Home Depot Survey – Join Home Depot Sweepstakes for $ 5000 Gift Card

Do you have a dream house? Houses are a primary human need. There you can take shelter from the hot sun and rain. Currently, various building materials can be found around you. Then they offer building materials with various price levels. Then you can choose furniture and other objects.

Who doesn’t know Home Depot? Home Depot is a shop that sells building materials and garden products. Here you can see the store profile from their website. Then you can find out their products and projects.

So you can buy materials and get home repair services from them. If you have used their services, you can follow interesting programs from Home Depot. Save your receipts and follow their sweepstakes program through the Home Depot Survey.

The Home Depot Survey is a portal for receiving customer comments. There they can give opinions about shop services. So you can improve shop service and get rewards from them. The way to start your survey is quite easy. Because we will help you solve this challenge.

Then you are entitled to take part in the Home Depot sweepstakes program. Because they have a total prize of $ 5000. Wow, isn’t this a profitable program? If you want to start your survey, stay with us. Then follow our survey instructions.

home depot survey
home depot survey

Home Depot profile

Before you start your consumer survey, find out their profile first. Then this information can help you answer survey questions. So we will explain a little profile from Home Depot. Check out this important information. So Home Depot has been serving consumers since 1978.

They see this opportunity in North America. The need for housing is increasing. So people invest in their homes. Then they repair the house and shop at Home Depot. There you can get product consultations from employees. So you don’t hesitate to shop for building materials here. Because they will direct the best choice for your home.

The way to maintain existence is to respond to consumer desires. So consumers keep shopping in their stores. Now Home Depot sells more than 40,000 products. They make subsidiaries in 19 countries in the world. Then they have 478 warehouse shops. At first Home Depot only sold building materials. But now they are helping to repair consumer homes.

So consumers can get knowledge from employees. Home Depot has the slogan “do it yourself. So they expressed the opinion that repairing the house was quite easy. They are aware that consumer expectations are an important element for the company. Furthermore, this company leads to several communities. There Home Depot helps the growth of communities in need.

home depot survey
home depot survey

Rules you need to know about Home Depot Sweepstakes.

Do you want to win this sweepstake? Well, before you need to fulfill several sweepstakes requirements. You can see this rule on the Home Depot survey portal.

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If you meet the requirements, then you can take this sweepstakes program. If you do not meet the requirements, you should not take this sweepstakes program. Because even if you win the sweepstakes, they can cancel your prize. The following are some survey rules and sweepstakes procedures.

  1. They opened this sweepstakes program since July 29, 2019. So you can start registering the program now. Then the draw period will end on June 3, 2019.
  2. Are you entitled to this program? Well, you need to pay attention to the following rules. If you meet the requirements, you can register for the sweepstakes program. So this survey and sweepstakes are limited to a few people.
  • First, you are a resident of the United States and Columbia.
  • Second, you are 18 years or older when taking surveys and sweepstakes programs.
  • Third, you are a Home Depot consumer.
  • Fourth, you are not an employee and family of employees at Home Depot.
  • Fifth, you are not a sponsor company and their business partner.
  1. How to enter the sweepstakes?

Well guys, if you want to join this program, pay attention to how to enter the sweepstakes. They have two categories of sweepstakes. First, the consumer category. If you are a consumer at the Home Depot store, select this category. Second, you can choose a professional category.

The professional category in question includes contractors, construction workers, and real estate managers. There are two ways to enter your sweepstakes. First, you can enter sweepstakes by completing consumer surveys. Second, you can take part in the sweepstakes by sending sweepstakes through a postcard.

  • Online Survey: There you can conduct surveys starting from 29 October 2018 to 3 February 2019. Then you need to log in using a user ID and password. Furthermore, you can answer several questions on the survey portal.
  • Send sweepstakes via postcards. Next, you can choose another way to enter the sweepstakes. You can send postcards with several rules. First, you need to write the first and last name. Second, you need to enter mailing and e-mail addresses. Third, you can write down a telephone number. Then the most important element is the subject and address of the postcard. You need to pay attention to the address for the consumer and professional categories.
  1. Prize drawing.

Well, this information is important to you. So they took 2 sweepstakes winners. One winner for the consumer category and one winner from the professional category.

Each winner has the right to bring home the Grand prize of $ 5000. Then they will contact you via email address and telephone number. There you need to claim your prize. Then you can get this gift in the form of a gift card.

So we have explained the survey rules, then you need to do survey preparation. Here you need to comply with the rules as participants or winners. Usually, the winner needs to pay a prize tax.

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Preparation for Conducting a Home Depot Survey.

An easy way to take part in the sweepstakes program is through the survey portal. Here you only need to answer questions from home. Then you can enter sweepstakes after answering survey questions. Here are some survey requirements.

  1. You need a computer or smartphone. So you need to have a device to access the survey portal. Here you can use any device. However, you should use a convenient and easy device. Then your device needs to have a browser.
  2. You need internet services for your device. After preparing the survey device, you now need to connect it to the internet. Your device cannot land on the survey portal if you don’t have internet service. Then you need to use a provider that has a stable signal. So that your survey will be completed easily.
  3. Then you need a User ID and Password. Both of this information is in the receipt from Home Depot. Without this information, you cannot start your survey. Your receipt has an expiration date. So you can only use your ID and password within 14 days. After 14 days your receipt will expire.
How to Join the Sweepstakes Through the Home Depot Survey.

Well, after your preparation is complete, you can start your survey process. So Home Depot can exist until now because it pays attention to consumer expectations. Then they make this consumer portal to find out what you think. They can improve the performance of employees there. Or Home Depot can make innovations in their services. Follow the following steps to complete your satisfaction survey.

  1. You Need to Visit the Official Home Depot Survey Portal.

The first step you need to open your device first. Then you need to visit the browser on your device. Then enter the survey portal through the browser. You only need to write the keyword or website address in the address box. Furthermore, the browser can search the survey portal. You can use the address homedepot.com.

  1. Choose a language that facilitates your survey.

On the main page of the survey portal, you can make language settings. Click on the arrow to the right of the language box. Then choose one of the 3 language choices. They have English, French, and Spanish. The survey portal will be available based on the language you choose.

  1. Click on the beginning survey to enter the next portal page.

Enter your ZIP Code or Postal Code address. There you can see one empty box. So you need to fill the box with the ZIP Code. Then click on the next button.

  1. Enter the Home Depot ID and Password.

On the next page, you can see an example receipt and two empty boxes. You need to enter the Home Depot ID and Password in the box, you can see this information on your receipt. Remember, you need to pay attention to lowercase letters or capital. Then click the next button to start your survey.

  1. Answer some Home Depot survey questions now.

Well, now you are ready to give your opinion on this survey portal. Answer each question honestly. Because your assessment is a reference for improvements in the store. There you can answer multiple choice questions or reviews. Following this, we will submit a number of questions in the survey homedepot.com.

  • They confirm your work before answering questions.
  • they ask how to do your transaction at Home Depot. They have 4 answer choices for you.
  • Can you find all the items you need?
  • Here you need to give an overall assessment. They have a scale from extremely dissatisfied to Completely Satisfied. You can give opinions on the price, quality, and availability of goods.
  • They ask if you get an explanation from the employee while shopping at Home Depot.
  • You need to give value to the performance of Home Depot employees.
  • You need to give value to the facilities and conditions of the store.
  • if you find an empty box, then you can write your opinion there.
  • You need to fill in the year of birth, gender, and nationality
  1. Follow the prize draw from the home depot after conducting a survey. There you need to enter your identity. Then you only need to wait for the results of the draw.
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Finding Out Home Depot Near Me.

After taking part in the draw, maybe you want to shop there. Thus you need information about the nearest location. The way to find the nearest outlet is quite easy. This system will help you reduce costs for transportation. So you can shop quickly and precisely. Here are some ways to access the nearest Home Depot location.

  1. You can search for locations using the website. Here you need to visit the official Home Depot website. Then click on the Home Depot Locator button. There you need to enter your zip code or your country. Then you can choose the location of the nearest store. There you can record the telephone number and the address of the Home Depot store. The following is the address of the Home Depot website. homedepot.com.
  2. You can find out the location using Google Map. So you need to download the google map application first. There you need to enter the location keyword. So you can use the Home Depot Store keyword. Then they will look for locations and show some information. For example, you can see the distance and travel time to the destination. Or you can use directions.
  3. You can download the Home Depot Application. Well, now you can reach Home Depot easily. Because they have an application for your smartphone system. There you can find the closest location to Home Depot.
How to Contact Home Depot Store.

Well, before we discussed how to find the nearest Home Depot location. Then we have explained how to complete the survey and register the sweepstakes. If you want to get more information, you can contact Home Depot customer support. Here are some ways to contact Home Depot.

  1. Home Depot Number.


  1. Social Media Account.
  • Twitter: @HomeDepot.
  • Youtube: The Home Depot.
  • Instagram: @homedepot.
  • Facebook: @homedepot.
  1. Email Address.


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