Mythdhr Login – Home Depot ESS and Live the Orange Life Guideline

When we are hired in the new workplace, sometimes it feels challenging. Adapting to the new environment can be a frustrating moment for some people. It is because they not only need to give the best performance for their job. But also, they have to learn the new working system in their company. But, you will not experience this issue when you work at Home Depot. This company has MyTHDHR Login portal for the employees.

So, Home Depot employees will be easy to find any information related to their work. If you want to get the benefits from this employee portal, you have to create Home Depot ESS account soon. In order to arrange the employment issue, Home Depot creates some portals. As the example, this company has MyTHDHR, Home Depot MyApron THD, and Live the Orange Life.

Each of these portals has its own usage. They will help you to maximize your ability. Besides, these portals can be the source of information. as the new employee of Home Depot, you may be still unfamiliar with this employee portal. So, keep reading this article to find out more about MyTHDHR and Home Depot ESS.

mythdhr login page
mythdhr login page

Home Depot Company Profile.

Who does not know Home Depot? It is a famous retailer company focusing on providing home improvement goods. This company is headquartered in Cobb County, Georgia. The first Home Depot store was established in 1978 by Bernard Marcus, Ron Brill, Pat Farah, and Arthur Blank. At that time, the location was in Marietta, Georgia. This company develops so well.

Nowadays, Home Depot runs more than 2000 chains in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. In order to operate thousands of chains, Home Depot has to employ more than 400.000 people. Imagine, how difficult it is to handle this number of employees.

That is why Home Depot has MyTHDHR as the employee portal. This store focuses to provide the home improvement goods. As an example, you can find the building material, home appliances, garden supplies, tools, paint, flooring, and so on.

What you Need to Know about MyTHDHR Login Portal.

MyTHDHR is an employee portal where all staff of Home Depot can access their account and view all information related to their work. The existence of this portal helps Home Depot Human Resources to manage all of the employees. With a great number of employees, it will be difficult to manage the employee’s data manually.

So, this system helps Home Depot HR to provide any info about the employment program. Having MyTHDHR account is a must for Home Depot employees. Once you are hired by Home Depot, you have to create MyTHDHR account soon. Then, you can access the Home Depot Employee Self Service portal. If you get any difficulty in signing up to this employee portal, you can ask help from Home Depot HR officer.

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When you have created MyTHDHR account, you can reach your account through two methods. Here are two ways of accessing the Home Depot employee portal.

  1. Accessing it through myApron.

If you prefer this method, you have to visit Then, this website will direct you to the Home Depot employee website. But, there is a rule of accessing this website. MyApron THD is only for internal usage. So, you only can access it when you are in the workplace. When you are at home, you cannot access this website.

  1. Accessing it through Home Depot ESS or

You can enter this website even you are not in the working area. So, this employee portal is more flexible. Sit is because you can access it from everywhere.

What are the Features of MyTHDHR Login Portal?

As the user of Mythdhr, you have to know what features are there in this portal. So, you can use this employee portal maximally. Here are the features you can use at Home Depot employee portal.

  1. Employee Self Service.

Through this feature, you can do several tasks related to your employment and your job. What are they? Check this out.

  • Activating the payment card.
  • Reviewing the summary of the job.
  • Activating the direct deposit.
  • Printing out the pay and tax statement.
  • Creating the mailing address.
  • Leaving the LOA (Leave of Absence) status.
  1. Employee Benefits.

Home Depot appreciates the hard work of its employees. So, Home Depot provides employee benefits as well as other programs to improve the quality of life and career. This benefit offer is for all employees of Home Depot. No matter you are the full-time or part-time employees, you can apply for this benefit.

To show the commitment of appreciating the employees, Hoem Depot has a special website to view the employee benefits called Live the Orange Life. You can access it at Here are the lists of employee benefits of Home Depot.

  • Part-time employees.

If you work as part-time associates, you can have life insurance and health insurance. It will cover the vision and dental need.

  • Full-time employees.

The full-time or salaried staff will get more benefits. As the example, they can get medical benefits including the vision, dental, and medical. They also can have the insurance of disability, dismemberment, insurance of accidental death, and many more.

  • Life and Work Benefits.

Home Depot allows the employees to improve the quality of their career and life. So, Home Depot helps them to cover several plans such as tax preparation, life care, employee discount program, tobacco cessation program, associate discount, tuition reimbursement, volunteer events, matching gift program, and back-u dependent care.

  • Financial benefits.

Home Depot also provides the financial benefits including the employee stock purchase plan, 401 (k) plan, bank incentive, and direct deposit.

  • Group benefits.

The benefits offered through this category are homeowner or auto insurance, veterinary insurance, and legal service plan.

  • Time off.

Home Depot allows the employees to apply for time off. This way, the employee can refresh their mind. As a result, they can give better performance at their work when they come back. The Home Depot covers the employees sick days, holidays, personal vacation, military leave, LOA, jury duty, and bereavement days.

  1. Your Schedule.
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Visiting Mythdhr portal enables you to check your work schedule. You are also allowed to set up your own schedule. So you can request the time off for vacation or other urgent things.

  1. Kronos.

This feature informs you about the schedule and attendance. Just visit Mythdhr Kronos if you want to view the daily schedule. So, you can make sure the date and time you are supposed to go working.

  1. Pay.

Home Depot gives the salary for the employees through the payroll card or direct deposit. So, you will not get the pay statement. If you want to check the pay stub, you have to access Home Depot MyApron Pay information.

  1. My Orange Ladder.

If you work at Home Depot, your career will not be stuck. You can improve your career. Just visit My Orange Ladder feature to find the info about self-improvement and career plan.

How to Sign into MyTHDHR Login Page ( Current Employees)

MyTHDHR and Home Depot ESS are not only reachable by the current employees. But, the former employees are also allowed to access this employee portal. But, the login method between the current and the former employees will be different. Here is the step by step to log into MyTHDHR Home Depot ESS for the current associates.

First of all, you have to visit the Home Depot employee website at The homepage of this website contains many menus, links, and useful information.

  • Click on ESS.

When you reach Mythdhr website, you should pay attention to the menus located on the right section of the website. You will see many features in this section. But, if you want to reach your Home Depot employee account, you have to select the ESS menu.

  • Click HERE to Login.

Make sure that you find the link to log into your account. Since you are still working at Home Depot, you have to select the login link for the current employee.

  • Specify the Home Depot location.

Now, you have to provide the location information. This website offers two options. You can enter the store code or other store location.

  • Enter Mythdhr user ID.

Then, you have to fill out Home Depot ESS user ID. Enter your user ID on the provided field.

  • Enter your password.

Then, you have to enter your password to log into your account. Make sure the password you enter is correct.

  • Click on Login button.

The last, you can press the Login button to access your account. If your login process successful, you can start exploring any features available on Home Depot ESS employee portal.

How to Log into Home Depot ESS (Former Associates)

Even you have not worked at Home Depot, you are still allowed to access your account at Home Depot ESS. So, you still can access any information related to your employment. Here are the steps to access the Home Depot ESS account for the former employees.

  • Visit Mythdhr employee portal.
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Just use your browser to access This portal is similar to the portal used by the Home depot current employees.

  • Select ESS.

The next, you have to click on Employee Self Service or ESS button. This button will direct you to the welcome page containing the login form.

  • Click HERE to Login.

Then, you have to find the button to log in for the former associates. For your information, this link also can be used for the Associates on LOA.

  • Fill Out Inactive Associate form.

The next, you have to complete the form to validate your employment status as the inactive Home Depot associates. This form asks you to provide some information. It includes the last name, date of birth, SSN or Social Insurance number. The last, you have to input the security code from the captcha.

  • Continue to Security Validation.

Finally, you are on the last step to login. You can click on the button locate don the bottom section. This button will help you to open the new page to validate your account. After validation, you can start exploring this employee website.

How to Sign into Home Depot Live the Orange Life

If you work at Home Depot, you will be familiar with Live the Orange Life. This website is a special portal containing information about employee benefits. So, if you want to sign up, view, and claim your benefits, you have to access this portal. Entering this portal is easy as accessing your Home Depot ESS account. Here is the simple procedure to access your benefit at Live the Orange Life.

  • Visit Live the Orange Life website.

You can access this website by visiting If you do not have Live the Orange Life account, you have to create an account first. Just click on the link entitled Are you a new user? Then, you have to complete all the instructions to create a new account. As the example, you have to enter the last four digits of SSN and date of birth. But, if you have created an account, you can continue to the next step below.

  • Enter the User ID.

The next, you should enter Live the Orange Life user ID.

  • Enter your password.

After that, you should enter the password that you have set up during the registration.

  • Click on the Log On button.

The last, you should press the Log On button. Then, you can begin to explore the features on Live the Orange Life. As the example, you can check the benefits, financial wellbeing, health & wellbeing, and support for your family.

That’s the simple way to access your benefits at Live the Orange Life website. If you need some help related to your benefits, you should contact the Home Depot benefits Choice Center. You can call 1.800.555.4954 from Monday to Friday at 9 am – 7 pm. Besides, you also can have a live chat at from Monday to Friday at 9 am – 11 pm.


What benefits do Home Depot employees get?

Benefits SummaryHealth Insurance (2,143)Dental Insurance (491)Flexible Spending Account (FSA) (336)Vision Insurance (491)Health Savings Account (HSA) (398)Life Insurance (467)Supplemental Life Insurance (428)Disability Insurance (452)More › Benefits › The-Home-Depot-US-Benefits-EI_IE6...The Home Depot Employee Benefits and Perks | › Benefits › The-Home-Depot-US-Benefits-EI_IE6...

What is the Home Depot employee website?

To make employment details access easy, Home Depot made a portal for its employees named MyTHDHR. After logging in to the, employees can access their employment information like work, health, salary, job prosperity, issues and other things that relate to their role with the company.

How much is Home Depot's employee discount?

Home Depot employees don't receive discounts. Instead, all employees that work an average of 20hrs a week are eligible for benefits (dental/drug). All employees have stock shares and receive quarterly bonuses (assuming your store has reached Plan).

Does Home Depot have good health insurance?

HEALTH INSURANCE: THE HOME DEPOT offers a remarkable health insurance for every employee. Various exams and procedures are covered, as well as comprehensive health plans. HEALTH PLAN INCENTIVES: THE HOME DEPOT offers its team members remarkable health plan incentives.

How do I log into ESS?

To get started, you'll want to pull up and enter in your ESS User ID and password. Once you're logged in, hover over Benefits at the top of the page and select Benefit Links.

What is the Home Depot employee website?

To make employment details access easy, Home Depot made a portal for its employees named MyTHDHR. After logging in to the, employees can access their employment information like work, health, salary, job prosperity, issues and other things that relate to their role with the company.

How many associates does Home Depot have?

According to the company's website, Home Depot employees 400,000 associates at 2,284 stores in North America.

What is ESS portal?

What is Employee Self Service Portal (ESS Portal)? Employee Self-service portal (ESS) software allows employees to manage their personal records and payroll related details. Employees can update their contact details, apply leaves, view payslip and Form 16A etc. on an ESS portal.

What benefits do Home Depot employees get?

Benefits SummaryHealth Insurance (2,143)Dental Insurance (491)Flexible Spending Account (FSA) (336)Vision Insurance (491)Health Savings Account (HSA) (398)Life Insurance (467)Supplemental Life Insurance (428)Disability Insurance (452)More › Benefits › The-Home-Depot-US-Benefits-EI_IE6...The Home Depot Employee Benefits and Perks | › Benefits › The-Home-Depot-US-Benefits-EI_IE6...

Do Part Time Home Depot employees get benefits?

Benefits. Home Depot offers associates the opportunity to choose plans and programs that meet individual and family needs through Your Total Value, The Home Depot's benefits and compensation programs. ... Benefit plans are available to part-time hourly, full-time hourly and salaried associates.

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