LonghornSurvey – Win $ 50 and $ 1000 from Longhorn Steakhouse Survey

LonghornSurvey is a guest satisfaction survey from LongHorn Steakhouse. If your favorite food is steak, you will be familiar with Longhorn Steakhouse. Founded in Georgia in 1981, LongHorn Steakhouse can grow the business well. By serving the excellent steak, this restaurant can expand its chains into Canada, Puerto Rico, and Columbia. Besides, you will be easy to find Longhorn Steakhouse chains throughout Eastern, Midwest, and Southwest of the US.

Longhorn Steakhouse has served the delicious steak for more than 36 years. Nowadays, there are more than 340 Longhorn chains in 33 states. Why does Longhorn can survive even there are many competitors outside? It is because LongHorn always serves the fresh meat and chicken. This restaurant never uses the frozen meat for the steak. This way, the customers can enjoy the freshness of the steak in every bite.


Furthermore, Longhorn Steakhouse always maintains the quality of the customer service. This restaurant has the professional employees to serve the guests. For instance, Longhorn has the friendly and attentive servers. This way, every guest feel that they are the valued customers.

To maintain the business quality, this steakhouse uses Longhorn survey to collect the feedback from the guests. This way, Longhorn can know what the guests feel about the restaurant menu and service.

If you want to get the better service from Longhorn Steakhouse on your next visit, you should take this survey. This way, you can voice up your idea and opinion to make this restaurant better.

Besides, you can share any complaints related to your last dining experience at Longhorn. By reviewing the guests’ feedback, Longhorn Steakhouse can make some positive changes in their restaurant. Furthermore, completing this survey enables you to win the prize $ 50 or grand prize $ 1000.

What are the Rules of Longhorn Sweepstakes?

Every guest satisfaction survey will have the rules. Longhorn survey sweepstakes also have its own rules. You can find out the complete details of Longhorn Steakhouse sweepstakes at the survey homepage. But, for your convenience, here we conclude some important points about the sweepstakes.

By reviewing the rules below, you will enable to participate in the contest easily. Here is some important information related to Longhorn Steakhouse Survey and Sweepstakes.

  • Survey requirement.

To participate in Longhorn survey, there are some requirements you have to prepare. The most important item you need is the valid receipt from Longhorn Steakhouse. Every Longhorn Steakhouse receipt will contain the ID number.

With this number, you can enter Longhorn survey. Besides, you also need the email address as well. Your email is useful to enter the sweepstake as well as to sign up Eclub program. Furthermore, be sure that your PC and internet access can work properly.

  • The Sweepstakes eligibility.

This sweepstakes program is open to all people who legally reside in the US, Puerto Rico, Columbia, and Canada. Besides, all employees and their family members are not eligible to take part in this sweepstake program.

  • Longhorn Sweepstakes entry method.

Two entry methods are available to be the participant of Longhorn sweepstakes. First, you can enter Longhorn online sweepstakes. You can enter this drawing immediately after you complete the survey. No payment and purchase are necessary to win this contest. Although you need a receipt to enter, the amount you spent will not give any effect of increasing your winning chance.

Besides, another alternative to entering Longhorn sweepstakes is by mail. You have to prepare a piece of paper. Then, handwrite your name, home address, and phone number. Make sure that you include the area code of your phone number. The next, you can send this entry to Darden restaurant survey sweepstakes, PMI Station, PO BOX 3536, Southbury. CT 06488 3536.

  • The sweepstakes rules.
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For the sweepstakes participants from Canada, they have to answer the mathematics question without using any mechanical device to win this sweepstake. Besides, Longhorn limits only one prize for each person. Then, Longhorn Steakhouse will notify the winner by email, telephone, or postal mail. Furthermore, the winner must be responsible for paying the prize taxes. Also, they cannot transfer this reward to someone else.

  • Longhorn Sweepstakes reward.

In every entry period, Longhorn Steakhouse provides 100 prizes which consist of $ 50 in the form of the check. Besides, this restaurant also provides one grand prize which consists of check valued $ 1000.

How to Take Part in Longhorn Online Survey?

Don’t you want to receive Longhorn Steakhouse coupons valued $ 50? Besides, you also have the chance to win the grand prize $ 1000. If you want to win this Longhorn coupon, you have to participate in Longhorn survey. Then, you will have one opportunity to enter Longhorn sweepstakes. If you win this Longhorn online contest, you will be able to grab this reward.

In fact, participating in Longhorn survey does not only reward you. But, it is your precious chance to express your honest review about this restaurant. By responding Longhorn questionnaire, you can provide your feedback. Longhorn Steakhouse will appreciate your opinion since it can be useful for the business improvement.

So, after visiting Longhorn Steakhouse, you should never miss Longhorn guest survey. Longhorn Guest Satisfaction survey will not waste your time. It is because you can complete it in less than five minutes. You can review the steps below in order to complete the survey easily.

  • Visit the portal.

The official survey website of Longhorn Steakhouse is at longhornsurvey.com. The homepage of this survey site consists of some options in the top menu bar. For instance, there are Longhorn menu prices and Longhorn Steakhouse Specials.

Besides, you can explore Longhorn gift cards and eclub as well. At the left part of your screen, you will find several links. First, you can find the link to show the sample of Longhorn receipt. Then, there is also the link to view the Longhorn sweepstakes rules and winners.

  • Review the rules of Longhorn sweepstakes.

Click on the link to the left part of the site to view the sweepstakes’ rules. Longhorn Steakhouse Guest Survey will display the rules on the new page. Here, you can review the eligibility of the sweepstakes, entry methods, and the reward.

  • Enter Longhorn survey ID number.

At the right side of the survey page, you will find three boxes to write down the ID number. You can find Longhorn ID number at the middle part of your receipt. Usually, this ID number consists of 13 digits in length. Then, you should press the Start button to begin the survey.

  • Answer the questions.

Once you press the Start button, Longhorn will display the survey question on the next page. The questionnaire at this survey consists of several sections. First, you will get some questions about your dining experience. The next, you need to rate some aspects of Longhorn Steakhouse.

As the example, you have to give the rating for the lobby staff, waitress, food, and restaurant condition. Make sure that you supply the honest response for every question. This way, your feedback can help Longhorn Steakhouse to improve the quality of the service.

  • Enter Longhorn Steakhouse Sweepstakes.
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After answering all Longhorn questionnaires, the survey will offer you to enter the sweepstakes. Before you agree to participate in this sweepstakes, make sure that your age is 18 or more. Then, you have to fill out the sweepstakes entry form. This form requires your full name (first name and last name).

The next, you should provide your home address including the city, state/province, and postal code. Also, enter your telephone number and email address. Confirm this email address by re-typing it on the following field. Be sure that you enter the correct phone number and email. So, when you become the sweepstake’s winner, Longhorn Steakhouse can contact you easily.

  • Sign up Longhorn Steakhouse Eclub.

Under the sweepstakes form, you can find the offer to join Longhorn Eclub. Just tick the box to show that you agree to use your email to sign up this program. Joining Eclub program gives you some advantages. First, you can receive Longhorn Free Appetizer as the reward. Then, you can get the update info and special offers from Longhorn Steakhouse.

That’s all the brief guideline to complete the survey. You can apply the procedure above if you have the ID number on your receipt. But, what if you do not have this ID number. In case you lose Longhorn receipt, you still can give your comment to Longhorn Steakhouse.

But, you will not have the chance to join the sweepstakes. To express your feedback without Longhorn receipt, you can go to longhornsteakhouse.com. Then, you can select Contact Us menu. Besides, you also can find Contact Us option on the homepage of longhorn survey portal.

When you click on Longhorn Contact Us menu, you will find a blank field. Here, you can write your comment freely. Make sure you select the category of comment. For instance, you want to ask a question, you like or dislike something, or you may want to give the suggestions.

Then, complete the contact form under the comment field. Fill out this form with your address, phone number, and email account. The next, specify the Longhorn Steakhouse location you have just visited. After entering the visiting time and check number, you can submit your comment.

What are the Questions at Longhorn Guest Survey?

Longhorn Steakhouse survey aims to assess the level of satisfaction of every customer. Therefore, the questions at LongHorn Survey will relate to the customers’ dining experience. This restaurant survey will ask your opinion about the performance of lobby staff and server. Besides, you can give your review about the food and the Longhorn restaurant condition as well.

Be sure that you still remember the details of your dining experience. It is because you will find some questions asking about the visit details. For instance, it asks about the menu you order and the frequency of visit. Furthermore, you should provide your response objectively since your feedback can help Longhorn to give the better service.

So, what questionnaires will you face at this Survey? Here, we have listed down the questions you will find at LongHorn Steakhouse Survey. But, you need to notice that the questions may be different. It is because Longhorn designs this survey questions based on their business need.

  • The details of your dining experience.

Firstly, you have to indicate what your purpose of going to Longhorn Steakhouse is. Perhaps, you went there for lunch or dinner. Besides, you might go to this steakhouse for another occasion such as your friends’ birthday. Then, you should state the location where you sat. You can select Dining Room, Bar, or other location.

  • The rating about the overall visit.

The next, give your general rating about your recent dining experience at LongHorn. This survey provides five rating scales you can select. They are Excellent, Very Good, Good, fair, and Poor. If your dining experience was memorable, you could select Excellent. In contrast, when you had the unpleasant dining experience, you can choose Poor.

  • The Rating about the lobby staff.
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In this section, you have to provide your opinion about the performance of the lobby staff. You can give the rating to indicate how friendly and welcoming the lobby staff was. Then, state whether the lobby staff greeted you promptly.

  • The waiting time.

Usually, the lobby staff will ask you to wait before having you seated. So, you need to tell how long you waited. There are some choices provided. Just select whether you did not wait, less than 15 minutes, 15-30 minutes, 31-45 minutes, 46-60 minutes, or more than 1 hour. After that, state how accurate the lobby staff tells you about the waiting time. It can be shorter or longer than the prediction.

  • The rating about the server

Now, you should give your objective rating about Longhorn’s server. First, you should rate their knowledge about the food and the beverage. Then, rate whether they made you like a valued guest. The last, give your opinion about how attentive and friendly the Longhorn server was.

  • The rating about your meal.

The next, give your rating about the pace of your order. Then, you can start reviewing the food you order. As the example, you can rate the temperature and appearance of the food. Also, review the portion size and the taste of Longhorn menu.

  • The menu items you ordered.

Indicate whether you ordered Steak in this restaurant. Also, state whether you ordered the items from Bold Flavors and Bold Price menu. The next, select the menu items you enjoyed at Longhorn Steakhouse. For instance, you might order Bourbon Black Pepper Sirloin, Grilled Lamb Chops, or Outlaw Ribeye.

Besides, other menus you might order are Chipotle Orange Chicken or Cajun Dusted Shrimp. After that, indicate how you ordered your steak. Perhaps, you order Rare, medium rare, medium well, or well-done steak. Do not forget to rate the menu you have enjoyed.

  • Restaurant rating.

Here, you should rate Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant. Give your personal review about the overall comfort as well as the cleanliness of this restaurant. Also, rate your visit on the value of the money you spent.

  • Recommend and revisit.

The next, express your likelihood to come back to Longhorn Steakhouse within three months. Also, indicate your willingness to recommend Longhorn restaurant to your family and friends.

  • Comment.

In the comment section, this Survey provides two empty fields. In the first field, you can tell what you like the most from Longhorn Steakhouse. Besides, on the next field, you can give your suggestion about what Longhorn should do to improve the customers’ experience. In each field, you can express your thought in 1200 characters.

  • Personal experience at Longhorn.

In this step, indicate whether it was your first visit to Longhorn Steakhouse. Also, mention how many times you visited Longhorn in the past three months. Then, state whether Longhorn is your favorite restaurant. After that, mention the reason for going to Longhorn.

Perhaps, you go to Longhorn Steakhouse because of recommendation, advertisement, or special occasion. Besides, you may choose this restaurant due to the healthy menu option, coupon, or price. Also, mention how many people were in your party. You need to mention the number of children under 12 who come to you.

  • The amount of purchase.

You need to enter how much you spent at Longhorn exclude the tips. Then, you should include the tax. Just enter the total amount and round it to the nearest dollar.

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