Jewel Survey – Win $ 100 Jewel Gift Card from Jewel Grocery Store

Jewel Survey is the tool to gather customers’ feedback from Jewel-Osco. We all know that Jewel Osco is a supermarket chain which is headquartered in Illinois. Nowadays, there are 185 chains of Jewel Grocery Store in some states in the US. For instance, you can find this store in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana.

Established in 1899, Jewel-Osco ran coffee and tea delivery service business. But, it expanded into the supermarket and grocery store. This company has struggled hard in order to develop its business. Jewel Osco always tries to fulfill what the customers need and expect. No doubt, this supermarket can have many loyal customers that often make the shopping trip.

Maintaining the customers’ loyalty is not easy. Jewel-Osco has to understand the customers’ need. That is why the communication between the store and customers is crucial.

Perhaps, it will be hard if the company should ask the customers’ satisfaction one by one. So, Jewel-Osco needs a system which can help them to communicate with its customers. Conducting this survey is the best solution. This grocery store can invite the customers to take part in the Survey through the receipt.

But, not all customers are aware of the importance of this survey. Many of them ignore the survey invitation from Jewel-Osco. They do not understand that taking this survey can increase their shopping satisfaction. For instance, they can share some complaints about stock and price of some products. Getting some complaints from the customers, this company will evaluate the business.

Then, they will make some changes to increase the customers’ shopping experience.  In order to increase the participant of this survey, Jewel Osco offers the gift card as the reward. Not all survey takers can win this reward. They must enter the sweepstakes to win this gift card. If they win this online drawing, they can receive $ 100 Gift card. With this reward, they can purchase the products they need in Jewel-Osco.

Jewel Survey

What are Jewel Osco Survey Rules and Requirements?

After knowing the importance and the benefit of Jewel Osco Survey, you will not want to miss this survey anymore. If you often go shopping at Jewel Osco, you can take the survey more often. This way, your chance to win Jewel Osco Gift Card will be bigger.

Luckily, this survey needs the simple requirements. So, you will not be difficult to take part in this survey. Besides, the rules of JewelSurvey are also easy to obey. Before you access Jewel Guest Satisfaction survey, it is better if you review the explanation below.

  • The participants.

All customers of Jewel Osco Grocery Store can take part in this survey. But, they must possess a recent shopping receipt from Jewel Osco. Besides, they must be the legal residents of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, or Iowa. Then, at the time they enter the survey and sweepstakes, they must be at 18 years old or older.

Furthermore, Jewel Osco does not allow its employees to take part in the survey and sweepstakes. Moreover, you are not eligible for the survey if you are the immediate family members of its staffs.

  • The requirements.

You just need a piece of the receipt to enter this survey. The receipt will contain the survey invitation. From this invitation, you will know the address of this survey website. Besides, you will also know the brief rules of this survey. Why is this survey important to access this survey?

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It is because you should enter some information on the receipt as the requirement to start the survey. For instance, you have to enter the store location, time of visit, and the cashier number. So, without this receipt, you may get some difficulties to provide these details.

After having the shopping receipt in your hand, you also need to prepare a device to access this survey. We recommend you to enter this survey by using a computer. Then, also check your internet access and the browser setting. To avoid the troubles during the survey, your internet must be stable and reliable. Then, make sure that you have enabled the JavaScript and Cookies configuration.

  • The Survey Rules.

Jewel-Osco only allows every survey taker to participate in the sweepstakes once in 15 days. Besides, they do not need any purchase to enter the Sweepstakes. Besides, the amount of transaction printed on your receipt will not affect the chance to win.

  • Sweepstakes reward.

The reward of the Sweepstakes is a Jewel-Osco Gift Card valued $ 100. Remember, the winner of this Survey Sweepstakes cannot transfer this reward to someone else. Besides, they cannot redeem the Gift Card for some cash. Then, you have to notice that as the winner, you are responsible for paying the local and federal taxes.

  • Sweepstakes entry methods.

Two entry methods are available if you want to try the online drawing. If you have the receipt, you can participate in Jewel online customer survey. Then, after finishing this survey, Jewel Osco will offer you to enter the online sweepstakes. To enter this sweepstake, you should supply your identities such as name, address, and the contact details.

But, if you do not have the receipt, you can try Jewel mail-in entry sweepstake. To enter the mail-in sweepstake, you should prepare a piece of card in 3” x 5” size. Then, you have to hand-write your full name and complete address. Also, include the valid email address and phone number as well. Enter this card in an envelope then send it to Jewel-Osco Survey Sweepstakes, ICCDS, Po Box 1307. Little Falls, New Jersey 07424.

How to Take Part in the Survey?

Do you often have a shopping trip at Jewel Osco? Perhaps, you go this grocery store once a month to supply your daily needs. How is your shopping trip at Jewel Osco? Do you get all the products you need? What do you think about the service given by the staffs? In every trip, you will have the different shopping experience. It can be the satisfying or unsatisfying experience.

As the customers, you have the right to share your shopping experience in this grocery store. You can let this company know your feeling after shopping in their store. This way, Jewel-Osco can assess how well the service given to the customers. If they cannot satisfy the customers, the management should find the innovation to increase the customers’ satisfaction level.

If you want to get the better service from Jewel-Osco, you should use a little of your time to take this Survey. Jewel Customer Satisfaction survey is very simple to take. You will be able to finish all Survey steps within two minutes. Follow the steps listed below to start this Guest survey.

  • Visit the official portal.

To start this survey, you have to visit When you cannot load this address, you should check your browser’s setting. Perhaps, your browser’s configuration blocks you to go to this URL. It is recommended to take the Survey with a PC rather than using your smartphone. It is because some phones may not support JavaScript.

  • Select the state and store.
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Once you reach the Survey homepage, Jewel-Osco will thank you and inform the duration of the survey. Then, you have to select the state where you visit Jewel-Osco. After that, locate the Jewel-Osco store which you have just visited. You just need to select the box then this site will display the lists of the stores in the drop-down lists. Press Next button to go on to the next page.

  • Enter the date of visit.

To select the date, you can click the icon of calendar next to the date field. Then, choose the date, month, and year. Make sure that you enter the correct data based on the date printed on your receipt.

  • Provide your email address.

The next, supply your email account in the provided space. Then, you can prefer to receive any updates, coupons, or offers from Jewel Osco. If you are not willing to receive any info from Jewel, you should not give tick mark on the box.

  • Indicate the time of visit.

On the next field, you should enter the time when you went to Jewel Grocery store. Also, match this detail with the time printed on your receipt.

  • Provide the operator or cashier number.

Then, enter the operator number or cashier number. You can find this number in the middle of your receipt.

  • Answer Jewel Osco survey questions.

Now you are stepping in the main section of Jewel online survey. In, you will get the simple questionnaire asking about your shopping trip at Jewel. Hence, you should recall the details of your shopping activity.

Most of the questionnaires at its Customer Survey asks you to rate the satisfaction. For instance, you can give the review about the service, product, and employees. Besides, there will be a comment section where you can write down your opinion about Jewel.

  • Provide your personal details for the sweepstakes.

After completing all survey questions, you can enter the sweepstakes. As the requirements, you have to fill out the form about your personal info. So, you have to supply your full name and address (city, state, and postal code). Then, you can submit this survey. The next, you should wait for the winner announcement from Jewel Osco.

That’s all the brief guideline to complete Jewel-OscoListens survey. When you cannot access the survey website, you may enter the incorrect survey website address. Besides, the survey period may be over. So, make sure that you enter the correct survey portal as mentioned in your receipt.

But, if you still face any trouble, you should contact Jewel-Osco Customer Service. You can call 1-877-276-9637 to speak up with Jewel-Osco Customer Relations. They will be ready to assist you in completing the Survey.

What are the Questions at Jewel Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Taking part in the Survey is the way to share your opinion about the shopping trip you have just done in Jewel-Osco. During Jewel Osco survey completion, you have to respond several questions about your shopping experience. You can rate some aspects of Jewel-Osco supermarket.

For instance, you may rate the quality of service and product. Besides, you can also provide your review about the performance of Jewel-Osco store associates. Do you want to know complete questions in this Survey? Keep reading this section to review all questions you may get when you take part in Jewel Osco survey.

  • Overall satisfaction.
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The first question at Jewel Guest survey asks you to rate the overall shopping experience. Ten scale points are available to represent your satisfaction level. Selecting number one means that you are not satisfied at all. In contrast, when you select ten points, it means that you are completely satisfied with your experience at Jewel-Osco.

  • Return and recommend.

By using 1 up to 10 scales points, you have to show your likeliness to come back to Jewel Osco. Also, you have to indicate how likely you are to recommend Jewel store to others.

  • The departments you visited.

The next, please select all store departments which you visited during your shopping trip. For instance, you might visit Pharmacy, Bakery, Meat, Seafood, or Dairy. Besides, you might go to Deli, Floral, or Produce. If you did not visit any of departments mentioned, you should select the last option.

  • Satisfaction with the departments you visited.

Then, you can rate how satisfied you are with the store department you have just visited. For instance, if you visited bakery store, you have to rate the quality of the bakery products. Also, you should rate the friendliness of bakery associates.

  • Satisfaction with the specific issue in the Supermarket.

After giving your rating to each department, it is your time to rate other aspects in Jewel. First, you should rate the friendliness of cashier and the grocery associates. Then, rate the overall cleanliness of Jewel-Osco store. Continue giving your review about the overall prices, the stock of the product, store layout, and speed of checkout.

  • The areas need to improve.

In the next section, you should tell Jewel about the area of the store which needs to improve the stock. As the example, you can select Butcher, bakery, Grocery, Deli, or dairy. Besides, if you think that everything is fine, just select that you are satisfied with the variety of the product.

  • Your suggestion.

This session asks your suggestions to improve Jewel-Osco to be better. You can write your ideas in order to enhance your shopping experience at the store. The next, you should tell what you like the most from this store. For instance, you like the variety or the price of the product. This factor can influence you to go shopping to Jewel. The next, tell whether you experienced any problem when you are shopping in this store.

  • Total purchase amount.

In the next survey page, you should enter the total amount of your purchase at Jewel. If you forget this detail, simply check your receipt to see the amount of transaction you paid.

  • Demographic questions.

Jewel Osco wants to classify the participants of this survey. So, you have to respond the questions about your personal data. First, you have to indicate your gender. Then, select the age range which represents how old you are. For instance, you can choose 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, and so on.

Those are the survey questions you will find in Jewel-Osco Customer Satisfaction survey. Make sure that you answer all of the questionnaires above honestly. It is because the shopping feedback you provide can give the significant effect to your next experience. So, if you expect the better service from Jewel Supermarket, you should provide the proper and objective response for every question.


Does Jewel Osco have gift cards?

Yes, Jewel Osco does offer gift cards.

Does Jewel Osco sell Visa gift cards?

Visa Gift Card $50 (each) from Jewel-Osco - Instacart.

How do I check my Jewel Osco gift card balance?

Jewel-Osco Gift Card BalancePhone Jewel-Osco on 1-877-932-7948.You can check the balance online here.You can also check the balance in store.Get the balance of your Jewel-Osco gift card | Gift Card Balance Now › jewel-osco-gift-card-balance-check

Does Jewel have Sephora gift cards?

Sephora Gift Card, $50 (1 ct) from Jewel-Osco - Instacart.

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