BigLotsSurvey – Win $ 100 Big Lots Gift Card from Big Lots Survey

Living in a comfortable house is everyone’s dream. But, creating a convenient house is not easy. You need to design the interior and exterior of your house creatively. Besides, using the proper and unique furniture is also necessary. If you want to find the good quality furniture and other home decorating stuff, going to Big Lots is the right choice.

Big Lots is one of the biggest home appliances and furniture retailers. As like other department stores, it has an online survey called Biglotssurvey. The online survey is the best tool to gauge the customers’ opinion. It is because Big Lots has a large number of chains and customers. So, it will be hard to evaluate the result if this company uses paper-based survey.

Headquartered in Ohio, Big Lots can expand the chains in 48 states. Nowadays, there are more than 1400 Big Lots stores in the United States. As like one-stop shopping center, Big Lots offers the various products about home decoration. So, if you want to make your house nicer, Big lots have a lot of furniture choices. Not only furniture, but Big Lots also provides the household needs.

Furthermore, it sells the electronic, office appliances, and toys. You can even purchase some food and beverage at Big Lots. But, if you do not have enough time to walk around at Big Lots, you can shop online at In this site, you can review all the products sold at Big Lots by category. Besides, you can search Big Lots weekly deals and other promos. This way, you will be able to save much more money.


Shopping at Big Lots will be easier if you use Big Lots Gift Card. Then, do you want to receive Big Lots gift cards for free? If you want Big Lots rewards, you should participate in Big Lots Survey. This survey is very easy to complete. After filling out Big Lots Survey, you will enter Big Lots sweepstakes.

Then, you can get the opportunity to win Big Lots gift card. Interested in this reward? You can find the way to take part Big Lots customer survey. Moreover, you can check the summary of Big Lots sweepstakes rules and steps as well.

How to Complete BigLotsSurvey with Big Lots Receipt?

Have you just visited Big Lots recently? Do you still keep Big Lots receipt? If you still have Big Lots receipt, you can try to take Big Lots Survey. This survey will give you a series of questions asking about your shopping trip. It asks about Big Lots products you purchase.

Besides, it also asks about the service given by Big Lots team member. Overall, the survey aims to identify your level of satisfaction after visiting this store. So, Big Lots can evaluate what they have to change in order to make the customers more satisfied.

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If you want to tell your experience when you go shopping at Big Lots, you have to try this survey. It does not need much time to finish all the survey steps. Within a few minutes, you can answer all the survey questions. Every response you give has to represent the real situation you faced at Big Lots.

This way, the Big Lots feedback you give will be reliable and valid. As a result, Big Lots can realize the strength and weakness of its business. This company will be able to improve the store quality. Then, every customer who comes to Big Lots will be happy and satisfied.

As mentioned before, BigLots Survey is very simple. Before accessing the survey website, make sure you prepare a Big Lots receipt. You will need some details found on this receipt. Besides, make sure the computer or smartphone with the internet is well prepared. So, you can fill out the survey easily. Here we present the simple instructions of Big Lots Survey.

  • Visit Big Lots survey website.

To begin the survey, just load This survey website is powered by Marketforce. At the Biglotssurvey homepage, you will see Big Lots receipt sample. Also, there are some fields which you need to fill in with the receipt details.

  • Enter the receipt barcode.

Every receipt from Big Lots will have a barcode. Under the barcode, you will see the series of number. Then, you need to input the Register number and Transaction number. Look at the receipt sample to check where to find the Big Lots register number as well as the transaction number.

  • Enter the store number.

The next, input Big Lots store number. This information is available at the top of Big Lots receipt. The store number consists of four digits in length.

  • Enter the amount of purchase.

See your Big Lots receipt to check the amount of money you spent at Big Lots. Choose the total transaction provided on the webpage. For instance, you can select less than $ 15, $ 15-$ 24.99, $ 25-$ 49.99, more than $ 50.

  • Indicate the time of visit.

Do you still remember the time when you visited Big Lots? If you forget, you should check your receipt. The time you went to Big Lots is printed there. To enter the time, you can click on the plus and minus button. Then, press Set Time.

  • Enter the date of visit.

Also, you need to state the date when you came to Big Lots. Select the date and month from the calendar icon provided.

  • Start the BigLots survey.

Press the White Start button to begin BigLots survey. Now, you have to give your response to several questions. Recall your recent experience at Big Lots. Completing BigLots survey is your chance to review and rate the quality of Big Lots product and service.

So, you are free to express your opinion about Big Lots. If you get the good quality product and service from Big Lots, you can provide the high rating. But, if Big Lots team members did not treat you well, you can give the bad rating. Your rating will be the base for Big Lots to evaluate their store.

  • Enter the BigLots sweepstakes.
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After responding all of the questions at Big lots Survey, you will be asked to enter Big Lots online sweepstakes. Big Lots will asks your personal information. Then, Big Lots will select the winner of sweepstakes randomly. If you win BigLots sweepstakes, you will receive $ 100 gift card.

How to Enter Big Lots Survey without Receipt?

Most of the customer surveys require the purchase receipt to enter. But, Big Lots is different. This retail store also allows the customers without the receipt to take part in their survey. So, in case you lose Big Lots receipt, you still can participate in Big Lots Survey.

Besides, even you do not make any purchase at Big Lots, and you still can take Big Lots Customer Survey. Luckily, you also have the chance to enter the sweepstakes as well. The survey website is similar. The survey is available at What are the steps to start Big Lots Survey if you do not have the receipt? Here are the instructions you can do.

  • Access Big Lots Customer Survey website.

As like the method on the previous heading, you should enter On this survey website, you will see the link for the survey takers who do not have Big Lots receipt. At the bottom of the page, you can see the option “Didn’t make a purchase and still want to take the survey?”. This link will bring you to another page consisting the new survey login field.

  • Choose the State.

Since you do not purchase anything from Big Lots, the website does not ask about the receipt details. To start the survey, you should enter some store information. First, please select the State. Just select the initial of the State from the drop-down menu.

  • Select the city.

The next, you should choose the city where Big Lots store is located. You can also choose the city from the Drop Down menu.

  • Store Address.

Sometimes, there is more than one Big Lots Store in a city. In this case, you have to select the address of the store you have just visited.

  • Start answering BigLotsSurvey.

After indicating the Big Lots store address, you can begin taking Big Lots survey. Just answer every question from Big Lots. Even you did not purchase anything on your last visit; you must have the unique experience at this store. So, you will be able to answer all the questionnaires.

  • Enter BigLots Sweepstakes.

Even you did not make a purchase; you have the same chance to win Big Lots online sweepstakes. Enter your contact details correctly. So, if you win this sweepstake, Big Lots will be able to contact you easily.

What are Big Lots Survey Sweepstakes Rules?

If you want to be the Big Lots sweepstakes entrants, you should understand the rules of this contest. So, you can prepare the requirements of the sweepstakes.

Besides, you also can know about your eligibility to participate in. If you are not eligible, it is better if you do not enter the sweepstake. It is because Big Lots will disqualify the participants who are not eligible for this contest. Then, what are the rules of Big Lots online sweepstakes? Here is the summary of Big Lots Survey Sweepstakes rules.

  • Sweepstakes eligibility.
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The eligibility of the entrants is similar to other sweepstakes. First, the participants are the legal residents of 50 states in the US. Then, their age must reach at least 18 years old. Besides, Big Lots does not permit its employees to enter BigLots sweepstakes. Also, the family members of Big Lots store cannot be the sweepstakes entrants.

  • Sweepstakes rules.

One person only can use one email address. Then, Big Lots limits one entry per person per day. There will be six Big Lots survey periods. So, you have many opportunities to win this sweepstakes prize. If the winner does not respond the notification from Big Lots, this company will give the reward to the alternate winner.

  • Sweepstakes prize.

On each Big Lots survey period, there will be four grand prize winners. Then, each winner will receive a Big Lots gift card valued $ 100. Since there are six survey periods, the total prize will be $ 2400. During one survey period, Big Lots limits one prize per person.

  • Entry method.

Big Lots allows the customers enter this sweepstake through two methods. The first method is receipt invitation. The participants have to own a valid receipt from Big Lots. Then, they must take BigLotsSurvey at After the survey, they will receive an invitation to enter the sweepstakes. If they are willing to enter, they must submit some details. For instance, they have to write their full name, email address, along with their telephone number.

The second entry method is AMOE. AMOE stands for Alternative Means of Entrant. This method is for the entrants who do not have the receipt. So, even you do not make any purchase; you can enter Big Lots sweepstakes. Here are the steps of AMOE.

First, prepare a piece of paper. Then, handwrite your full name and complete mailing address. So, make sure that you include the zip code, city, and state. Also, you should write down your daytime phone number. Your phone number should always be active. So, whenever Big Lots calls you, you can respond it. Then, you have to send this entry to Big Lots, Store of the Future, Sweepstakes Entry, 625 Panorama Trail. Suite 2100 Rochester. New York. 14625 – 2437.

That’s all we have presented the details about Big Lots Survey and Sweepstakes. If you have the further questions about this program, you should contact Big Lots customer service. The phone number is 1 866 244 5687. The Big Lots Customer Support is available from Monday to Friday at 8am – 10pm.

Or you also can contact them at Saturday or Sunday at 8am – 8pm. Besides, if you want to find out more about Big Lots store, you must visit Big Lots official site. Just load soon. Here, you can find out the Big Lots coupon code, Big Lots promo code, Big Lots Sale, or MyBigLots.


Can Big Lots look up receipts?

You can obtain a duplicate receipt for your online order by visiting and logging into your online account. From here, you are also able to review your online purchase and print your order confirmation. Click here to view your online account.

How do I check my Big Lots rewards?

What if I don't have my card when I make a purchase in a Big Lots store? A store associate can look up your Rewards card at the register using your email address, first and last name or a combination of these. If you have a digital card, you can present it at check out on your smartphone.

How often does Big Lots have 20 off sale?

Twice a year in April and October, Big Lots does a 20% off sale. During this time, you can get 20% off your entire purchase.

Can I return an item to Big Lots without a receipt?

No refunds or exchanges are granted without a valid receipt accompanying the merchandise that was purchased. Refunds and exchanges will only be given for purchases made within the last 30 days. Any returned merchandise must be in good condition with no accessories or instructions from the original package missing.

How do big lots rewards work?

Members of the program earn a Big Lots Rewards card, which is tied to their Big Lots Buzz Club account. Members of the Big Lots Buzz Club earn Big Lots Points with purchases, which they can redeem for deals on discounted items. As of June 2015, rewards points are also available for discounts on retail priced items.

Does anyone actually win Walmart survey?

What the Walmart survey is all about. ... In case you don't have the receipt on you, here's how Walmart incentivizes customers to take the survey: They offer 755 individuals a chance to win a gift card to their store. 750 of these individuals are awarded $100 while a lucky 5 win a $1000 gift card.

How often does Big Lots have 20 off sale?

Twice a year in April and October, Big Lots does a 20% off sale. During this time, you can get 20% off your entire purchase.

How do I get a big lots reward card?

To receive a Big Lots Rewards card, sign up online, or visit any participating Big Lots retail store to sign up and get your Rewards card. All you need is a valid email address to sign up. To locate a Big Lots store near you, visit our store locator page.

How do I get a Walmart survey?

How To Take The Walmart SurveyMake a purchase at a Walmart store and save your receipt.Go to and choose your language, then start the survey.Answer all survey questions.At the end you will automatically be entered into the survey for the available 755 grand and first prizes.Aug 1, › ― Walmart® Survey ― Win $1, › www-survey-walmart-com

Does anyone actually win Walmart survey?

What the Walmart survey is all about. ... In case you don't have the receipt on you, here's how Walmart incentivizes customers to take the survey: They offer 755 individuals a chance to win a gift card to their store. 750 of these individuals are awarded $100 while a lucky 5 win a $1000 gift card.

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