Safeway Survey Net – Earn $ 100 Safeway Gift Card from Safeway Guest Survey

Safeway is one of the famous supermarket chains in the North American. This store is well-known for its high-quality products and the fair price. No wonder, this supermarket can compete with other retailers such as Kroger. The main reason for its success is the commitment to provide the great service for every customer. That is why this company creates Safeway Survey Net. This survey helps Safeway to assess how satisfied the customers. So, in the future, Safeway can improve its customer service.

By maintaining its service, Safeway can survive among the tight business competition. No doubt, nowadays there are more than 2205 Safeway chains in the US. To fulfill the customers’ need, this store provides the wide range of products. For instance, you can shop the grocery products, pharmacy, dairy and frozen items. Besides, it also sells the various brands. As the example, you can find Open Nature, Safeway Select, Primo Taglio, Lucerne, Pantry Essentials, etc.

Safeway Survey Net

What are the Rules of Safeway Survey Net?

 Every customer survey has its rules. Even the rules are quite similar, you still need to notice the rules of every survey you take. Usually, every survey portal provides the link to enable the participant access the survey and sweepstake rules. When you access Safeway Net website, you will also find the link to review the rules. But, for your convenience, here we have concluded some requirements and rules of Safeway Survey.

  • Safeway Survey requirements.

The receipt is the major requirement to access Safeway Survey. After shopping at Safeway store, you should keep the purchasing receipt well. You will not be able to enter Safeway Customer survey without the survey code printed on your receipt. Besides, every survey taker must have an email account. The email address is the requirement not only for the survey but also for the sweepstakes. The last, prepare a computer as well as the stable internet. The reliable internet connection helps you a lot to complete the survey faster.

  • Safeway Sweepstakes participants.

Safeway Survey may not apply the strict rule for its participants. But, if you want to enter Safeway drawing, you must meet these requirements. First, only the participant which age at least 18 years old can enter the sweepstake. Then, only the legal residents of the US are eligible for this drawing. Especially, you must live in these following states; Alaska, California, Arizona, Colorado, Washington DC, Hawaii, Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, etc. Besides, you must not work at any chain of Safeway. Furthermore, you do not have any family member who works in Safeway. The last, you only can enter this Safeway drawing once in 15 days.

  • Entry method.

Safeway allows its customers to enter the sweepstakes in two methods. First, you can try online entry. Once you take part in Safeway Net, you will automatically enter Safeway sweepstake. No doubt, you need a Safeway receipt to enter this online sweepstake. Besides, if you do not have the receipt, you can try mail-in entry. Simply grab a piece of post card then write down your personal data on it. Include your name, address, and contact numbers. The next, post this entry to Safeway Survey Sweepstakes, StellaService 75 Broad St, Suite 1010 New York 10004.

  • Safeway Survey Prize.

Every time you take part in Safeway sweepstakes, you have one chance for sweepstake entry. If you win it, you can earn $ 100 gift card from Safeway. Every week, there will be ten winners. You can use Safeway gift card to purchase any products at this store. But, you cannot redeem this gift card for some cash.

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How to Complete Safeway Guest Satisfaction Survey Net?

Safeway Net is very simple to complete. All survey process will not exceed than five minutes. Since it does not take much of your time, you should not ignore the importance this survey. Every time you go to Safeway store, you should use your receipt to enter this survey. Taking part in Safeway Survey can give you a precious chance to win the gift card. You can compete to earn $ 100 gift card every week. It is a great opportunity, isn’t? With this valuable gift card, you can save your shopping budget.

Besides, participating in Safeway Survey enables you to tell how satisfied your shopping trip was. Safeway will value every feedback that the buyer provides. By evaluating the result of Safeway Survey, the company will know its weakness. So, it can improve the area that disappoints the customers. As a result, you will receive the better service in your next shopping. Although you have never taken Safeway Customer Survey before, you should not worry. Here, we will assist you to do the survey in step by step.

  • Visit Safeway Survey official portal.

Safeway Survey link is at You can access through your browser. This survey page contains the Safeway receipt sample. So, you will know how to enter the survey code correctly. Besides, on this page, you also can find the link to access Safeway sweepstakes rules. It will be better if you notice the rules of the sweepstakes before you enter the survey. This way, you can know whether you are eligible to enter this drawing. Once you click on the rules link, the site will open the new tab. In this tab, you can find out the methods of entering the sweepstakes. Besides, you can read the info about the drawing as well as the sweepstakes’ prize.

  • Enter the time of your last visit.

Under the receipt sample, you will find several boxes. In the first box, you can enter the date on which you went shopping at Safeway. Click on the image of the calendar to select the date. Then, you can continue to fill out the next box with the time of your visit. See your receipt to view the details of time.

  • Write down Safeway Survey code.

Fill out the next four boxes with Safeway survey code. Usually, Safeway survey invitation code has 14 digits in length. You can find this code at the center part of your receipt. If you get confused how to fill out the boxes, you can see the sample on the survey page.

  • Enter your email address.

The next, you have to provide your email account. Make sure that your email account is valid. Then, to begin the Safeway Survey, you should click on Next button.

  • Respond the questions.

Once you click Next button, you will be able to start Safeway Customer Survey. This questionnaire consists of several sections. Most parts of the survey will ask about your satisfaction after shopping at Safeway. As the example, you can rate the products, store attendants, and overall shopping experience. Besides, Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey also allows you to give any comment. In this section, you can share your critics, compliments, or suggestions.

  • Enter Safeway Sweepstakes.

When you have completed all questions at Safeway Survey, you will be able to enter the drawing. The requirement to enter this sweepstake is your personal data. So, you have to fill out the form provided by Safeway Sweepstakes. Enter your first name as well as the last name. Then, complete the address form by writing down the city, state, and zip code where you live. The last, enable Safeway Net contacts you by entering the valid phone number and email id. Safeway will not sell your data to other companies. So, you do not have to worry about the privacy issues. When you enter the valid contact details, Safeway will be easy to reach you when you win this drawing.

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What are the Questions at Safeway Customer Survey?

Safeway Survey aims to find out the how high the level of customers’ satisfaction. No doubt, most questions in this survey will ask you to rate your shopping experience. Safeway Survey also provides some sections to let you write your comments. For instance, you can give your comment about the certain department of Safeway store. Besides, you can share your opinion about the checkout process as well as Safeway store attendants. The number of questions in this survey may be more than other surveys. It is because Safeway wants to gather the complete feedback from its customers. But, this process will not take more than 5 minutes. So, you do not need to spend much time to participate in Safeway survey. Here are the questions you will face at Safeway Survey.

  • Level of satisfaction.

The initial question you have to respond is about your overall satisfaction. Indicate how satisfied you were with your shopping trip at Safeway grocery store. The range of the answer is from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied. Be objective when you give the rating.

  • Satisfaction about the certain areas.

The next, Safeway wants to find out more details about your satisfaction levels. Therefore, the survey will ask about the specific areas of the store. In this section, your task is to state how satisfied you with these following topics. For instance, rate the overall cleanliness, shopping atmosphere, and the service you received. Then, rate the quality, variety, and the availability of the product. After that, give your rating about the ease to find the product and to see the pricing.

  • The areas you visited.

Then, indicate whether your shopping trip was problem free. The next, select which areas you visited during your visit to Safeway Grocery Store. The options you can choose are Produce, Seafood, Meat, Floral, Deli, Pharmacy, or Dairy. You are free to select more than one area. After that, choose the area which you want to give the further feedback. Tell how satisfied you were with this shopping area. Also, rate the quality of the product in this department. Do not forget to rate the variety and the availability of the products you want to purchase.

  • The performance of the Safeway Associates.

In this section, firstly you should tell whether anyone helped you when you needed some help in Safeway. Then, you can start rating the service given by the store attendants. Rate how friendly and knowledgeable the attendants were. Also, state whether they provided you some help? After that, you can give some comments in order to improve the certain department at Safeway.

  • Checkout process.

The next section asks about your checkout process. First, select the checkout lane which you used on your last visit. The options are regular checkout, express check-out, and self-checkout. Besides, you also can choose Not Applicable for this visit if you did not do the checkout process. Then, review how satisfied you were with Safeway checkout process. After that, rate your experience with the cashier. Were Safeway cashiers were friendly and attentive? Also, rate the accuracy of the price and the time to process your order. The next, tell Safeway about your satisfaction about how the staffs handled and bagged your grocery. The last, you can submit a comment to improve the checkout process.

  • Just For U program.

During the survey, you will get some questions about Just For U program. First, state whether you have Just For U account. Also, indicate whether you redeem Just For U offer in your visit at Safeway. Then, rate some aspects of this program. For instance, rate the ease to load the coupon offer and the ease of redeeming the coupon. The next, indicate whether you want to recommend Just For U program to others. In addition, you can give some comments about this program. The last, tell Safeway the frequency you log into Just For U account in the past seven days.

  • Return and Recommend.
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Every survey will ask about the customers’ likeliness to return and recommend. So, in Safeway Survey, you should express your likelihood to return to this grocery store within 30 days. Also, show your willingness to suggest Safeway to your friends and family.

Provide some compliments about the service you got from this store. Besides, you can give some suggestions to improve the customers’ shopping experience.

  • Personal data.

For the statistical purpose, Safeway Survey will ask about your gender and age range. Then, you also have to state your annual household income. Then, tell how many children under 18 years old that you have at home. If you think these questions are too personal, you can prefer not to respond it.

How to Submit Safeway Feedback without Receipt?

It is undeniable that submitting your feedback through the survey net requires a receipt. So, what if you lose your Safeway receipt? Can you submit Safeway feedback? Luckily, you still can share your shopping feedback. But, you cannot take part in Safeway survey and sweepstakes without this receipt. To submit your shopping feedback, you have two options. First, you can call Safeway Retail Store or Corporate number. Safeway Customer Service phone number is 1-877-723-3929. Besides, you also can use the online form provided on Safeway website. Review the steps below to assist you to complete the Safeway online feedback form.

  • Access the official website of Safeway.

Visit This platform contains all important info about this grocery store. For instance, you can explore the special offers from Safeway. Besides, you can find the information about gas rewards, pharmacy, and nutrition facts. also has some features such as store locator and grocery delivery.

  • Click on Contact Us.

To access Safeway online feedback form, you have to find Contact Us link. This menu is available under Company Info. Just scroll down the home page until you find the group of the menu at the bottom of the page. When you click Contact Us, you will be able to open the online form to submit your feedback.

  • Select the Inquiry Type.

Fill out the Safeway Customer Feedback Form completely. First, you have to choose the inquiry type. This form provides four types of inquiry. They are Comment & Questions, Grocery Delivery, employment, and Investor Relations. Since you want to give your shopping feedback, you have to select Comment and Questions.

  • Enter your Loyalty Card number.

In the checkout process, the cashier may ask your loyalty card number. Input your loyalty card number to this form. If you do not have the loyalty card, simply enter your phone number. Then select the method how Safeway can contact you. you can prefer to be reached via email or phone.

  • Complete the basic information.

Then, you need to provide your personal details. First, enter your full name. Then, provide your email address as well as your complete address. It includes your postal code, city, state, and street address.

  • Select the inquiry topic.

The next, choose one of the topics which represent your feedback. The topics available are about Club Card, Fuel Discount Program, Just For U or Gift Card. Besides, you may ask some questions about Mobile App, Store Experience, and product comment.

  • Write your questions and comment.

Now, it’s your time to share your comment about Safeway. Make sure that your feedback or comment is in line with the topic you have chosen. Safeway does not limit the length of your comment. But, it will be better if you write it briefly. So, Safeway Customer Support will be easy to understand what you mean. The last, send this form to Safeway by pressing Submit button. Then, you just need to wait for the response from Safeway. This store will contact you through email or phone to answer your questions or respond your feedback.


How do I do a Safeway survey?

How To Do Safeway Survey | Guide Step by StepEnter survey code located bottom on your receipt.Enter your email address.Click on the Next.Answer the survey questions honestly according to your recent visit experience to Safeway.Click on Next.More › safeway-survey-www-safeway-com-surveySafeway Survey | - › safeway-survey-www-safeway-com-survey

How do I register my Safeway card?

To register, go to and choose Sign In/Up, then Create Account. You'll be asked to input your phone number or card number and the store you'll be shopping at most. For additional benefits, you may want to download the Safeway app.

How do I check my Safeway rewards points?

You can click on the "My Card" tab on the Safeway website to keep track of what offers and rewards you have. Any reward points (such as fuel reward points) will also be printed out on your receipt every time you make a purchase. For Safeway coupons and deals, check out our Safeway store page here.

Where are Safeway gift cards accepted?

About Safeway Our gift card is accepted at over 2,000 store locations in the US. For your convenience, Albertsons Companies gift cards can also be redeemed in our family of stores including Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Carrs, Shaw's, Star Market, and Jewel!

How do I do a Safeway survey?

How To Do Safeway Survey | Guide Step by StepEnter survey code located bottom on your receipt.Enter your email address.Click on the Next.Answer the survey questions honestly according to your recent visit experience to Safeway.Click on Next.More › safeway-survey-www-safeway-com-surveySafeway Survey | - › safeway-survey-www-safeway-com-survey

How do I check my Safeway rewards points?

You can click on the "My Card" tab on the Safeway website to keep track of what offers and rewards you have. Any reward points (such as fuel reward points) will also be printed out on your receipt every time you make a purchase. For Safeway coupons and deals, check out our Safeway store page here.

How do you redeem your Safeway rewards?

Use your registered phone number or Safeway Club card (for Safeway) at the register to earn points. If you don't have an account, register in the Just for U section online at either store, or in their apps. Earn double points for gift card purchases (some exclusions like Safeway, gas, Tmobile, & credit cards).

Can I get a Safeway Club Card online?

Shoppers can sign up for the program online at or by accessing Just for U via the Safeway app. Once they are registered, they can link their Safeway Club Card.

Can you return things without a receipt?

Without a receipt, products are good for exchange or refund at the item's lowest-selling price within the last 45 days.

Can you return at Bed Bath and Beyond without receipt?

Bed Bath & Beyond Return Policy With a receipt, refunds are issued in the original form of payment, except for returns made with gift receipts, which are refunded with merchandise credit. Without a receipt, a Bed Bath & Beyond employee can look up a purchase made in the last 365 days.

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