DennysListens – Get Free Denny’s Pancakes from Dennys Listens Survey

DennysListens is the online survey from Denny’s American Diner. This restaurant provides the pancake house, coffee shop, as well as the fast food outlet. Denny’s can stand out among other restaurants since it opens 24/7. Since it opens all days and nights, Denny’s has many loyal customers.

No doubt, Denny’s has more than 1600 chains worldwide. You will be able to visit this Denny’s restaurant in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Qatar, Japan, New Zealand, and many other countries.

When you need a relaxing dinner or lunch with your family, Denny’s is the most suitable place. In Denny’s, you can enjoy the tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. For instance, you can order pancakes, grilled chicken, burger, and other menus.

Besides, Denny’s also provides the comfortable restaurant atmosphere. After spending time in Denny’s, you should not miss taking Denny’s survey. This survey enables you to inform Denny’s about how pleasant your dining experience was. Continue reading this article to get the deeper understanding about Denny’s Survey.


What are Dennys Listens Survey Rules?

Taking part in Dennys Listens shows that you support this restaurant. No matter the dining experience you have in Denny’s, it will be better if you are willing to share it with this company. When you faced some problems when you came to Denny’s, you should tell about this to Denny’s.

So, Denny’s can solve your problem and improve the service. It is one of the reasons why Denny’s survey is important. It can be the tool to communicate with Denny’s restaurant effectively. Denny’s will be able to listen to what the customers expect. So, in the future, Denny’s can meet the guests’ expectations.

Before you involve in Denny’s Listens Survey, you should notice the survey rules. So, you prepare the requirements to support you taking this survey. Besides, you will also know about what to do during Denny’s survey completion. Here we provide some rules of Denny’s survey you have to notice.

  • The survey participants.

Denny’s expects all of its guests to take part in Denny’s Guest Satisfaction Survey. So, if you are the customer of Denny’s restaurant, you can take part in Denny’s Listens. You can prove that you are the real customer by having a purchase receipt.

Then, make sure that you are 18 years of age or older. Moreover, you must be the USA legal residents. But, if you work at any location of Denny’s restaurant, you cannot be the participant of this survey. Besides, Denny’s also forbids the family of its employees to take part in this survey.

  • The survey requirements.

To access Denny’s Customer Survey, you just need a valid receipt from Denny’s. Every receipt you got from Denny’s cashier will contain a survey invitation. Then, you will also find Denny’s survey code. The length of the code is sometimes different.

In certain location, the customers may get four-digit codes. Besides, in other Denny’s locations, the survey code may contain 17 digits. It is not a big problem; it is because you can select the type of code you have before entering Denny’s survey.

  • Denny’s survey rules.

The rules of Denny’s survey are simple. You just have to take this survey within three days. After three days of the purchasing date, Denny’s survey code will expire. So, you cannot use this code any longer to enter Denny’s Survey Page. Besides, Denny’s limits only one survey for each household in 30 days.

  • Denny’s survey reward.

Every Denny’s survey taker deserves to get a validation code. In the next visit to Denny’s restaurant, they can present Denny’s validation code along with the valid receipt. Then, they will be able to redeem free pancakes by purchasing any beverages. But, remember, this Denny’s coupon is redeemable within 30 days.

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How to take Part in Denny’s Listens Survey?

Denny’s restaurant is one of the favorite restaurants since it opens 24 hours. So, when you are starving in the late night, you just need to go to this restaurant. Then, you can enjoy the delicious dish from Denny’s. If you often spend your time in Denny’s, you should not ignore Dennys Listens survey invitation. In every Denny’s receipt, you will see the survey code.

With this code, you can enter Dennys survey. Then, you share what you think about Denny’s restaurant. For instance, you can tell what you had experienced when you had a meal in Denny’s outlet. Besides, you can convey the suggestions to make this restaurant gives the better service.

Dennys Listens survey only needs three or four minutes to complete. So, it won’t waste your time. Denny’s will appreciate your participation in Denny’s survey. That is why this restaurant rewards you a validation code after you finish the survey.

Then, this Denny’s validation code is redeemable with free Denny’s Pancakes. So, if you want to enjoy this delicious pancake for free, you should access Denny’s Listens survey soon. Do this simple guideline to complete Denny’s survey easily.

  • Visit the survey portal.

Denny’s Listens is accessible at Once you reach Denny’s survey web page, you should select the language. Three language choices are available to access this survey. As the example, you can take part in the survey using English, French, or Spanish. After selecting the language setting, you can continue to next page by clicking the Next Arrow button.

  • Select the type of survey code.

Now, you should see the survey invitation in your Denny’s receipt. How many digits are the survey code? Your survey code may contain four digits or more. Another type of survey code may contain 17 digits. So, you have to select the type of code you have before going to the next step.

  • Enter Denny’s Survey invitation code.

Then, you can enter the survey code in the space provided. When you enter the code, you should not include any hyphens or dashes. Enter this code correctly, if you misspell one character, the survey will give the alert that your code is not valid.

  • Answer the survey questions.

Now, you are completing the main part of Denny’s Survey. Here, you have to respond all quizzes about your experience. This survey requires you to give the overall rating about the food, restaurant atmosphere, and service. Dennys Listens also allows you to express the suggestions in order to improve Denny’s service. This way, on your next visit, Denny’s can serve you with the better quality of menu and service.

  • Write Denny’s validation code.

As the survey reward, you will receive Denny’s coupon code. When this validation code appears, you have to write it immediately on your receipt. So, when you go to Denny’s restaurant next time, you just need to present this Denny’s receipt including the code. Then, you can claim the free stack of pancakes from Denny’s.

What are the Questions at Dennys Listens Survey?

Have you ever involved in Denny’s Listens Survey? If you have not, you should try to take Dennys Survey at least once. This survey is beneficial not only for Denny’s but also for you. For Denny’s, this company can evaluate how high the guests’ satisfaction is.

Besides, for the customers, they can share what they feel about Denny’s by responding the survey questions. Hence, noticing all types of questions in Denny’s Survey is crucial to do. So, when you take part in the real survey, you will be easier to answer each question. Presented below are the examples of the Survey questions.

  • Satisfaction with your visit.

After entering Denny’s survey code, you should be ready to face a series of Denny’s survey questionnaire. The first question requires you to rate the level of satisfaction with your most recent visit at Denny’s. You can select the scale from Highly Satisfied rating to Highly Dissatisfied. Then, you should explain what should Denny’s do in order to improve your satisfaction.

  • Return and Recommend.
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The next, based on the rating you gave in the previous step, now you should decide to return to Denny’s or not. In this section, you have to state your intention to come back to Denny’s in the next month. Also, voice up your likeliness to recommend Denny’s to your friends.

  • Satisfaction with the overall food.

After having dinner or lunch at Denny’s, you must have your personal opinion about the food. So, it is your chance to review Denny’s menu. Your opinion can be based on the overall taste and Denny’s menu prices. After giving the rating to the food, you should explain how to make the guests satisfied with the menu served.

You can describe your thought in 1200 characters. Then, you should rate the temperature, quality and the variety of Denny’s menu.  Also, rate the taste and the amount of food for the price you pay.

  • Satisfaction with the restaurant atmosphere.

The next, give your objective review about the overall atmosphere. When you dine in the Dennys restaurant, you will enjoy not only the food but also the overall atmosphere. So, here you can write about what Denny’s should do to make the restaurant’s atmosphere more convenient. The next, give your rating about the interior, exterior, and restroom cleanliness. Also, state whether Denny’s gives you welcoming feeling.

  • Satisfaction with the overall service.

Rate Denny’s overall service based on your recent visit. Tell how should Denny’s do to improve its overall service. After that, rate the issues about Denny’s service. For instance, you should review the friendliness, attentiveness, and personality of Denny’s staffs. Then, rate the speed of service, checkout, receiving the refill, and getting the seat.

  • The visit details.

This section contains some questions that ask about the details of your visit at Denny’s. First, state whether Denny’s store manager interacted with you. Then, indicate if the server suggested any food or beverage for you. The next, specify what menu items which they suggested for you. To respond this question, you can select appetizer, dessert, beverage, or entree.

Also, mention how often you come to Denny’s restaurant. You can tell that it was your first time visiting Denny’s. Besides, you can choose the visit frequency such as once a week, once every 2-3 month, or once every 4-6 month. The last, mention the person that accompanied you on the recent visit. You can select spouse/partner, children under 12, children between 12-18, friends, or coworker.

  • Denny’s rewards member.

State whether you are the member of Denny’s Rewards program. If you have not a member yet, Denny’s will offer you to sign up this program. Registering Denny’s reward program is beneficial. You can receive the various rewards offered by Denny’s restaurant.

  • The reasons for visiting Denny’s.

Denny’s restaurant wants to know why you visit its restaurant. So, you need to select one of the reasons below. For instance, you come to Denny’s because of any promotion or special occasion. Besides, you may be interested in going to Denny’s because of the type of food or the convenient location.

  • Demographic questions.

In the last section of Denny’s Listens Survey, Denny’s wants to classify the survey takers. So, you should answer some of the demographic questions. First, select your gender and age. Then, tell what your occupation is. Denny’s has provided the drop-down lists consisting some types of job.

For instance, you can select Business, educator, Healthcare, hospitality, sales or students. The next, indicate the average salary you earn in a year. The last, select the ethnic which describes you the best. As the example, you can choose Latino, American, Caucasian, Black, or Asian.

How to Contact Denny’s Customer Service?

Have you ever accessed Denny’s official website? This site is the trusted web page where you can explore any info about Denny’s restaurant. Before going to Denny’s, you may want to identify all menus you can order. So, you can explore the lists of Denny’s menus.

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Besides, if you want to know Dennys locations, you can try Denny’s store locator feature. This way, you can find out Dennys near me. Furthermore, you can explore Denny’s career, Denny’s rewards, Denny’s gift cards as well. You can explore Dennys hours too. This way, you will know when Denny’s restaurant opens and closes every day. In fact, provides you the complete details of Denny’s restaurant.

But, if you cannot find the info about Denny’s which you want to know, you can contact Denny’s Customer care. By contacting the Customer Care representatives, you can not only ask the questions but also share the suggestions.

Denny’s will be happy to hear any suggestions or complaints from its guests. The comments from the guests will be able to help this restaurant to be better. Denny’s provides three methods to get in touch with its customer service. Here are the methods.

  • Regular mail.

Denny’s allows the customers as well as the business partner to write a letter to this company. The mailing address is the same even your letter has a different purpose. Just send it to Denny’s, Inc. 203 East Main Street, Spartanburg, SC 29319.

But, if your letter is about the customer relations, you should include the code Call Center: P 7 3. Then, if the letter is about the Human resources, benefits, or payroll, the code is P 5 1. The last, if it is about the legal or risk management, the code is P 12 1.

  • Phone.

Denny’s Customer Relation is also accessible by phone. If you want to ask something or express your feedback, you can contact Denny’s Call Center. The phone number is 1 800 733 6697. Denny’s Customer Care representatives are ready to assist you from Monday to Friday, 8 am up to 8 pm.

  • Feedback Form.

Denny’s provides an online form for its customers. The customers can write a message containing any questions or suggestions. Here is the procedure to fill out Denny’s feedback form.

  1. Visit the official website of Denny’s restaurant.

First, you should access Then, go to the bottom section of Denny’s web page. Here, you will find the link to contact Denny’s. Select Contact Us in order to open Denny’s feedback form on the new page.

  1. Provide the full name.

This form requires your first name as well as your last name. Just enter it in the provided space.

  1. Provide your contact details.

On the next field, you should enter your phone number. After that, write down your email account in the next field. Make sure that you enter the valid contact details. So, Denny’s will be able to respond your message.

  1. Enter your full address.

After that, provide the address you are living. You should write down the city. Then, select the State from the list. Also, enter your home zip code.

  1. Indicate Denny’s restaurant location.

Enter the location of Denny’s restaurant where you visited. You can search Dennys location by entering the city, state, and postal code. Also, enter Denny’s store number. See Denny’s receipt to find out this number.

  1. Specify the time of your visit.

In the next step, input the date in which you visited Denny’s. Also, enter the hour and minute when you went to this restaurant.

  1. Choose the subject.

Then, select the subject of your message. It can be about the complaint, compliment, or suggestion. Besides, if you want to ask a certain question, just select Other.

  1. Write your message.

In the space provided, you are free to write down your message. Make sure you explain it in detail. Denny’s does not limit the number of characters or words you use in this section. Once you finish writing your message to Denny’s, you can press Send Message button.


Do you get a free meal at Denny's on your birthday?

Denny's Birthday Meal. Denny's birthday meal coupon is a FREE "Build Your Own Grand Slam" breakfast and can be redeemed only on your birthday. ... The restaurant sends a birthday coupon for a FREE "Build Your Own Grand Slam" breakfast if you sign up for Denny's Rewards. No purchase is required, it's totally free.

How does Denny's Rewards work?

Once you register, you'll receive points for all of your purchases at Denny's, and once you reach 100 points, you'll be rewarded with $10 in Denny's cash. The $10 reward must be used within 30 days, or your points restart at 0, and any unused points may expire after 12 months of inactivity.

What kind of Pancakes does Denny's have?

Fluffy PancakesClassic Tres Leches Pancake Breakfast.Cinnamon Roll Pancake Breakfast.Salted Caramel & Banana Cream Pancake Breakfast.Choconana Pancake Breakfast.Double Berry Banana Pancake Breakfast.Hearty 9-Grain Pancake Breakfast.Blueberry Pancake › food › pancakesCategory : Fluffy Pancakes - Denny' › food › pancakes

How much money does Denny's make a year?

Diner chain Denny's generated approximately 630.18 million U.S. dollars in revenue in 2018.

How do I file a complaint against Denny's?

Denny's complaints contactsCall Customer Care on 1-800-733-6697.Visit Customer Care Contact Form.Tweet Denny's.Watch Denny's.Follow Denny's.Follow Denny' › dennysDenny's › dennys

How do you pay at Dennys?

Hourly pay at Denny's ranges from an average of $5.42 to $15.32 an hour. Denny's employees with the job title Restaurant Manager make the most with an average hourly rate of $12.72, while employees with the title Server make the least with an average hourly rate of $5.01.

Where is Denny's headquarters?

Spartanburg, SCDenny's

What is Denny's breakfast special?

Denny's $5.99 Super Slam is back for a limited time. Get two eggs, two bacon strips, two sausage links, crispy hash browns and two pancakes for $5.99 (priced at $6.99 in some markets).

Can you get Denny's to go?

Now, with 'Denny's on Demand' fans can order the diner food they crave, wherever they crave it. Starting today, America can enjoy Denny's anywhere thanks to the new ordering platform, offering guests a quick and easy way to place a mobile or online order for takeout or delivery* of their favorite menu items.

Does Denny's have a buffet?

Welcome to Denny's buffet at gourmet price! ... At $22.99 per person, the weekend buffet could be well catered by Denny's. The entire buffet was all about fried stuff and run-of-the mill items like regular pasta, cheese pizza and far from gourmet sausages.

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