Talktoihop – Enjoy IHOP Free Pancake by Taking IHOP Customer Survey

Talktoihop is the guest survey owned by IHOP House of Pancake. IHOP survey offers the interesting reward for the survey participant. When you complete IHOP guest survey, you will receive IHOP free pancake coupon. This coupon is the appreciation for the guests.

It is because the IHOP guest feedback is useful for the restaurant improvement. Besides, IHOP also has another reward program. You can try to involve in IHOP International Passport promotion contest. If you win, you will be able to get free pancake for breakfast in a year. So, you should not miss taking part in this photo contest as well as IHOP survey free pancakes.

About IHOP restaurant

Do you know what IHOP stands for? IHOP is International House of Pancakes. Even it is popular as the pancake house, IHOP does not only serve pancakes. This restaurant focuses on serving the breakfast menu. So, if you have no idea about your breakfast, you can go to IHOP soon. Because of its tasty pancakes, IHOP can sustain in the business competition. No doubt, this restaurant has more than 1650 chains. These chains are franchised and company-owned.

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Headquartered in California, IHOP expands its chains throughout the United States. So, you will be easy to find the closest IHOP restaurant. If you want to find out more about IHOP, you can browse its official website. Just visit to explore all about IHOP.

This website informs you about IHOP menu items. For instance, you can order the pancake, french toast, waffles, and the omelet. Besides IHOP also serves the soup, burger, sandwich, and dessert as well. Indeed, when you go to IHOP, you will be able to enjoy the delicious breakfast menu.

What are the Rules to Participate in Ihop Survey?

If you want to talk to IHOP about your recent experience, you need to access IHOP really welcomes any feedback from its guests. So, IHOP creates a special portal to gauge the customers’ opinion. After visiting IHOP, you must receive a receipt.

This receipt also serves as the IHOP survey invitation. That is why you have to keep IHOP receipt well. Without IHOP receipt, IHOP survey will not be accessible. Before taking IHOP guest survey, you should find out the rules of IHOP survey.

  • Survey participant.

All the guests of IHOP can enter IHOP survey. As long as they have IHOP receipt, they can access this survey. IHOP does not limit the age of the participants. But, the survey takers must be the legal residents of US and District of Columbia.

  • Survey requirements.

IHOP survey requires a valid receipt. This receipt contains some details you have to enter to IHOP survey portal. As the example, the survey website requires the survey code, server ID, and time of visit. This survey is only valid within three days. So, the sooner you take IHOP survey is better. The next, since you take part in IHOP online survey, you need the stable internet. Besides, make sure your device such as a PC or smartphone is ready to use.

  • Survey method.

IHOP has two survey methods. First, the guests can take part in IHOP online survey. This online survey is accessible at To unlock IHOP survey, you have to provide the IHOP survey invitation code, time of visit, as well as IHOP server ID number.

To complete this online survey, you have to respond IHOP questionnaire. Some questions ask for your rating to some aspects in IHOP. As the example, the survey takers have to rate IHOP staff, menu, and restaurant’s cleanliness. After you respond all questions in IHOP online survey, you deserve to receive IHOP validation code as the survey reward.

The second method is taking the survey by phone. You can find out the survey instruction on the IHOP receipt. To take part in the phone survey, you have to call 1 800 650 8330. This way, you can speak directly to IHOP staff. The IHOP representative staff will ask for your survey code.

If your IHOP survey code is valid, you can continue to the next step. Just answer some questions delivered by the customer service staff. After finishing the survey, IHOP staff will tell you the validation code.

  • Survey reward.

Everyone will be lazy to take part in the survey if there is no survey reward. That is why IHOP offers free pancakes as the survey reward. Every time you complete IHOP survey, you will receive a coupon code. Then, you can go to the nearest IHOP to claim your prize. If your coupon code is valid, you can enjoy IHOP buttermilk pancakes for free.

  • Survey rules.
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You need to obey the rules of IHOP survey. So, you can complete the survey at Talktoihop with ease. First, you have to take IHOP survey within three days after visiting IHOP. Besides, you should redeem IHOP coupon by showing the receipt from your last purchase. Then, you cannot redeem IHOP validation code together with other IHOP offers or coupons.

How to Complete TalktoIHOP Survey?

What is your favorite pancake at IHOP? This pancake house has many choices of pancake. As the examples, you can try the pancake with chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla bean topping. Then, you should try buttermilk pancake as the most popular menu at IHOP.

What if IHOP gives a stack of Buttermilk pancake for free? Are you excited to receive this freebie? In order to enjoy this free pancake, you have to take part in IHOP survey. Here is the guideline of Talk to IHOP survey at a glance.

  1. Visit IHOP survey portal at
  2. Enter IHOP survey code.
  3. Select the Visit time.
  4. Provide the IHOP server ID.
  5. Answer the IHOP Survey Questions.
  6. Take IHOP validation code.

With the six steps above, you will be able to complete IHOP guest survey. You may need approximately three minutes to do all the steps. Just make sure that IHOP receipt is ready in your hand. This way, you will be easy to find the information needed to enter IHOP guest satisfaction survey. If you need more details about TalktoIHOP survey steps, you should review the explanation below.

  • Visit IHOP survey website.

In order to start IHOP survey, you have to access IHOP Guest Survey is powered by Service Management Group. This way, you will find the similarity of this survey with other guest satisfaction survey. Before continuing the next step, it is good to read IHOP privacy policy. So, you will know how IHOP will use the data you provide during this survey.

  • Write down IHOP survey code.

Now, you should check your IHOP receipt. Is there IHOP survey invitation there? See the sample of IHOP receipt at the survey website. IHOP survey code is usually available at the bottom portion of IHOP receipt. The code to enter Talktoihop survey website consists of 13 digits. Make sure that you enter the valid IHOP survey invitation code. You have to enter the survey soon. It is because the IHOP survey code will expire within three days.

  • Select the time.

After that, you should state the time when you visit IHOP. Choose the hour, minutes, and meridiem from the drop-down menu.

  • Provide the server ID.

The next, you need to enter the server ID. This ID consists of seven digits in length. This server ID is located under IHOP address. Then, click the START button to enter IHOP survey.

  • Answer IHOP survey questions.

It is the time to voice your feedback. You should respond IHOP survey questions based on your experience. You must still remember how IHOP staff treat you when you come to IHOP. Besides, you also need to recall the condition of IHOP store.

Moreover, you should give your objective opinion about IHOP menu items. You can review the taste, portion, and the appearance of IHOP menu items. The IHOP survey takers are also allowed to explain why they are happy or unhappy with IHOP.

  • Take the IHOP validation code.

After you respond all questionnaire in IHOP survey, you will see IHOP coupon code on your screen. You have to write IHOP validation code on your receipt. So, when you visit IHOP outlet, you just need to show your IHOP receipt to claim the prize. If your IHOP coupon is valid, you deserve to enjoy the stack of Buttermilk Pancake from IHOP.

That’s all the simple steps of IHOP survey. For your information, IHOP also provides the phone survey. If you want to enter the survey by phone, you still need an IHOP receipt. Then, you have to dial i 800 650 8330. Be sure to call IHOP within three days after purchasing. This way, IHOP survey code does not expire.

What are the Questions at IHOP Survey?

As a pancake lover, have you ever tried IHOP Survey? Yup, this pancake house has a survey to measure the satisfaction degree of every guest. If you never take IHOP survey before, you may not know what questions asked in this survey.

So, it is necessary to review the survey questions on the list below. Reviewing the sample of IHOP survey questions will make you easy to complete the questionnaire. This way, you can finish answering the survey quickly. Here are some topics of questions you will find at IHOP survey.

  • Overall satisfaction.
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This question is always asked in all of guest satisfaction survey. No doubt, you can find this type of question at IHOP customer survey. To respond this question, you should select one of ten scales. The number you choose represents the level of your satisfaction. For instance, when you choose the number one, it means that you really feel dissatisfied. In contrast, the number ten reflects that you are highly satisfied.

  • Rate the server.

You get a chance to analyze and rate the performance of IHOP servers. Tell how attentive and helpful the servers were. You should also rate their friendliness in serving the guests.

  • Rate the dining area.

Then, you can share your opinion about the condition of IHOP dining area. Was the dining area clean? What about the cleanliness of the table, floor, and window? Just rate objectively based on your previous visit.

  • Rate the food.

You should rate the food served by IHOP. IHOP survey may ask what menu you purchase at IHOP. Then, you should give your review about the taste, portion, and appearance of the food.

  • Return to IHOP.

According to your rating in the previous section, you can decide if you want to return to IHOP. Just state your likeliness to comeback to IHOP within three months.

  • Comment.

This part of survey lets you explain the reason of getting satisfied or dissatisfied with IHOP. Make sure that you give the brief comment. If necessary, you can include any suggestion. This way IHOP can be the better pancake house in the future.

  • The frequency of visit.

IHOP wants to know how often you visit their restaurant. Perhaps, it was your first-time visit to IHOP. Besides, you may go to IHOP within a week to one year. Furthermore, the last time to go IHOP was within a year to three years ago.

  • Amount spent.

Then, you have to tell how much you spent at IHOP in your last visit. Just select the range of budget provided. For instance, you spend less than $ 6, $ 6-$ 11, $ 12-$ 18, $ 18-$ 24, or more than $ 24.

How to Get IHOP Free Pancake for a Year?

Having breakfast with a delicious pancake is a mood booster. Then, you will be very happy if you can get free pancake for a year. This great prize is offered by IHOP. Besides, you also get the chance to win $ 25 IHOP gift card. How to grab this prize? The way to win IHOP rewards is very simple. You just need to take part IHOP International Passport Promotion contest. See the rules of the contest below.

  • Participant.

This contest is for the United States and Columbia legal residents. Each participant must be at least eighteen years of age. Then, all of the participants must obey the official rules. But, the employees of IHOP are not eligible to participate in this contest. Their immediate family or the household members cannot take part in IHOP contest as well.

  • Requirements.

In order to enter IHOP contest, you must prepare some requirements. First, you should have IHOP App. Then, you should purchase one of the international menus of pancake. But, you have to note that your purchase will not increase your chance to win the prize.

  • Rewards.

IHOP provides two kinds of rewards for this contest. As the grand prize, IHOP offers free pancake for a year. This prize will be given in the form of 78 $ 50 gift cards. Besides, as the second prize, IHOP offers $ 25 gift cards.

  • Entry method.

IHOP contest has two entry methods. Each method has its own requirements. So, you can choose the easiest method to participate in IHOP International Passport Promotion Contest. Check the instruction below.

  1. Mobile App.

The first entry method is by using Mobile App. So, make sure that you install IHOP App on your smartphone. If you do not have IHOP Mobile App, you should download it from the application store. After installing this application, you can do the step by step below.

  • Visit IHOP outlet which provides three international flavors of pancake.
  • Purchase one of these three international pancakes. You can order Tres Leches, Belgian Dark Chocolate, or English Sticky Toffee.
  • Open IHOP App on your smartphone. Then, follow the instructions there.
  • Snap or take a picture of the pancake you order. The photo must be original. Then submit this picture as the contest requirement.
  1. Mail-in.

If you do not have IHOP App, you can enter IHOP contest by mail. IHOP mail-in entry does not need any pancake purchase. So, even you do not visit IHOP; you still can participate in this contest. Here is the procedure of IHOP mail-in entry.

  • Prepare a piece of the plain paper in size 3”x 5”.
  • Handwrite or type your name and mailing address which includes the city, state, and the postal code.
  • Include your date of birth. This data will verify that your age is more than 18 years old.
  • Provide your daytime phone number. Do not forget to include the area code.
  • Supply an email address.
  • Cover it with a business size envelope along with the proper postage.
  • Send it to IHOP CO MRM 105 Carnegie Center, Princeton, New Jersey 08540.
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Which entry method you will choose to grab Free Pancake for a year from IHOP? If you have the smartphone, we suggest you choose the first method. You just need to take a picture of the international flavor pancakes from IHOP. After submitting one of the contest entry, you just need to wait for the winner notification from IHOP. If you win this photo contest, be ready to have the delicious breakfast everyday at your favorite pancake house.

How to Contact IHOP Customer Service?

If you need the certain information about IHOP, you have to access IHOP website soon. This portal informs you much information about IHOP. For instance, you can check IHOP menu, IHOP locations, IHOP gift card, and much more.

You can visit IHOP FAQ page. Perhaps, you will find the answer on this page. So, you do not need to call the IHOP customer service. But, if IHOP FAQ page does not contain the questions you are looking for, IHOP lets you get in touch with its Customer Support. Listed below are the way to reach IHOP Customer Care.

  • By phone.

IHOP has two phone numbers. If you want to enter IHOP survey by phone, you should call 1 800 650 8330. Make sure that you have IHOP survey code before calling this phone number. But, if you want to ask the questions about IHOP, you have to call 1 855 550 6799.

The friendly staff of IHOP will respond any question or feedback you give. But, you have to remember to call IHOP Customer Service on IHOP hours. This way, you will get the fast response from IHOP.

  • By Message.

You can send the message to IHOP by completing the form on Listed below is the step by step of completing IHOP message form.

  1. Visit the official website of IHOP at
  2. Select Contact Us menu. This menu is located at the bottom part of IHOP website.
  3. Supply your personal info. The first form requires the customer’s personal info. So, you have to write your salutation, full name, email address along with telephone number. Then, provide your mailing address and the restaurant location. In order to provide the restaurant location, you have to choose the country. Then, enter the city and the zip code.
  4. Provide the dining information. In this part, you should explain some information related to your previous dining at IHOP. First, enter the restaurant location. Then, state whether IHOP restaurant manager visits your table during your meal. Also, mention how many persons are there in your party. After that, enter the date of visit as well as the time of visit.
  5. Write down the server’s name. If you still remember the name of the IHOP server, you can write it on the provided field. But, if you forget his name, you can skip this field.
  6. Write down IHOP receipt number. Then, Do you still keep the IHOP receipt from your last visit? If you do, you need to provide the IHOP receipt #.
  7. Choose the comment category. The next, you should select the category of comment you want to convey. Perhaps, your comment will be about IHOP food, service, or overall experience.
  8. Write your comment. Now, you can write any comment about IHOP. Make sure what you write in this comment field is in line with the category you have chosen. For instance, if you select the food category, you should give your feedback or opinion about IHOP menus. Then, you can complain about the taste or the appearance of the food you order.
  9. Allow IHOP to contact you. In the first field, you have entered your phone number and email address. Now, you can decide whether you are willing to be contacted by IHOP. IHOP may send you the information about the future events or IHOP special offers. If you do not want to be contacted, do not check the box.
  10. Send your comment. To submit your message to IHOP, you should verify that you are not the robot. Then, press the button entitled Send Request. This way, IHOP will receive your message.


What is IHOP phone number?

1 (866) 444-5144IHOP

How do I contact IHOP corporate?

Frequently Asked Questions: Contact Us Phone: 818-240-6055. Our hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time. If you have a restaurant-specific issue or question, call our Guest Relations Department at 866-444-5144 or email us your question.

How do I file a complaint with IHOP?

IHOP complaints contactsCall Customer Care on 1 (866) 444-5144.Visit Customer Care Contact Form.Call Headquarters on (866) 444-5144.Tweet IHOP.Follow IHOP.Follow IHOP.Watch IHOP.IHOP Complaints › ihop

How do I get my w2 from IHOP?

Get the ihop w2 form To get started, type W-2 into your TurboTax search bar. Then click the “Jump to” link at the top of your search results. If you're entering your W-2 for the first time this year, you'll be prompted to “Work on your W-2.”

What is IHOP phone number?

1 (866) 444-5144IHOP

How do you get free food at IHOP?

To score free food at IHOP, sign up for the MyHOP email list. Upon signing up, you'll receive an email coupon for a free full stack of any of their pancakes. As a member, you'll get another free stack on your birthday, and again on the anniversary of your signing up.

How do I report IHOP?

IHOP complaints contactsCall Customer Care on 1 (866) 444-5144.Visit Customer Care Contact Form.Call Headquarters on (866) 444-5144.Tweet IHOP.Follow IHOP.Follow IHOP.Watch › ihopIHOP › ihop

Are pancakes free at IHOP today?

IHOP is offering free pancakes today, March 12, as part of an annual promotion. The chain hopes to “Flip it Forward” with its annual IHOP Pancake Day, offering a free shortcake of buttermilk pancakes to every customer from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ... Prices vary but the three- stack of pancakes is priced at about $5.79.

Can you work at IHOP at 15?

Minimum Age to Work at IHOP: 16 years old (How old do you have to be to work at IHOP?) Printable Application: Yes. Print IHOP application (PDF) or Search Job Openings.

Can 16 year olds be waitresses?

Restaurant Cashier/Cook/Waiter Restaurants are often places that hire 16 or 17 year olds. Many teens start their working years in restaurants, often at fast food establishments. ... Sometimes a 16-year-old can become a waiter or waitress, but often you need to be a few years older to get these jobs.

How much does IHOP pay hourly?

Average IHOP hourly pay ranges from approximately $7.50 per hour for Head Server to $13.96 per hour for Assistant General Manager. The average IHOP salary ranges from approximately $19,000 per year for Chef to $68,974 per year for District Manager.

What age does IHOP hire in California?

16Minimum Age Requirement: The minimum age for employment at IHOP is 16.

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