Cracker Barrel Survey – Win a Rocking Chair and $ 100 Gift Card

If you often go to Cracker Barrel restaurant, you should enter Cracker Barrel Survey. Through CrackerBarrel-Survey, you can help this restaurant to improve its business. Your feedback will affect your next dining experience. This survey allows you to express any feedback including the praise or complaints. Then, Cracker Barrel will consider your opinion in order to make some improvement in their service. So, this restaurant can increase the overall dining experience of every guest.

Cracker customer satisfaction survey can help this company to maintain the guests’ trust. No doubt, this restaurant never loses its customers. It always gets the new customers since it gives the excellent service. As the example, Cracker Barrel decorates its restaurant and store with Country themed décor.

Besides, the guests also can dine in while listening to the live performance of Country Music Singers. With this service, Cracker Barrel can compete with other restaurants. This Country themed restaurant does serve not only the delicious menu but also the enjoyable dining atmosphere. No doubt, Cracker Barrel can expand its business into more than 640 locations in the US.

Cracker Barrel Survey

Do you want to be the part of Cracker Barrel business improvement? Just simply take part in the survey. If you do not have the idea how to get started, you should review this article till the end. We have provided the useful information to assist you taking part this survey.

What are the Rules of Cracker Barrel Survey and Sweepstakes?

If you are interested in taking part in the survey, you should find out Cracker Survey rules. Besides, it is also necessary to know the rules of the sweepstakes. Knowing the rules enables you to find out the eligibility to enter the survey and monthly drawing.

Besides, you will also know the entry methods as well as the sweepstake rewards. In fact, you can access Cracker Barrel sweepstake rules on its official website. But, here we have simplified the rules so that you will be able to understand it easily.

Cracker Barrel Survey
Cracker Barrel Survey
  • Cracker Survey participants.

The survey and sweepstakes are open for all customers of Cracker Barrel restaurant. But the participant must be the legal resident of 50 states in the US. Besides, they should be at 18 years old or more when they enter the sweepstake. But, the staffs of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store are not allowed for this drawing. Their immediate family is also not permitted to be the sweepstake entrants.

  • The requirements of the survey and sweepstakes.

In order to enter Cracker Survey, you should prepare a receipt from Cracker Barrel. This receipt will inform you where to access the survey, the reward, and the

phone number. In every receipt, you will find an access code which contains 12 digits. Remember, this code is only valid within seven days after your purchasing date. So, you have to enter the Barrel Survey within a week before the code expires. Besides, the sweepstake does not require any purchase from Cracker Barrel. The amount of transaction at your receipt will not give the impact for your chance to win.

  • Entry methods.

Cracker Barrel allows you to enter its monthly drawing through two methods. The first way is entering the online drawing. Once you complete Barrel survey, the site will offer you to enter the online sweepstakes. Therefore, you need a receipt to enter this online sweepstake.

But, your purchase will not affect the opportunity to win the reward. If you do not have Cracker Barrel receipt, you can try the mail-in entry. You just need to grab a post card and handwrite your name, full address, phone number, and age. Then, you have to send it to Cracker Survey Sweepstake Po Box 16500. Rochester New York 14616.

  • Cracker Barrel Sweepstakes prize.
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Each month, Cracker Barrel will decide the winner of the monthly grand prize. Then, the winner deserves to choose one of these prizes. This sweepstake offers a rocking chair, and Gift Card valued $ 100. The value of this rocking chair is $ 150.

But, if the winner chooses the gift card as a reward, the official team will not give $ 50 as the different prize value. In every survey period, Cracker Barrel limits one winner in each household. Besides, both rocking chair and the gift card are not redeemable for cash. The winner cannot transfer the reward to someone else. Furthermore, every winner is responsible for the tax and other expenses.

How to Complete Cracker and Barrel Survey?

Cracker Barrel is the perfect venue to dine in with your family. This restaurant has the Country theme which is different from other restaurants. By visiting this restaurant, you will be able to enjoy the traditional Southern dish. Besides, you can experience old fashioned décor as well.

Sometimes, you will be able to watch the performance of country musicians. No wonder, many people prefer going to CB for lunch or dinner. After having dinner or lunch in this restaurant, you must not trash your receipt. It is because this receipt helps you to access Cracker Survey.

You may wonder what the benefits of taking Barrel Survey. Some of you may think that participating in the Survey only wastes their time. In fact, taking CrackerBarrel-survey enables you to share the dining feedback. Perhaps, you experienced unpleasant service when you visited this restaurant.

So, you can express your complaints through this survey. In contrast, if you get the satisfying experience at Cracker Barrel, you can give the good review in this survey. Cracker Survey will value both positive and negative feedback. This company will appreciate your involvement in this survey. So, it offers you a chance to enter Cracker Barrel Sweepstake. As a reward, you deserve to get $ 100 Gift Card or Rocker.

The process of Barrel Survey completion is simple. Just by doing these following steps, you will be able to complete the survey.

  • Visit Cracker and Barrel Survey portal.

First, you have to access the survey site. Make sure you do not misspell this address. Before accessing the survey site, please prepare your receipt. You will need the access code printed on your receipt to start the Cracker survey.

  • Select the preferred language.

Once you load Barrel Survey page, you will find the language choices. This website allows you to take the survey in either English or Spanish. After selecting the language, you will land on the survey home page.

  • Read Cracker Barrel privacy policy.

Before you enter Cracker survey, it’s recommended to review the privacy policy. So, you can notice how Cracker Barrel will use the data gathered from the survey takers. This home page also informs you the overall questions you will face in this survey. Besides, it also tells the reward of Cracker Barrel sweepstake.

  • Enter Cracker Barrel Access Code.

Check your Cracker Barrel receipt to find out what your access code is. The access code consists of 12 digits. This code is usually available at the bottom of the receipt. Remember, the validation of this code is seven days. After seven days, your Barrel survey code will expire.

Then, you cannot use it anymore to enter Cracker survey. By providing the valid access code, you can prove that you have just visited the restaurant. The next, Click Next button to start this survey.

  • Go through the questions.
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You can tell the details of your dining experience by answering Barrel Survey Questions. The questionnaires will be similar to other guest satisfaction surveys. It asks you to rate Cracker Barrel menu, service, and restaurant atmosphere.

You will be able to respond these questions easily. Then, Cracker Barrel also gives you one open ended question. This way, you can express your dining feedback with your own words. So, you will be free to tell everything about the restaurant service. If you have some problems in completing this survey, you should call 1 800 333 9566 to ask for help.

  • Enter Cracker Barrel Sweepstakes.

After responding all questions in Cracker Survey, you can enter the monthly drawing. Entering this sweepstake means that you agree to provide your information. As the example, you have to enter your identities such as name and complete address. Besides, you also enter your contact details such as phone number and email address. You have to enter the valid information. So, the team can contact you easily if you win this monthly drawing.

How to Contact Cracker Barrel Guest Relations?

What will you do if you need an urgent info about Cracker Barrel? Will you Contact the Customer Service? Before you call them, it will be better if you try to find out the information at its website. Just explore to find the information that you need.

Contacting the Customer service is the last option when you cannot find the information you are looking for. There is much info you can get from Cracker Barrel official website. What are they?

  • Cracker Barrel Menu.

Most of the customers access the website in order to view the menu. In this website, you can find out Cracker Barrel breakfast menu, lunch menu, and dinner menu. Besides, you can view the meal for kids and Side dish as well.

  • Shop.

We all know that Cracker Barrel is not only popular as a restaurant. This company also has the gift stores. By exploring Shop menu, you can know what products you can purchase from this store.

  • Cracker Barrel Career.

Do you want to work at Cracker Barrel? Just select the Careers option. Then, you can explore the positions which are available for you. You can search the vacancy based on your location.

  • Gift cards.

Every restaurant has its own gift card, and so does Cracker Barrel. You can purchase the Gift Cards online. Then, you can give it to your family or friends as a gift.

Those are several menus which the customers often explore at Cracker Barrel website. In fact, this website also provides other details such as music, newsroom, store locator, etc. If you still cannot find the details you need, you can open FAQs page. Then, if Cracker Barrel FAQ page does not give you the satisfying answer, you may contact the Customer Support. These are two ways of contacting the Guest Relations.

  • By phone.

Do you need Cracker Barrel phone number? You can dial 1 800 333 9566 to speak up with the Customer Care. They will be available to answer your question from Monday to Friday. Make sure you contact them at 8 am up to 5 pm. By calling the Customer Support, you can ask some questions or tell your restaurant feedback.

  • By mail.

The second way to reach the Customer Relation is by writing a letter. Just send your letter to Cracker Barrel Po Box 787, Lebanon, TN 37087.

How to Submit Cracker Barrel Feedback Online?

You can express your feedback to Cracker Barrel not only through its survey. But, you also can share Cracker Barrel feedback by visiting its website. The restaurant provides an online form which the customers can fill out online. Through this online form, you can tell about your experience when you dine in at the store.

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Besides, you also can fill out this form in order to ask some questions. Moreover, this company also allows you to voice up your suggestions. Before you fill out the form, you need to select your concern. For instance, you want to write about restaurant feedback, question, online retail order, or grocery products.

Completing this form only needs a few minutes. The process will be simpler than completing Barrel survey. You can directly write your message without answering a series of questions. Cracker Barrel may only require a few information about your visit. What are the steps you should pass to submit this form? Here is the guideline which makes you easier to fill out the form.

  • Visit the official website of Cracker Barrel.

To access Cracker Barrel online feedback form, you have to visit the official site. This website contains the full information about this Country themed restaurant. As the example, you can explore Cracker Barrel menu prices. Besides, you can use Cracker Barrel store locator as well.

Sometimes, you may wonder where the Cracker Barrel restaurant near me. So, with this feature, you will be able to find the nearest restaurant. This site also provides online order feature. So, you can order the meal then pick it up at the restaurant nearby.

  • Search Contact Us menu.

Since you want to use the online form to contact the official team, you have to find Contact Us option. Just scroll down the page to find this menu. Under Contact Us menu bar, you will find other options. For instance, you can access Cracker Barrel FAQs page, Guest Survey, and Tour Group.

  • Select your State and location.

This website will not display the complete form immediately. It is because you have to fill out this form step by step. Before you start, you should choose the topic that you will explain. It may be about the restaurant experience, question, suggestion, grocery product, or online retail order.

The next, you should fill out is the State field. You can select the State in which you live from the lists. Once you choose the State, there will appear the next field. Here, you have to select the location of Cracker Barrel restaurant which you visit.

  • Select your concern.

The next, indicate what your feedback is concerning. It may be about something you like. In this case, you may want to give some compliments for this restaurant. Besides, your feedback may be about the issue which you do not like. Select this option if you would like to give some critics or complaints.

  • Indicate the date and time.

Click the small icon of the calendar to select the date when you visited the restaurant. Also, indicate the time on which you came to this Country themed restaurant.

  • State the size of your party.

The next field asks about the number of people that came with you to Cracker Barrel. You can mention how many adults were coming with you. Also, state the number of children went with you to this restaurant.

  • Enter the receipt number.

This feedback form does not require the access code. It only needs your receipt number. Besides, you also can enter the check number. See the top part of your receipt to find the receipt number or check number.

  • Write your message.

Finally, you can write down your Cracker Barrel feedback. Explain your restaurant experience in details. You can include any critics and suggestions as well. When you finish writing, click on Next button to submit this form.


Are Cracker Barrel rocking chairs good?

All things considered, the Cracker Barrel rocking chairs represent the best of quality, design, and price. If you choose to buy a rocking chair at Cracker Barrel, you will not only purchase a piece of furniture but a lasting sensation of the rural parts of USA.

Who makes the rocking chairs for Cracker Barrel?

Our traditional rockers are made of select hardwood, feature our signature medallion and have been handcrafted in Tennessee by the Hinkle family for five generations. Because of the quality craftsmanship, you'll be enjoying this classic rocker for years to come.

Does Cracker Barrel sell rocking chairs online?

Outdoor All-Weather Rocking Chairs You'll find plenty of looks and colors right here in the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store online shop, including exclusive styles, matching outdoor side tables, and outdoor furniture accessories.

What restaurant sells rocking chairs?

Cracker Barrel sells a huge number of rocking chairs - they may be the largest retailer of rocking chairs in the United States!

How do I apply to Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel Job Application. The only way to currently complete the Cracker Barrel job application is by going to the company's jobs website and filling out/submitting the form. There is no downloadable .PDF available at this time. Both in-store and home office (i.e. corporate) positions can be applied for online.

How much does Cracker Barrel pay per hour?

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store pays its employees an average of $9.15 an hour. Hourly pay at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store ranges from an average of $5.05 to $13.45 an hour.

Does Cracker Barrel pay well?

Crackerbarrel pays its employees an average of $9.43 an hour. Hourly pay at Crackerbarrel ranges from an average of $4.93 to $13.15 an hour.

Where is the headquarters for Cracker Barrel?

Lebanon, TNCracker Barrel

How do I contact Cracker Barrel?

1 (800) 333-9566Cracker Barrel

Where is the headquarters for Cracker Barrel?

Lebanon, TNCracker Barrel

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