MyHBvisit – Holland and Barrett Survey Sweepstakes Guideline

Are you a customer of Holland and Barrett Store? If you visit there, you need to save proof of their payment. If you live in the United Kingdom, maybe you know this brand. They sell healthy food and medicine for you. If you love health, you need to pay attention to your food. You can get food that is good for your body.

So you can live longer. Because having a healthy body is the dream of everyone in the world. If you are sick, you need to get quality medicine. Well, here you can visit Holland and Barrett Store. You can even order products through Holland and Barrett Delivery. They have rewards for customers. You only need to access MyHBvisit survey portal.

My HB Visit is the Holland and Barrett Survey portal. Give your rating based on the shopping experience at the store. You can write expectations as a customer. So they can try to make changes to the shop service. Well, the requirement to take part in this survey is quite easy. Make transactions at the store, then you can do a review on the Holland and Barrett Store.

If you are a new customer, maybe you don’t have enough experience. Here we will take part to assist your survey process. If you want to get the Holland and Barrett Discount Code, follow our instructions.

holland and barret survey at MyHBvisit
holland and barret survey at MyHBvisit

The Profile of Holland and Barrett.

Before doing the Myhb visit survey, let’s look at Holland and Barrett Product reviews. If you have never visited there, then you need this information. Now we will discuss their business and product profiles. Maybe this information will be useful for your survey process. This business is from the United Kingdom. They have been serving customers since 1870.

There are two important figures in this Holland and Barrett Store business. They are Alfred Slapps Barrett and Major William Holland. At first, they made a shop called Bishop’s Stortford. The first location for the establishment of this business is in Nuneaton, England. What’s special about HB Store? Well, they sell products for the health of customers. You can check their products in various ways.

If you want to know HB Store products, check out the official website and their social media. So you can get all your body needs here. Here are some products that you can buy in Holland and Barrett Store.

  1. You can buy vitamin and supplement products for your body.
  2. Then you can buy healthy food and drinks. So you can enjoy delicious healthy food.
  3. You can buy products for sports health. If you are an athlete, then you need to visit this shop.
  4. Are you a customer of beauty products? Well, you can get safe and natural beauty products here.
  5. Do you have a problem with weight? You don’t need to worry about your weight. Here you can buy medicine, meal replacement, and other products. So you can lose weight with several supporting products from HB Store.
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Now you know their products. Then year after year Holland and Barrett expanded their business. Until now they served customers in more than 1,300 stores. You can find their products in 16 countries. What’s more interesting about this shop? Well, they have a healthy box menu. Here you can get products according to the conditions and needs of your body.

First, you can consult with their staff about what you need. You only need to give 10 minutes of your time to consult with them. Second, you can get answers about the need to reach a healthy body. Third, they will recommend several products for you. Here you can choose packages according to your problem. So, you don’t need to hesitate about their service. Are you ready to do MyHBvisit?

Sweepstakes Program Participant Regulations at MyHBVisit.

Companies don’t want to lose their customers. Here they create programs that can give benefits to customers. Just like other businesses, Holland and Barrett have a customer benefit program. They gave Holland and Barrett Discount Code to customers.

Then they make sweepstakes for customers. Well, now you have the opportunity to win rewards from Holland and Barrett. Before you participate in this program, read some regulations on surveys and sweepstakes.

  1. If you want to do MyHBVisit, then you must be 16 years or older. Well, this survey is not open to residents aged less than 16 years. Then this portal is open to residents of the United Kingdom only. So, if you are not a legitimate UK resident, you are not eligible to take a survey.
  2. Sweepstakes Prizes. If you take part in the sweepstakes program, you have the chance to win £ 250. You cannot exchange this gift for cash. Because you will receive a gift in the form of a voucher.
  3. Sweepstakes Period. Before you enter the draw, you need to know the period of this program. You can enter 17 entry periods.
  4. You can enter sweepstakes online through MyHBVisit.
  5. They will draw the winner of the sweepstakes program in 4 weeks.
  6. If you are lucky, they will contact you via email or telephone. You need to respond to their messages and phone calls. Because if you ignore it, they will determine another winner.

Well guys, not every day they have a sweepstakes program. If you have not been lucky to take part in the draw, you will still get a reward. Here you can get a coupon that can save your shopping money.

Preparation before Taking the Survey at MyHBVisit.

Previously you read Holland and Barrett Review. Now, we will help you to prepare various survey needs. Here you need to do a survey to show your satisfaction. So, you need to know basic information about the business. Before taking a survey, you can prepare your needs first.

So that you will pass the survey process easily. You need to know that this satisfaction survey can only be done online. The following are some of the requirements for the myhb visit survey.

  1. Computer or Mobile as a survey device.
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First, prepare a computer or smartphone as a survey device. You can choose one of the two. Or you can use laptops, tablets and other devices. Here you need to pay attention to your device’s application or software. If you want to reach the survey portal, you need to have a browser on your device.

  1. Providers and internet services are stable.

Second, you need to have a provider for your computer or laptop device. If you don’t have a provider, you can use the free wifi service. Usually, this service can be found in public places. If you use a smartphone or tablet, then you need to buy an internet quota. Without internet service, your browser cannot find the survey portal.

  1. Proof of transactions in Holland and Barrett Store.

The next requirement is the payment receipt. After you buy the product in the store, you can get a payment receipt. On the survey portal, you need to enter a store number and receipt number. Both of you can see on receipt paper. Without these credentials, you cannot reach survey questions.

  1. Stationery.

Fourth, you need stationery to make coupons. After the survey, you can enter the sweepstakes and get a validation code. If you get a validation code, here you need to write the code on your receipt.

MyHBvisit survey steps
 How to Complete the Holland and Barrett Survey.

Previously we discussed regulations and survey preparation. Well, are you ready to conduct a survey? Now you can pick up your reward. You don’t need to be afraid to answer survey questions. Basically, they have easy questions for customers. Then you just need to show your satisfaction with their service.

There are several questions that you might find during the survey. Maybe you need to answer multiple choice questions or give a rating. Then you can write comments or problems shopping at the store. The following are the steps to conducting a survey.

  1. Visit the MyHBVisit survey portal.

You can write the address in the search box or the address box. If you enter the website address, you will immediately land on their website. Whereas if you use the search box, you will land in the portal search results. You can access this portal using your device’s browser and application. The following is the official survey portal.

  1. Read the sweepstakes program rules.

Click on the terms and conditions link to read the survey rules.

  1. Enter Store Number.

Next, you need to enter the store number on the first page. Look at this information on your receipt. If you are confused, they have examples of receipts on this page. There they give a sign to the information you need to enter.

  1. Enter the Receipt Number.

Here they have a 20 digit receipt number. You need to write this information in the box below the store number. Check again before leaving the page. If you enter a character incorrectly, you cannot continue your survey. Then click on the next button to answer the survey question.

  1. Answer the myhb visit survey question.
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Next, you can answer some easy questions about the store. You can recall the atmosphere and conditions in the store. Then you can write problems during the shopping process. Give a rating on service, employees and your satisfaction. Click on the next button to land on the next page.

  1. Follow the sweepstakes program or write the validation code.

The final step, you can write a validation code to make a coupon. Or you can take part in the sweepstakes program. If you get a coupon, you need to visit again to get your reward. But, if you take part in the draw, there you need to leave your identity.

How to access Holland and Barrett Penny Sale.

Do you want to get a discount? Well, you can access their product promos through the website. Here’s how to find out about product promos.

  1. Visit the Holland and Barrett Store Website. Enter the address on your browser.
  2. Click on the Offers menu. There you can see a list of products and prices. Basically, they give promos at half price or cheaper prices.
  3. Click on the Shop Now button to shop online.
How to Search Holland and Barrett Near Me.

Before you go to their store, you can find the location closest to your home. You can find the location of this store through an application or website. If you use an application, you only need to have a smartphone and internet service. Then you will immediately find the closest location. If you want to enjoy this feature, you can download the application using Google Play. Here are some features of the Holland and Barrett App.

  1. You can see their latest catalog and products.
  2. Here you can list your favorite products.
  3. If you want to shop online, you can scan barcodes. Then the item will automatically enter your basket.
  4. You can take part in the Reward For Life program. Here, you can collect points on this application. Then you can redeem coupons at the nearest store.
  5. You can access Holland and Barrett Locations.

If you don’t have an application, you can use the store’s website. Here’s how to find the nearest HB store through the website.

  1. Visit the Holland and Barrett Store Website. Enter the address on your browser.
  2. Click on the locations icon on the website page.
  3. Enter the city name or postcode. Here you can find the nearest location. Or you can search for locations using the city name and postal code instructions.
  4. Click on the search button. There you can access some information.
  • address of Holland and Barrett Store.
  • Local store telephone numbers.
  • Shop operating hours in one week.
  • Directions to reach the store.
How to Reach Holland and Barret Customer Service.
  1. Phone Number.

0370 606 6606

Monday – Friday: 8.30am to 8.00pm.

Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  1. Email Address.

Customer Care Team, Samuel Ryder House

Barling Way, Eliot Park, Nuneaton


CV10 7RH

  1. Social Media.
  • Twitter: @holland_barrett.
  • Instagram: @hollandandbarrett.
  • Facebook: @hollandandbarrett.
  • Pinterest: Holland & Barrett.

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