HertzSurvey – How to Get Hertz Survey Promotion Code?

Hertz is the largest car rental company in the world. Hertz Corporation is the popular car rental brand. Having the slogan World on Wheels, Hertz operates its business in 150 countries. The target customers of this company are the renters that are on holiday. Why can this company be the top rental company? It is because Hertz commits to giving the best service at the low cost.

This company creates HertzSurvey in order to maintain the clients’ satisfaction. This survey helps Hertz to listen to the customers’ opinion after using their service. In order to be easily accessible, this survey is conducted online. This car rental survey is available at HertzSurvey.com. Hertz hopes that every customer can involve in this rental survey. So, the company can know how the experience they had. This company welcomes any Hertz complaints, comment, or suggestion.

Hertz believes that the customers’ feedback can encourage this company to be better. Besides, the clients’ feedback is also helpful for the service improvement. As the example, many renters complain that Hertz’s car is not clean. So, Hertz will improve the vehicles’ cleanliness in order to make their clients comfortable.


Hertz Survey consists of a simple questionnaire. So, every survey taker will be able to complete Hertz Survey in five minutes or less. The survey asks the customers’ experience when they are using the car from Hertz. Besides, the customers also can share their thought about the company’s operation.

In short, the survey helps Hertz Corporation to understand the clients’ need. Furthermore, the company can evaluate and find out their internal problem. Both positive and negative Hertz feedback can be the tool to exceed the clients’ expectation. When the company can grant what the customers want, they can attract more clients to use their service. No doubt, they can achieve the higher profit.

If you have used the car from Hertz, you should not miss taking the Hertz survey. You will not waste much time since this survey is short. Keep your receipt well since you will need some details on it. By taking this survey, you not only can share your opinion but also get the reward from Hertz. To appreciate the Hertz Survey takers, this company gives a promotional code. So, you can save on the future car rental.

What are HertzSurvey Requirements?

HertzSurvey is easy to complete. The requirements needed are also easy to prepare. The company does not want to bother the customers. It is because the company expects that all the renters can take part in this survey. When Hertz can gather the feedback from the entire clients, the company can make a general evaluation for their business.

Then, Hertz will be able to improve their service as well. If you want to take part in Hertz Customer Satisfaction Survey, you need to prepare these following things.

  • Hertz receipt.
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After you return the vehicle to Hertz, you have to pay the rental bill. Then, as the proof of your payment, Hertz will give you a receipt. Check Hertz receipt thoroughly. Is there any Hertz Survey invitation there? Usually, Hertz invites all of the renters to participate in Hertz survey. Hertz also informs how to take this survey as well as the survey offer.

Never lose the receipt from Hertz. It is so since you need some information on Hertz receipt. For instance, you need Hertz Rental Record code and the access code. Without these details, you cannot enter the link. Furthermore, you also need this receipt to redeem the PC code from Hertz survey.

  • Computer and the internet.

Since Hertz survey is an online customer survey, you need the internet connection to access it. Please ensure that your internet access is secured and reliable as well. It is because when you lose the internet connection while completing the survey, you will be unable to re-enter the survey. So, once you start Hertz Survey, you have to do it till the end.

Besides, checking the browser’s setting is also crucial. Make sure that Cookies and JavaScript are enabled to access the survey portal. These two items are the vital requirements of the survey. When you can prepare these items well, you can start Hertz Survey without any trouble. Also, prepare a pen to write the promotional code from Hertz Survey. So, when the Hertz PC code appears, you can immediately write it on the receipt.

Hertz survey is open for all customers. Since the company has a lot of chains in many countries, you should take part in the survey site based on the country you live. Then, the participants must be at the age of 18 or more. When you have the driving license, you can rent the car. The next, you can be the participant of the survey. In addition, the employees are forbidden to take part in this survey.

What are the Steps to Do Hertz Survey?

Hertz Corporation expects that all of its clients can take part in this car rental survey. Therefore, this company conducts the survey by online. This way, all of the customers can access this survey easily. Besides, they also can do the survey whenever and wherever they are.

Hertz survey does not need the complicated preparation. The renters only need to prepare the receipt. When this receipt is on their hand, it means that they are ready to take the survey. Here we provide the simple procedure to complete the Survey.

  • Visit Hertz Survey portal.

The easiest way to access Hertz survey website is by typing hertzsurvey.com in your browser’s address bar. Then, you may be directed to another address. You will land on https://survey.medallia.com/hertz-rac-hertz?b=1&e=2. Don’t be panic if this case occurs to you. It is Medallia empowers this survey. So, Hertz company does not organize this survey by themselves.

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The survey website of Hertz Car Rental is very simple. The white color dominates this website with yellow logo at the top of the page. At the bottom of survey page, there are some helpful links. For instance, you can explore the Survey Support, Other Contact Info, and Privacy Policy. If necessary, you can read the information at these links before you start the survey.

  • Choose the language.

At the top right corner of the survey page, language options are available. Just select language box to change the website’s language into your preference. Since Hertz Company runs the business in many countries, it provides many language choices. For instance, you can select English (US or UK), Nederlands, French, Deutsch, Spanish, Italiano, etc.

  • Enter Rental Record Number.

Now, look at your receipt well. Focus on the top of your receipt. Then, try to find Hertz Rental Record Number. This serial number consists of nine digits in length. Enter this code at the first field on the survey page.

  • Enter Hertz Access Code.

The next, look at the bottom part of your receipt. Do you find any Access Code? Enter this five up to seven digit code to the following box. Then, press the Yellow Next button to start the survey.

  • Specify the aim of your rental.

Select the purpose or the reason of your rental. You can mention whether your rental is due to business, personal reason or insurance replacement.

  • Answer Hertz Survey.

Then, you can start answering the entire questions from the Survey. These questions are related to the rental experience. For instance, you have to rate how satisfying service was. Give your opinion about their vehicle condition and the staffs’ service. Then, you also can write the comment based on your experience as the renter.

  • Take Hertz Survey Promotion Code.

After answering all Hertz questionnaires, you will be rewarded a PC code. To get this code, you need to click on the blue link provided. Then, you can use this code to get the discount on the next rental. To avoid losing this code, you have to write this PC code on your receipt.

So, when you go to the next time, you can show this code to the employee. This way, you can get the special price for the rental.

What are the Questions at Hertz Survey?

The questions at Hertz Survey is not different from other customer online surveys. But, since Hertz is a car rental company, most of the questions will be about your satisfaction in using their service. As like other surveys, Hertz Car rental survey consists of some sections. It has the section to rate their service.

Besides, Hertz also gives you the comment section. Hertz really wants to give the excellent service for the people that rent their car. So, this car rental company lets you give any complaints or praise or suggestions. You can review the examples Hertz survey questions below.

  • Purpose of rental
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The initial question you will get at Hertz survey is the purpose of renting the car at Hertz. You can select one of three options provided. For instance, your purpose is for business, personal reason or leisure, and insurance replacement or loaner.

  • Likeliness to recommend.

Based on your experience when you rent a car at Hertz, how likely you are to recommend this company to your friends? Hertz provides 0 up to 9 scales. Choose the number 9 if you are extremely likely to recommend. In contrast, you can select zero if you are not likely at all. Besides, you also can select other scales between 0 and 9.

  • Car condition.

In this section, Hertz wants to make sure whether you receive the clean car. Then, you should state whether there is a card which certifies the cleanliness of the car you rent.

  • Waiting time.

The next, state if you had to wait more than five minutes at any stage of your rental. Then, select the approximate waiting time you did at Hertz. You can select 5 – 10 minutes, 10 – 15 minutes, or 15 -30 minutes. The next, mention the location where you had the longest time to wait.

Choose one of these following options: shuttle bus, counter, kiosk, exit gate, or at the return. Besides, you also can choose that you waited for the car to be assigned, or on the phone with customer service. The last, you can tell Hertz whether your waiting time is acceptable.

  • Employee service.

In this session, state whether you received the outstanding service from the store. Then, if you recognize the name of Hertz’s staff that served you, you can mention it. The next, you can give him a message. the content of this message is up to you. If you like this service, you can praise him. But, if he gave the disappointing service, you can criticize him through this message.

  • Experience rating.

Here, you have to rate your experience when you rent the car. The areas you have to rate are as the following. First, rate the courtesy of the staffs, the simplicity and ease, as well as the speed of service. Then, also rate the vehicle condition and the billing as expected. The next, share your comment about your experience using the vehicle. But, this comment is optional. You can skip this session if you wish.

  • Future decision.

The last, Hertz wants to know how this rental affects your future car rental decision. Based on this experience, how will you likely rent from Hertz? You can select Exclusively, more often, about the same, less often, or not likely.

This is the end of Hertz car rental survey. After submitting Hertz Survey, you can get the PC code from Hertz. Then, you can use this code to save the budget in your next rent. Here, the company will give the discount since you have completed its survey. So, do not miss the chance to get coupon discount from Hertz. Do this survey and save your budget.


Where is Hertz Rental Car headquarters?

Estero, FLThe Hertz Corporation

How do I contact Hertz?

1 (800) 654-4173The Hertz Corporation

How do I file a claim with Hertz?

Incident Reports involving injury or death and/or damage to other vehicles or property must be sent to HCMFirstNoticeofLoss_bipd@Hertz.com. For all initial inquiries about this claim, please contact First Notice of Loss at 1-877-584-7159.

How do I complain to Hertz UK?

Our Hertz Customer Relations team aim to resolve all complaints quickly and fairly (Contact: 0207 365 33 69). However, if you feel we are unable to resolve your problem you can contact the European Car Rental Conciliation Service, which is an independent conciliation service.

How do I contact Hertz?

1 (800) 654-4173The Hertz Corporation

How do I file a claim with Hertz?

Incident Reports involving injury or death and/or damage to other vehicles or property must be sent to HCMFirstNoticeofLoss_bipd@Hertz.com. For all initial inquiries about this claim, please contact First Notice of Loss at 1-877-584-7159.

Where is Hertz headquarters located?

Estero, FLThe Hertz Corporation

How do I complain to Hertz UK?

Our Hertz Customer Relations team aim to resolve all complaints quickly and fairly (Contact: 0207 365 33 69). However, if you feel we are unable to resolve your problem you can contact the European Car Rental Conciliation Service, which is an independent conciliation service.

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