you have known what questions you will get at Baskin Robbins survey, you will be ready to take the survey. As like other food surveys, the survey questions at BR survey are about your experience when you visit this ice cream outlet.

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For instance, you have to rate the ice cream product and the service. Here, we have listed some of Baskin-Robbins Survey questions. But remember, the questions at Tell Baskin Robbins may vary based on the company’s need.

  • The survey takers’ information.

Baskin Robbins wants to know about the personal details of the survey takers. So, you have to mention your gender. Besides, you also need to state your age. This survey is candid, so mentioning your name is not necessary.

  • Rate your order.

You must still remember the details of the ice cream you ordered. In this section, you should rate the accuracy of what you order. It means you can tell Baskin Robbins whether you received the correct order. Besides, you also should rate the speed of serving your order. If you received what you order quickly, you could give the high rating. In contrast, if you need to wait for a long time to get your order, you can give the bad rating.

  • Rate the product.

Now is the time to rate Baskin Robbins products. State your satisfaction level about some issues related to Baskin Robbins products. First, rate the variety of the flavor. Was the flavor you chose was available?

In case the flavor you ordered is out of stock or unavailable, you can select the bad rating. The next, you should respond the questions about the taste of the ice cream. Was the taste like what you expected? The last, give your rating about the ice cream freshness.

  • Rate the store crew.

Did you remember about how Baskin Robbins store crew served you? Now, you can rate the service you got from their staffs. First, rate the friendliness and the courtesy of Baskin Robbins staffs. Did you think that they were helpful and friendly? If you like their performance in serving you, you can state that you are Highly Satisfied. In contrast, when the crew was not friendly, you can choose Highly Dissatisfied.

  • Overall value.

Rate the overall value you got from Baskin Robbins. Was it worthy of the amount of money that you pay? The overall value also implies your satisfaction level.

  • Your visit.

Next, Baskin Robbins asks you about the frequency of visiting their outlet. After that, state your likelihood to come to Baskin Robbins next time. Also, tell whether you would like to suggest this ice cream house to your friends and family.

  • Reason and purpose of visiting Baskin-Robbins.

In the last session, you have to choose the best reason why you visit Baskin Robbins. Your reason has to describe why you don’t visit other outlets. As the example, you come to Baskin Robbins due to the promotion or advertisement. Besides, another reason you can choose is that you like the atmosphere of this ice cream outlet. The last, you prefer this store because it has the high–quality and various ice cream flavor.

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