Dominos holiday hours – About Dominos hours and Dominos near me

Any dinner plans on Independence Day at home? Perhaps you need to try Domino’s Pizza. This pizza restaurant has a good delivery service. You may take a full advantage of this service. Hence, you will be able to enjoy the tasty pizza from Domino’s restaurant with your family members. Besides, the pizza can be your wonderful dinner while celebrating the Independence Day with them.

this is why you should know the Dominos holiday hours information first. So, you can make the order to Domino’s restaurant on the Independence day or any other holidays. But, do not feel worried. If you have got this page, it means you are in the right place. We have provided beneficial information about Domino’s Pizza restaurant hours, Dominos hours, Domino’s Pizza locations, and Domino’s Pizza Customer Care.

About Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s is a restaurant chain with pizza specialty from the United States. It used to go as Domino’s Pizza. But, this brand has been more popular as Domino’s nowadays. This restaurant chain started its pizza journey in Ypsilanti, Michigan. James Monaghan and Tom Monaghan created began this business in 1960. Today, the headquarters of Domino’s restaurant chain is in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

It has been operating more than 13.000 Domino’s restaurant locations in the world. Also, it has hired almost 300.000 employees to work at Domino’s offices or restaurants inside and outside the United States. that is why Domino’s sales have been the largest one among other pizza sellers worldwide. Moreover, it has the best pizza delivery on Earth.

dominos store locator
dominos store locator is accesed from

If you visit this restaurant, you should try its tasty pizza. There are variants of pizzas here. But, that is not the only menu item you can find here. Domino’s has other dishes as well. For example, you can order various chickens, sandwiches, pasta, bread, sides, desserts, Domino’s causes as the extras. For the drinks, Domino’s provides many sorts of soft drinks and bottled water.

dominos holiday hours
dominos holiday hours

Dominos hours

Before you visit Domino’s Pizza restaurant, you should make sure that you get enough information about Dominos hours first. The information about Dominos hours will be beneficial for you. Moreover, with this information, you will find out the operation schedule of Domino’s Pizza restaurant. You will find out when this pizza restaurant is open and close.

Besides, Dominos hours will inform the specific time of the open and close schedule at Domino’s restaurant. So, you can arrange when you can visit the restaurant or when you are able to use the Domino’s delivery service. For more details about Dominos hours, you can look at the following timetable.

Monday10 am - 02 am
Thuesday10 am - 02 am
Wednesday10 am - 02 am
Thursday10 am - 02 am
Friday10 am - 02 am
Saturday10 am - 03 am
Sunday10 am - 03 am
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The timetable above has shown the normal schedule of Dominos hours. Most Domino’s Pizza restaurants use this schedule. But, some other Domino’s Pizza locations may have different Dominos hours. The operation schedule can be different due to different states.

Every state may have certain laws which rule the operation schedule of restaurants. Also, different seasons can be the reason of the different schedule of Dominos hours.  Even though the difference is not too significant, you should check it first at the nearest Domino’s Pizza location. So, you can use the local Dominos hours to arrange your dinner plans.

Moreover, Dominos hours can be the source to answer the following questions:

  1. Is Dominos open today?

Yes, it is. Domino’s Pizza restaurant is ready to serve its delicious pizzas and other menu items today. You can just check the Dominos hours at the location which you prefer. Hence, you can arrive at the location at the right time. Also, the delivery service at Domino’s Pizza restaurant uses the same Dominos hours at the same locations. So, you do not need to worry if the delivery service uses different operating hours.

  1. What time does Dominos open?

Domino’s Pizza restaurant is open at 10.00 a.m. every single day. That is the standard operating hours at Domino’s Pizza. Most of Domino’s Pizza locations are ready to give its best services at this open hour.

  1. What time does Dominos close?

Domino’s will be close at 02.00 a.m. on Sunday up to Thursday. And the restaurant will be closed an hour later on Friday and Saturday at 03.00 a.m. but, you may find some Domino’s Pizza restaurants have different close hours. They will be close an hour earlier or an hour later than the normal Dominos hours.

Besides, the franchise system makes several Domino’s locations use different Dominos hours. However, that is not a big deal. So, you do not need to feel surprised if you find Domino’s restaurant is close at 01.00 a.m. or 04.00 a.m.

Dominos Pizza holiday hours

Dominos hours information may not be enough for you. Thus, we have summarized a short review about Dominos hours at holidays. You should know about the restaurant service during Dominos hours. Does the schedule of Dominos holiday hours have any differences from Dominos hours? And what is the difference? You can find the answer below.

Basically, there is no significant difference between the Dominos hours and Dominos holiday hours. the operation schedule will be quite the same based on the normal Dominos hours. Only, Dominos holiday hours will inform more about the Domino’s schedule on holidays. Besides, the duration may be shorter than the regular Dominos hours during holidays.

Some Domino’s restaurants may be open later and close earlier during holidays. But, you can still solve this by contacting Domino’s Pizza customer care to get the information about Dominos hours. Moreover, you are able to search more valid information from local Domino’s Pizza restaurants. If you wonder which holiday which will get the effect of Dominos hours, you can read the following holiday list.

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Public HolidayOpen or Close
Christmas dayCLOSE
New Year’s EveOPEN
New Year’s DayOPEN
Good FridayOPEN
Black FridayOPEN
Mother’s DayOPEN
Father’s DayOPEN
Easter SundayOPEN
Easter MondayOPEN
St. Patrick’s DayOPEN
Valentine’s DayOPEN
Mardi Gras Fat TuesdayOPEN
Cinco De MayoOPEN
Martin Luther KingOPEN
Columbus DayOPEN
Memorial DayOPEN
Veterans DayOPEN
Labor DayOPEN
Cyber MondayOPEN
Thanksgiving DayOPEN
Presidents dayOPEN
Independence DayOPEN
Christmas EveOPEN

The holiday list shows us about the holidays on which Domino’s Pizza restaurant is open. During Dominos hours, all Domino’s Pizza locations are closed on Christmas Day. Then, this pizza restaurant will remain open for other holidays. But, some other Domino’s locations may have different Dominos hours.

It is because some Domino’s Pizza restaurants are open during Thanksgiving Day and Easter Sunday, while other restaurant locations will be closed on those special holidays. But, you should keep in mind. Even though several Domino’s Pizza restaurants are open on the holidays mentioned above, these restaurants may be open for the shorter duration. The restaurants can be open later than then the usual schedule and then they are close earlier.

How to Locate Dominos near me

Because you have known about Dominos hours and Dominos holiday hours, it is the time for you to act now.  You may start making your dinner plans based on the Domino’s schedules above. Moreover, you can prepare to go to the Nearest Dominos location in your place.

If you do not know where you should go, you may try to find the locations of Domino’ Pizza restaurants online. There are 3 easy ways to search for the Domino’ Pizza locations near to you. You may choose the most convenient way for you. For further explanations about the ways to find the locations of Domino’ Pizza restaurants, just pay attention to the following information.

  1. Domino’s Restaurant Locator

The restaurant locator of Domino’s Pizza is available on its official website. In case you have never used this locator, just be calm because we have prepared some simple instructions for you. You can use the following steps as your guideline in using Domino’s Pizza Restaurant Locator.

  • Go to Dominos official website.

First, you must go to You will find Domino’s Pizza restaurant locator on this official website.

  • Click Location button

Second, you can click the Location button on the menu bar. It is on the top part of the page.

  • Fill in Address Information

Third, you need to fill in a form. You should give your address information. It includes your living type, street name, city name, state name, or ZIP code.

  • Click Search Location button

Fourth, click Search Location button under the form. Once you click the button, the page will turn to the next page. You will see the search result there. You will get the restaurant address, restaurant phone number, and the restaurant hours.

  1. Domino’s Mobile App

Domino’s Pizza has provided a mobile app to make it’s easier for customers to do some Domino’s activities. You can download Domino’s Mobile App from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This app has some features which will be useful to you. For instance, you can find your favorite restaurant location, order online, make the online payment, and many more.

  1. Search Engine
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If you use a search engine, you will only need to launch your browser in your device. Then, you can type Dominos Pizza near me in the available search field. In a few seconds, you will get what you are searching for. Besides, you may use the search engine to get the information about Dominos hours.

How to Contact Domino’s Pizza Customer Support

Do you get difficulties in searching for the information about Dominos holiday hours or Domino’s Pizza restaurant locations? Do not get panic. Domino’s restaurant has created some ways to solve such problems. Domino’s Pizza has a customer support which consists of professional representatives.

Hence, you can ask for help from Domino’s customer support representatives. You may ask for questions about Dominos holiday hours or may other Domino’s things to them. After that, Domino’s customer support representatives will provide the information you need.

There are several ways that you can do to reach Domino’s customer care representatives. You can try to contact them and inform your difficulties through these easy ways.

  1. By website

You can visit Domino’s website at you should use the address because it will take you to the official website of Domino’s Pizza restaurant. When you have reached this website, you should fill in a feedback form first. You may tell your inquiries about Dominos holiday hours through this page.

Besides, you can explain what is on your mind on this feedback form. Your previous visit experiences can be an interesting topic to tell them. this way, you can help Domino’s Pizza restaurant to improve its qualities.

  1. By mailing

Even though mailing post can be less effective to get information about Dominos hours, you can use this method to create a business partnership with Domino’s. or, you can use this way to share your feedbacks for Domino’s restaurant. You can send your letters to the following address:

30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48106

The United States.

  1. By phone

Want immediate response? You may contact Domino’s Pizza Customer Support by phone. The customer support representatives will give you fast assistance if you reach them using this method. Also, you can take advantage of this service to inform your problems about Domino’s Pizza restaurant. You only need to dial (734) 930 3030 to do those things.

  1. By social media

As a social media user, you can use your media platform to contact Domino’s Pizza Customer Support. This will be a convenient way for you because you can submit inquiries on Domino’s social media pages. Moreover, you may get the latest updates from these social media pages.

Domino’s Pizza often announces its promotions and other information on it social media pages. If you want to follow Domino’s on social media platforms, make sure you use the links below.






Is Dominos open on holidays?

Dominos is generally open from 10:00 a.m. until midnight or later, and Pizza Hut is open from 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. or later. ... According to Holiday Shopping Hours, most Dominos and Pizza Hut restaurants are open on the following holidays: New Year's Day. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Is Dominos open on Christmas 2019?

Dunkin – Some stores will be open. Domino's Pizza – Some locations will be open. Sonic – Some locations will be open. Many movie theaters are open.

Does Domino's close on Christmas?

You can look up your local Dominos hours by clicking here, and Pizza Hut here. It looks like the only holiday that both restaurants are closed early for is Christmas Day every year, although the hours on each of the above holidays are subject to change.

Is Pizza Hut open today on Christmas?

Tuesday, December 24: Pizza Hut restaurants are open on Christmas Eve, but for limited hours. Wednesday, December 25: Pizza Hut restaurants are closed on Christmas Day. Tuesday, December 31: Pizza Hut restaurants are open on New Year's Eve.

Is Dominos opened on Christmas Day?

Dominos is one of the pizza places open on Christmas, but hours of operation vary by location so call ahead to be sure. ... If you're not into pizza on Christmas, you can also grab a sandwich or wings from Dominos. Dominos Christmas Hours: 10:30 to 12 p.m.

Does Domino's close on Christmas?

You can look up your local Dominos hours by clicking here, and Pizza Hut here. It looks like the only holiday that both restaurants are closed early for is Christmas Day every year, although the hours on each of the above holidays are subject to change.

Is Dominos open on Christmas 2019?

Dunkin – Some stores will be open. Domino's Pizza – Some locations will be open. Sonic – Some locations will be open. Many movie theaters are open.

What holidays does Domino's close?

Domino's Pizza Holiday Hours | OpenBlack FridayMardi GrasChristmas EveMemorial DayCinco de MayoMother's DayColumbus DayNew Year's DayEaster MondayPresident's Day4 more rows•Jun 3, › dominos-pizza-operating-hoursDomino's Pizza Operating hours – Fast Food Locations Near Me › dominos-pizza-operating-hours

Is Dominos opened on Easter?

The pizza chain is usually open until midnight, or later on weekends. Dominos Pizza hasn't announced any limited or closed hours for Easter, although that could change. Dominos is usually open from 10:00 a.m. until midnight or later. Also, various locations might have different hours, depending on the location.

Does Domino's close on holidays?

Domino's Pizza Holiday Hours Holidays is the busiest time for the stores. ... One of the busiest days for Domino's are Halloween, New Year's Eve, Super Bowl Sunday, New Year's Day and Thanksgiving Eve. Domino's Pizza welcomes the customers all year round, besides Christmas Day.

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