Myshoprite Experience – Win $ 1000 from Shoprite Customer Survey Sweepstakes

Where did you buy food? If you want to make food, of course, you need to shop first. We are sure you can find various supermarkets that sell food. Well, housewives need to have knowledge about food ingredients. There you need to know how to choose quality food ingredients. Food ingredients consist of 2 types. You can buy animal or vegetable products.

Both have different storage methods. Maybe you have experience buying damaged food? Well, if you don’t want to repeat it, maybe you need to go to the Shoprite Supermarket. Shoprite Supermarket is a popular food retailer in the United States. Then, you not only can shop for groceries there. You can use Shoprite receipts to enter the sweepstakes. You only need to visit the MyShoprite Experience survey portal.

Myshopriteexperience is a portal for rating service quality in Shoprite. They have ways to find out what customers want and what they lack. Shoprite Customer Satisfaction Survey is the right solution for those of you who want to give criticism or suggestions. They will gladly offer the opportunity to win prizes for you.

So they have a Shoprite Gift Card Survey for sweepstakes winners. Well, what amount will I get? You don’t need to worry, they give reasonable prices for customers. If you are lucky, then you are entitled to receive a Gift Card with a value of $ 500. So, save your receipt to take part in this sweepstakes program.

Myshoprite experience
Myshoprite experience survey page

What do you know about Shoprite Supermarket?

Before we discuss how to take surveys, let’s read Shoprite’s profile.

Shoprite is a supermarket that is popular in the United States. They have headquarters in New Jersey, New York. Now, you can find Shoprites in 6 countries. They are Delaware, New Jersey, New York, etc. They have 48 affiliates and operate 296 stores. This business is under the distribution of Wakefern Food Corporation.

Year after year, they managed to grow with good report cards. They become the largest food supermarket in New Jersey. Then in 2011, they succeeded in becoming a popular supermarket in Greater Philadelphia. They cannot survive without their loyal customers.

This story began in 1946. Representatives from Del Monte Foods had ideas about wholesaler’s problems. Their problem is not being able to get a fair price for wholesale goods. Then they agree to buy goods with a cooperative system.

Furthermore, they paid 1000 Dollars to establish Wakefern Foods. So this business was established in 1946. Then the Shoprite brand was present in 1951. Maybe you can imagine how many years they exist with this supermarket business.

Well, now they have a survey and sweepstakes program for customers. So, you can take as many surveys as you want. Then you can share their experiences and opinions. This method can help them find out the weaknesses of the business and services in the store. So, they have rules to limit your survey. You only need to answer a few simple questions to complete the survey.

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Myshoprite experience survey
Myshoprite experience survey

Myshoperite Experience Survey and Sweepstakes Rules.

Well, now we will help you know the rules of the survey and sweepstakes. If you want to read the full version, follow the steps below. First, visit the survey portal Second, click on the “sweepstakes rules” link. Third, download the rule sheet.

However, you do not need to do this step. Here we will help you to find out some survey rules. Because not everyone can take the program and take surveys. So, if you meet the requirements, you can proceed to the next step.

  1. Survey Period and Sweepstakes Entry. Here you cannot enter sweepstakes outside the survey period. So, they open the sweepstakes program starting July 1, 2019. Then, you need to end your survey on July 30, 2019. So you have 12 months to enter your luck.
  2. Methods for Following the Sweepstakes Program. You can take 2 ways to join this program. Here you can only enter 1 sweepstake in one survey period.
  • First, you can do it with an online survey. Here you need to complete the survey first. Then you can fill out the online registration form. So, they need your identity to determine the sweepstakes winner. What do you need to have before the survey? You need to have a sales receipt from your transaction.
  • Second, send your sweepstakes using a postcard. If you previously filled out the form, here you need to write a letter. Write your identity. You can start with your name, home address and email. Then don’t forget to write down your telephone number and age. Then send a postcard to the address that you can see on the rule sheet.
  1. Are you entitled to take part in the survey? Look here!.
  • They have an age limit for survey participants and lotteries. You need to be 18 years old to take this opportunity. If you are a legitimate Delaware resident, then you must be 19 years old.
  • You are a legitimate resident in 6 countries where Shoprite operates. Basically, the population of the United States may take this survey.
  • You are not an employee at the Shoprite Supermarket.
  • You are not a family that lives with one employee.
  • Sponsors or business partners are prohibited from taking surveys and sweepstakes programs.
  1. Reward for Sweepstakes Winners. Well, you can’t waste this opportunity. Because they have 22 grand prizes for sweepstakes winners. Each winner will get $ 500.
  • Here they offer gifts in the form of gift cards. You can use it to shop for your kitchen needs in Shoprite.
  • If you miss the sweepstakes period, you can still get a prize. Because they have Shoprite Coupons for you after the survey. So, the portal will display a validation code for your coupon. Write the code on your sales receipt. Next, exchange coupons with free products at the nearest Shoprite outlet. You can use this coupon for a period of 30 days. After 30 days, your code and gift will expire.
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What You Need to Do the MyShoprite Experience Survey

Next, you need to know some preparation before conducting the survey. If you can access social media pages, you will not have difficulty making preparations. Because devices for accessing social media are almost the same as online surveys. Here you only need to prepare the survey device that you have.

Computer devices, laptops or smartphones compatible for the survey process. Then the need for other online surveys is the internet network. Here your device can access the portal with the support of internet services. Here we will summarize some of the needs of an online survey.

  1. Online survey device (computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone).
  2. Stable internet service support.
  3. Product purchase receipt from Shoprite.
  4. Office stationery to make your own coupons.
How to Join the Lucky Draw through the Myshoprite Experience.

After reading the rules and profile of Shoprite, you can now conduct surveys. We have discussed the method for taking part in the survey rules. You can send sweepstakes to Shoprite mailing addresses. But we invite you to use simple and fun ways here. So to take a survey, you need proof of payment.

So, you can shop first before taking a survey. There you can observe aspects of their service. Furthermore, your experience can help you to answer questions. Besides being able to give comments, you have the opportunity to win a reward. Here’s how to do the MyShoprite Experience.

  1. Visit the Survey Portal

If you can log in on social media, we are sure you can do this. The way to access this portal is easier than logging in on your social media. You only need to do half a step to open a social media account. So, enter the address in the search box in your browser. Then click on your browser’s search results.

  1. You can adjust the language of the survey portal.

If you speak English, then you can immediately take the next step. However, if you experience difficulties, you can choose Spanish.

  1. Enter some information on your sales receipt.

Have you just visited Shoprite? Dalla! Take out your receipt to see some survey portal credentials. You don’t need to be confused about entering information in the available fields. Because they have an example of a receipt beside the column. Following are the steps to enter information from the sales receipt.

  • Enter the date of your visit to the Shoprite Supermarket. Click on the calendar icon next to the column. Then choose the date of your visit.
  • Enter the time of the visit to the store. Click on each box to set the time for your visit.
  • Enter the Store Number you visited. Store number consists of 3 digit numbers.
  • Enter the registration number on your sales receipt.
  • Finally, enter the transaction number in your receipt.
  • If you have completed all credentials, click on the start button.
  1. Answer Shoprite Survey Questions.
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Do you still remember your shopping experience at Shoprite last time? Well, you can recall the moment to help complete the survey. Here you only need to answer 10 – 15 survey questions. So here you can complete the survey in just 5 minutes. We will help you prepare answers to this satisfaction survey. Here are questions that you might need to answer on the survey portal.

  • How do you shop? Here you can shop at the store, or use Shoprite From Home. Then you can choose to use Shoprite Delivery.
  • You need to give your satisfaction in general to them. You can consider various aspects of the service you get. There you need to give a satisfaction rating.
  • The amount of money you pay.
  • The product you bought.
  • Your opinion about facilities, cleanliness in the shop.
  • Your opinion about their employees.
  1. Enter Shoprite Sweepstakes Now.

Here you need to fill out an online form. Enter your full name and address. Then enter your telephone number and email. If you get a validation code, write the code on the sales receipt. Now you have a gift coupon.

  1. Check the name of the winner in each prize draw period.

Now you have entered the sweepstakes. You just need to wait for the sweepstakes winner. Shoprite will contact you by phone if you win this sweepstakes program.

How to get Shoprite Weekly Deals.

Are you not eligible to conduct a survey? You don’t need to worry, you can get Shoprite deals. Here you can download the Shoprite mobile app. This application can make it easier for you to shop online or delivery order. Well, you can get this application through Google Play.

So you can surround the supermarket only with your smartphone. Isn’t this an easier way? Because you can plan and save your shopping time. Here are some benefits that you can get from this mobile app.

  1. You can use the Shoprite service from home.
  2. You can create a shopping list for the future.
  3. You can find and get food quickly and easily.
  4. Here, you are entitled to get a digital coupon in your application.
  5. Get Shoprite coupons and recipes from one application.
  6. You can access the Shoprite weekly ad from them. There you can see weekly deals.

How to Reach Shoprite Customer Service.

Do you experience any trouble when you take Shoprite Gift Card Survey? Well, we will help you deliver feedback without going through surveys. Here you can use the website, social media and their telephone. If you want to communicate directly, maybe a telephone number is the solution for you.

If you want to write a review of your problem, then you can send a letter. Or you can try a simpler way. Here you can send direct messages through their social media.

  1. Shoprite Customer Service Phone Number.

(1-800-746-7748). Contact them from Monday to Friday: 8 am – 6 pm. Saturday to Sunday: 9am – 5pm.

  1. Shoprite Mailing Address.

ShopRite Customer Care

PO Box 7812 Edison,

NJ 08818

  1. Shoprite Supermarket Social Media.
  • Facebook: @ ShopRite.supermarket.
  • twitter: @ShopRiteStores.
  • Instagram: @shopritestores.
  1. Shoprite Official Website.


How much does it cost for ShopRite delivery?

ShopRite charges a $5 service fee (for finding and packing groceries) and a $6.95 delivery fee for orders less than $150 (zero after that); curbside pickup costs $5.95. Products and prices for home delivery are the same as those in the store, and include sale and promotional items.

How do you get digital coupons from ShopRite?

To download digital coupons to a Price Plus® Club card on or via your mobile device, you'll need to first set up an account on You can also load digital coupons to your Price Plus® Club card via an in-store kiosk. Visit your store's courtesy desk for details.

What is ShopRite digital coupon?

Digital Coupon Center. Sign in or create a account to load these coupons to your Price Plus club card. The offers you select will automatically be added to your card and will remain on your shopping list and card until they are redeemed, expire or you unclip the offer. Coupons do not double or triple.

How do I find out my ShopRite card number?

A: Click on “My ShopRite” in the navigation bar to view all your account information in one location including your Price Plus ® club card number and points, digital coupons loaded, past purchases and saved lists.

How do I get digital coupons for ShopRite?

Digital Coupon Center. Sign in or create a account to load these coupons to your Price Plus club card. The offers you select will automatically be added to your card and will remain on your shopping list and card until they are redeemed, expire or you unclip the offer. Coupons do not double or triple.

Does ShopRite have online shopping?

Let us do the shopping for you! The same low prices, quality and variety all from your local neighborhood ShopRite store available online 24/7. It's everything you love about your ShopRite on your phone, tablet or desktop.

How do I get ShopRite circular mail?

Simply visit and click on 'Weekly Circular," enter your zipcode and view the circular of your favorite nearby store.

Does ShopRite have home delivery?

DELIVERY AREAS Online grocery delivery through our ShopRite from Home service is available at select stores. To find out if delivery is available to your area, enter your zip code in our store locator, and select the box to show stores with Online Grocery Delivery.

What does DM mean on ShopRite receipt?

DM = Digital Coupon – and will typically show up underneath the item that was purchased. SC = Store Coupon (same as digital – just coded differently) – and will typically show up underneath the item that was purchased. This SC abbreviation will also appear at the very bottom of your receipt after the abbreviation of MC ...

How do I get digital coupons for ShopRite?

To download digital coupons to a Price Plus® Club card on or via your mobile device, you'll need to first set up an account on You can also load digital coupons to your Price Plus® Club card via an in-store kiosk. Visit your store's courtesy desk for details.

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