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Loganslistens is a Guest Satisfaction Survey held by Logans’ Roadhouse restaurants. Logan’s roadhouse conducts this survey in order to improve its service qualities as well as the qualities of the food. By holding this Logan’s survey, it can also hear what customers want, and to measure how satisfied customers towards what it has offered. This survey will allow all of the respondents of Logans survey to get a surprise reward.

To appreciate every respondent of the Logans survey, there is a redeemable Logans coupon given after taking the survey. The survey questions are easy and you do not need to spend a lot of time to finish it. Only a few minutes of your time to complete the survey and you can get your validation code appears as your survey coupon.

Logan’s Roadhouse is a brand name of a restaurant chain which is famous for its peanut and steak menus. In 1991, Logan’s Roadhouse was first founded in Lexington, the United States by Dave Wachtel and Charles McWhorter. However, its headquarters now is in Nashville, United States.

Currently, Logan’s Roadhouse, also popular as Logans steakhouse, has run 230 stores in 23 different states. The typical decorations of each restaurant are quite retro completed with free peanuts on every table, although several restaurants’ decorations are affected by their unique local cultures. The popular menus served here are free buckets of peanuts, also grilled steak and some American meals.

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What are Loganslistens Rules and Requirements?

As like other online Guest Satisfaction Survey, Logans roadhouse survey has some rules and requirements you will need to understand if you want to take part in the loganslistens survey. If you follow the rules below, you will not get any difficulties in completing Logan’s survey. Here’s what you need to know about the things.

  1. Rules to follow
  2. Logan’s Roadhouse does not require you to buy its food or beverages if you want to join logans survey. It means as long as you get a receipt with an invitation code, you can join the survey easily.
  3. Use the invitation code when you get the receipt. Although there is no expired date to take part in the survey, it will be much better to use the code as soon as possible.
  4. The logans survey coupons cannot be redeemable for cash. You only can redeem this coupon with the special offers from Logan’s Roadhouse. The survey reward of Logans Listens survey may vary. Usually, Logan’s offers the free entree for the survey takers.
  5. The logans survey coupons can only be redeemed along with the next purchase and will only be valid once. It means you can get the survey reward from Logan’s if you purchase any item on your next visit.

The rules above are very simple to obey, aren’t them? Make sure that you understand Logan’s survey rules. So, you will be able to complete the Logans survey easily. Then, you can grab Logan’s coupon with ease. Many people outside there expect to have Logan coupons. Hence, you should not miss this easy chance to win Logan coupons.

  1. Requirements to prepare

After knowing the rules of Logans Guest Satisfaction survey, you need to prepare some requirements. If the items below are ready, you can start completing Logan’s survey whenever you want.

  1. Devices with internet access

First of all, you should prepare your devices before you join logans survey. As stated before, this survey requires you to come online, so it is important to make your devices ready before you start doing the survey. You can use your personal computer or laptop to do this.

However, using smartphones or tablets is not recommended because both devices cannot display the surveys pages better than computers or laptops. Make sure your devices are already connected to the internet as you will not be able to access the survey page smoothly. Remember that you cannot take part in logans survey offline. So, the internet connection has a very significant role in joining loganslistens survey.

  1. Logan’s Roadhouse valid receipt

As long as you have got Logan’s Roadhouse valid receipt with an invitation code for joining logans survey, you can easily participate in it. This means you do not have to make any purchases to take part in the logans survey.

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For instance, you get a valid receipt with an invitation code from one of your family members or your relatives, so you can join the logans survey. The key to starting this survey is the invitation code and it usually consists of 16 digits of a serial number to enter on the survey page.

  1. Understanding Spanish or English

It is a must to have a basic understanding of English or Spanish. Nevertheless, it is not compulsory for you to have a very well ability in English or Spanish because you will have to respond to several simple questions for a few minutes.

What are the Steps to Participate in Logans Survey

After dining in Logan’s Roadhouse, you can share your feedback through Loganslistens.com. Logans Listens survey has a simple process. You will be able to accomplish it in less than five minutes. So, you should not need to spend much of your time.

The survey portal also does not requires many receipt details. If you want to begin this survey, you just need to have the Logans survey serial number. This serial number serves as the key of the survey portal. So, entering Logans listens survey without the survey serial number is impossible. The following explanation contains the steps you will need to take in case you are interested in participating in loganslistens Survey. So, keep on reading this.

  • Go to Logan’s survey portal

Before you do the step one, make sure all requirements are ready, including your device complete with the internet connection. If everything is prepared, open your browser. When the browser homepage has shown up, you can do the first step, i.e. go to loganslistens.com.

  • Choose your preferred language

On the first logans survey page, you will see that the default language used there is English. If you think Spanish is easier and more familiar to you, you can click Español to change the language setting. The Español link is on the right side of the survey page. Once you click it, you can read the survey page in Spanish.

  • Enter the Serial Number

Still, on the first page of the logans survey, you will also see a blank box in the middle of the page. That is where you are going to enter the serial number as the survey invitation code. You do not have to worry where to find it because the serial number is already printed on your Logan’s Roadhouse receipt.  This serial number usually has 16 digits as the survey code. When you have finished entering the number, click Start button.

  • Agree to begin the Survey

Once you click the Start button, you will be directed to a new page to make sure that you agree to continue the survey steps. When you agree, click Next button.

  • Answer all of the questions honestly

Approximately, there will be less than 25 questions that you have to answer. Simply click on the point to rate your satisfaction level. Try to complete all of the questions based on the fact that you have experienced.

Besides, one of the survey questions will let you have a chance to elaborate your feedback to Logan’s Roadhouse in 1200 characters, so you can take that opportunity wisely to express what you want. Make sure that you explain your Logans feedback briefly and wisely. You are free to express any critics, compliment, suggestions, or complaint.

  • Write down the Logans validation code

The validation code will appear after you have completed all of the loganslistens survey questions. Take your pen and write the code down on your valid receipt that you used just now. The code will be in the form of 5 digits number. It will be your coupon which you can redeem on your next visit to Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants. But, your coupon will only be valid once. So, after it is redeemed, you cannot use the Loganscoupon anymore.

What are the Topics of Logans Survey Questions?

You can find several questions on the loganslistens survey and here is some more information for you in case you are wondering what kinds of question that you will need to answer. Most of the questions use measurements scales and there are two up to five scale points there.

Except for one question where you need to share and explain what is on your mind about Logan’s Roadhouse, those scales are meant to rate your satisfaction level towards Logan’s Roadhouse. The Questions are like below:

Question 1.      Please rate your overall satisfaction with THIS experience at Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant.

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Question 2.      What time of the day was this visit?

Question 3.      During your visit, where’d you sit?

Question 4.      Was this your first visit to any Logan’s Roadhouse?

Question 5.      Dis you order a steak entrée?

Question 6.      Did you experience a problem during this visit?

Question 7.      The friendliness of the greeting you received at the front door.

Question 8.      The cleanliness of the restaurant.

Question 9.      The courtesy and friendliness of your server.

Question 10.    The attentiveness of your server.

Question 11.    The atmosphere inside the restaurant.

Question 12.    How long it took to get your food.

Question 13.    The cleanliness of your restroom.

Question 14.    The taste of your food.

Question 15.    The overall value for the price you paid.

Question 16.    Return to this Logan’s Roadhouse in the next 30 days.

Question 17.    Recommend Logan’s Roadhouse to others in the next 30 days.

Question 18.    Tell us what could do to improve your next experience at this Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant. (Elaborate your answers for max. 1200 characters)

Question 19.    Did a manager visit your table?

Question 20.    Including this visit, in the past 30 days, how many times have you visited this Logan’s Roadhouse?

Question 21.    Would you like to receive special offers, news and e-mail updates from Logan’s Roadhouse?

The 21st question is the last one to complete and after that, you will see your validation code appears on the survey page. The survey questions are easy to answer, aren’t they? You just need to recall the latest dining experience at Logans Roadhouse.

Then, you can respond these questions based on this experience. Be sure to provide the honest responses. It is because your answer can determine the future business strategies taken by Logan’s. As the example, you are not satisfied with Logan’s servers. So, Logan’s has to improve the attentiveness and the friendliness of its servers. On the other hands, your feedback will influence Logan’s business decision in the future.

How to Sign up Logan’s Roadhouse VIP?

Logan’s’ Roadhouse VIP is a club for Logan’s Roadhouse lovers. The club members will be called as Road Crew. Those who joined this VIP Program will get exclusive offers from Logan’s Roadhouse, for instance, you will get $ 5 discount for a purchase at least $ 20.

Moreover, there will be menu updates and news for all year for them. So, you will always keep updated with the latest info about Logan’s Roadhouse. You will be the first person to know the special offers given by Logan’s Roadhouse. In order to get those privileges, the following steps can be your guidelines:

  1. Go to Logan’s Roadhouse official website.

If you want to be the member of Logan’s Roadhouse VIP, you should visit the official website of Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant. So, please go to logansroadhouse.com. The homepage of that web is quite interesting completed with some menu bars that will give you more information related to Logan’s Roadhouse.

  1. Click Roadhouse VIP menu

On the same page, find the Logan’s Roadhouse VIP link and click Roadhouse VIP menu or click Sign Up on the menu. It will direct you to a new page where you can see several blank columns that are waiting for you to fill in.

  1. Fill in your details

Your personal details that you need to fill in are like below:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email Address
  4. Your Date, Month, and Year of Birth
  5. ZIP Code of your address
  6. Choose your favorite store location.
  7. Phone Number

When all of the details are completed, you can tick a box below the phone number to receive text messages with offers and updates. For every message, you can text HELP to get more information or text STOP to cancel the message updates. Remember to tick a box that you agree to terms and privacy policy then click Submit button.

How to Submit Logan’s Feedback at logansroadhouse.com

You do not have to worry if you are eager to give your feedback but you do not Logan’s Roadhouse receipt. It is because Logan’s Roadhouse also welcomes the feedback from the guests without the receipt. To share your Logan’s feedback, you just need to visit Logans website.

There will be the Logan’s feedback form on this website. But, you have to note that sharing your feedback through logansroadhouse.com does not give you any coupon. Just follow the steps below to start sharing your feedback at Logan’s Roadhouse.

  1. Go to logansroadhouse.com. The official website of Logans provides the trusted info about Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant. As the example, you can explore Logan’s menu, Logan’s careers, Logan’s offers, and many other details.
  2. These official websites are advantageous as you can start everything you need to do with Logan’s Roadhouse through this webpage. As we have stated previously, you can see some links on the menu bar and if you scroll down the page, you can see many links too at the bottom of the page. For submitting feedback, please Go to http://logansroadhouse.com/.
  3. Click Contact Us
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Find Contact Us link on that homepage and click it. It will bring you to a new page where you can fill in your personal details before submitting your feedback.

  1. Fill in your Personal Details

The following details are what you need to fill in, such as:

  1. Your Contact Information

The information you will have to provide is:

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Email (you should confirm it)
  • Phone number
  • Home Address or Apartment, Suite or Unit Number
  • City, State, and the ZIP code
  • Let them know if you would them to contact you or not
  1. Restaurant Search

Here you will be asked for some information, such as:

  • How they served you, whether you dine in there, you order to go service, you did not visit, or even unknown
  • Your date and time of visit the restaurant. However, you can tick a box to show that you are not sure when you visited the place. So, if you forgot when you visited there, it does not matter.
  • Provide your City, ZIP Code, State, and the Restaurant Code. The restaurant Code is usually printed on the receipt. Luckily, you can search the location if you do not have any receipt or have never visited it before. The search result will show the restaurant you want to review.
  1. Experience, Request, or Suggestion

In this step, you can select what type of feedback you want to submit. It can be your wonderful experience, suggestions, requests, unpleasant experience, and alert/health concerns. Every type will require you to choose a topic.

  1. Your Experience Details

In this last step, you are free to express what you need to voice out. There are 2000 characters are available for you, so use that chance very well. And if it is necessary, you can upload a file as a proof that what you have elaborated is a true fact.

Now that you have done all of the steps, it is time for you to click the Submit button. But please remember, that you must be 13 years old or older to submit this feedback. This means you have been considered to be able to be responsible for what you share to them. Moreover, your opinions will start becoming very logical if you have reached that age.

How to Contact Logans Customer Service

Submitting your feedback to Logan’s Roadhouse can be a good way to express your opinion on them. But what if you need them to do you a favor? This is what the function of Customer Service. In case you find a trouble thing or need information related to Logan’s Roadhouse restaurants, you can contact Logan’s Customer Service. The customer service staffs will be happy to help you out.

  1. Via official website

This website can be your helpful start if you need help but it is not so urgent. Visit logansroadhouse.com and click Contact Us and you will find the related contacts you are looking for there. Or click Find a Location on the menu bar, if you need information regarding Logan’s Roadhouse Restaurant places. Or visit http://locations.logansroadhouse.com/ to find Logan’s steakhouse near me.

  1. Via phone

You can get urgent help from the customer service by dialing (844) 6LOGANS. If you want to contact Logan’s employee relations, you can call (877) 644-6905. It is the easiest and quickest way to get responses from them, so you can get helped faster.

  1. Via letter

If you are kind of person who loves correspondences, sending your letter to express your opinions and feedbacks can be a joyful thing. Simply send your letter to:

Logan’s Roadhouse, Inc.

3011 Armory Dr., Suite 300



United States – 37204

  1. Via Social Media

Actually, this is not a part of the customer service will reach to you. Nevertheless, this is the quickest way to get updates and news about Logan’s Roadhouse services, menus, and offers. It is also very possible for you to send your thoughts and let them know what you think about them through the following accounts. You can start following them now. The official social media account of Logan’s Roadhouse has a blue tick after their name accounts:

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Logans.Roadhouse

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LogansRoadhouse

Instagram: https://instagram.com/logansroadhouse/


Where is Logan's Roadhouse headquarters?

Nashville, TNLogan's Roadhouse

Does Logan's do call ahead seating?

“Large party with call ahead seating :(” Review of Logan's Roadhouse. We called to make a reservation and they said they really do not do reservations it still first come first serve and your whole party needs to be in person before they will seat you.

Is Logan's Roadhouse a franchise?

Logan's Roadhouse is a chain of restaurants based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States and founded in 1991 in Lexington, Kentucky, U.S. There are 194 company operated and 25 franchised Logan's Roadhouse locations throughout 23 states and growing.

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