Tell Tractor Supply – Grab $ 2500 Gift Card from Tractor Supply Customer Survey

Tractor Supply Company is the retail chain which offers agriculture product. This store also sells the equipment for garden maintenance, home improvement, pet care, and livestock. Founded in 1938, Tractor Supply becomes one of the leading retailers in the US.

No doubt, Tractor Supply includes in 100 fastest growing company according to Fortune Magazine. In order to improve the business, this company offers a survey called Tell Tractor Supply. Through this online survey, Tractor Supply expects the feedback from the customers. Then, to reward the survey takers, Tractor Supply invites them to enter the sweepstakes to win $ 2500.

Tractor Supply is well known for providing the agriculture and home products. This store has five main categories of product. The product categories are livestock and pet products, hardware, seasonal products, gift and toys, clothing, and agricultural products.

This store can fulfill the customers’ need for the home and agriculture products. You can find Tractor Supply chains in 49 states in the US. Besides, it owns more than 1600 stores. Luckily, if you cannot go shopping in-store, you can try to shop online at Tractor Supply Website. Moreover, you also can order the products via Tractor Supply App.

tell tractor supply
tell tractor supply

In order to tell your shopping experience at this store, you can enter Tractor Supply survey. This survey is available at But, not all customers can take part Tractor Supply survey. Only those who have Tractor Supply receipt can participate. As the reward for spending your time taking the survey, you can enter Tractor Supply sweepstakes. Then, if you are lucky, you can win $ 2500 gift card from Tractor Supply.

What are the Rules of Tractor Supply Survey Sweepstakes?

In general, the rules of Tractor Supply Survey are similar to another survey. The requirements of telltractorsupply are also the same. The main requirement of Tractor Supply Customer Loyalty Survey is a recent receipt.

With this receipt, you can enter both survey and sweepstake program from Tractor Supply. Then, what are the rules of survey? You can review the Tractor Supply sweepstakes at the survey website. But, here we conclude the rules to make you easier understanding it.

  • Sweepstakes entrants.

All customers can involve in Tractor Supply if they have a valid receipt. But, if they are interested in entering the sweepstakes, they must meet these following requirements. First, this contest is open to all people who are residing in 48 states including Columbia and Hawaii.

Then, they must reach at least 18 years old. The next, the employees of Tractor Supply and their family are not eligible to enter. All the participants must agree with the official rules of Tractor Supply Sweepstakes.

  • Entry method.

There are four ways to enter Tractor Supply Sweepstakes. First, you can enter Tractor Supply sweepstakes by phone. Second, you can complete Tractor Supply Survey and sweepstakes at The third, you can purchase online at then join the online sweepstake invitation. The last, you can enter Tractor Supply sweepstakes by mail. See the complete steps of entering this sweepstake on the following subheading.

  • Sweepstakes prize.
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Tractor Supply offers twelve monthly entry periods in 2018. So, there will be one grand prize winner every month. Each winner will receive $ 2500 Tractor Supply or Del’s Gift Card. This reward is not transferable. So, the winner cannot give this prize to someone else. Luckily Tractor Supply gift card does not have the expiration date. So, you can use it whenever you want. The winner of Tractor Supply sweepstake is responsible for paying the tax and other costs.

How to Complete Tell Tractor Supply Survey?

One of the ways to win $ 2500 gift card from Tractor Survey is by entering After completing this customer loyalty survey, you are allowed to enter the sweepstakes. Here is the guideline to take Tractor Supply Customer Survey.

  • Visit Tractor Supply Survey official site.

To access the online survey, you have to visit Through this survey portal, you can express the candid feedback about Tractor Supply. When you reach the homepage of this survey website, you can change the language setting into Spanish. Before you begin Tractor Supply survey, it is good if you review the sweepstake rules.

  • Enter Tractor Supply Survey code.

See the bottom part of Tractor Supply receipt. Do you find TellTractorSupply survey code there? To start the survey, you have to enter Tractor Supply survey invitation code correctly.

  • Answer Tractor Supply Survey Questions.

You have to respond the survey questions at Tell Tractor Supply based on your shopping experience. Be objective and honest in answering these questions. These questions are about Tractor Supply Store, employees and the products.

  • Enter Tractor Supply Sweepstakes.

Now you are at the end of Tell Tractor survey. This survey portal will ask you whether you want to join the sweepstakes contest. If you are willing to enter this online drawing, you should supply some information. For example, you should provide the identity such as name, date of birth, and mail address.

Also, you should give the contact details as well. So, do not forget to supply the email account and telephone number. Thus, Tractor Supply Company will be easy to contact you if you win this program.

If you face any trouble in accessing this survey, you should call Tractor Supply Customer Service soon. The phone number of Tractor Supply Customer Care is 1 877 718 6750. Besides, you also can dial 1 877 872 7721. Tractor Supply Help Desk is available from Monday to Saturday at 8 am – 7 pm.

How to Enter Tractor Supply Sweepstakes by Phone, Online, and Mail?

As stated before, you have four entry methods if you want to enter Tractor Supply Sweepstakes. The guideline above is the way to enter the sweepstakes by completing Tractor Supply Survey. Below, we present the entry methods of Tractor Supply Sweepstakes by Phone, Mail, and Online. You can choose the entry method do you think as the simplest one.

  • By phone.

If you want to enter the sweepstake by phone, you have to make a purchase at Tractor Supply store. Then, you will get a receipt containing Tractor Supply survey code. The next, you can call 1 800 541 4429 to answer the short survey.

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The customer service will ask about the experience when you visited Tractor Supply store. After answering this survey, you will be entered into Tractor Supply Monthly Entry Period drawing. This way, you have to mention your identity such as name, address, email address, along with your phone number.

  • By Online.

Sometimes, people prefer to shop online rather than visiting the local store. Luckily, you also can shop online at Tractor Supply website. When you make a transaction at Tractor Supply online portal, you also get one chance to enter the sweepstakes.

After confirming your order, you will get an email containing the survey invitation. Just click on the link to complete the survey. You can enter the survey directly without entering the survey code. The next, you can participate in the online sweepstakes.

  • By mail-in.

This last entry method does not require any transaction or purchase. Just prepare a piece of card in 3” x 5” size. Then, hand print your personal data such as your name, mailing address (do not use PO Box address), date of birth, and phone number. Mail this card in an envelope along with the proper postage. Then, send this entry to Tractor Supply Company Monthly Survey Sweepstakes. 35610, Mound Road. Dept 20145, Sterling Heights, MI 48310 4725.

What are the Tractor Supply Survey Questions?

If you like agriculture, you may often go shopping at Tractor Supply. After shopping at this store, you have to save your receipt. It is because you can turn this receipt into a ticket to win $ 2500. Is that very attractive prize, isn’t it? With this prize, you can buy any products which you want at Tractor Supply or Del’s store.

But, you need to complete the survey at Tractor Supply Customer survey first. In this survey, there will be a series of questions asking about how satisfied you were with Tractor Supply. Need the details of the survey questions? Here is the list of questions you will face at Tractor Supply Customer Loyalty Survey.

  • Overall satisfaction.

Similar to other customer surveys, you should express your satisfaction after shopping at Tractor Supply. You can say if you get satisfied since you get the products you intend to buy. In contrast, you can state your dissatisfaction too. You may get disappointed with Tractor Supply since the store associates were unfriendly. Besides, you may get difficulty in locating the item you want to buy. Just rate your satisfaction objectively.

  • Interaction with some departments.

We all know that Tractor Supply consists of some store departments. In this section, you should state your interaction with each department. You can select whether you make a purchase, shop but do not purchase, or do not shop.

The departments in this store are Agriculture and Fencing, heating, animal, truck and trailer, clothing and footwear as well as outdoor power equipment. Besides, other departments are toys and decor, lawn and garden, tools and hardware, hunting, and vehicle maintenance.

  • Rate the certain aspect of the store.

In this part, you should rate the availability of the product and the overall cleanliness of the store. Then, review the friendliness, appearance, and the knowledge of Tractor Supply staff. The next, rate the variety of the merchandise, the speed of checkout, and the ease of finding the products.

  • Return and recommend.
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Indicate your willingness to return to Tractor Supply in the next 30 days. Also, you need to state your likeliness to recommend Tractor Supply store to your friends and family.

  • Agreement.

State your agreement whether you trust the recommendation of Tractor Supply’s staff about the certain products. The next, state whether you agree or disagree with the statement Tractor Supply is the brand which you trust.

  • Comment.

Tractor Supply allows you to write any comment about their store. You can explain the reason of getting satisfied or dissatisfied with Tractor Supply. Besides, you can include any complaint or compliment. But, Tractor Supply limits the length of your comment. You only can write up to 1200 characters. So, be brief in explaining your opinion.

  • Store associates.

In this part Tractor, Supply Survey asks some questions about the treatment given by its staff. First, state whether Tractor Supply associates greeted you. Then, indicate whether they ask you some questions to determine your need. The next, state whether they recommend you the certain product. The last, state whether you want to buy the product which they recommend.

  • Shopping details.

This survey section asks you whether you purchase any products which you intend to buy. For instance, you may go to Tractor Supply to purchase the gardening equipment.

Then, do you find this product at Tractor Supply? Do you buy this product? If you do not purchase any products at Tractor Supply, you have to write the shop which you will shop the product you want. The next, mention the number of people who were in line ahead of you in the checkout process.

  • The frequency of visit.

The next, indicate how many times you visit Tractor Supply in the past six months. Also, predict how many times you will go to Tractor Supply in the next six months

  • The amount you spend.

Write down the dollar you spend at Tractor Supply in the past six months.

  • Product research.

State whether you research the product online before you purchase the product. Then, select the place where you usually research the product. For instance, you may research the product at home improvement website, Tractor Supply Website, or Mass merchandiser websites such as Walmart or Target.

  • Personal detail.

For the classification purpose, Tractor Supply will ask your age.

That’s all the questions you will face at Tractor Supply survey. To answer these questions, you may need for about five minutes. After answering all of the questionnaires, you will be invited to enter Tractor Supply online sweepstake. You can accept or decline this invitation.

Besides, Tractor Supply also offers you to receive the updates about the store. If you sign up this program, you will receive the special offers and news from Tractor Supply. Just submit your email address if you want to receive the store updates. Then, you also need to state your willingness to enter the additional customer research. If you will, Tractor Supply will contact you via email.

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