TellBAM Survey – BAM! Customer Satisfaction Survey Steps for $ 5 Off

Any of you loves reading? Perhaps, visiting Books-A-Million is your preference to find your favorite books. If you often visit Books-A-Million, you should not miss taking part in TellBAM Survey. Why do you need to involve in this survey? It is because Books-A-Million offers you a coupon discount $ 5 off.

Besides, you also can enter BAM! Sweepstakes program as well. This sweepstakes program offers you $ 1000 as the reward. You just need to keep your BAM! Receipt if you are interested in taking this survey. Then, scroll down this article to find the details and the steps of BAM! Survey.

TellBAM is the official survey portal for Books-A-Million customers. This survey website is accessible at Before accessing this survey portal, make sure that you still have the valid receipt from Books-A-Million. It is because you must enter some details printed on Books-A-Million receipt.

If the details you enter is correct and valid, you will be able to start the BAM! Customer Satisfaction survey. Then, you can rate the Books-A-Million service. Besides, you can even leave your feedback and comment related to your visit.

BAM custmer satisfaction survey
BAM custmer satisfaction survey is accessible at

What is Books-A-Million Company?

Books-A-Million is also known as BAM!. It is a popular book store chain in the US. No wonder,  Books-A-Million becomes the second-largest book chain in the United States. The founder of this store is Clyde W. Anderson. He opened the first chain of Books-A-Million in Alabama in 1917.

Nowadays, there are 260 Books-A-Million stores in the United States. Headquartered in Birmingham, Books-A-Million can expand its business in 32 states as well as Columbia. Besides, this company also has a subsidiary named American Wholesale Book. There are several special things about Books-A-Million. What are they? Check this out.

  • Books-A-Million has a cafe called Joe Muggs®. So, after shopping your favorite books, you can get relaxed in this cafe. You can order dessert or coffee and read the books you have just bought.
  • The American Wholesale Book Company has an e-commerce system. This selling system is beneficial to reach more customers. So, you can purchase your favorite books via e-commerce. Just visit their website to choose and purchase the books you want. For your information, BAM! Acquired Netcentral Internet company. The purpose of acquiring this company is to develop a better e-commerce portal system for all of the customers.
  • Books-A-Million has an education program. You just need to visit the official website of Books-A-Million. Then, you will be able to read the e-books on their online library. There are large numbers of books available on this portal. Besides, Books-A-Million also has a homeschooling program.
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tellbam survey
tellbam survey guideline

What is TellBAM Survey Guideline?

All customers of Books-A-Million are welcomed to take part in TellBAM Customer Satisfaction Survey. You can tell Bam about everything you feel after visiting this bookstore. Through Books-A-Million BAM! The survey, you can express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction about the service given by BAM.

Besides, you can leave your shopping feedback as well. Books-A-Million will appreciate your feedback. This store can improve its service based on the feedback given by the customers. Now, are you ready for this survey? Simply do the brief steps below.

  • Step 1. Visit TellBAM Survey portal.

Books-A-Million customer survey is only available online. You can reach it at You can also access it by typing on your browser’s web address bar. Besides, you can use the Google search engine to find this survey website. Just type TellBAM or BAM! Customer Satisfaction Survey on the search bar.

  • Step 2. Change the language if necessary.

As like other online surveys, TellBAM Customer Survey uses English as the default language setting. But, this survey website also provides another language to make the survey takers easier completing the survey. If you are not convenient to take the survey in English, you can change it into Spanish. Just click on the Espanol link under the Start button.

  • Step 3. Enter Books-A-Million transaction number.

Now, you should look at your Books-A-Million receipt. Try to find the transaction number on it. you can see the word Trx on your receipt. Then, the four-digit numbers following this word is the transaction number. Enter this serial number correctly on the provided field.

  • Step 4. Write down the Books-A-Million store number.

Tell BAM survey portal wants to identify which store you have just visited. You do not need to write down the address of the BAM store you visit. Just enter Books-A-Million store number. See your receipt to find out this BAM store number. Usually, the BAM store number contains four digits numbers.

  • Step 5. Select the Date of Visit.

Do you still remember what day did you visit Books-A-Million? If you do not remember it, just check your Books-A-Million receipt. The date when you visit Books-A-Million is printed well here. Enter the Date of your visit by clicking on the calendar icon.

  • Step 6. Indicate the time of visit.

The next, you also need to specify the time when you make a transaction at Books-A-Million. Enter the correct hour and minutes based on the details on your Books-A-Million receipt.

  • Step 7. Indicate the amount you spend.
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Now, you need to write down the total transaction you made on Books-A-Million. Enter the total amount of teh dollar you spent at Books-A-Million. This detail must be correct based on the total amont spent as printed on Books-A-Million receipt.

  • Step 8. Answer BAM! Survey questions.

Once you complete the receipt details, you should press the START button. Then, you can begin completing the survey questionnaire. First of all, BAM! Customer survey may ask you to rate the overall satisfaction you feel after visiting Books-A-Million. You can express your satisfaction or your disappointment by selecting the rating.

The next, you can answer the following questions. The questions may be about your shopping experience at Books-A-Million. Then, this survey also asks you to leave any feedback. You are free to write your comment including critics, suggestions, or complaints.

  • Step 9. Write down the Books-A-Million validation code.

To thank all the customers who take the survey, Books-A-Million gives a coupon discount. This coupon is in the form of validation code. So, once you submit your survey response, TellBAM will display this validation code. You can write down this code on your Books-A-Million receipt. In the next visit, you can redeem this reward with $ 5 off with the minimum transaction $ 25.

  • Step 10. Enter Books-A-Million sweepstakes program.

After taking the Books-A-Million coupon code, you will be invited to Books-A-Million sweepstakes. You can decide to join this program or not. But, if you want to win $ 1000, why do not you join this program? Who knows you can be the next Books-A-Million sweepstakes winner. To participate in this sweepstakes program, you have to submit your personal information.

The survey website will show the simple form you must fill out. You can complete this form with your full name, mailing address, email, and phone number. Always double check whether you enter the correct contact information. So, if you become the sweepstakes winner, Books-A-Million can contact you easily.

What are the Rules of Books-A-Million Survey Sweepstakes?

As like other survey sweepstakes, Books-A-Million survey and sweepstakes program has certain rules you have to obey. You have to notice these rules if you want to win $ 100 from Books-A-Million. Check out the rules below. It discusses the eligibility of Books-A-Million sweepstakes participants, the rules of the program, and the prize of the sweepstakes program. Check this out.

  • The Sweepstakes participants.

Not all customers of Books-A-Million can take part in this sweepstakes program. Only the eligible customers can enter this sweepstake. What is the qualification to be the sweepstakes entrants? First, you must be a legal US resident. Then, your age must be at least 18 years old. At this age, people are mature enough to answer the survey questions.

  • The Sweepstakes Rules.
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The only way to enter Books-A-Million sweepstakes is by completingBAM! Survey. So, you need a valid receipt from Books-A-Million to enter this survey. you need to take this survey soon after you visit Books-A-Million. It is because this receipt may have the expired date. Then, you are only allowed to enter this survey sweepstake once a month.

  • Books-A-Million sweepstakes prize.

In each month, Books-A-Million offers $ 1000 as the sweepstakes prize. Books-A-Million will select the lucky sweepstakes winner randomly. Then, Books-A-Million will notify the winner by phone or email. If you get this notification, you have to respond to it soon. Then, you can claim the sweepstakes reward.

How to Search BAM Near Me.

If you want to redeem the Books-a-million validation code, you should go to the nearest Books-a-million store. Here you need to know how to reach BAM Near Me. Here you can use the official website of Books-a-million. There will be a store locator. Here’s how to find the closest location of Books-a-million.

  • Visit their official website at
  • Click on the store finder icon. Then you will see a map of the area on your computer screen. There you can find the location of the store and the nearest BAM event.
  • Here you need to enter the name of the city and country or Zip Code.
  • Choose a distance filter for location search. Click on the arrow keys to determine the search distance.
  • Choose the service filter you want to get in the store. Check on one of the services under the search column.
  • Click on the search button.
How to Reach BAM Customer Service.

Now, we will review several ways to contact BAM. You can use this information to provide feedback to them. If you do not qualify for the survey, try some of the methods below. Maybe you have experience or problems at the bookstore, so tell them. Here is the BAM Customer Service.

  1. BAM Customer Service Phone Number. First, you can use a smartphone to contact BAM Store. Then you can give feedback through customer service officers. (205) 942-3737. You can contact them Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm. While on Saturdays and Sundays you can contact them at 10 am to 6 pm.
  2. BAM Official Website. Second, you can use the website to contact the store. Here you need to visit the contact us menu. There you can contact them via chat or email. The following is the address of the BAM Store Official Website.
  3. BAM Email Address.

  1. BAM Social Media.

You can get promos and other information from their social media.

  • Facebook: @booksamillion.
  • Twitter: @booksamillion.
  • Instagram: @booksamillion.


How do I cancel my books a million membership?

Subject to the foregoing, you may cancel your Membership by: (i) calling Customer Relations at 1-800-876-4510 (ii) contacting us via email at, or (iii) presenting your Member card at the Customer Service desk, for Memberships (new or renewed) purchased at Books-A-Million Stores.

Can you return to books a million without a receipt? guarantees your satisfaction and offers you returns within 30 days of order receipt on most items*. **We cannot accept returns of product marked "non-returnable".

How much money is on my Bam gift card?

Alternatively, if you have a account set up with us you can check your balance on the My Account page. Sign into your account, scroll down to the Manage Payment section and you will see Gift Card Balance. Enter your Gift Card information and click 'Check Balance' and your balance will be provided.

Does books a million have an app?

Using BAM Reader 2 Many applications such as Dropbox support the Android "Open In" feature which allows you to easily transfer your eBooks between your computers and devices. ... You will also need the free Dropbox Android App which is available from the Android Marketplace.

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