Checkers Survey – How to Get Freebies from GuestObsessed and Checkers

It will be fun when we can get the freebies from the certain restaurant. Without spending any cash, you can enjoy the free snack, drink, or meal. One of the restaurants which offer the freebies for its guests is Checkers. There are two ways to get the free snack from Checkers.

First, you can get it from Checkers survey or Guestobsessed survey. Besides, you also can get the Checkers freebies by sign up Checkers email. Go through this article to find out the further guideline to grab the Checkers menu items for free.

As we know, Checkers is one of the largest drive-thru outlets in the US. This restaurant uses Crazy Good Food as the business slogan. It means Checkers offers the best quality menu for its customers. So, how can you refuse the free menu item from Checkers? This offer is very interesting for the students and those who are in the budget. Looking for the free food is the way to saving. It is because they do not need to pay anything to enjoy this meal.

Checkers Survey
Checkers Survey login tutorial

In fact, offering the freebies is also beneficial for the restaurant itself. The restaurant can use it as the promotion. Usually, the restaurant offers the free product in order to advertise the new item. Besides, offering the freebies is also the effective way to encourage the guests to enter the customer survey. As the example, Checkers offers the free sandwich for the participants of this survey.

This way, both company and the guest can get the benefits. Imagine what will happen if Checkers and other restaurants do not offer the free coupon as the reward of the survey? No one will be interested in taking part in the survey. As a result, the company will not be able to assess and evaluate the customers’ satisfaction. Besides, the company also does not know what strategy to do in order to improve their business.

In this case, Checkers has taken the right decision. Through this survey, this restaurant gives the free coupon which is redeemable with the sandwich. This way, the Checkers guests are willing to take part in Guest Obsessed survey. Furthermore, Checkers also does the same strategy to encourage its customers to subscribe the Checkers news. It offers french fries when you sign up for the promotional email.

How to Get Free Sandwich from Guestobsessed Survey?

In order to grab the tasty Checkers sandwich for free, you need to complete the Survey. Here is the guideline to take part in Guestobsessed survey.

  • Visit the survey portal at
  • Enter the Checkers restaurant number.
  • Indicate the date of the transaction.
  • Select the type of visit.
  • Indicate the time of visit.
  • Answer the survey questions.
  • Give your comment.
  • Submit the survey and get the Checkers validation code.

Are those the simple survey steps, aren’t them? However, one thing you should notice before accessing the survey. You must have the valid Checkers receipt. This receipt may not contain any Guest Obsessed survey code. This way, you may still be able to take Checkers Guest Satisfaction survey even you do not hold any receipt. But, you will not be able to claim the free Checkers sandwich. It is because the requirement of redeeming the survey is the reward is Checkers receipt.

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In fact, is the survey website for two restaurants. This platform is available for Checkers and Rally’s customers. Have you known that these two restaurants merged? That is why they only have one online survey platform.

Once you reach, you have to provide some details printed on Checkers receipt. First, you need to enter Checkers store number. These four-digit numbers are usually at the top of Checkers receipt. This detail is necessary to enter. It is because the system will be able to detect which Checkers location you have visited.

The next Checkers receipt detail you need to enter is the date and time when you purchase the meal from Checkers. Just check the date printed on the receipt when you cannot remember what day you came to Checkers. Then, you can press the Start button to start Checker’s survey. On the following page, this survey asks you to choose the way you visit Checkers.

This question only provides you two answer options. First, you can select Drive-thru if you order by driving your car. Besides, you also can select Walk Up if you do not use any vehicle. Since Checkers is the drive-thru outlet, you cannot Dine in there.

The questions at this Survey are similar to other guest surveys. The survey consists of two parts. In the first part, you have to respond some questionnaires regarding your visit. Besides, in the second part, you can supply any comments related to your visit.

You do not need to worry about the difficulties of the questions. Just take it easy. Only with a little effort, you will be able to do all the survey questions. It is because Checker’s Guest satisfaction survey just asks the details of your visit to their restaurant. The topic of the Checkers questionnaire is about the food, restaurant condition, and Checkers team members.

After answering the questionnaire at this survey, you can continue to the next section. Here, the GuestObsessed survey provides a field. Then, you can write everything you think about Checkers restaurant. For instance, you can review and give some opinion about their service. Besides, you also include any critics and suggestions. Checkers will be glad hearing the feedback from its guests.

So, the Checkers management will be able to evaluate the service given to the customers. In this section, we recommend you to provide the balance comment. It means you should write the good and the bad thing from Checkers restaurant.

After completing the survey, you will get a coupon. Then, you have to note down this Checkers validation code on your receipt. This way, you can get the free sandwich when you come to Checkers restaurant next time. Just present your receipt along with the code you got from the survey to Checkers cashier. Then, they will give you a delicious sandwich for free.

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How to Get Free French Fries from Checkers?

Checkers does not only offer free sandwich. But, it also offers free french fries. To get the french fries for free, you do not need to participate in Guestobsessed survey. This restaurant offers this freebie for the customers who would like to sign up the email program. When you join this promotional email, you will get the news from Checkers restaurant. Here is the guideline to register Checkers email.

  • Visit Checkers official website.
  • Click on Sign Up Now.
  • Complete the registration form.

You can access Checkers website at This website offers the complete information about Checkers restaurant. For instance, you can review Checkers menu, deals, and Checkers location. If you want to subscribe the email program from Checkers, you should scroll down the Checkers website. Then, you will find the button labeled Sign Up Now.

Once you click on this button, Checkers will display the form you have to fill out. This pop-up form contains some fields about your details. For instance, you need to supply your name. Then, you have to provide your telephone number and email address. However, submitting your telephone number is optional. If you do not want to receive the news by text, you should leave this field blank. This form also requires the zip code. When you enter the zip code, Checkers will be able to detect your location.

Signing up this program enables you to receive the information about Checkers’ offers and deal. So, whenever Checkers restaurant has the exclusive offer, you will be able to know it. Checkers offers two ways of giving the news. First, you can receive the offers via email.

Besides, you also can get the notification via text message. But, if you do not submit your phone number, you will receive it by email. If you register this program for the first time, you will receive free french fries as the reward.

What are the Purposes of Guestobsessed Survey?

Checkers design Guest Obsessed survey for some reasons. As like other businesses, Checkers wants to evaluate what they have done for the customers. Checkers believes that the only factor which determines the success of its business is the guests’ satisfaction.

Without the guests’loyalty, every business will collapse. Besides, Checkers also notice that the competition is restaurant business becomes wilder nowadays. So, this company tries to find the way to assess and maintain the guests’ loyalty.

One of the strategies which the companies often do is by creating a guest survey. Conducting the customer survey is proven as the best method to identify what the customers think. Besides, this method is also efficient. Most companies use the online survey system to gather the guest feedback. They just need to invite their guests to a receipt.

However, most customers sometimes ignore this invitation. They think that this kind of survey only wastes their time. In order to prevent the guests’ ignorance, the company should provide the survey reward. For instance, Checkers provides the free sandwich as the reward of the GuestObsessed survey. This way, the customers will be more interested in taking part in guest satisfaction survey.

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As stated above, Checkers creates Guest Obsessed survey for some purposes. Here are some of the company goal when they create a survey.

  • Improve the guests’ satisfaction.

Without the survey, Checkers will not know if they have made the customers happy in their visit. So, through the survey, the company asks the customers whether they get satisfaction during the visit. The feedback given by guests will help Checkers to improve its restaurant. As the example, The customers may say that they did not get the friendly service from Checkers employee. So, Checkers need to evaluate the performance of its staff. So, in the future, Checkers can improve the service quality. As a result, the customers will be more satisfied.

  • Increase the customers’ loyalty.

There are two possibilities when the guests get disappointed with a certain restaurant. First, they will tell their terrible experience to others. Besides, the second, they will never return to that restaurant. Checkers does not want these bad things to happen.

So, Checkers encourage the guests to share their good and bad experience through the survey. This way, Checkers will realize the weakness. So, Checkers can make some changes to solve the guests’ disappointment. Besides, offering the survey also can prevent the guests to share the experience with other people. When Checkers can improve the quality, the guests will be loyal. Furthermore, Checkers customers will come back to this restaurant.

  • Discover the area which needs to improve.

Checker survey also can be the tool to observe the area of improvement. The Guest Obsessed survey asks the customers satisfaction in some areas. For instance, the guests have to provide the rating for some aspects in Checkers restaurant.

For instance, you can supply the objective review about Checkers menu item, the friendliness of the staffs, and others. This way, Checkers will be able to discover which area that the company should improve. So, Checkers can present the better quality of the restaurant.

  • To observe the competition.

Sometimes the customer survey asks the participant to choose other restaurants which they often visit. This way, Checkers can know what restaurants which become the competitor. Then, Checkers will be able to find the effective strategy to fight against the competitor. Furthermore, Checkers should make sure that the customers love to visit Checkers instead of other restaurants. Therefore, maintaining the guests’ loyalty as well as comfort is the crucial thing.

  • Assess the sales

Another purpose of Guestobsessed survey is to measure the sales. This survey also asks the customers to select which menu items they purchase. From the response of the guests, Checkers will be able to know which products become the favorite menu.

So, this restaurant should find out why other menu items cannot attract the customers. Then, Checkers should make some innovation on their products. This way, the customers will be interested in trying another dish. As a result, Checkers can increase the sales of the certain product.

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