Mynordstrom – Easy Guideline for My Nordstrom Employee Login Portal

Mynordstrom is the employee portal of Nordstrom company. We all know that Nordstrom is one of the biggest department stores in the US. Headquartered in Washington, Nordstrom began its business as the shoe retailer. Then, this company expands the inventory to provide the clothing, jewelry, accessories, and cosmetics. Also, you can find home furnishing and wedding department in this store.

Nordstrom has more than 400 stores in 40 states. Besides, Nordstrom has several types of stores. For instance, it has the full line store, Nordstrom Rack, Trunk Club, Jeffrey Boutique, and the clearance store. Furthermore, this company also provides the online shopping platforms. You can shop online at or

Since Nordstrom has a wide range of business and store, it employs many workers. Then, managing a large number of employees is not easy. So, this company creates MyNordstrom employee website. All the staff of Nordstrom can access the online service from this platform.

Once they are hired by Nordstrom, they must create an account at My Nordstrom. After they set up Nordstrom employee account successfully, they can log into their account anytime. They are free to access the wide list of company’s information. Besides, they can view Nordstrom employment information.

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If you are the new employee of Nordstrom, you have to create Nordstrom account soon. No matter you work as the part-time or full-time staff, you must have My Nordstrom account. So, you will be able to access any details about your work.

As the example, you can check Nordstrom work schedule. Besides, you can even access the online pay stub. If you have no idea how to sign up My Nordstrom account, you should keep reviewing this page. This article will lead you the way to register Nordstrom employee account. You also can check the way to sign into Nordstrom employee login page.

How to Access MyNordstrom Employee Login Page?

As the employee of Nordstrom, you just need to open Nordstrom employee portal. My Nordstrom serves as the online HR Department. So, you can view the employment info on this site. Before you access My Nordstrom, make sure that you have registered to this site.

Once Nordstrom hires you, you must set up your Nordstrom account soon. This way, you will get a password to open Nordstrom website. Then, you can do the simple instructions below in order to access your Nordstrom account.

  • Visit Nordstrom login page.

Nordstrom employee portal is accessible at The main purpose of this website is to reach your Nordstrom account. That is why you will find the Nordstrom login field in the middle of the page. Besides, this portal contains some helpful links. For instance, you can request or reset your password. Furthermore, it provides the links for the new hires and the people who are not Nordstrom employee.

  • Enter your employee ID.

When you are officially hired by Nordstrom, you will get the employee ID. Then, you can use Nordstrom employee ID number to enter Nordstrom. If you do not know your employee ID, you should ask Nordstrom HR officer.

  • Provide Nordstrom password.

The next, you should write down Nordstrom password. Make sure that you enter it correctly. If you enter the wrong password, My Nordstrom website will notify you.

  • Press the Login button.

When you are sure that Nordstrom login details you enter are correct, click on Login button. Then, you can start browsing and exploring all the features at My Nordstrom.

If you are still the newly hired staff of Nordstrom, you may not have the password yet. For your information, you cannot create Nordstrom password by yourself. So, if you want to have this password, you should request it from Mynordstrom. But, before requesting the password, you must have Nordstrom employee ID number. Then, do this guideline below to ask for Nordstrom password.

  • Go to nordstrom website at
  • Click on the link labeled Request, Reset, or Forgot password.
  • Enter your Nordstrom employee ID #.
  • Press Request password button.

After requesting the password, Nordstrom will send the password to your email. You also can do the guideline above to reset your password. Then, you will receive an email containing the instructions to reset Nordstrom password.

If you face any login issues at Nordstrom, you have to call Nordstrom helpline soon. The phone number of Nordstrom Help Desk is 855 667 3947. My Nordstrom helpline is not available 24/7. So make sure that you call them during the business hour. So, you can get the fast response from Nordstrom. Just explain your problem in accessing nordstrom employee website. Then, the Help Desk staff will solve your problem.

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What are the Benefits of Having Nordstrom Account?

For all employees of Nordstrom, having Nordstrom account is a must. It is because this portal offers the easiness and benefit for the user. As the example, Nordstrom staff is easy to access pay stub or schedule. Furthermore, checking Nordstrom employee benefits is also possible.

The user of My Nordstrom employee website can view this information easily. They just need to sign into Nordstrom employee login page. Then they are free to explore all features at My Nordstrom employee website. Listed below are some benefits of accessing Nordstrom employee portal.

  1. Accessing the online payslip.

Nordstrom does not provide paper pay slip to its employee. It is because all the workers receive the salary through payroll or direct deposit. So, if you want to see the details of your salary, you can access the online pay stub at Nordstrom. You can view not only the current pay stub but also the previous pay statement. This way, you can check the full detail of pay history. So, you can make sure that the payment information is correct.

  1. Checking the employee benefits.

Nordstrom employees also can view all of the benefits. For instance, they can check the extrinsic incentives, employee discount, health insurance, and Nordstrom 401K. Besides, they can check all of the exclusive offers for the staff.

  1. Accessing the company news.

When you open Nordstrom employee portal, you can view all information related to your company. This way, you will always be able to update the upcoming events.

  1. Viewing the employee offers.

Nordstrom values and appreciates its employees. So, this company gives the various offers to the employees. For instance, you can receive an employee discount. This way, you can purchase certain products at Nordstrom at the lower price.

How to View My Schedule at Nordstrom Website?

One of the purposes of visiting Nordstrom is to view the schedule. It is because most of Nordstrom employees are the part-time staff. So, they will have the different schedule or shift time. Some employees may have to work the morning shift.

Besides, other Nordstrom employees should work in the evening. Since they have the different working time, they should check the schedule periodically. This way, they will always notice what time they have to go work.

Nordstrom does not only provides the work schedule. But, it also allows you to request the time off. Perhaps, you have something urgent to do in the certain day. So, you can request the day off through MyScheduler feature. This way, you do not need to meet HR officer to request the day off.

Luckily, Mynordstrom is available 24/7. So, you can check your schedule anytime. Furthermore, you can ask for the day off whenever you need it. Here are the steps to view the work schedule at My Nordstrom employee portal.

  • Go to Nordstrom employment website.

You have to log into to reach your account. Make sure that you remember your employee ID and password. By signing into Nordstrom website, you can check your daily schedule and working shift. You also can request the day off.

  • Provide your employee ID.

As usual, in order to enter nordstrom website, you should supply the employee ID. This ID number will verify you as the real staff of Nordstrom company. If you do not remember your Nordstrom employee ID, you can check your employee ID card. Besides, you can ask Nordstrom HR officer.

  • Enter your password.

Now, you should recall Nordstrom password. You have requested the password, haven’t you? If you do not have Nordstrom password yet, you should click on Request, Reset, or Forgot Password. Then, you can continue the next prompts to get the password. Just notice that Nordstrom password contains the letters and numbers.

  • Press Login.

After entering the correct Nordstrom login credentials, you should press the Login details. Then, you will enter your Nordstrom account successfully. The next, you can begin exploring all features in My Nordstrom. As the example, you can check the online Nordstrom pay stub. Besides, checking the working schedule is also possible.

  • Click on My Scheduler tab.

After logging into MyNordstrom, you have to find My Schedule tab. Then, click on this scheduler option to view your working shift. In this scheduler menu, you can check what time you have to go work. Then, you also can view your working hours. The part-time employees are necessary to calculate the working hours. It is because their salary is counted based on how many hours they work. Furthermore, they can ask for the time off.

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What are Nordstrom Careers You can Apply For?

Only the authorized employees of Nordstrom can access MyNordstrom website. So, if you want to view the content of My Nordstrom, you must be the part of this company. Starting your career at Nordstrom is a good choice. This company offers the wide range of career options.

You can apply for the position at Nordstrom which is suitable with your passion. As the example, you can work as the store associates. But, if you have the culinary passion, you can work in Nordstrom restaurant and the coffee bar. In fact, there are many other job opportunities at Nordstrom. Check out the list below.

  • Nordstrom Retail Careers.

If you like working in retail, perhaps Nordstrom retail career is suitable for you. There are many positions available. For instance, you can work as the cashier, store associates, store manager, and so on. Nordstrom has several stores which need the workers. For example, you can apply for the position at NYC Men’s store, Nordstrom Rack, Trunk Club, and Nordstrom restaurant.

  • Headquarter career.

Nordstrom offers the professionals or new graduates to work at Nordstrom Headquarter office. You can work as the designer, project leader, programmers, and many other jobs. The Nordstrom Headquarter has some departments. It has e-commerce, merchandising and planning, as well as technology.

Besides, other departments are product development, marketing, finance, and human resource. As the fast-moving company, Nordstrom needs the creative people. This company also encourage all the staff to be innovative and always give the best service to the customers.

  • International career.

Nordstrom also offers the international careers. This company lookout the professionals who love fashion. If you are interested in joining this team, you should send the application soon.

  • Student center.

Being a student does not block you to start your career at Nordstrom. It is because Nordstrom offers the internship program. This way, you can learn the business at Nordstrom. Besides, you can earn some money while learning. Nordstrom offers the competitive salary for the internship staff.

Furthermore, you can receive the merchandise discount as well. You can apply for retail management internship or finance internship. Besides, other programs are merchandising & planning internship and software engineering internship.

Those are some careers option at Nordstrom. Which career attracts you? We recommend you to apply for Nordstrom job which matches your experience and education. This way, your chance to be hired by Nordstrom will be bigger.

How to Create a Profile on Nordstrom Career Page?

If you want to be the staff of Nordstrom, you must apply for Nordstrom job. Luckily, Nordstrom has an online career portal. In this portal, you can search the job opportunities at Nordstrom. Besides, you can apply for this job position online.

So, you do not need to visit Nordstrom to apply in store. But, if you want to send Nordstrom application online, you have to create a profile at Nordstrom careers page. Here is the guideline to set up Nordstrom career profile.

  • Visit Nordstrom official website.

If you want to access any details related to this retail store, you should load This website informs you about Nordstrom department store. You can view all merchandise at Nordstrom. Besides, you can check Nordstrom rewards as well. This site also provides the career sections.

  • Select Careers.

Go to the bottom section of Nordstrom webpage. You will find Careers option. Just click this menu to bring you to Nordstrom careers page.

  • Create a profile.

In this page, you will find three options at the top of the page. They are Create a Profile, Search Jobs, and Nordstrom Employees. Click on Create a Profile to start setting up your Nordstrom account.

  • Accept the terms and condition.

Before continuing to create a profile, you should read Nordstrom terms and condition. Besides, you should review Nordstrom Career privacy policy as well. After reading, you should select I Accept button.

  • Register yourself.

You have to take a few minutes to complete the registration form. You will need the information on the form to access your Nordstrom account in the future.

  • Create a username.

You need a Nordstrom username to apply for the jobs online. Your username should contain at least four characters in length. Besides, you should not include any space. You can use your own name as the username.

  • Create a password.

Then, set up a Nordstrom password. Do not forget to re-enter your password in the next field. Nordstrom password must be at least seven characters in length. Then, to increase the security of your password, you must include one uppercase, one lowercase, and one number to your password.

  • Provide your email.
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To register Nordstrom career account, you should provide an email address. The next, you need to re-enter your email address to the next box.

  • Press the Register button.

After completing all fields, you can press Register button. Now, you have created a Nordstrom account. You can log into this account anytime. This way, you can start applying for the job online at Nordstrom website.

How to Search and Apply for Nordstrom Jobs Online?

If you want to work at Nordstrom, you should apply for the certain position in this store. You can browse the available position at Nordstrom. If you find the position you desire, you should submit your application soon. The sooner will be better. It is because many other job applicants who want your position outside there. Do the step by step below to apply for your favorite position at Nordstrom.

  • Visit Nordstrom website.

In order to search Nordstrom jobs, you should access This website does not only display the job vacancies. But, it also offers the feature to apply for the jobs online.

  • Select Careers.

The next, click on career menu. Through this menu, you can search all the job positions which are available at Nordstrom. Before you send your Nordstrom job application, make sure that you have created Nordstrom account. This way, you can log into your profile. Besides, you can simplify the process of job application.

  • Click on Search Jobs.

Once you press Search Jobs button, the Nordstrom website will display some positions. It also displays the location of the job position as well as the date of posting. You have two options related to this job. First, you can save this job search. So, you may be able to apply for it later. Second, you can apply it immediately. If you want to send Nordstrom online application, you have to log into your account first.

  • Search the job.

In case the job lists do not display the position you want, you can search the job opportunity by yourself. You just need to use the Job Search bar feature. First, you can write down the job number or the keyword. Then, enter the location you want to work.

The next, supply the business area. The last, click on the Search icon. This website will show you the result of the job search. If the job keyword you enter is not available, you can try to enter another position. Besides, you can filter the job search result by location. Moreover, you can look for the job offers based on the business group and retail category.

That is the guideline to search the job opportunity at Nordstrom. If you have found the job you like, you have to apply soon. Review the steps to apply Nordstrom careers online below.

  • Click on Apply.

Next, to the list of job position, you will find the Apply link. If you want to send your Nordstrom application immediately, you can click this link. But, if you want to save this job offer, you should click on Save Job. Besides, you can share this job vacancy with your friends by clicking on Share link.

  • Log into Your account.

Once you press Apply link, you will be asked to sign into your account. Simply enter Nordstrom username and password to the login fields. If you do not remember your username, you should click on Forgot Your Username. Besides, if you lose your password, just click on Forgot Your Password. Then, you can do the instructions provided. This way, you can retrieve your username and password.

  • Upload the necessary documents.

After login, you may need to upload the certain documents. These files will be able to support your application. For example, you may need to upload the resume, recent photo, and recommendation letter. Besides, Nordstrom may ask you to fill out the job application form. This way, Nordstrom can know your education background, experience, and ability.

  • Submit your application.

After completing the process of application, you can submit this job application. Then, you just need to wait for the notification from Nordstrom. If you are eligible to be the candidate of the staff, Nordstrom will contact you. This company may contact you by email or phone.

So, make sure that your phone number is always active. Then, you will be invited to the interview. This is your chance to explain your passion, ability, and experience. If you pass this stage, you will be able to be the part of Nordstrom company. As a result, you can get the desired job position at Nordstrom.


How do I access my Nordstrom notes?

Nordstrom Notes feature a Note number and an access code. Enter these numbers in the payment section when you check out online. Nordstrom Notes can also be redeemed online by calling 1.888. 282.6060, or at any Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack store.

How do I check my Nordstrom credit card balance?

Here's how to check the balance on your Nordstrom gift card:Visit any Nordstrom store and ask a cashier to check the balance for you.Check your balance online here.Call Nordstrom at › gift-card-balance-check › nordstromCheck Your Nordstrom Gift Card Balance - › gift-card-balance-check › nordstrom

How do I pay my Nordstrom credit card online?

Visit the Nordstrom credit card login page and enter your username and password in the provided boxes. After using the Nordstrom card login, locate the bill payment option in the account dashboard. Select your method of payment — bank account, debit card or credit card — and fill in the associated information.

Can I make a payment at Nordstrom?

You can also pay your Nordstrom account by phone. Call 800-964-1800, enter your account number and follow the prompts to pay your bill.

What are the benefits of working at Nordstrom?

Benefits SummaryHealth Insurance (1,009)Dental Insurance (218)Flexible Spending Account (FSA) (169)Vision Insurance (201)Health Savings Account (HSA) (190)Life Insurance (196)Supplemental Life Insurance (179)Disability Insurance (173)More › Benefits › Nordstrom-US-Benefits-EI_IE1704.0,9...Nordstrom Employee Benefits and Perks | › Benefits › Nordstrom-US-Benefits-EI_IE1704.0,9...

What is the employee discount at Nordstrom?

20%Employee Discount. All regularly scheduled employees are eligible for a 20% discount on purchases. Department Managers and specially recognized employees (Pacesetters and All Stars) receive a 33% discount. Only your eligible dependents may use your discount with your permission.

How much do you make working at Nordstrom?

Average Nordstrom hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.00 per hour for Personal Shopper to $19.94 per hour for Tailor. The average Nordstrom salary ranges from approximately $20,797 per year for Merchandising Associate to $97,331 per year for Retail Assistant Manager.

How do I use my employee discount on Nordstrom online?

In the Payment section, click Apply a Promotion Code....Get Your Discount Online in a Few Simple StepsOnline employee purchases must be placed with a Nordstrom credit card, Nordstrom debit card, Nordstrom Visa® card or Nordstrom Gift Card.Employee discounts do not apply to the purchase of Gift Cards.More › employee-discountEmployee Discount | › employee-discount

How do I log into my Ultipro?

Ultipro is basically an HCM (cloud-based human capital management) solution for the businesses developed by the Ultimate software....How to Login My Ultipro Account?Go to your HCM access page.Enter your username and password here.Now click on › ultipro-loginUltipro Login | How to Login Or Sign Up My Ultipro › ultipro-login

How much do Nordstrom Rack employees make?

Nordstrom Rack SalariesJob TitleSalaryAssistant Department Manager salaries - 61 salaries reported$17/hrSales Associate- Rack salaries - 60 salaries reported$12/hrCustomer Service Representative salaries - 51 salaries reported$13/hrRetail Sales Associate salaries - 51 salaries reported$12/hr16 more › Hourly-Pay › Nordstrom-Rack-Hourly-Pay-E587...Nordstrom Rack Hourly Pay | › Hourly-Pay › Nordstrom-Rack-Hourly-Pay-E587...

Do Nordstrom employees get a discount at Nordstrom Rack?

Employee Discount. All regularly scheduled employees are eligible for a 20% discount on purchases. Department Managers and specially recognized employees (Pacesetters and All Stars) receive a 33% discount. Only your eligible dependents may use your discount with your permission.

What is it like working at Nordstrom Rack?

Working at Nordstrom Rack is a great place to work and grow. You will find the fast pace work environment exciting and rewarding to you and for customers. Management is there to help push the team to reach daily sales goals as well as motivate. The hardest part about working at Nordstrom is nothing!

How much do you make working at Nordstrom?

Average Nordstrom hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.00 per hour for Personal Shopper to $19.94 per hour for Tailor. The average Nordstrom salary ranges from approximately $20,797 per year for Merchandising Associate to $97,331 per year for Retail Assistant Manager.

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