Bojangles Listens – Take a Free Sausage Biscuit from Bojangles Survey

Sausage always tastes yummy! But, how about enjoying it freely? Yes. Bojangles’ gives you an opportunity to win a free sausage by joining Bojangles Listens. It is a customers’ satisfaction survey conducted by Bojangles’. As we know, Bojangles’ is a famous name of a chain restaurant with its typical Southeastern foods. Jack Fulk started this business with Richard Thomas.

With their experiences as former restaurant operators, both of them were eager to run restaurant business which introduced different food taste with the best quality product. It is not only about the food, though. Quick and friendly service is also the main goal of building this restaurant.

In 1977, they made their dreams come true by opening Bojangles’ restaurant for the first time in Charlotte, North Carolina. The year later, they developed this business and were successful to open another Bojangles’ restaurant.

Bojangles’ is very well-known with its Cajun recipes, fried chicken, as well as buttermilk biscuits. Biscuits are always excellent for breakfast, right? And it will be better especially if you enjoy them while you are relaxing in a homey Southeastern ambiance.

No wonder, Bojangles Chicken can be a great choice to enjoy your breakfast. Moreover, you can join Bojangles’ special community named E-club and get some privileges from Bojangles’. Aren’t those interesting?

Bojangles Listens
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If you think the same way, you can let Bojangles’ know about it. By joining Bojangles Customers Survey, you can tell them what makes you are happy with Bojangles’ how you can feel satisfied during your visit to one of its stores. But what if you get bad experience instead? It does not matter.

Even if you give them your negative rates, it is still going to be such benefits for Bojangles’. Knowing such awful experiences from you, Bojangles’ will fix it as soon as possible, so that you do not have to worry if you want to visit the store again next time. Furthermore, there’s a special reward for you if you are lucky. Yes. You have read it right. You can win a sausage biscuit for free if you can win Bojangles Customers Survey.

What are The Rules of Bojangles Listens Survey?

Before joining Bojangles survey, the rules below are what you must know. Generally, the rules of this survey are not significantly different from other rules. Although it is not difficult, you still have to pay attention to these rules because you do not want any problems will happen to you during or even after completing the survey.

  1. Respondents of Bojangles Survey

One of the rules that you must obey here is your eligibility. Bojangles has informed that the eligibility for those who want to take this survey is based on the age, the citizenship, and the relations. Here is the explanation:

  1. Firstly, the respondents of Bojangles customers’ survey should be at least 13 years of age. The fact that you can access the website page of Bojangles’ on will be considered that your age is already 13 or more. The reason of limiting the age at 13 is because those are who have been at that age or more can be rational enough to take the survey so that their opinion must be reasonable enough to give the rates or to decide which one is good as well as the bad one.
  2. Secondly, all residents of the United States are able to join this survey. It will not matter if you are from North Carolina, Florida, or even California. So, please make sure that you are one of those who has got the government citizenship card.
  3. Thirdly, after you are sure that your age and your residential matter are eligible, it is a must for you to know that your relations with the Bojangles’ company will affect so much. In case you are one of the employees of Bojangles’, you have to forget your eagerness to take part in this survey. Besides, if you have a family member by blood that is currently working in this company, Bojangles will not allow you to participate in the survey because there is a possibility that eventually it will create misunderstanding and bring bad effects on Bojangles’ itself.
  4. Bojangles Survey Code Number
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You are able to find the survey code number printed on your Bojangles’ receipt. It is a series of 6 digits that you can use as the key to participating in Bojangles survey. So, if you find this code on your Bojangles’ receipt, it means you are invited to take part in its survey.

However, you should join this survey as soon as possible because Bojangles’ only gives you 48 hours right after your visit to one of Bojangles’ store where you get the receipt. In case you have not used this code number within 48 hours, your Bojangles’ receipt will be invalid, and you cannot join the survey anymore unless you have got another new one as your valid Bojangles’ receipt.

  1. Language

The respondents of Bojangles Listens survey are supposed to be able to speak English or Spanish. At least, they have the basic understanding of English or Spanish. It will be beneficial for them in completing the survey form as Bojangles Listens only provides survey questions in both languages.

How is Bojangles Survey Guideline?

Now that you are interested in joining Bojangles customers’ survey, you got to know about the rules of the guideline. However, you got to be well-prepared before you start the survey. The requirements that you need to have are:

  1. Devices with the Internet Connection

This is the important things to have if you are eager to do anything via online, including taking Bojangles survey on its website. You are free to use either your smartphone or your private computer. We suggest you use private computers for better display, so you will not have significant problems in completing your details or while answering all of the survey questions.

  1. Bojangles’ receipt

This survey needs you to provide a valid Bojangles’ receipt. On your receipt, you will see a series of numbers as the invitation code for participating in the survey. However, the invitation code will be valid within 48 hours after you get the receipt. If you miss it after 48 hours, you will not be able to use it anymore.

Now that you have prepared all of the Bojangles’ survey requirements, you can do the following steps as your guideline:

  1. Visit

You can join this survey by visiting That is the official website page of Bojangles’ customers’ survey. Reaching this, you can find a simple homepage with the logo of Bojangles’ and a form which has four boxes to enter your details where you can find on your Bojangles’ receipt.

Furthermore, the website default language is English. But you do not have to be panicked if you can only understand Spanish because you will also see a language link Español on that page that you can click if you want to change the language setting into Spanish.

  1. Fill in the restaurant number

On the top part, you will see the first box to fill in the number of the store where you get the receipt. It consisted of 6 digits and printed right below the Bojangles’ restaurant name.

  1. Provide the date
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The second box is for providing your date. It is printed on the left part of the receipt. The date arrangement is MM/DD/YYYY . So, be certain that you fill in the date in a correct arrangement to avoid failure entry.

  1. Enter the time

The third box is for the time, and you can see it on the right part of the receipt. The time records when you pay what you have purchased at a Bojangles’ store.

  1. Enter the Survey Code

The survey code is the six digits number located under the receipt date. It is your invitation number to take part in Bojangles Listens customers’ satisfaction survey. Fill that code in the fourth box of the information form and click start.

  1. Complete the questionnaires

After clicking start, the page will lead you to another page that will display a set of survey questions. Remember to answer all of the questions honestly. Try to recall what you feel or what you see the last time you visit the Bojangles’ store, and that is why Bojangles’ requires you to join the survey within 48 hours. It will not be so difficult, we guess. However, missing one question will prevent you going to the next step.

  1. Save the validation code

When you have completed all of the survey questions, the validation code will show up for you. The code consists of 12 digits, and you can use the code to redeem it with Bojangles Listens prize. So, go write it down on your receipt and then bring it to the nearest Bojangles’ store to take the reward for free.

How to Submit Bojangles Feedback on Its Website?

Anyway, in case you are not interested in taking part in the survey, it is still very possible for you to give your feedback to Bojangles’. For instance, you do not have the Bojangles’ receipt, so automatically you cannot participate in Bojangles Listens Customers satisfaction survey.

Despite that fact, still, you really want to make the request or suggest what will be better for Bojangles menus and services. Do not worry because you can do it in two simple ways. Firstly, you can contact the Customer Support of Bojangles’ on 1 888 300 4265 and then voice out the problems you have. Secondly, share your feedback via online; which means you should do this on its website page.

Sharing feedback on its website is not difficult, though. Here are what you can do to let Bojangles’ knows what is your opinion about its menu and services.

  1. Visit

The first thing that you can do is go to the official website page of Bojangles’ on Once you reach the website, you can see a menu bar which consists of Bojangles menu, Trending, Locations, Franchising, and More. You can also scroll down the page to find some more links. Choose Contact link and click it, then it will take you to another page on

  1. Provide your contact details

The Contact page will display some boxes which require you to fill in the contact information of yours. Do not hesitate to provide your details because this page is safe for you. Moreover, you cannot leave your comments here anonymously. If you are not certain enough to do this, you are able to read the Privacy Policy first. The Bojangles’ Privacy Policy link is the bottom part of the page. The contact details that you need to inform are:

  1. Your first name
  2. Last name
  3. Your e-mail address
  4. e-mail address confirmation
  5. Your phone number.
  6. Your home full address
  7. Apartment, suite, or unit number
  8. Your city, state, and your zip code
  9. Choose whether you will allow Bojangles’ to contact you or not. If you agree, select Yes. Otherwise, you can select No.
  10. Click on Continue to step 2 link
  11. Find the Bojangles’ location
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Choose the Bojangles’ restaurant that you want to assess. Knowing the location will make Bojangles’ evaluate its restaurant more easily. For instance, you want to give comments on one of the Bojangles’ restaurants in North Carolina.

Bojangles’ will take your comments as one of its evaluation, so that the restaurant that you have mentioned will improve itself and get the needed betterment. When you visit that restaurant again someday, you will be more satisfied with what it offers.

3. Choose the feedback type

After searching for the location, you should select which type of feedback that you want to air. It can be your experience during your visit, your request for something you need to get from Bojangles’, or your suggestion to make some improvements.

4. Type your feedback

Tell what you have experienced during your visit to one of Bojangles’ stores in detail. You would better share your experiences in chronological order, so you will not make the Bojangles’ staffs confused with what you are trying to say in your feedback. You can give your good experience as well, such as its staffs have treated you well and friendly, or if the food can meet your expectation so that you are very satisfied.

Besides, let them know your bad experiences if you have it. You don’t have to worry about giving negative comments because it will be helpful for Bojangles’ to improve the qualities of their menus and services. Bojangles’ is surely going to solve your problems as best as they can and inform you.

How to Enroll Bojangles’ E-Club?

Good news for Bojangles’ lovers! Bojangles’ has launched E-Club, a special community for you all who cannot live without Bojangles’ biscuits and chickens. Absolutely, there will be some privileges that every E-Club member can enjoy regarding this. Firstly, you will get a lot of interesting information related to Bojangles’. Secondly, it will be very easy for you to get notified of the brand new promo from Bojangles’.

Thirdly, you can receive a free coupon from Bojangles’ right after registering yourself to be the member of Bojangles’ E-club. This free coupon is redeemable, so do not hesitate to bring this coupon to the nearest Bojangles’ store to get the ½ gallon of Special Iced Tea from Bojangles’. Last but not least, every E-club member is free to enjoy Bo-Berry Biscuit on their birthday at Bojangles’ stores.

So, with a lot of advantages like those, why don’t you just go sign up for E-Club? Oops, you have no idea how to enroll in this interesting community? Don’t worry, because we are here to explain how to sign up for Bojangles’ E-club. Just do the following steps:

  1. Visit

This official Bojangles’ website will show you some beneficial links. You can look for the Bojangles’ Join our E-Club link and click it. It will direct you to a new page for membership registration.

  1. Complete the registration

Once you have been on the registration page, you can start to complete the form in some boxes available for you. Firstly, you can start by filling in the e-mail address of yours. Secondly, type your first name and also the last name. Thirdly, enter the Zip Code where you are living in.

Fourthly, you can choose where your favorite Bo is. Your favorite Bo means your favorite store of Bojangles’. Then, you may choose your favorite item from the provided Bojangles menu there. Finally, do not forget to fill in your birth month and date. It will be your proof to get a Bo-Berry Biscuit when your birthday comes.

  1. Click Sign Up

If all of the details needed are complete, you can simply click Sign Up to start your experience with the membership of Bojangles’ E-Club.


How do I check the balance on my Bojangles gift card?

BoJangles' Gift Card BalanceCheck Balance.Call 888-892-3813.Shop at BoJangles' › gift-card-balance-check › bo-janglesBoJangles Gift Card Balance | › gift-card-balance-check › bo-jangles

Can you ship Bojangles?

Unfortunately, Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits does not offer free shipping.

Is Bojangles going out of business?

In a recent earnings report, Bojangles' has announced that it will be closing 10 restaurants in various markets and removing four menu items including the Cheddar Bo Biscuit at company-operated locations in select markets. The good news is that no Raleigh area locations will be closing.

Where is the headquarters of Bojangles?

Charlotte, NCBojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits

Does Bojangles have $5 boxes?

Whether you're visiting us for lunch or dinner, we guarantee one of these $5 combos will wipe out even the heartiest of appetites. “From our Big Bo Boxes during tailgate season, to these $5 combos, Bojangles' has been offering our fans great meal deals for years.

Does Bojangles have a senior discount?

Access senior discount policies not only at but other popular fast food stores with Knoji's senior discounts reviews. Get senior discounts at top restaurants. As of Tuesday, November 12, there are 62 restaurants offering senior discounts.

What breakfast specials does Bojangles have?

A Two Buck Breakfast is Available All Day Every Day at Bojangles'®, Including for a Limited Time the All-New Pork Chop Griller Biscuit for $1.99Smoked Sausage Biscuit.Cheddar Bo Biscuit. ®Bacon Biscuit.Sausage Biscuit.Gravy Biscuit.Egg Biscuit.Bo-Berry Biscuit. ®Cinnamon Biscuit.Sep 25, › news › press-releases › two-buck-breakfast-availa...A Two Buck Breakfast is Available All Day Every Day at Bojangles › news › press-releases › two-buck-breakfast-availa...

Is there a Bojangles app?

® The new app is available at no cost for all iPhone and iPad® users only at the iTunes Store®. Just in time for college bowl games, Bojangles' new iPhone app features digital cornhole, a popular tailgating game.

Where is the headquarters of Bojangles?

Charlotte, NCBojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits

Is Bojangles menu all day?

With breakfast all day at Bojangles', you can enjoy the pure bliss of a made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuit all day, every day. ... Best of all, you can pair your biscuit of choice with your favorite fixin'. Want Bo-Tato Rounds® for dinner? Done.

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