Gianteaglelistens – Get $ 2,000 Gift Card from Giant Eagle Listens

Gianteaglelistens is a customer satisfaction survey which allows the customers to get an opportunity to win a sweepstakes gift card from Giant Eagle valued $ 2,000. By joining this survey, customers have got a good chance to share experiences during their visit to Giant Eagle stores.

Besides, this survey can be an evaluation for Giant Eagle regarding its services as well as its products. Giant Eagle listens to its customers’ feedbacks attentively as it will be valuable to hear how the customers are satisfied or not to do shopping at Giant Eagle stores.

Moreover, Giant Eagle takes customers’ feedbacks seriously, whether it is a compliment or a constructive criticism, for it can be a good way to make some improvement to its services and products.

Giant Eagle is a retail chain that has been growing since 1918. It was founded first as a grocery supermarket in Pittsburgh, but its headquarters now is located in O’Hara Township, United States. Currently, Giant Eagle has been operating 417 stores in 5 states, such as Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio.

Giant Eagle is very famous for its daily needs for everyone’s kitchen. Customers can find many kinds of canned foods, frozen foods, fresh foods, snacks, seafood, meat, liquor, and many more. It also has developed its business into pharmacy world and provides some popular pharmacy brands. More than that, Giant Eagle now has run 168 petrol stations as well.

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What are Giant Eagle Sweepstakes Rules?

Giant Eagle has announced that its sweepstakes’ period starts from October 1st, 2017 until June 30th, 2018. This sweepstakes can be accessed both online and offline. Every participant should choose only one method to join this sweepstakes, though.

Besides, the disqualification will apply if participants break the sweepstakes rules.  As like many other sweepstakes, there are several rules for those who want to join its sweepstakes, of course. You are supposed to understand the rules to avoid being disqualified.

It will not be good to join the sweepstakes only for hearing the news that you name is not counted in it, right? So, knowing the rules is important to do before you decide to join this sweepstakes. Here is what you need to know.

  1. Entrants
  2. The entrants of this sweepstakes should be 18 years old or older at the sweepstakes entry time. If you have not reached that age, better you wait until you are eligible to join it. Unless, you will be disqualified from this Giant Eagle sweepstakes. However, you can ask someone older to help you with this. It can be your parents, older siblings, or your older relatives. Ask them politely to make sweepstakes registration using their personal information. If you want to enter Giant Eagle online sweepstakes, you can give your Giant Eagle receipt for them. This way, they can use Giant eagle survey invitation code to enter the survey. Then, they can enter Giant Eagle sweepstakes on your behalf.
  3. The sweepstakes is only for the US residents of Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio. The residents of those states are free to take part in that Giant Eagle sweepstakes with a chance to win a special gift card from Giant Eagle worth $ 2000. For the residents who are not from those areas, let’s just wish there will be a chance for you all to join this in the next sweepstakes. Nevertheless, you can still share your feedback to their websites, though.
  4. Staffs from Giant Eagle Group companies, the sweepstakes sponsor, the sweepstakes provider, as well as their immediate families cannot take part in this sweepstakes. So, participants do not need to be worried because this sweepstakes is guaranteed to be clean from any cheating cases.
  5. Sweepstakes Entry methods

Giant Eagle does not hold online sweepstakes only. The methods of this sweepstakes are divided into two ways. The first is by online and the second is by mails. This is fair for those who do not make any purchase or cannot join the online survey, but they want to participate in the sweepstakes. For further information, you can read it below.

  1. By online

You can take this online entry method right after you have finished giant eagle survey at When you have finished answering all the survey questions, fill in the form to register yourself to the sweepstakes. You should fill in your first name, last name, your phone number, and your email address and confirm it.

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Participants should fill in every blank space to provide the information. If participants skip one blank space, the sweepstakes registration will be considered failed and get the disqualification. All entries via online should be received by June 30th, 2018. Giant Eagle online sweepstakes require your receipt. But, the amount of your purchase at Giant Eagle does not affect the winning chance.

  1. By mails

Because your purchase will not increase your opportunities to win the sweepstakes, you can take part in it by sending mail. The steps are very simple. You only need to prepare a piece of paper which has 3″x5″ in size. Then, write down your complete name, phone number, and also your email address on it.

Insert your paper in a business size envelope. After that, send it to Giant Eagle Customer Satisfaction ‘14 Sweepstakes, 90 Rockwood Place, Rochester, New York 14610. The committee should receive this no later than July 6the, 2018 with a postmark by June 30th, 2018.

  1. Limits

Each person has only got a single chance to join this sweepstake, no matter using what method they take part in it. It means if you have submitted your registration via online, you cannot participate in the sweepstakes again via mailing. Even if you have more than one valid receipt and giant eagle survey code, you will not have more chances to join it again or win a Giant Eagle gift card worth $ 2000.

  1. Sweepstakes Prize

Each Sweepstakes Period has 9 winners who will get a grand prize of Giant Eagle for each. It will be in the form of a gift card worth $ 2000. This gift card only can be used when you make your next purchase in Giant Eagle stores. So, if the winners buy milk, alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs, those stuffs will be counted in the gift card. Furthermore, all of the expenses and taxes caused by accepting this gift card are the responsibility of the winners.

What are Giant Eagle Survey Requirements and Steps?

Giant Eagle survey needs the respondent to come online to complete all of the survey questions. As it should be finished online, there are some requirements that you need to pay attention for joining giant eagle listens survey. Here is the list.

  1. A device with the Internet

As it has stated that this survey requires customers to go online, it is important to prepare a device for the internet connection. You can use a personal computer or a laptop to access the survey page. Make sure your Internet has the stable connection because if it takes too long to load the page, you probably have to start it all over again from the first page.

If your internet connection is good, you can finish it in 5 minutes approximately. You can use your tablet or smartphone, but it will not display the survey page better. And worse, you will possibly get to finish all of the survey questions longer than 5 minutes.

  1. A Giant Eagle Valid receipt

The valid receipt you have contains a serial number printed on it. You will use the numbers as your gianteaglelistens survey code to enter the question page. This way, you should never trash Giant Eagle receipt. Some people think that keeping the receipt is useless.

But, you will get a great benefit if you keep Giant eagle receipt. It is because this receipt can lead you to win the online drawing contest. If you are lucky, Giant Eagle receipt can help you to win $ 2000 gift card from the Giant Eagle.

After you have understood the gianteaglelistens survey requirement, now it is time for you to begin your gianteaglelistens steps. You don’t know how to do the survey? Well, it is not as complicated as you think. The following steps can be your guideline to do gianteaglelistens survey steps.

  1. Visit

After all your survey requirements are ready, you can open your browser to start accessing This is where you are going to do your online survey. There are no alternative languages here because the sweepstakes rule only allow those US residents from Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio. You will finish this gianteaglelistens survey in English only.

  1. Fill in your gianteaglelistens survey code

On the first page, you will also see a blank box. That’s where you have to enter the survey code that you get from one of the Giant Eagle stores. The survey code is already printed on your receipt. When you have entered your code, click Start button.

  1. Answer the questions
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Now you can begin answering the survey. The questions are in scales to measure how well your shopping experiences at the stores. Some questions will require you to elaborate your thoughts on Giant Eagle within 1200 characters. The survey questions will ask you to:

  1. Rate your level of satisfaction with during your visit at one of Giant Eagle store.
  2. Choose if you will recommend Giant Eagle to other people.
  3. Choose the departments you have visited
  4. Rate your level of satisfaction with the staffs’ knowledge of the product, the time to check out, the product availability, the cashiers’ attentiveness, and the staffs’ friendliness.
  5. Review your level of satisfaction with the easiness of product locating, the store cleanliness, the assistance availability, and the total amount of the price you got to pay.
  6. Rate your level of satisfaction of the departments of meat and produce.
  7. Tell if you find any difficulties during the shopping. If you find any problem during your shopping trip at giant eagle, you will get extra questions about your problem. This way, you can explain clearly the problem you faced at Giant Eagle.
  8. Tell if you are eager to return to that Giant Eagle store next time. If you are satisfied with your shopping experience, you will be sure to return to the Giant Eagle.
  9. Elaborate your reasons for rating your level of satisfaction. For instance, if you select Highly Satisfied, you have to explain the reason. You may get satisfied with the attentiveness of Giant Eagle staff. Besides, you may be happy with the price of Giant Eagle merchandise.
  10. Rate your level of agreement with the statement given there. The statements are about some aspects of Giant Eagle store. It can be Giant eagle products, service, or staff.
  11. Tell the name of the staff who gives exceptional services and elaborate it. If you still remember the name of Giant Eagle staff who serves you well, you can write the name on this section. So, Giant Eagle can give the appreciation for his performance. But, if you forget his name, you can skip this survey section.
  12. Tell how often you have visited Giant Eagle stores in a month
  13. Choose the grocery dollars of your shopping.
  14. Choose your department you would consider going for groceries shopping.
  15. Provide your information for classification purposes, such as:
  16. Your gender
  17. Your age
  18. Yearly income
  19. The number of people living with you

You can opt to answer these questions or not. If you think that it is your privacy, you can prefer not to respond this question. But, you should note that Giant Eagle only uses this data to classify the survey takers. So, Giant Eagle can know the age range of its customers.

What are the steps of using Giant Eagle Account?

As a customer, you will get more advantage if you have Giant Eagle account by signing up at This Giant Eagle account will keep the saving tracks from your coupons. You can use your Giant Eagle coupon code when you make an online order and plan to take it at a store which has that kind of service.

When you receive what you order, and you are not feeling happy with the products sent to you, you can directly give it back to Giant Eagle customer service at the closest Giant Eagle store nearby. The following steps will be useful for you.

  1. Provide your zip code

When you have provided your zip code, and then you can see the store list in which you can take your order. It is like you are using Giant eagle near me store locator.

  1. Fill in your coupon code

If you have done your online order, you can start filling in your code in a blank box. It is next to Order Summary of yours

  1. Click Apply button

By clicking this button, you can see the new total amount and savings. After that, you may check out.

How are Giant Eagle coupon Rules and Forms?

Giant Eagle customers can redeem coupons at every Giant Eagle stores. However, there are some rules that customers should know. Pay attention to the explanation below.

  1. It should be a valid Giant eagle Coupon. Here, the coupon you bring should be used before the expired date. If it has passed the expired date, you cannot use that coupon anymore. Furthermore, if you have used that coupon, you cannot use it anymore for the second time. It means the coupon will be valid for once only.
  2. One coupon one item rule applies. You can use one coupon for only one item that you purchase.
  3. Only 5 coupons are allowed to use for each customer within 24 hours. Customers should buy the item stated on the coupon based on the size and amount described there. You can get the price and size information in a weekly Giant Eagle ad.
  4. The coupon should be equivalent to the item price. If the coupon has more values, the coupon will be rejected.
  5. Manufacture policy will apply if it is stricter than Giant Eagle policy.
  6. Customers cannot use a duplicate coupon. The redeeming process will only use an original coupon.
  7. Customers who do not use the coupon when they make purchases and the coupons are not expired yet, can use it again using Advantage Cards until 10 days of the receipt date.
  8. Customers cannot redeem coupons from other supermarket brands.
  9. Giant Eagle will never take coupons which are FREE, BOGO FREE (it is a half of the official price), and more than $ 3.
  10. Customers cannot stack manufacturer coupons and Giant Eagle coupons.
  11. For Electronic Coupons (Giant eagle ecoupon), the rules are a little bit different.
  12. Customers can only get ecoupon from Giant Eagle official websites or other websites which have been accepted by Giant Eagle companies.
  13. Customers can simply clip ecoupons and they will load to the Giant Eagle Advantage Card because ecoupons work like digital coupons. It will be very advantageous because you can save more when you checkout.
  14. Ecoupons cannot be double.
  15. Like printable coupons, customers cannot use ecoupon along with manufacturers coupons.
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How to Reach Giant Eagle Customer Service Quickly?

It is possible for customers to find troubles with this kind of public services. It can happen anytime and anywhere. Giant Eagle realizes this thing but it makes sure that their response will make the customers relieved. Giant Eagle customer services absolutely will respond to you and help you solve your problem as soon as possible.

As customers, no need to feel hesitated to as for help from them. That is why Giant Eagle provides the following ways in case there is a problem found by customers related to their products as well as their services.

  1. Mailing Address

If you like to do correspondence, you can write down what you need to say to Giant Eagle, including your feedback, suggestions, requests, or your complaints, without going online. You can send your letters to the regional Office of Giant Eagle at:

Giant Eagle, Inc.

101 Kappa Drive

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15238-2809

United States

  1. Phone

If you find the urgent problem regarding the service of the products you order at Giant Eagle stores, simply dial (800) 362-8899 to get quick help. And for Indianapolis residents, you can dial 1-800-553-2324 or 1-866-620-0216 for customer service helps. They are available on Monday until Friday at 9 a.m. up to 9 p.m.

  1. Website

Let them know what difficulties you have and send your feedback without receipt via the website at In this official website, you can find any info related to Giant Eagle. For instance, you can explore Giant Eagle Jobs or Giant Eagle Careers.

If you want to work at Giant Eagle, you can explore this menu. Besides, you can check Giant Eagle Weekly Sale and Giant Eagle Ad. This feature informs you about the discount and any offers given by Giant Eagle. So, you can find many products at the lower price. Other information at is Giant Eagle Pharmacy Overview, Giant Eagle Store Locator, and Giant Eagle eAdvantage.

As like many other store websites, Giant Eagle provides the contact form. You can complete this form online by accessing This online form has several usages. For example, you can use this form to send your questions.

Besides, you can even submit your shopping feedback as well. The next, you can provide any critics, suggestions, or complaints to Giant Eagle. Unfortunately, this contact form at Giant eagle website requires your personal information. So, you can not submit your Giant eagle feedback anonymously. Then, you should note that Giant Eagle feedback form cannot lead you to the sweepstakes. So, this feedback form is different from Giant Eagle survey.

  1. Social Networks

Social Media is getting so cool with its quick updates. You can check their upcoming events and promos through their social media accounts. You will get information in real time, so you will not have to worry about getting expired news from them. Just follow their social media accounts as follow. Real accounts are signed with blue ticks.







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