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Deciding the suitable gift for the special one is a hard task. You may be difficult to decide which present that they like. For instance, you need a special gift for the new grad, newlywed couple, or parents to be. Besides, you may also get confused to look for the birthday present for your friends.

In this case, why don’t you give them a gift card? Ribbon Gift card is one of the gifts you can choose. When you give them Ribbon Gift Card, they can use this card to choose the gift they like. So, you do not need to get confused to think about the best gift for them. MyRibbongift will make the lovely memories for the recipient of the card.

My Ribbon Gift Card is different from other gift cards. Ribbon gift card does not show the dollar value on the card. So, the recipient will not know the amount of money on the card until they redeem it at My Ribbon Gift Portal.  Once they enter the redemption code of the gift card, they can select which gift they like the most.

Everyone that receives this gift card will be happy since they can select their favorite present by themselves. Besides, Ribbon Gift card comes in two forms. First, you can purchase the physical Ribbon card. Then, you also can purchase the eGift as well. Ribbon eGift is the most convenient way to give a surprise. It is because you can send this eGift quickly to the recipient’s inbox.


Do you still hesitate to choose Ribbon Gift Portal as a present? Perhaps you need to review the benefits of using Ribbon Gift card in this article. No doubt, Ribbon Gift Card gives many benefits for both the purchaser and the recipient.

Besides, knowing the features of the card also makes you sure to purchase Ribbon Gift Card for your special one. Furthermore, in this article, you can find the way to purchase and redeem this gift card. We also offer the tips to contact My Ribbon Gift Card customer service. So, keep reading this article to get the complete information about Ribbon Gift Card.


What are the Benefits of Using My Ribbon Gift Card?

You may need some considerations below before you choose Ribbon Gift Features as the prize. Explained below are the strengths of Ribbon Gift Card compared to other gift cards. By considering the card benefits below, you will be sure to give Ribbon Gift card to the people you love. These are the benefits of Ribbon Gift Cards for you as well as the recipient.

  • Free shipping.

When you purchase this card online, you will not need to pay the extra cost for shipping. You just need to pay the value of the card based on the card type you choose. Then, MyRibbonCard will send this card to your address. Besides, the company can directly send this card to the recipient that you choose.

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So, you just need to pay the card; then the recipient will wait for the card arrives at them. Usually, the gift card will arrive within 3-7 days. Furthermore, Ribbon gift card is also available in the form of eGift. This card is more convenient than the traditional card. It is so since you can send the Ribbon eGift to the recipient’s inbox.

  • Never expire.

Unlike another gift card which has the expiration date, My Ribbon Gift card will never expire. You can use this card as long as the value of this card is still available. So, you do not have to redeem the gift card value soon. You can use the card when you need to purchase something.

Besides, you will never lose the value of the gift card. The value will lessen when you use the card for the transaction. Moreover, MyRibbon Gift will give you the satisfaction guarantee within 180 days. In case, you find any trouble in using the Ribbon gift card in 180 days after purchasing; you can return this card. Then, the company will replace your card with the new one. Besides, the company also gives the guarantee to the product you buy with this card.

  • Branded merchandise.

With Ribbon Gift card, you can purchase the high-end products. Simply access to view the products available. You can view all of the branded products at this website. To make you easier to select the product, you can sort the products by its brand, color, and best seller.

As the example, you can search the products from Guess, Michele Kors, Kenwood, Honeywell, etc. Ribbon-Gift also provides some categories of the products. For instance, you can purchase the products for kids, men, or women.

  • Available for any occasion.

The Gift card is available in some themes. So, you can purchase the gift card based on the person you want to give. For instance, you can purchase the gift cards with the themes: Just For Baby, Just For Her, Just For Him, or Just for Kids. So, if you want to give the present for the parents to-be, you can give them Just for Baby cards.

Besides, if you want to send a prize for your girlfriend or boyfriend, you can choose Just for Him or Just For Her theme. Ribbon Gift card can be a personal gift for everyone. Also, this card is a smart gift for any occasions. For example, you can use it for Christmas gift, wedding, birthday, valentine day, and many other occasions.

  • Available in wide range of values.

This Gift card has the various value on each card. You can choose the amount of dollar in the gift card you will purchase. So, you can adjust it to your budget. The gift cards are available in $ 30 up to $ 1000. The type of the Ribbon Gift Cards is as the following. They are $ 30 variety, $ 50 unique, $ 100 Treasure, $ 150 Splendid, and much more.

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How to Order and Redeem My Ribbon Gift Card?

Ordering Ribbon Gift Card as easy as moving your finger tips. Luckily, you can order this gift card for yourself or someone else. The order process will not take much time. But, make sure your device is connected well to the internet. Besides, Ribbon Gift Card website has the time out session. So, make sure that you do not leave your computer inactive before the purchasing process finish. Here are the steps of purchasing Ribbon Gift card.

  • Visit

Then, you can browse the type of card based on your need. Besides, you can change the language in this website into Spanish. If necessary, you can log into your account.

  • Select the gift card.

When you have found the gift card which is suitable for your need and occasion, you can add it to the cart. Specify the number of the gift cards you want to purchase. After adding the card to your cart, you can view the purple gift icon at the top of the page. Next, to this icon, you can see the total of gift cards you buy as well as the amount of transaction.

  • Fill out the shipping information.

Next, you can complete the shipping information. Specify where this card should be sent. You can write down your address. Besides, you also can write the recipient address as well. In case you send this card to other people, make sure that you write the complete address.

  • Pay your gift card.

The last, you can pay for the cards you have ordered. You can use the debit card or credit card to pay for this gift card. If the free shipping promotion is over, you have to pay the shipping cost as well. The next, you can wait for this gift card arrives.

Within three up to seven days, Ribbon Gift Card will arrive in your hand. Soon after this card arrives, you can redeem the gift. Besides, Receiving MyRibbon Gift card from someone else is exciting. You do not know the value of the Ribbon Gift Card you get. So, you cannot know what gift you will redeem with this card before you visit Here, you can view the steps of redeeming Ribbon Gift cards.

  • Access Ribbon Gift Portal.

When you visit this website, you will see its logo at the top left of the page. Then, you can select the language or country at the top right of the page. This website provides English, Spanish, and French.

  • View Gift Collections.

Before redeeming your card, it is better to view the gift collections. So, you have the overview of the products you want to redeem. Just select View Gift Collections at the menu bar. Then, you can select the type of gift card matches to yours. For instance, you can choose Variety Gift Card, Unique card, Elite Card, Premiere card, etc. Once you select the gift card, the site will display the lists of product you can purchase.

  • Redeem a gift.

After deciding the item, you can select Redeem a Gift menu. Then, enter the redemption code. You can find this code at the back of your gift card. When Ribbon Gift Card redemption code is valid, you can explore the variety of the product. Just select one item you like the most.

  • Complete the shipping information.
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The next, you can write down your full address. This way, This Ribbon Gift can send the product you have chosen to the right address. The last, just wait for this product arrives at your home.

The process of purchasing and redeeming Ribbon gift card is very simple, isn’t it? Now, you will not get confused anymore to decide the gift for someone else. Just send them Ribbon Gift Card then let them choose their favorite items. The recipient will be happy receiving Ribbon card as the gift. Sometimes, they may get the prize which they do not like. But, when they receive Ribbon Gift Cards, they can select their desired item by themselves.

How to Contact the Customer Service?

Sometimes, you get some trouble when you use Ribbon Gift Card. In this situation, you have to contact Ribbon Gift Customer Service. Besides, you also can contact Ribbon Gift Consultant to ask some issues. For instance, you have the question about shipping, ordering the card, or returning the product. To reach Ribbon Card Customer Service, you can try one of three ways below.

  • By phone.

Want to talk to Ribbon Consultant? You can call them at 1 844 – RIBBON1. Ribbon Gift Card Representatives will help to solve your issue. They are available from Monday to Friday at 8 am to the midnight. Besides, on Saturday, they are ready at 8.30 am to 5 pm.

  • By Email.

Second, you can contact the Customer Service by email. You can send your email anytime to Then, you have to wait for the response from Ribbon team.

  • Completing the online form.

The last method of contacting Ribbon Customer Support is by using Contact Us menu on its website. Through this form, you can write down any questions, complaints, or comment. Here are the steps of submitting the form.

  1. Visit Ribbon Gift Card Official Site. Then, scroll down this home page until you find Contact Us menu. Then, RibbonGift website will open the form for you.
  2. Fill out your basic information.

My Ribbon Gift Portal requires your personal data. So, you have to input your name and the complete address. Make sure that you fill out the street address, apt/suite, city, state, and zip code. Then, also enter your phone number as well as the email address.

  1. Select the inquiry type.

The next, you should choose the type of inquiry. For instance, you want to ask or complain about site experience feedback, return, new order, shipping, or product.

  1. Write your comments.

In the space provided, you can start writing your complaints or questions. Explain your question briefly. It is because you only can write the comments in 255 characters.

  1. Submit it.

The last, you can submit MyRibbonGift feedback form by pressing the purple button entitled Submit Your Comment.

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