Myzaxbysvisit – Win $ 1000 Daily Prize from Zaxbys Survey

MyZaxbysvisit is a customer survey created by Zaxby’s restaurant. This survey gives the opportunity for Zaxby’s customers to voice their feedback. Every guest will have the certain dining experience after visiting Zaxby’s. Some of them may have the special moment when they come to Zaxby’s. Besides, other may have the bad dining experience at Zaxby’s.

That is why they have to take Zaxby’s survey. So, they can let Zaxby’s know their satisfaction level. Besides, Zaxby’s survey also analyze some aspects of the restaurant. For instance, it asks your opinion about Zaxby’s menu, team member, and the service they give. If you have Zaxby’s receipt, do not doubt to involve in My Zaxby’s Visit survey. So, you deserve to get the chance to win $ 1000 daily prize and $ 1500 weekly prize from Zaxby’s survey sweepstakes

About Zaxby’s Restaurant

Zaxby’s is a franchised restaurant chain. This outlet is well-known for serving the Chicken Wings menu. Besides, it also serves other fast-food items such as french fries, chicken fingers, soups, Texas toast, sandwich, etc. As a fast-casual restaurant chain, Zaxby’s also offers desserts, appetizer, and kids menu. E

stablished in 1990, Zaxby’s can grow fast. Now, you can find more than 800 Zaxby’s chains in the US. This restaurant is available in 18 states. You will be easier to locate Zaxby’s in the Southern part of the US.

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The first chain of Zaxby’s is located in Georgia. This restaurant provides the fun and relaxing place to dine in. No doubt, many guests come back to Zaxby’s. Most of the customers are happy with Zaxby’s menu as well as the restaurant atmosphere.

Besides, Zaxby’s also offers the unique menu that you cannot find in other restaurants. For instance, it serves Boneless Wings, Zalads, and Zappetizer. Then, the signature menu of Zaxby’s is Zax sauce. It also has other dipping sauces such as Tongue Torch and Wimpy. Trust me, enjoying the fries or chicken wings with this sauce will be delicious.

What are the Rules of MyZaxbysvisit Survey Sweepstakes?

Zaxby’s never stops improving its restaurant. So, it wants to give the best quality of food and service for the guests. That is why Zaxby’s encourages its guests to enter Zaxbys survey. The best way to improve the service is to identify what the customers want.

It is the purpose of creating Zaxby’s survey. Zaxby’s wants to observe how well its service. Therefore, Zaxby’s asks its guests to tell how their recent dining experience. Through Zaxby’s Guest satisfaction survey, the customers can express their opinion about Zaxby’s team member, menu, price, and service.

Zaxby really thanks to the guests who have spent their time for the survey. So, Zaxby’s invites the participants to enter Zaxby’s sweepstakes. Then, if they win this online drawing contest, they will receive $ 1000 as the daily prize. Besides, they also have the chance to win $ 1500 weekly prize. Is this sweepstakes prize so great? That is why you should not ignore Zaxbys survey. It is your chance to get the big prize just by completing a simple survey.

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Before you enter Zaxbys survey portal, it is necessary to review the rules of Zaxby’s survey. The summary of Zaxby’s Customer survey rules below will really help you.

  • Survey requirements.

As like other guest satisfaction surveys, you must have Zaxby’s receipt. If you lose the receipt, you get from Zaxby’s it is impossible to enter the survey. It is because Zaxby’s asks the guests to enter some information on the receipt.

For example, you must provide the visit time, amount spent, and Zaxby’s survey code. Besides, the use of computer along with the reliable internet access is also needed. The last, you must own an email address as the requirement of sweepstakes entry.

  • Survey participants.

Zaxby’s welcomes all customers to involve in Zaxbys survey. But, there are some restrictions for the guests who want to enter Zaxby’s sweepstakes. First, they must be the residents of the United States. Then, they must be over the age of the majority in the US.

It means, they should be at least 18 years old. Besides, you are not eligible for Zaxby’s survey if you work at Zaxby’s restaurant. Besides, if you are the family members of Zaxby’s employees, you also cannot enter this drawing contest.

  • Entry method.

Zaxby’s offers two sweepstakes entries. First, you can enter Zaxby’s online sweepstakes. This entry requires a purchase since you need Zaxby’s receipt to enter. But, the amount of your purchase does not affect your chance to win. After you complete Zaxby’s survey, you can enter Zaxby’s sweepstake automatically. To submit a sweepstakes entry, you should supply your name, email account, along with your phone number.

Second, you can take part mail-in entry Zaxby’s sweepstakes. This entry does not need a purchase or Zaxby’s receipt. Just prepare a sheet of paper. Then, hand-print your personal details. You must include the full name, telephone number (home and mobile phone number), and full address.

You also can include your email address. Since Zaxby’s sweepstake is sponsored by Empathica, you should send your entry to Empathica Daily Sweepstakes. Then, send it to Zaxby’s Sweepstakes, 511 Avenue America #40 New York 10011.

  • Sweepstakes prize.

Zaxby’s will select 10 winners to receive $ 1000 as the daily prize. Besides, every entrant also can win $ 1500 weekly prize. Zaxby’s will select the winner randomly from the online and mail-in entry. So, regardless the entry method you use to enter Zaxby’s sweepstakes, you have the same chance to win.

Then, you should notice that the winner of Zaxby’s sweepstakes must be responsible for paying all the costs and tax. If you win Zaxby’s drawing contest, Zaxby’s will contact you by phone or email. Once you get this notification, you must respond it soon.

How to Complete MyZaxbysvisit Survey?

How was your last dining experience at Zaxby’s? Was it fun? Luckily, you can try to enter Zaxbys survey to share your Zaxby’s feedback. Zaxby’s restaurant will be glad receiving your feedback. To thank your opinion and review, Zaxby’s offers $ 1000 and $ 1500 as the survey prize. Just spend less than five minutes of your valuable time to take Zaxby’s survey. To get started, you can view Zaxby’s survey guideline below.

  • Enter Zaxby’s Survey website.
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To enter Zaxbys survey, you have to access Before starting this survey, make sure your Zaxby’s receipt is ready. Besides, you can review Zaxby’s privacy policy and Terms & Condition. This survey website also provides the link for viewing the Zaxby’s sweepstakes previous winner.

  • Input the time of visit.

To unlock the survey, you have to supply some information printed on Zaxby’s receipt. First, you need to indicate the time you visited Zaxby’s restaurant. Click on the Clock icon to set the time.

  • Enter the amount spent.

The next, you need to state the total amount you spend at Zaxby’s. See your receipt to check the amount you have spent to purchase Zaxby’s menu.

  • Enter the survey entry code.

After that, you have to write Zaxby’s survey code. Zaxby’s survey code consists of 11 digits including letter and number. Make sure you input the correct code so that you can enter the survey portal successfully. Press Enter button to begin Zaxby’s Guest Satisfaction Survey.

  • Answer Zaxbys survey questions.

It is the main part of My Zaxby’s Visit survey. You have to respond Zaxby’s questionnaires honestly. The questions in Zaxbys survey are about the customer satisfaction, menu, and team members. You also can write your opinion to improve Zaxby’s service. This way, Zaxby’s will be able to give the better service and food on your next visit.

  • Enter Zaxby’s sweepstakes.

If you are eligible, you can enter Zaxby’s sweepstakes. To submit your entry, you should give your personal details. Enter your first name and full name. Then, include your telephone number as well as the email address. After submitting your details, you just need to wait for the notification from Zaxby’s. If you win Zaxby’s drawing contest, Zaxby’s will contact you by email or phone.

Those are the steps of MyZaxbysvisit survey. Are those very simple to do? Even you have never taken part in Zaxbys customer survey before; you will be able to complete it successfully. It is so since Zaxby’s survey has the clear instructions on its website. But, if you still find any trouble or difficulties in taking Zaxby’s restaurant survey, you should call Zaxby’s Customer Service. The phone number is 1 866 892 9297.

What are the Questions at MyZaxbysVisit Survey?

Have you ever taken part in Zaxby’s Survey? In this restaurant survey, you will get a series of questions that is asking your dining experience. Zaxbys survey is so short that you can finish it quickly. It does not contain many questions. You can complete Zaxby’s customer survey just by giving your agreement with some statements.

Besides, MyZaxbysvisit also has a section where you can voice your suggestions or ideas to make Zaxby’s better. So, what are the topics asked in Zaxby’s Customer Satisfaction Survey? Check the list of questions below.

  1. Overall satisfaction.

The first section of MyZaxbysvisit asks the survey takers to respond some statements. In this part, you have to state your agreement or disagreement. There are five scales you can select to express your agreement. The first statement is about the overall satisfaction of your dining experience at Zaxby’s restaurant. Recall your recent experience at Zaxby’s. Was it satisfying or dissatisfying?

  1. Recommendation.
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Perhaps, you have the memorable dining experience at Zaxby’s. So, you must be likely to recommend Zaxby’s to your family members. But, if your dining experience was terrible, you can select Disagree.

  1. Revisit Zaxby’s/

The next statement is about your likeliness to visit Zaxby’s again. We believe, when you have fun dining in your previous visit, you will be likely to return to Zaxby’s later. Also, state your agreement whether Zaxby’s offer the good value for your money.

  1. Zaxby’s menu and prices.

Was Zaxby’s menu board easy to read? Then, state whether the food was prepared the way you ordered it. Also, give your opinion whether the food tastes great. Then, you should review the Zaxby’s menu price. State, whether the money you spend at Zaxby’s worths with the taste of the food.

  1. Zaxby’s team member.

Do you agree with the statement that Zaxby’s team members were hospitable and genuine? Also, state whether they are knowledgeable about Zaxby’s menus. Then, you can say whether Zaxby’s team members do anything above and beyond your expectation to make your dining experience special.

If they do, you should mention the name of the team member. This way, Zaxby’s can thank and appreciate them. The last, you should state if you were satisfied with the overall service you received from Zaxby’s.

  1. Suggestion.

Zaxby’s survey provides a field to write your suggestion. In this section, you are free to convey your ideas to make your dining experience even better in the next visit. For instance, you can ask Zaxby’s to improve the cleanliness of the restaurant. Besides, you can ask Zaxby’s to provide more menus. So, the customers will have many choices.

How to Find Zaxby’s Near Me?

Interested in enjoying the delicious Zalads and Zappetizer? Go to the nearest Zaxby’s. After enjoying the delicious taste of Zaxby’s chicken wings, you can try your luck to win the sweepstakes. But, if you are out of your town, you may be difficult to find Zaxby’s nearby. But, you should not worry since you can find Zaxby’s locations through these following steps.

  • Access Zaxby’s official website.

First of all, go to This official portal of Zaxby’s restaurant offers the informative details about Zaxby’s. For instance, you can explore Zaxby’s menu and price, Zaxby’s coupon and offers, as well as Zaxby’s Customer Service. This website also has the Store Locator feature to search Zaxby’s location.

  • Select Find a Store.

Enter Zaxby’s store locator menu. This feature enables you to find Zaxby’s restaurant nearby.

  • Enter your location.

The next, you should indicate your location. Select the state and city. If necessary, you can add the postal code as well.

  • Find Zaxby’s restaurant.

Then, Zaxby’s website will show you some Zaxby’s locations near me. You can select the restaurant which is the nearest one. Just see the distance detail to find out how far it is with your location. This store locator also gives you other information about Zaxby’s. For instance, it informs Zaxby’s hours, complete address, and Zaxby’s phone number.


Where is Zaxby's headquarters?

Athens, GAZaxby's

How do I complain to Zaxby's?

Please contact our guest service line at: 866-8-ZAXBYS (866.892. 9297) or email with your comments so they can be directed to the current location.

What state are Zaxby's in?

The company operates more than 650 locations in 15 states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia.

How do I file a complaint against Zaxby's?

Please contact our guest service line at: 866-8-ZAXBYS (866.892. 9297) or email with your comments so they can be directed to the current location.

Where is Zaxby's headquarters located?

Athens, GAZaxby's

What state are Zaxby's in?

The company operates more than 650 locations in 15 states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia.

What states are Zaxby's located in?

The company operates more than 650 locations in 15 states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia.

Is there a Zaxby?

Zaxby's is a chain of fast casual restaurants offering chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, and salads. The chain operates primarily in the Southern United States, and has more than 900 locations. Most Zaxby's restaurants are owned by franchisees, but 123 locations are owned by Zaxby's corporate.

What time does Zaxby's start serving lunch?

12.00 PMThe Zaxby's Lunch Hours starts from 12.00 PM and is served till 5 PM.

Are there any Zaxby's in Ohio?

Ohio's first Zaxby's restaurant closes. A fast-growing chain specializing in chicken fingers failed its test in Columbus. ... “While Zaxby's has no immediate plans to open new locations in Ohio, we continue to seek growth opportunities in existing and new markets.”

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