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The weekend is the perfect time to visit your favorite place. You can visit your favorite restaurant. Then you can visit the sports venue. Or do you want to do both in one place? Well, if you like bowling, then this place is fit for you. The Main Event Bowling Center is a place that has these services. There you can order food and play bowling.

So you can see on the logo of the bowling alley. Main Event Entertainment you can Eat, Bowl and Play. Isn’t this a pleasant place to visit? There are some offers for you. First, you can take part in the Maineventsurvey. Second, you can take part in the Main Event Sweepstakes.

The Main Event Survey is a consumer survey portal. You can reach this offer if you have an invitation code from them. You can get this code if you make a transaction at the Main Event Bowling Center. This code is found in your payment receipt. Well, you can give suggestions and ratings through the Main Event Customer Feedback survey.

The way to complete this survey is not a difficult problem. Because we will help you with survey instructions that you can easily understand. You can start your survey by reading our instructions. Then you don’t need to worry about what you will get. They have coupons for users of this survey portal. So get their coupons and come back to the Main Event.

maineventsurvey page

What do you know about Main Event Entertainment?

Well, before we give survey instructions, let’s find out the Main Event profile. So the Main Event is a business originating from the United States. They chose the field of entertainment for consumers. Ardent Leisure is the mother of their company.

Their main office is in Australia. While the Main Event entertainment center is in Plano, Texas. Well, they have several services there. First, you can enjoy food and drinks. Second, you can play various games. Third, you can order a place to celebrate an important moment. Don’t they have complete service? You can get all this in just one place.

If you have a business, then you can create a company event here. No matter whether your business is big or small, they have complete services for you. Here, they have some event packages. You can choose one of them. If you want to make an event there, then you need the following list.

  1. You need to choose foods that are suitable for your invited guests.
  2. Then you need to register the number of invited guests to the Main Event. So that all guests get full service from them.
  3. You can use the party planner services from them. So you only need to come and celebrate your moment.
  4. You don’t need to clean the place after your party is finished. They have cleaning services for you.
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Maybe you don’t know the features in the Main Event. Here a popular game for consumers is Bowling. But you can enjoy other games there. They are billiards, arcades, mini golf, and other exciting games. Then do you have a hobby of singing? You can visit the karaoke center there. So you can invite friends and family to channel their hobbies.

Then what about the Main Event restaurant? There you can enjoy 3 food and beverage services. First, you can choose the event menu. Second, you can choose the restaurant dining menu. Third, you can buy cocktails at the Main Event bar. Well, you don’t need to hesitate to make the event there. They can plan your party and family.

Preparation Before Performing Main Survey.

Before you take a survey here, you can prepare some of your needs. It is not difficult to prepare all survey needs. If you often use social media and Google, then this section is easy for you. You should have all the survey needs. Because you can complete this consumer survey easily and smoothly. So, consider some information below. Maybe our review can help you prepare.

  1. Online Survey Tool.

First, you need an online survey tool. You can access this portal if you have a survey device. Well, you can use whatever device you want. You can use a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop. All these devices can access the portal if they have a browser. So, complete your survey device with a browser. You can use Mozilla or google crome as your browser.

  1. Internet services for your device.

Second, you need to have internet services that support your device. If you use a tablet or smartphone, then you can directly set up the internet there. But if you use a laptop or computer, then you need an internet provider. Then you can choose to use a modem or wifi service. Whatever internet service you choose, they should have a stable signal. So that your survey process will not stop due to buffering on the survey portal.

  1. Transaction Receipt in the Main Event.

Third, you need receipts to enter this portal. Previously we discussed this issue with you. So, you need an invitation code from the Main Event. Then you can enter the code on the first page of the survey portal. You need to know that this survey does not require your identity. Then you can take part in anonymous and confidential surveys. So you can take surveys comfortably. Well, after this you can read how to do Mainevents survey.

maineventsurvey steps

How to Complete the Main Event Survey

Do you want to do this survey? Well, make sure your preparation is complete. Here they want to know what you think about the Main Event. You can remember the last experience of playing bowling in the Main Event. No matter whether you enjoy food or exciting games there. So you can still give an assessment of services in the Main Event.

In short, you need to answer a few questions from the Main Event regarding their business. Maybe their previous profile can help you to give feedback. You only need a few minutes to arrive at the end of the survey. So don’t be afraid and follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the official Maineventsurvey portal. Is your browser ready? First, you need to write the address of the portal on the browser page. There you can find the search box. Then you can do a search with their keywords or addresses. Next, click on the browser search results site. The following is the address of the official survey portal that you can visit Errors in writing letters can prevent you from finding this portal.
  2. Enter the Main Event Store Number. Second, you will land on the first page of the survey portal. Here they want you to enter the Main Event store number you are visiting. You can write the numbers in each box. The number of store numbers is 16 digits. So you can divide the number into 4 boxes. If you have finished entering the store number, click on the next button.
  3. Answer Survey Question Now. Third, you will land on the survey question page. You should answer all the survey questions. They have survey questions and several answer choices. So this answer choice can help you. If you want to read the next question, click on the next button. Here we will help you to estimate survey questions.
  • Give your ratings for overall satisfaction. You can think of some of the services that you get from the Main Event.
  • Rate their bar, dining and snack events. If you buy food there, you can assess several aspects. You can assess the taste or temperature of food.
  • You can assess the cleanliness and completeness of facilities in the Main Event.
  • You can judge their employees. Then you can consider the friendliness and speed of their service.
  1. Enter your comment. After you get multiple choice questions, you can now write essays. They have an empty column with character writing limits. There you need to leave some important aspects of the Main Event. You may not only write positive comments. But you can write criticism for improving the Main Event. So you help them to improve the lack of a Main Event.
  2. Record your Coupon Code. In the last section, they will display a validation code. You need to record this code to make a coupon. Write the validation code on the receipt. Congratulations, now you have the opportunity to get a reward from the Main Event.
  3. Redeem your Coupon on the next visit. Next, you need to visit Main Event Entertainment to redeem coupons. There they have the right to determine rewards for you. Well, you cannot redeem rewards with other products. You can only exchange one coupon for one visit.
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What Do You Know About Main Event Sweepstakes?

Well, here we will help you find out the profit program in the Main Event. If Main Event is your favorite place, then you need to read this. Here we will mention several ways to benefit from the Main Event. You can access their promo information through the website. Following are steps to access promo information from the Main Event.

  1. Visit the official Maineventsurvey portal. You need to write the address of the portal on the browser page. Then you can do a search with their keywords or addresses. Following is the Main Event Entertainment official website.
  2. Click on the specials menu. Next, you will land on the homepage of their website. There you can see several main menus. If you want to know the promo program, click on the special menu.
  3. Click on the promo menu that you want. Well, there you will see several sub menus. You can choose one of the promo programs that you want.
  4. Click on the learn more button to read the complete promo program rules. Here are some benefit programs that you can follow.
  • Food and Fun Combo Program. There you can enjoy more economical food. Then you can get a FUN card. Choose one appetizer to accompany your game. Then you can buy FUN 10 Dollars cards at lower prices.
  • Follow the Sweeptakes Main Event. At certain times they will make a lottery program for consumers. Before you take part in the draw, it’s important to read their rules. There you can find out the technical implementation of the lottery. If you meet the requirements, you can enter the lottery. You can take part in the draw after taking the survey. Or you can send sweepstakes by post.
  • Monday Night Madness Program. Third, you can join the Monday Night Madness program. As the name suggests, you can only join this program on Monday. Here you can play all the games you want with just 10.95 Dollars. Starting at 4 pm you can enjoy this program. You can close Monday with fun.
  • Playing Unlimited Games All Day. Fourth, you can join this program for one full day. You only need to pay 19.95 dollars to enjoy this program. Here you can play 100 arcade games all day long.
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How to Find the Main Event Near Me.

Next, we will help you to find Main Event Locations so that you can reach this entertainment place faster. You can access this service through their official website.

  1. Visit the official Maineventsurvey portal. You need to write the address of the portal on the browser page. Then you can do a search with their keywords or addresses. Following is the Main Event Entertainment official website.
  2. Click on the location menu.
  3. Enter your location. Here you can use ZIP Code, State, and City.
  4. Then you can specify the search filter. They have 10, 25.50 and 500 miles.
  5. Click on the Find Stores button. There you can see the telephone number and address of the Main Event. Then order space to celebrate your moment.
How to Contact Main Event Customer Service.
  1. Convey Feedback through their website. Visit first. Then click on the contact us link. Here you need to fill in your identity. Then you can fill in a comment.
  2. Play the Social Media Event.
  • Twitter: @MyMainEvent.
  • Facebook: @ MyMainEvent.
  • Linkedin: Main Event Entertainment.
  • Instagram: @mainevent.


What do they have at main event?

Main Event Entertainment™ operates family entertainment centers which feature billiards, bowling, arcade games, laser tag, rock climbing, mini golf, gravity ropes course, and karaoke. Main Event offers facilities and services for birthday parties.

How much does it cost to go to main event?

Play All Day for just $7.99 per activity! At Main Event, you can call for as many rematches as you need to out-play your kids, siblings or parents! That's right. Play all day for just $7.99 per activity, per person (Sunday-Friday).

Can I bring a cake to main event?

You can bring your own cake for your event. There is a 1 hour limit for your room event but that was enough time because we were able to bowl for an hour and then they have games as well so each event has ample amount of time and you can even socialize with your guest with the many tables they have around.

How old do you have to be to go to main event?

Must be 48” No physical contact or offensive language.

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