AlaskasWorld Login – Alaskas World PET Employee Portal & Alaska Airline Hours

If you often go traveling by using the plane, you may know about Alaska Airlines. Perhaps, you frequently use this airline to go around the world. Without a doubt, Alaska Airline is one of the largest airline companies in the US. It has large traffic as well as popularity among the users. Besides, it provides not only provides the flight routes across the US but also around the world.

In order to fulfill the need for the flight service, Alaska airline hires a large number of employees. Then, it has AlaskasWorld Login page to manage their employees. This employment website is also known as Alaskaworld Paperless Employee Travel or Alaskaworld PET. Through Alaska’s world, Alaska Airline will be easy to manage all the workers.

All employees of Alaska Airlines need to know the usage of AlaskasWorld website. It is because this site will be useful for their job. In the beginning, it may be hard to access and use this website. It will be more difficult if you are a new staff of Alaska airline.

But, by reading this article, you will get the deep understanding about Alaskasworld PET. This article is going to guide you to build a clear idea about Alaska World PET. As the example, you will find the complete requirements to access Alaska World PET. Moreover, you will get the steps and tips to use Alaskaworld website. Surely, this article will help you a lot.

AlaskasWorld Login
AlaskasWorld Login

However, before discussing the further information about AlaskasWorld website, you need to know what this site is. For your information, Alaskasworld is an online portal owned by Alaska Airlines company. In fact, this website is not only for the employee of Alaska Airlines.

But, AlaskasWorld PET is also accessible by the staff of Horizon Airlines. So, if you work at either Alaska Airlines or Horizon Airlines, you can view your employment info at What you need is only to provide Alaskasaworld username and password as well.

Then, why is AlaskasWorld is crucial for all employees of Alaska and Horizon Airlines? It is because this website contains some information about their employment matter. For instance, they can view Alaska employee benefits as well as their duties. So, even you are not in the workplace; you still can access the HR or job information.

What are the Requirements to Access AlaskasWorld Login Page?

The users of AlaskaWorld website need to prepare several items. Without these items, the employees of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Airlines will not be able to access their account at AlaskasWorld page. Preparing these items is the crucial task especially if you are newly hired by these two airlines company.

As the example, you will need Alaska employee ID or Horizon employee ID. If you are the legal employee of these airlines, you will automatically get this ID from your HRD. Then, what other requirements needed in order to access AlaskasWorld page? What you need will be as the following.

  • Employee ID.

As stated before, the main item you must prepare is your employee ID. No matter the Airlines company you are working for, you need to prepare this ID. For example, if you need to submit Alaska Airlines employee ID or Horizon Airlines employee ID.

If you do not know what your ID is, you need to contact Alaska or Horizon HRD team as soon as possible. Usually, the new employees will get the employee ID soon after they are officially hired by this company. There is no other way to get the employee ID except asking it from Alaska HR officer. Furthermore, this employee ID is also known as Arctic Number.

  • AlaskaWorld password.
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The next requirement to sign into AlaskasWorld page is a password. You can enter Alaska password or Horizon password. It does not a serious problem if you forget your AlaskaWorld password. It is because Alaska/Horizon PET website login page provides a button for retrieving the password.

  • Electronic Device and internet.

After preparing an employee ID as well as a password, you need a device to access this website. Luckily, AlaskasWorld is accessible not only by the computer but also a mobile phone. Then, you can access this website everywhere you are.

It means, even you are not at Alaska or Horizon working place, this website is still accessible. On the other words, when you are at home, you still can access the information at this employment site. Just make sure that the internet connection or Wifi at your home is fast and secure. Also, you have to use the latest internet browser in order to avoid any trouble.

Michaels SSO Login

What are the Steps and Tips for Accessing AlaskasWorld?

We have explained the items you need to have before accessing Alaskas World. Now, it is the time to present the steps to visit Moreover, we provide some tips that will help you to view your Alaskasworld profile. So, are you ready to load Here are the procedure and tips for Alaska and Horizon employees.

  • Step 1. Access the official website of AlaskasWorld.

The only employment website for Alaska and Horizon Airlines employees is You can use any browser you like to access this website. For example, you can load it by using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

Just type the correct URL at your browser’s address bar. If your internet connection is fast, you will be able to open AlaskasWorld Login page in a second. One tip for you is that you should check the speed of your internet before loading AlaskasWorld . If you are failed to access this site, the problem may be on your internet connection.

Tips: In order to use AlaskasWorld website, your browser must use JavaScript. Besides, the browser you use must be able to accept cookies. There is a benefit of using a cookie. The browser will be able to save the arctic or employee number. So, you do not need to enter the employee ID each time you access the website.

  • Step 2. Select Alaskasworld PET

You will find four options at the homepage of The menus are PET,, jobs at Alaska, along with M&E Vendor Site. If you want to log into your Alaska PET, you have to click the first menu.

Tips: you also can sign into your AlaskaWorld account through the second menu. The difference between these login options is in the login credential. PET menu requires Arctic or Alaska employee ID. Besides, requires Alaska’s username.

  • Step 3: choose the Airline company.

We all know that AlaskasWorld Login page is for two companies. This portal is for Alaska Airline and Horizon Air. So, before logging into AlaskasWorld PET, you should verify the company you are working for. Please choose whether you are the employee of Horizon Air or Alaska Airline.

Tips: never skip this step. If you skip it, you will fail to log into your account. It is because the system cannot identify the company you work for.

  • Step 4. Input web user ID as well as PET password.

It is a little bit different in entering the web user ID. If you are working at Alaska Airlines, you must input the employee ID. But, if you work at Horizon Air, you should supply your Arctic number. Then, you can continue providing PET password.

Tips: click on Remember my User ID on this computer. This way, you do not need to enter your ID every time you log in. Besides, if you do not have PET password, you can make it by yourself by clicking the link under Login button. This page also provides the link to recover and change your PET password.

  • Step 5. Press Login.
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The last step of AlaskaWord login process is pressing the Login button. But, before clicking this button, you need to ensure that the Arctic Number or Employee ID, as well as the PET password, are correct. If the login credential is accurate, you can access any information in AlaskasWorld PET. As the example, you can update your PET profile. Besides, you can view travel information as well.

Tips: you can share your Alaskasworld PET login details with your travel dependants. So, they can access Alaska travel information with your permission.

How to Create Alaska and Horizon PET Password at Alaska’s Employee Portal?

Anyway, you can also register for a password of Alaska Paperless Employee Travel. Here is the step guide for you!

  • Load The Page.

You must visit Alaska’s World employment portal at You need internet access.

  • Click on PET.

You have to click on PET to create your password.

  • Click on the link labeled Don’t Have a Password?

You must click on the link that will help you to create a password. You may contact Alaska’s help desk to get an assistance.

  • Click on Continue button.

For all current staffs, click on Continue button. And, you can click PET password request that is one of Employee Website Authentication.

  • Sign into AlaskaWorld.

Well, you should sign into Alaska website. Please input your Alaska username and password showing that you are a staff of Alaska Airline.

  • Enter SSN and date of birth.

Next, you must input Social Security Number and your date of birth.

  • Set up a password.

Finally, you can create a new password for PET account. Anyway, you can use it to enter Alaskas World PET employee account.

What are the Facts Related to AlaskasWorld PET?

On the previous subheading, you have found the easy procedure along with the tips to access AlaskasWorld/PET. But, it is not enough if you only learn the guideline to visit AlaskaWorld. It is because you also need to know some facts about PET.AlaskasWorld. The information below will assist you in using Alaskas World website properly. Here are some facts about Alaskas World Paperless Employee Travel.

  • PET Password.

The new users of AlaskasWorld Login page have to create PET Password. Without PET password, they will not be able to access PET AlaskasWorld login. At the login page, you will see some options related to PET password. First, you will see the link to set up PET password. Then, at the main login page, you will also find the link to retrieve your PET password.

Just click on Can’t Remember Your PET Password. Then, AlaskaWorld PET system will ask your SSN as well as the date of birth. The system will match it against the arctic or employee ID. This way, the website can identify your information. Besides, you also can change your current PET password as well. Usually, you have to keep your password secret. But, as the user of Alaskas World website, you can share your PET password with the eligible dependents.

  • The Arctic and Employee Number.

To access any information at AlaskasWorld PET, you need to provide Arctic number or employee number. For your information, Arctic number is for the Horizon Air staff. Besides, the employee ID is for Alaska Airline staff. If you do not know what Arctic number is, you should see the back side of Employee Identification Badge. This Arctic number consists of 5 digits with a leading zero.

  • The features of AlaskaWorld website.

When you land on, you will find out four main menus on the homepage. The first menu is Paperless Employee Travel or PET. To view the information on this menu, every user needs to submit their Web user ID and PET password.

Then, they will be able to view travel benefit given by Alaska Airline and Horizon Air. The second menu is To access the details on this menu, you will need a Username and password. No doubt, only the authorized user of AlaskasWorld can see the information at this portal.

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The third menu is Jobs in Alaska. This menu is accessible to the public. It means, even you are not Alaska’s employees, you can browse the job opportunities in this Airline company. This website provides the job vacancies from three Airlines companies.

They are Alaska Airline, Horizon Air, and Virgin America. So, if you are interested in building a bright career in Airline companies, you should access this menu. Then, you can find the career opportunities which match to your passion.

You will be lucky if you can join in one of these three Airlines. It is because these companies provide the bright career and interesting salary for the staff. The last menu at AlaskasWorld is M&E Vendor Site. To open this menu, the site requires your username and password. Besides, this menu homepage lets you change, create, and recover your password. Moreover, you can manage your M&E Vendor profile as well.

How to Reach AlaskasWorld Help Desk?

AlaskasWorld Login website is an online portal. So, it is possible to find any trouble when you access this website. In case you face any problem in accessing your AlaskasWorld account, you have to contact the Technical Support Team soon. So, you can report your login trouble.

As a result, the team member will solve the trouble as soon as possible. But, before reporting the loading trouble, you need to check your internet access. Perhaps, the problem is in your internet connection. If your internet and browser are fine and the website is still not accessible, you should report it soon. Here are the contact details you can reach.

  • AlaskasWorld Help Desk.

The Help Desk number of AlaskaWorld is 1 877 238 1077. Pay attention to the hours of operation of the office. Make sure that you make a call during the business hours. So, the friendly help desk staff will be ready to solve your login issue.

  • AlaskasWorld Media Relation.

The phone number of Alaska Media relations is 206 304 0008. Then, the media relations are also accessible by email. Just send your message to It is all up to you to choose the email or phone to contact Alaska’s Media Relations.

  • Alaska Airline Corporate Headquarters.

The last option to contact Alaska Headquarter is by sending a letter. If you have any business matter with this company, it is better to mail your letter to Alaska AirlineHeadquarters. Then, address your letter to PO BOX 68900 Seattle Washington 98168 US. Besides, you also can send it to International Boulevard 19300, Seattle, Washington 98188.

Alaska Airline Hours

Alaska Airline Hours start from Monday through Sunday. Alaska Airline is available to access for 24 hours in a day. As it is nonstop hours, you can visit the website anytime you want.

Alaska Airline  Hours TodayOpen/Close Hours
Monday24 hours
Tuesday24 hours
Wednesday24 hours
Thursday24 hours
Friday24 hours
Saturday24 hours
Sunday24 hours

Alaska Airline Holiday Hours

You can check the table to know the holiday hours information:

HolidayDateOpen/CloseAlaska Airline Holiday Hours
Independence DayThurs, Jul 4Open24 hours
Labor DayMon, Sep 2Open24 hours
Thanksgiving EveWed, Nov 27Open24 hours
ThanksgivingThurs, Nov 28Open24 hours
Christmas EveTues, Dec 24Open24 hours
ChristmasWed, Dec 25Closed24 hours
New Year’s EveTues, Dec 31Open24 hours
New Year’s DayWed, Jan 1Open24 hours
EasterSun, Apr 1Open24 hours
Memorial DayMon, May 25Open24 hours

It is nice to know all about Alaska Airline Hours. You also know all about AlaskasWorld Login that is the official Alaskas World PET Employee Portal. Now, you can check all benefits offered to you. Happy exploring all useful information!


Who can go to Alaska Lounge?

Membership in the Alaska Lounge is open to all persons 18 years of age and older, upon application and payment of appropriate dues. To access the Alaska Lounge, members and guests must present a valid membership card, same-day ticketed boarding pass on any carrier.

Does Alaska have lounges?

Alaska Lounge membership offers you unparalleled service and comfort in our airport lounges. Membership benefits include: Entrance to Alaska Lounge locations and 95+ partner lounges* Access for yourself and up to two guests or immediate family using any airline boarding pass*

How much is Alaska Lounge?

Membership is $295 a year. As an Alaska Airlines MVP Gold or Gold 75K, the cost of Alaska Lounge membership is $295 (down from $450 for the general public for their first year, $350 each additional year).

Does first class ticket work with Alaska Lounge?

The following individuals can access an Alaska Lounge: ... Any passenger traveling on a paid first class fare or award ticket on Alaska Airlines. Those who have purchased an Alaska Lounge day pass. Admirals Club members with a same-day boarding pass on AA or Alaska flight.

How much does it cost to fly a dog to Alaska?

There is a $100 fee each way for a pet in the cabin. A customer may travel with a maximum of two pet carriers in the cabin, only when an adjacent seat is purchased by the same customer. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and household birds are allowed in the passenger cabin.

Does Alaska take pets?

Alaska Airlines accepts most small domesticated pets. Other pets may be accepted with approval. Pets that may travel in the climate-controlled baggage and cargo compartments include cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, household birds, non-poisonous reptiles, pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, and tropical fish.

How do you qualify for Alaska Lounge?

To access the Alaska Lounge, members and guests must present a valid membership card, same-day ticketed boarding pass on any carrier. We may ask for a government-issued photo ID. You may be asked to sign a roster with your name and Alaska Lounge account number upon entering affiliated lounges.

Are drinks free in Alaska Lounge?

All Alaska Lounge locations offer complimentary alcoholic beverages, hot and cold snacks, free wireless Internet access, televisions, and a selection of magazines and newspapers. ... In fact, most Alaska Lounges have a decor that will remind you of a Northwest lodge.

Is Alaska Airlines pet friendly?

Alaska Airlines accepts most small domesticated pets. Other pets may be accepted with approval. Pets that may travel in the climate-controlled baggage and cargo compartments include: cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, household birds, non-poisonous reptiles, pot bellied pigs, rabbits, and tropical fish.

What is Alaska Airlines pet policy?

Alaska Air allows small pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, and household birds) to travel in the cabin if the combined weight of the pet and carrier does not exceed 20 lbs (9 kg). ... Each pet in the cabin has a fee of $100 each way.

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