Krystal Guest Survey – Get Krystal Coupons for Free from Krystal Guest Survey

Krystal is a popular fast food chain among the teenagers. If you frequently visit Krystal restaurant, you should involve in Krystal Guest Survey. This survey enables you to give some reviews about this Burger restaurant. You can be free to tell how fun your dining experience in Krystal outlet.

Besides, you can share any suggestion to this company. Krystal will value your feedback. It is because Krystal realizes that your opinion can encourage them to give the better quality of food and service.

Since Krystal listens to the customers’ feedback, it can survive in the fast food market. No doubt, it runs more than 360 chains across the Southern United States. Besides, this restaurant always keeps innovating its menu. No doubt, this restaurant can serve the various dish for its loyal customers.

For instance, you can try to order its unique burger, chicken strips, fries, wings, spicy chik, and dessert. After enjoying the tasty dish at Krystal, you should never throw away your receipt. It is because you can use it to take part in Krystal Guest Survey. Then, you can get the free Krystal Burger as the reward. Keep reading this article to find the simple guideline to take Krystal Survey.

Krystal Guest Survey

What are Krystal Guest Survey Rules and Requirements?

Most of Krystal survey takers may not know what the rules of Krystal Survey. It is because Krystal survey website does not display the rules. However, you can find out the brief rules on the Krystal receipt. Indeed, every survey taker must know what the requirements and rules of the survey they involve.

This way, they can understand what items they need to prepare in order to access the survey. Besides, they also notice what they should and should not do. Check out the requirements as well as the rules of Krystal Customer Survey below:

  • Krystal Survey participants.

To involve in Krystal Guest Satisfaction Survey, you must meet these requirements. First, you must be the legal resident of USA. Moreover, you have to at least eighteen years old. Krystal survey is open for all customers that possess Krystal receipt. But, the Krystal employees are not eligible for this guest survey. Moreover, if your family member is working at Krystal restaurant, you are also not eligible to take part in this survey.

  • Survey requirements.

Krystal survey website requires a valid receipt. It does not matter if your receipt does not contain Krystal survey code. This survey is still accessible by entering Krystal store number and visit time. Make sure that your receipt is not expired.

Remember, you only have three days to take part in this survey. Since Krystal Survey is available online, you have to prepare a PC and the internet. To avoid getting trouble during Krystal survey completion, you must use the strong and reliable internet connection. Besides, you also need to enable cookies in the browser you use.

  • Krystal survey reward.

Most of Krystal customers are interested in completing this survey because they want to get Krystal coupons. Upon completion of Krystal Survey, you will receive a unique code from Krystal. With this coupon, you can redeem the offer printed on Krystal receipt.

However, the survey reward may be different in each Krystal survey period. For instance, you can enjoy a free Krystal burger as the survey reward. But, to get this reward, you may need to purchase the medium fries and drink.

Remember, you only can redeem one coupon in each visit. Besides, you should redeem this offer within 30 days after completing the survey.

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Luckily, you can redeem Krystal coupon at any locations of Krystal restaurant. But, there is no cash value for this coupon. It means you cannot redeem Krystal code for cash. Furthermore, you cannot combine Krystal validation code with other offers.

How to Take Part in Krystal Guest Survey?

There are two methods of entering Krystal Survey. It is so since Krystal restaurant has two survey websites. The first portal ( is for the customers that have Krystal Survey code. Besides, the second website ( is for those who do not have the survey code.

So, after dining in Krystal, you have to check your receipt. See the bottom part of Krystal receipt. Is there any Krystal survey invitation code? This way, you will know which survey website you supposed to access.

The ways to enter the survey in both websites are different. But, you should not worry since the explanation below will guide you to access the survey. So, you will not find any trouble to complete Krystal Guest Survey. Do this procedure if you have Krystal Survey code.

  • Visit Krystal Survey Site.

Use the compatible browser with cookies enabled to access the official site. Before starting the Krystal survey, you can read the privacy policy provided at the bottom right corner of the survey page.

  • Enter Krystal survey code.

Luckily, Krystal survey page provides a receipt sample. So, you can notice the location where to find out the survey code. Usually, Krystal survey invitation is in the middle of the receipt. If your receipt has a survey invitation, it will inform you the Krystal survey reward and rules. To proceed this survey, you have to enter the 12 digit survey code into the field provided.

  • Select the time of your visit.

After that, you should see the top part of your Krystal receipt. Enter the time as printed on your receipt.

However, if your Krystal receipt does not contain any survey code, you still can enter Krystal Survey. Here is the survey guideline for the customers who do not have Krystal survey codes.

  • Visit

This survey portal has the different login form. You will not find any survey code field in this survey page. To proceed Krystal survey, you just need to enter some details of Krystal receipt. For instance, you must input Krystal store number, time of visit, and date of visit. This survey page does not display the receipt sample.

  • Enter Krystal restaurant number.

Every Krystal location has its store number. So, by entering the store number, the survey will be able to identify which store you have just visited. See the top part of your Krystal receipt to find out the store number.

  • Select the visit time.

Enter the hour and minute when you came to Krystal. Look at the time printed on your Krystal purchase receipt.

  • Select the date of visit.

Click the calendar icon to choose the date when you went to Krystal. Make sure that you take Krystal Survey within three days after you visit Krystal. If you share your feedback after three days of the purchasing date, your Krystal survey code will be invalid.

Once you can enter Krystal Survey by using one of the methods above, you can continue to do these following steps.

  • Answer Krystal survey questions.

As usual, you have to respond Krystal questionnaire in order to get the validation code. This questionnaire consists of several parts. Some parts ask the Krystal survey takers to give the rating. Besides, another part asks the details of the customers’ dining experience. Answer every question honestly because your feedback can give some impacts to your future dining experience.

  • Get Krystal Coupons.

As the appreciation for the survey taker’s time, Krystal provides a validation code after you complete its survey. You should check the receipt to find out what survey reward you can redeem. Always write this Krystal coupon code in the provided space on your receipt. This way, you can redeem the offer easily. It is because you just need to present this receipt to Krystal cashier to enjoy your prize.

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What are the Questions at Krystal Guest Survey?

To complete all Krystal questionnaires, you will need for about four minutes. The topics of Krystal survey questions are about your dining experience at Krystal. Besides, other questions ask your opinion about Krystal menu, restaurant’s cleanliness, and staffs’ service.

This survey also asks the details of your order. Krystal survey gives you a valuable chance to share your comments about this burger restaurant. Listed below are some Krystal questions you have to respond honestly. Keep in your mind that Krystal restaurant may change the survey questions based on their needs.

  • Overall satisfaction.

It is not a difficult question. Almost in every guest survey, you will find a question asking about your overall feeling after you dine in the certain restaurant. Krystal also wants to know your level of happiness after visiting their restaurant. Just give the objective rating based on your latest visit to Krystal.

  • Dining experience type.

Then, you must select the type of dining experience you did. Since Krystal does not provide the drive-thru system, you only have two choices. You can order your meal by dining in or carrying out. The type of dining experience you select will determine the further questions.

Then, you will get three questions about your visit. The first question asks whether Krystal staff welcomed you upon you entered the restaurant. Then, state whether you ordered some food. After that, indicate whether you visited the restroom or not.

  • Krystal menu items you ordered.

In the next step, you should mention some items of food which you ordered at Krystal. Krystal Survey has provided the list of menu. So, you can choose them by giving tick mark. For instance, you can select Krystal burger, Krystal pup, soft drink/tea, Milkshake/freeze, Wings, Chili Cheese Fries, Chik, Krystal Chili, etc. If you do not remember the food you purchased, you can check your receipt.

  • Food quality.

The next session asks you to give the rating. First, you can review the quality of Krystal food. As the example, rate the portion size of the food and taste of the food. Besides, give your rating whether your order was prepared as requested. You will face the further question asking which food that gives the big impact for your rating.

  • Krystal’s staff’s performance.

Rate the friendliness of Krystal’s staffs that took your order. Then, rate the neatness of Krystal’s employees as well. Also, rate the time it took to receive the food you ordered.

  • Recommend and return.

Guest satisfaction survey aims to find out whether the customers are willing to come back. That is why Krystal survey asks your likeliness to return to its outlet within 30 days. Then, also indicate whether you are likely to recommend Krystal restaurant to your close friends and family.

  • Reasons for your rating.

Krystal survey provides the space where you can explain your reason why you get satisfied with this restaurant. If in the previous section you give the bad rating, it is your chance to describe your reason. Use 1200 characters to write down your critics, compliments, or suggestions. Be specific and brief in explaining it.

  • The visit details.

This section requires the answer Yes or No. You have to respond some issues related to your visit at Krystal. Here are the questions. Did the Krystal cashier repeat your order? Was the store manager visible? Was your order delivered to your table? Did the staff repeat your order when he delivered it?

Did the cashier suggest other menu items? Then, did the staff thank you for your visit? Did the order taker make an eye contact with you? The last, did you receive the greeting when you came? Answer these questions by clicking Yes, No, or Not Sure.

  • Visit time.
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The next, mention the frequency you visited Krystal in the past 30 days. After that, select what time of day that you prefer to come to Krystal. For instance, you like going to Krystal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour, or late night. Besides, you also can select that you do not have the preferred time of day.

  • Order details.

The last section of Krystal survey asks how many people you buy this order for. Also, mention whether you order for the child under 12 years old.

How to Fill Out Krystal Online Feedback Form?

Taking part in Krystal Survey is not the only alternative to share your feedback. Instead of taking Krystal survey, you can try to submit the online feedback form. Filling out this form is simpler than completing the survey. It is because you do not need to respond a series of questions.

Besides, this form also does not require your Krystal receipt. No doubt, many customers who lose the receipt use this online form to voice their feedback. To complete this form, you should access Krystal official website. Then, follow our guideline below to make you easier contacting Krystal.

  • Access Krystal website.

Accessing Krystal survey portal is unnecessary. It is so since the online feedback form is available at Krystal website. Just visit This site is the complete source to gain any information about Krystal restaurant. As the example, you can review menu and offers, Krystal careers, and franchising info. Furthermore, you can purchase Krystal gift cards as well. Besides, you can sign up Club Krystal to get the updated offers and info about this restaurant.

  • Find Contact menu.

Then, try to search Contact Us menu on Krystal website. This option is located on the bottom part of Krystal web page. This menu will lead you to Krystal feedback form. Krystal will be glad when you contact it.

This burger store will appreciate any feedback or comment you give through this form. This form requires four steps to complete. The first step is filling out your contact information. The second is searching the restaurant. Then, you can mention what you are going to tell. The last, you can give the details of your dining experience.

  • Complete the contact information.

The first page of the form requires your personal details. So, complete the required fields with your information. Write your name, email account, and phone number. Then, mention your full address. You should include the apartment or unit number, city, state, and postal code. The next, state whether you expect Krystal to contact you. After that, you can continue to the second step by pressing the Red button.

  • Search Krystal restaurant.

In the second form, you should indicate how did you dine in Krystal. Then, mention the time of your visit. The last, search Krystal restaurant location by entering the city, zip code, state, and location code.

  • Select the topic of Krystal feedback.

Krystal has provided some issues related to your feedback. Select one of these issues. For instance, you can tell that you had a great experience, unpleasant experience, suggestion, health concern, etc.

  • Provide the details.

In the fourth step, you can explain the additional details related your dining experience. You can write up to 1400 characters. So, you can write your suggestion or feedback as detailed as possible.

Once you finish writing your feedback, press the Red Submit button. You should notice that this online form is only for the customers which are more than 13 years old. Once you continue submitting this form, it means that you agree and affirm that you are older than 13 years old.

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